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An End to the Thirst

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An End to the Thirst Empty on Fri Jan 10, 2020 8:14 pm

"I wonder if that foolish vampire will be able to become human again after completing his ritual." Yumi couldn't help but muse out loud as she sat atop a gravestone in the Dahlia cemetery. "What do you think?" Yumi then turned to her right hand where a skull still covered with blood and bits of flesh resided. Her fingers were locked beneath the skull and made it move its mouth but no words came out. Sitting beneath lying facing the gravestone was the headless corpse of a man. "I think he'll fail with his little ritual and die. The idiot should have just drunk human blood so he could change back to human at any given time with a potion. But no he just had to refuse and stuck to drinking animal blood and the blood of the recently dead. What a waste of the power he received."

Yumi spoke to the skull as if it was a living person. The jaw would move but no words would speak as Yumi had her conversation with it. The demon then looked down at the corpse beneath her, "You're right he is starting to smell a bit. Some demon. Why is it the other demons I find lately are just not a match for me? Am I cursed to walk this earth without finding a proper foe to fight me? Perhaps I should return to the abyss and continue serving by my lord's side. But I do have a job to do and I must usher in his awakening. You think I could do that in crocus." Yumi spoke to the skull ignoring the strange looks she got from a couple who walked past after visiting a deceased relative. It seemed they were used to the sight of death, but the bizarre sight of Yumi talking to a skull and corpse was one to behold.

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An End to the Thirst Empty on Fri Jan 10, 2020 8:21 pm

"It's probably time I go see Alistair again, he should be ready to complete this ritual of his." Yumi hopped off the grave and stomped on the headless corpse crushing the torso in the process. Raising the skull, YUmi stared at it in the eyes before crushing it with her bare hands turning it into bone dust. "Hopefully he finished extracting the materials he needed." Yumi mused as she turned and headed towards Alistair's above.

Earlier that day she had gone hunting for three individual items that Alistair needed for his ritual. The first had been the blood of a demon. Yumi didn't bother giving him her own blood but had instead gone and hunted down a lesser demon in the area. Yumi had heard from the rumour mill a demon was at the inn trying to grab soul contracts. The demon was trying to persuade others into giving up their soul to him in order to achieve their dreams. But he was just a weak little demon he didn't have that power. Since Alistair didn't state what level of demon the blood needed to come from, Yumi went and got it from this weakling. She had smashed his head into a table killing him in one strike before chopping off the idiots arm.

Afterwards, Yumi had departed to the cemetery to find a Vampire whose teeth she could take. She had come across an ugly old hag of a vampire during her dinner. While the hag had been too busy drinking the blood of a young woman, Yumi struck taking the vampires head with a single swing of her axe. Instead of removing the teeth Yumi had just bundled the head up next to the demon's arm that she had hacked off. Why bother bringing back just a piece of what was needed, why not bring back more than what was required. So with demon arm and severed vampire head, Yumi had headed off to the Woods to find a lycan.

Luckily for Yumi, she had encountered three hungry Lycans who she had promptly killed with a single swing of her axe. Like with the demon's arm Yumi chopped off the limb of a werewolf for his claw. With all three items, she had quickly returned to Alistair who would then be forced to extract the necessary items needed for his little human ritual.

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An End to the Thirst Empty on Fri Jan 10, 2020 8:28 pm

Arriving at Alistair's place she found him already waiting outside for her. Approaching the weak vampire, Yumi greeted him with a deadpan stare. Alistair quickly got to the point stating there was a clearing in the forest that they could use for the ritual to take place. With a shrug, the demoness followed after the silver-haired vampire and deep into the forests. Yumi wasn't too concerned about being led into the forest, as she could easily handle herself and hadn't let her guard down around Alistair, she didn't trust him. Yumi didn't really trust anyone but her own God Malum. That and she didn't know Alistair all that well. He could simply be faking for all she knew and this ritual would turn him into some kind of super vampire with monstrous power. Even if that was his agenda, Yumi felt like she could defeat him.

