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Travel Seighart Mountains to Dahlia [Travel Thread]

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Travel Seighart Mountains to Dahlia [Travel Thread] Empty on Thu Jan 09, 2020 11:32 pm

Yumi hummed a happy tune as she skipped through the seighart mountains. She had not long slaughtered an entire platoon of rune knights, leaving all but one for dead preventing them from reinforcing their brothers and sisters in the worth woodsea. With their reinforcements, eliminated chances were the knights at the woodsea would not be able to survive against the demon hordes for long and would either perish being completely wiped out or would have to retreat. As a daemon Yumi should perhaps cheer for the mayhem caused by the demons, but she didn't. Yumi killed the knights because she wanted to, not to help out her fellow kind.

Now that the knights and werewolf problem was finished up with, Yumi was heading to Dahlia. A lich had been killed by her hands in Oak, Werewolves exterminated in the Seighart Mountains and now it was time to go to Dahlia to deal with some vampire. It was a good month to be Yumi. She had been quite active as of late. Once she was finished in Dahlia it was time to go to crocus where the king was handing out rewards for people. The demoness licked her lips in anticipation as she headed off towards Dahlia.


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