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The Storm Descends[training]

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#1Kazimir Seiryu 

The Storm Descends[training] Empty on Wed Jan 08, 2020 8:37 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz had only just separated from the man he met and fought his old clansmen off with. The moment was safe for now. But it was yet another calm before something terrible sprang forth.

He leaned against the wall of a building. Blood ran down his arms and dripped from his fingertips. A single streak of crimson flowed from his forehead to his chin. Another battle that had raged on. This time was different. This time they came in full force.

"What's different with you now," he rose his hands to look at them. The wind whirling around them erratic and new.

But he felt it. He closed his eyes and saw the prowling white tiger. Its voice carried the weight of the heavenly plane. Kaz's body creaked and cracked from the pressure, his muscles tightened and then all went loose.

A quick ripple vibrated above him. His sense had returned. Opening his eyes there was no one above. The shingle on the edge of the rooftop slide. Inching closer to the side. A brief indication of something else. Then there was a vital error. Another vibration from the rooftop as a figure shifted their weight. His sense was more precise than it was before. Even the rise and fall of their chest was perceptible

Kaz stomped his foot and went sailing into the sky. His eyes fixed and unwavering on the wind mage before him. Fear met his gaze as the mage realized what had happened. Their window of opportunity...was closing.

Air filled Kaz's lungs. The growl of the tiger was building up in his soul. It bellowed in his gut and rose through his chest until finally, He let out a roar. The white tiger appeared behind him.

The roar conjured a compressed vacuum of air to rush forth at the wind mage. The clansman jumped to his feet and stepped to the side, thinking to evade the whole narrow attack.

WC 300

#2Kazimir Seiryu 

The Storm Descends[training] Empty on Wed Jan 08, 2020 8:38 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Upon impact, the jet stream of wind exploded in an area tornado, encapsulating the enemy. His clothes tore and he rolled down the rough. Kaz didn't care if he lived or died.

More vibrations followed. Highspeed and right on top of him. He spun to the side, seeing them close the distance. His hand pushing outward and a gust of wind propelling him away as their blades of wind cut the air where he once was.

The shingles fell from the roof and scattered as Kaz landed and slid across them. The enemy mage's refocusing their efforts on him. They made circles with their hands and create tornadoes that blew forth. "You're not as strong as you once were,"they jeered but they were right. He had lost some strength in all of it. His magic was not the same.

Taking in another breath of air he roared once more. He would not be deterred by their fleeting words. Soon they would be lost to the wind. A vacuum of wind shot forth and collided with their spells creating an explosion. His magic was still stronger than theirs at least. He jumped back and dodged again. 'This would be faster if I could still use my powerful spells,' he thought to himself about his current shakey connection with his magic.

Nonetheless, he dashed back down and raced to the side as they gave chase. They jumped over obstacle after obstacle. The mages couldn't keep up with Kaz's superior speed. Whirling around he roared once more at the chasers. A white tiger appearing behind him again and roaring alongside him. A vacuum of air shot forward.

They blocked but it was an ill-fated move. The impact caused the explosion of wind and the two plummeted into different buildings. Their bodies bouncing across the roof. One rolled off and crashed through a wooden plank roof and into a food stand.

WC 300

#3Kazimir Seiryu 

The Storm Descends[training] Empty on Wed Jan 08, 2020 9:13 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz could still feel their presence in the wind. Their breathing was heavy and strained but it was still threatening. He could fill their struggle as they stood.

A crowd formed in the streets. Peddlers and merchants peaked around splintered pieces of wood to observe the conflict.

The boards shifted as the wind clansman stood on wobbled knees.

"You should yield. You're not the one that I'm after," Kaz yelled at the man. Pleading for him to stop and surrender. "The crime. The killing it can all be done for you."

"Kaz you know that I can't do that. You can't be the one to have it," the mage spoke through a winced eye and rose his hand. His palm opened, facing Kaz.

With a heavy sigh, Kaz pressed his heel into the ground. Wind shot him forward, faster than the enemy was ready for. Cracks ruptured in the street. The enemies spell fired off at random with panic-stricken eyes.

His hand clawed upward and dug into the mage's gut. Blood coughed from his mouth. The crimson liquid ran down Kaz's shoulder and spilled onto the ground. "I'm sorry brother."