Arriving at the clearing, Yumi spotted a large bronze cauldron that looked quite old and as if it had seen better days. There were logs underneath the cauldron with a fire burning away as the water boiled. It seemed Alistair had set up before the meeting time in order to ensure the water would be boiled on his return with Yumi. Approaching the cauldron, Alistair began to throw the items Yumi had collected into the cauldron. First he poured in a large bucket of demon blood, followed by adding in the vampire's teeth and lastly the werewolf claw. Large black smoke rose up fro the boiling water and a powerful aura of dread was released.

The liquid began to change turning black and resembled tar with how thick it was. Whatever it was it looked nasty. Drawing a goblet made of lich bones, Alistair began to fill the cup before drinking it. Yumi just looked at him with a blank expression, clearly bored out of her mind. Alistair's skin soon became lifelike gaining a healthy glow to it, his hair turned black as did his eyes. The stench of death no longer hang around him.

"YES!" Alistair laughed with glee, the ritual had been a success. He turned to thank Yumi only to suddenly grab his head out of pain. The vampire's hair turned white once more, his eyes red that soon turned to black as a strong aura of fear washed out. The vampire's body expanded as his power grew tremendously. Roaring with a strong bloodlust, all sanity gone from his eyes he charged Yumi to devour her.

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An End to the Thirst Empty on Fri Jan 10, 2020 8:39 pm

"Ah completely given in to your bloodlust. Foolish creature." Yumi snorted as she easily shook off the fear effect and released her own. Bat wings sprouted from her back, horns grew from her head and a tail appeared from her tailbone. Undergoing her complete demonic transformation, Yumi unleashed the full might of her demon fear. The aura smashed into Alistair and was empowered by her zhav amulet. The fear smashed into Alistair knocking him back as the aura of an empress took shape.

Alistair snarled and quickly got back to his feet and rushed towards Yumi claws swiping down to shred her to pieces. Snorting in amusement the lolita drew her giant battleaxe and swung it into the path of the claws. The claws struck metal and created sparks as the two opposing forces collided. Yumi felt nothing and easily forced the vampire back. Alistair roared and snarled as he dug in trying to push Yumi back but was unable to. He was overcome with the desire for blood and was fighting like a mad beast, no reasoning in his actions. Yumi threw Alistair back with her axe and dashed forward. The axe struck gold and Alistair's right arm went flying through the air. Blood splattered against Yumi's face as she severed his arm. Alistair roared and slashed with his left claw, the bloodlust driving him insane to the point he didn't care about the lost limb.

"Just another mad beast who needs to be put down." Yumi scoffed as she remarked. Sidestepping the slash of his left hand her axe descended carving through the limb like a hot knife through butter. Alistair stumbled back blood spraying out from his lost limbs. Snarling the vampire lunged forward to try and bite Yumi. Sneering the demon punched out with her left hand smashing it into his teeth. The vampire roared in pain and fell over, his teeth shattered from the blow. Yumi raised her right foot and stomped down onto Alistair's knee shattering it. Ignoring the vampire's roars of pain she proceeded to do the same with the left ruining his legs.

The instinct to survive took over as Alistair started to try and crawl away. It seemed his animal instincts were telling him to flee but it wouldn't be that easy. "Burning Heavens: Scorched Earth!' FLicking her left hand towards Alistair, Yumi conjured a mass of crimson flames. The ocean of red flames burned hot and engulfed Alistair engulfing him in their blaze. The vampire screamed as he was burned alive turning into ash. All that remained was some strange candy pops in his place. Raising an eyebrow in confusing YUmi crouched down next to the pops to inspect them.

Grabbing one of the pops, Yumi eyed it, wondering just where it had come from. With a shrug she pocketed it and the others that appeared. She would look into them later. Now that her task here was done it was time to head off to crocus to cause a little chaos there. Especially with the King putting together some kind of ball for the new year.


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Demon Transformation: -5% mana: +40% to all stats
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Fear: -30% to enemy stats
Burning HEavens: Scorched Earth: -200mp

An End to the Thirst FIXCi2K
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