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Nazari, Nuala

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Name: Nuala Nazari
Age: November 12th, 712 [76]
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Ethnicity, Father: Savannan
Ethnicity, Mother: Savannan
Class: Rogue
Profession: Thief [SPD]
Race: Voidling
Rank: A
Guild: Guildless
Tattoo: lower back, black
Face: Kai'Sa - League of Legends


Height: 170 cm | 5'6''
Weight: 57 kg | 126 lbs
Hair: black with purple highlights
Eyes: amethyst with a tint of blue
Overall: Nuala's physique is that of an average female; she’s strong, but not muscular and her frame is slender with feminine curves. Nuala's natural hair is quite dark, but after the Void it began to shimmer beautifully in different shades of purple. She has round, amethyst-coloured eyes that carry a spark of blue within them. Nuala’s sun-kissed complexion paled significantly over the years, leaving no trace to her Savannan ethnicity. Her facial features are quite soft, giving her a youthful and almost harmless appearance. Nuala's movements always appear to be swift and precise and she carries herself with a predator’s grace.
Extra: Nuala's skin bears the typical markings of a Voidling – two vertical slashes on her forehead and two on each of her cheeks. Her marks are a deep purple in colour and glow during her transformation. Other than that, they function similar to tattoos and can be covered with makeup.


Personality: Voidlings are cautious and timid by nature and Nuala is no different. She carefully plans her every step, keeps a keen eye on the people she works with and is quite talented at remaining unseen. When Nuala ascended from the Void she was a much more primal being and visibly struggled to interact with humans and others alike; over the years, however, the woman has not only managed to adapt to and maintain a specific lifestyle, she’s also regained some of her more humanly features.

Nuala is, all things taken into consideration, surprisingly emotional. She is extremely confident in her abilities and gets frustrated when things don’t go her way. Nuala’s serious nature often overshadows her deeply free-spirited personality and even though memories of the Void still haunt her, she was able to grow from it. Around other people Nuala keeps her tongue sharp and her mind sharper. Her Voidling instincts makes her perceptive – she’s quick to react and difficult to catch off guard.

As a skilled thief and rogue, Nuala’s sense of right and wrong is basically nonexistent. Nuala isn’t inherently evil and she has limits in what she’s willing to do in exchange for a reward, but she also believes that there are no rules to her own survival other than the ones she has set for herself.


  • Dumplings: Nuala loves to eat and dumplings (in all their variations and flavours) happen to be her favourite dish.
  • Daggers: Daggers are Nuala's weapon of choice, as she finds them to be efficient and relatively easy to wield.


  • Fish: Fish is the only food Nuala actually dislikes and she will always refuse to eat it.
  • Cold Weather: Nuala was born within the desert and has never grown used to the cold weather in other countries. She also freezes easily.


  • Survival: Nuala has been fighting to survive since she fell into the Void many years ago; since then, not much as changed and she’s willing to do whatever she must in order to live.


  • Death: Nuala doesn't want to die. After everything that she has been through and all the struggles she has overcome, the Voidling cannot stand the thought of losing it all to the nothingness that is death.
  • The Void: The Void has always terrified her and even though Nuala has emerged from the darkness victorious, she fears the day it claims her again.


Magic Name:

Magic Element:

Magic Description:


Nuala was born into a family of farmers who lived within the outskirts of Savannah, far away from larger social communities and cities. Her human life and youth were quite unremarkable, but by no means bad. Nuala's family only had little to give, but was able to make it through the years having to feed only one child. Nuala spent most of her early days learning the farmer’s trade and although the contact she had to other people was sparse, she found it quite enjoyable.

Around her twelfth year, however, a rift tore the earth open beneath her feet and swallowed her whole.

Nuala was still a child when she fell into the Void and if anything, it was due to her youth and energy that she managed to survive. Many years were spent in hiding before Nuala had matured and her body was strong enough to survive the symbiosis with a creature of the Void. Over the decades, Nuala grew stronger and adapted to the life she had been forced into and eventually, she was able to free herself from it at last.

During that time, she also lost everything that she could have been as a human.

When she finally returned to Earthland, over fourty years had passed and while Nuala herself hadn’t aged since the time she merged with a void creature, granting her eternal youth and immortality, everything else had gone by with the winds of time. Her home had long turned to dust and Nuala's parents had passed away. In addition to that, the Voidling, no longer human, struggled to adapt to the life she fought so hard to return to. She was different now, otherworldly, and quickly learned that mankind wasn’t welcoming towards things they didn’t know and didn’t understand.

Nuala spent the following years travelling the world and re-establishing herself. Although she would always remain cautious and careful, she has managed to make a name for herself as a skilled thief and assassin. Nuala understands that her profession isn’t noble or particularly good, but it’s the only one that she is able to work in without being shunned by the people around her.


#2Amaris Ashryver 

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Amaris Ashryver
Scooping the character Amaris, by using the Death Coin from my inventory.

  • Death Thread
  • Stats: 230 SP (100%)
    Str: 66
    Spd: 61
    Con: 41
    End: 61
    Int: 1
  • EXP: 367,500 (100%)

Nazari, Nuala XRoCq8x

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This character application has been approved.

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