The clansman's body fell limp and sagged on Kaz's shoulder. Once a bastion of magic, now just a fleshy shell of a man. He lowered the body to the ground. As the body touched down Kaz felt a strong presence above him.

The wind came to a halt in the area. The people began to back away. His hand trailed over the dead mage's face and closed his eyelids.

Turbulent gusts ruffled his clothes and hair from the left. Squalls that sprang to life and died off just as quickly as they appeared. Another came from the right, then above.

He stood up and opened his eyes. The sun shined on his face and it was warm and humble.

WC 300

#4Kazimir Seiryu 

The Storm Descends[training] Empty on Wed Jan 08, 2020 9:54 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
The last moment of peace he would have. He opened his eyes to gaze across the rooftops. Lined along the buildings were men and women dressed in traditional clothes. The uniform of his clan. GI robes but this time they were of varied colors.

"It is time Kazimir Byakko," a clansman yelled down at him.

"My name is Seiryu now,"
he replied just as calm as the sun had felt on his face. "This...will be it then." It was a vague statement but all who were present knew what it meant. A fight to the death. Neither one yielding to the other. It was not in their proud nature to surrender.

The mages all brought one hand back and thrust it into the sky, "Storm of the wind clan!"A tornado formed and descended on the plaza. Kaz roared into the sky, his wind clashing with the mighty storm that descended upon him. The attack nullifying parts of the attack but the combined power of the mages surpassed him. The tornado blasted through Kaz's spell and ravaged his body. The robe he wore was torn to bits and his hat shredded.

The wind dissipated. Kaz stood with bloody cuts on his body. His staff held high to block some of the force. A crack inched down it. Then another, and another until the staff cracked in two. Kaz felt the roar in his soul louder now but he was becoming one with it, not succumbing to it.

The wind mages readied for another assault. Their eyes faltered at seeing Kaz survive the attack. They exchanged glances with pale faces. Their hands rose once more but Kaz was already off the ground. Moving like an animal prowling for them.

He landed on the roof next to one. The enemy mage staggered back. His feet losing control. Kaz rushed in and shoved him towards another and bellowed, "Tiger's Roar."

WC 300

#5Kazimir Seiryu 

The Storm Descends[training] Empty on Wed Jan 08, 2020 10:19 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
The blast erupted taking down two of the mages that stood on the roofs. Chaos broke out. They all darted around from walls and rooftops. Running along with the wind. Dashing across currents of air. Blades of wind and cones of air tore through the sky. Buildings were sliced, carts were battered by barrages of wind as the mages danced in the air, evading the wild series of attacks.

Kaz was battling against a squad of men. All of which were trained the same as he. But their skill difference became apparent as Kaz fully grasped his new abilities. Three men dashed behind him. Kaz kicked in front of himself and dashed rapidly backwards, breaking through their ranks and hovering behind them. He held for less than a second as he blew a twin cyclone at them.

More mages appeared and he dashed forward. They followed but Kaz's speed eclipsed theirs. The wind that trailed behind him caused them to shield their eyes.

He rolled in the air and roared yet again. Their eyes opened in time to see the tornado erupt around them. The world went dark for them and they fell towards the ground. Kaz moved without remorse. Or rather it was pushed far down inside. Hidden until the fight was done.

A blast caught Kaz's leg. 'Finally, it was him', the mage thought as he crashed into a roof. Just barely landing on his feet. It was the one that was the catalyst to their spell. The blade of wind that struck Kaz's leg was stronger than the others.

"Found you," Kaz replied with a deadly stare. The enemy mage rushed forward without waiting. He made a circle with his arms. A gesture Kaz knew all too well. He took in another deep breath and roared. The blast collided together, both nullified. But Kaz dashed forward through the attack and clawed a tornado into existence that devastated the man.

WC 300
Total WC 1600

Spells trained.
Dance of the wind 450/450
Rhythm of the wind 450/450
Tiger's Roar B-rank 600/600

40% wc reduction due to intelligence.

#6Kazimir Seiryu 

The Storm Descends[training] Empty on Wed Jan 08, 2020 11:18 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz continued his battle with mages. Their relentless assault began to weigh heavily on the mage. It was a heavy burden. Exhausting in all aspects of the tribulation. The more he defeated the more they came for him. The propelled themselves through the city. The enemies struggling to keep up with Kaz but the young mage was beginning to waver. he needed to something now. Anything that would give him a definitive edge over them.

He snuck away on a rooftop. A chimney breathed smoke. It's warm fumes comforting him against the cold snow. A soft crunch betrayed his enemy's position. They circled around him. All ready to begin the next stage. Kaz pushed off the broken chimney, lazily His hands swaying at his sides. He tried to find any courage and determination to keep him going. But if he didn't they would just end his life here.

There was no monologue or warning. The faction just swiped their hands and sent a barrage of spells at Kazimir. The wind mage felt his body get lighter. There was a sensation that he felt when he became an angel and flew the skies.

Wind swarmed around him as the enemy's wind blades came closer. Kaz instinctively stepped on the ground and dashed upwards. Most of the spells collided into the ground or one another. Some enthusiastic mages arched their spells to chase after him.  

Kaz was already ten meters up but the dash was different. He still felt the pressure of the wind around his whole body. The blades of wind were on his tail and there was only one place to go. he soared upward to a height that his wing couldn't have taken him. He was thirty meters above the roof.

His body didn't shake, shiver but he began to fall. He was truly spiraling downward now, without the need for wings. The spells that trailed him fizzled away from existence. He dashed to try and catch himself before he hit the ground.

WC 300

#7Kazimir Seiryu 

The Storm Descends[training] Empty on Thu Jan 09, 2020 9:20 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
The mages continued their pursuit. Their leader scrambled back to his feet, taking deep gasps of air. He rolled over onto his back. Two other mages moving in to aid him. "What have you twisted our art into. Kazimir," the man spoke through broken breaths. His body torn by the attack, but he pushed away from the hands that came to help him. Choosing instead to stand on his own as his eyes shot holes through the man responsible for his pain.

Kazimir fell down to the roof opposite of them. A steely gaze on his face. "I am the true heir to the storm,"He gathered the wind around him once more. It flowed from further out than before. Torrents flowed through the city streets to wrap around Kazimir. The image of a large white tiger appeared behind him. "This was never about finding who was the right path. It was about eliminating the wrong path."

The wind swirled around him in a tight spiral. The clouds twisted in the air above. Their streams pulled down into the twisting wind currents around Kazimir. The enemy mages held fast in their positions. None of them came close. Their palms sweat, heels pressed deeper into the ground. A white magic circle appeared beneath Kaz, 8-meters in diameter.

A sharp gust blew across their faces on its way to Kazimir. The mages shielded their faces from it. Their arms pulled up over their eyes as they tried to peak over and keep their opponent in sight.

A nearly forgotten figure appeared in the distance. A holy radiance, hidden by the conflict in the city. A large sword on his back, centered between the large wings keeping the being hovered over the city. "Finally. You are almost there. Now take the skies wind mage. And fill it with wrath."

Kaz's feet left the ground. His angelic wings had not appeared. The white tiger spirit walked in a circle around him.

WC 300

#8Kazimir Seiryu 

The Storm Descends[training] Empty on Thu Jan 09, 2020 9:56 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Each step the tiger made was higher and higher in the air. Its claws leaving a trail of wind behind it. Kaz's toes drifted from the shingled rooftop. His body rocked back and forth. it was slower than he usually ascended and far more controlled. The wind hoisted him up within swirls of clouds at his feet. It was similar to how he flew as an angel but there were no wings. Only the pure force of the wind carried him upwards.

He tinger continued its circle as Kaz reached the ten-meter mark. He let out a long exhale, finally fully stabilizing himself on the wind. He felt it now. Flowing around him and through himself. It was a power that he had never thought of. He could move now. Move as fast and free as the wind he conjured.

The mages leaped on the chance now. Panic on their faces. They moved with rigid haste. Singularly focused on taking Kaz out once more. The hurled through the air, some with trembling hands but they had a task to do and would see it through.

Kaz broke off, spiraling through them as they rushed too close. The tiger trailed alongside him. The mages turned and conjured whirlwinds that gave chase to the wind mage. Kaz felt their presence in the wind. He rotated and flew up higher. fifteen meters, then twenty-meters. One by one the spells that chased him reached their limit and phased away. Next, he hit twenty-five meters. He was almost high enough to be untouched. Another spell faded from its trajectory.

At thirty meters Kaz stopped. He turned in the air to look back down as two whirlwinds faded away right beneath him. "Looks like that's it," he said looking at the mages beneath him. He stopped, distracted for a moment as he took in the expanse of the city. never before seen from such a height.

Wc 300

#9Kazimir Seiryu 

The Storm Descends[training] Empty on Fri Jan 10, 2020 6:03 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
The mages looked up at him. Unable to reach his height with there movements or their spells. He soared downward still evading and dodging the attacks that now flung forward with trepidation. He slammed into the mages with a powerful blast of wind. It scattered them. The minions landed and collided on rooftops. Turbulent wind spiraled towards him. The aim was reckless and uncaring.

The attacks that didn't miss met, a wind-fueled blast from Kazimir. The scores of troops began to waver in their strength. The wind raged around Kazimir. Its existence was a deathly roar of life and wrath. The angel in the distance had a slow smile creep upon his face. A mysterious plan coming to fruition before his eyes. There was no way of telling what it was.

Kaz had not noticed his old rival yet. His mind focuses solely on the threat before him. Nothing would stand in his way of taking them out. He shot straight up into the air. The mages gave chasse once more. That is until they reached the limit fo their flight. The wind not strong enough to carry them higher.  He peered back over his shoulder. The sunlight shining through his indigo hair. He never felt so free than he did at this moment. Triumph was the order of the day.

He whirled around and zipped down, faster than they could keep up with. He rushed by living them trailing behind in a fearful stupor once more. Kaz had become an airborne predator. One that stalked his prey and would deal a swift defeat. With them behind him, he swung his hand back and launched a terrible blast of wind. He took in a deep breath and roared. A blast of wind tearing through the air and blowing up the skies around the cashing mages. One by one they dropped from their pursuit. He stopped to hover in pace. Wind still whooshing around his body.

wc 300

#10Kazimir Seiryu 

The Storm Descends[training] Empty on Fri Jan 10, 2020 6:31 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz landed on the ground for a moment. There was calm now. The wind mages writhed in pain on the ground. The ones that still lived. Others were laid out. Their bodies were immobile. No breath escaped from where they were. Kaz realized what he had down. A torrent of pain was brought through the city. It was all coming closer to the end of his past but the people here had been made to see it all. Pages filled the streets to gather the bodies and cuff the living mages.

They struggled but the damage to them was too great. Kaz breathed heavily and his shoulders slunk from fatigue. Finally, he had a moment of reprieve. He could breathe easier. His hands went to his knees. Yells echoed on the streets. Pages were under attack as the wind mages broke free. the last bit of their strength welling up to the surface. This was the resolve of his clan.

"Until the end. The wind will still blow," Kaz muttered. And old tale from his clan long ago.

"Will you inherit the title?" A voice resonated in his mind. A low grumble. It was the tiger speaking to him once again. He rose up. His back straight and his breath calming down. The mages dashed away from the knights on the ground. All five of them, the remainder of the attack force. They flung themselves at him. Kaz dashed towards them. The roar of the tiger behind him like a mean of propulsion.

He roared with the voice of the tiger behind him. A blast of wind encapsulated the evil mages. They combined the force of their wind and the spells clashed. The wind shot out in all directions. The five mages still dashed forward as the spells nullified one another. They had learned quickly how to deal with it. To work as a team. They combined their power to face the tiger menace.

wc 300

#11Kazimir Seiryu 

The Storm Descends[training] Empty on Fri Jan 10, 2020 7:22 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
With the combined power of the mages, they nullified Kaz's attack. The lone wind mage's eyes got wide. The five were upon him with the second wave of attacks. these were scattered and vicious. Kaz blasted a spell to collide with theirs. He was only able to stop two of them. The other three cut his legs and one snuck in to gash his abdomen. Luckily his shirt took the brunt of most of the attack. Blood lined his gut from the blow. His fabric flapping open, where the blade of wind had struck.

Kaz's eyes held cold wrath in them. He stared bullets through his enemies. They were prey to him. Nothing more than an obstacle to be annihilated. He gathered the wind sharply around him once more. He was able to fly and darted upward as the mages pressed him.

Their magic cutting into his body again and again. His rage aimed back at the ones chasing him. "You shouldn't have thrown your life away,", unlike the first one he killed, for these he had less remorse. They had come at him even after given a second chance. He charged at them with spells ready. Another exhale sent a tornado at them. His hand swiped and blades of wind sprang forth to devastate them. The tornado cut into their bodies but they still came forward. The first blade of wind cut a man down. Slicing his arm off and sending it tumbling in a bloody mess.

Another blade of wind dug into a mage's face. And then there was nothing but darkness for him. With three left they pressed forward. Kaz swiped his claw and with a roar of the wind, two of them were swept up. Their lungs crying for air as their skin tore from the cutting power of the wind. They fell next leaving only one left while Kaz flew high in the sky.

Wc 300

#12Kazimir Seiryu 

The Storm Descends[training] Empty on Fri Jan 10, 2020 7:51 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
The last clan mage stood on solid ground now. Broken splinters of wood and food from the battle littered around his feet. The snow was blown so much it was barren where he stood, drifts mounting on the sides of the streets. A sign swung from a single hinge on the outside of a building. It creaked as it rocked back and forth on, gently knocking against the brick building.

Kaz aimed his hand downward. The wind and clouds still held him aloft, thirty-meters from the ground. He breathed in deep. The tiger appeared one final time, circling under the airborne mage. Its presences showing its choice to betray the grounded mage that traveled from sin and the homeland to hunting down Kaz. The pages and apprentice knights looked on wondering if Kaz was going to deliver the final blow. All knew that if he didn't the murderer would go free.

With a mighty roar, he released the rush of air and collided with the mage. When the tornado settled all that was left was a lifeless body bleeding out onto the cold ground. Kaz began his descent when his ears perked up. His eyes narrowed. The hair on the back of his neck stood up.

A hurricane blew through the street. Lower than Kaz but fierce. It darted from side to side. Building to building. It appeared on the same street. Coming out into open view with a column of wind shooting straight at Kaz, not as weak as the others.

He flew up as the wind attack barreled by him. "Well, brother. I finally get to see you again."

Kaz's eyes drifted over to see the man's face. Wrath surged through him. "You." He said remembering the man from a long time ago. One of the few that led the attack on his wedding. The third strongest man in the clan. Right next to Kaz.

Wc 300

#13Kazimir Seiryu 

The Storm Descends[training] Empty on Fri Jan 10, 2020 8:46 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz stared down his old adversary. Rage fumed in his eyes. His mind raced back to the time of his wedding. The hate they brought in. The death that followed. This man's face using the wind magic that Kaz trusted against him. To hurt the people he had come to care for. He had to run from his land because of it. The more he thought the tighter his fists clenched together. The wind was a threatening calm around him still. The veins in his arms bulged and he snorted from his nose more like an animal than a man.

"Well Kazi," the evil mage was interrupted mid-sentence by Kaz's fist dashing through the air at a rapid pace and slamming into his face. His knuckle bore into the man's cheek. He couldn't remember the last time he punches someone. It sent a wave of pain into his wrist. He felt a twinge in his elbow and pulled the hadn back. His left fist came up and struck deep into the man's gut, doubling him over, more out of surprise than anything.

"Kazi," he coughed out. "You know we aren't physical fighters."

"I know," Kaz replied coldly. They both hovered in the air. The man's gut still resting on Kaz's hand. Kaz opened his fist and gripped the man's body like it was a claw ready to tear flesh. He ran his hand violently up his body, releasing a point-blank slash of wind. Spit flung from his mouth as he gasped in pain.

The clan mage swung his own hand and clawed Kaz, shooting a blade of wind into Kaz's face. The wind seemingly shattered as Kaz's other hand rushed up to collide wind magic with wind magic. The spells canceled out. Kaz kicked behind him and dashed forward, whirled around and launched a tornado of wind at the man. He dashed again this time soaring above him.

WC 300
total wc 4,000
Spell trained Resonance of Wind 2400/2400

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#14Kazimir Seiryu 

The Storm Descends[training] Empty on Fri Jan 10, 2020 8:59 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
He dashed once more and heaved another blade of wind at the man. The clan mage tried to follow Kaz but was frantically left looking in all directions. Always half a second too slow. His attacks fired out without landing. Kaz rained down a torrent of one spell after another. Blades of wind cut through the sky and the man's clothes. Tornados flared to life to do damage and faded only to rise to life moments later. Kaz didn't take a second to notice his own breathing. All that existed was the urge to fight. The desire to put this man away for good.

He flew around him and circled above and below. His enemy could fly but Kaz's mid-air dashes were too hard to keep up with. The man was flinging spells trying to cut off Kaz from doing any more harm. They stopped Kaz's spells just inches from his own face. Sweat poured from his forehead. He wasn't ready for this. Kaz dashed directly in front of the man. Their faces glaring at each other. They could feel the heat from one another. Kaz clasped onto his face and gathered wind around it. The man blew a cone of wind upward knocking Kaz away.

It only stalled the moment when Kaz flew straight up and roared a tornado downward. The man evaded and nullified the rest of the attack with a spell. Kaz was already dashing right next to him. He hooked under his arms and held him immobile and flew him upwards. Higher than he knew the man could travel. He tossed him free, the man began to fall and heaved a wide tornado at Kaz. The wind attacked engulfed him and tore at what remained of his robe and cut slits in his neck, face, and chest.

Kaz dashed out of the tornado and slammed into the man sending him backward. With another road he wrapped the man in a tornado of his own. The attack sent the man careening to the ground.

Wc 320

#15Kazimir Seiryu 

The Storm Descends[training] Empty on Sat Jan 11, 2020 8:19 am

Kazimir Seiryu
It didn't stop the man for long as he bounced back to his feet. Kaz reared his hand back for another attack when the man whipped a cone of wind through the air. The attack forced Kaz to evade to the side and flip back onto the ground. His foe dashed at him with blades of wind coming one after another. Kaz dodged and rolled out of the way. Trying to keep himself safe. He threw his own blades of wind to collide with the man's power.

They danced around one another. An endless waltz of wind that battered each other, one after another. They flinched and recoiled with every clean strike. Streaks of crimson carried away by the fierce gusts of wind.

Their fight took them dashing up from the ground and back and forth between buildings. Kaz began to inch further and further away. His superior movement becoming a critical factor yet again. Although he did miss some of the raw power of his style, this was proving to be really helpful.

He took a wide stance backward. The feeling of his old style starting to come back to him in full-force. He felt the power in his fingertips. It roared through his whole body. A merger of the Tiger's ferocity and his own cunning.

He brought his hand back and dashed upward. Thrusting it forward he yelled out, "WINDSTORM." A column of wind sprang to life between him and his opponent. The man dropped backward, avoiding it. Kaz let it linger for a moment. The turbulent wind held steady in its position. He had back. He closed his fist with a flicker of rejuvenation in his eye. Swingin his hand wide and towards his enemy the spell charged forth. at 20 meters a second the enemy mage could barely keep away from it. He dashed across buildings as the tornado wove through the streets and through the air.

The enemy mage landed on a building and kicked down again to stomp his foot on the roof. But there was nothing. No wind shot out from his foot and the controlled whirlwind engulfed him.

WC 350

#16Kazimir Seiryu 

The Storm Descends[training] Empty on Mon Jan 13, 2020 11:43 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz flew back down to see that the man was laid out on the rooftop. But he pulled himself up. Nothing could keep him down for long. The man stood to his feet. Both his hands rose up as wind circled around them. Unlike the others, he wasn't going to go down so easily, but Kaz was becoming exhausted. The wind mage pulled his hands back that had gathered wind and created a white magic seal beneath Kazimir, who quickly looked back and forth gauging the size of it. He pushed his hand upward and shoot himself down through the magic seal. His hair just left the circle as it erupted to life in a tornado.

Kaz brought his own hand back and thrust it forward to create another windstorm. The man backflipped out of the way but he couldn't keep that going for long. Instead the enemy mage dashed through the window of a building, knowing Kaz would be hesitant to send his attack careening through a home. There was a moment of silence between the two people. Nothing was spoken. No sounds from the crowds either. Nothing until a sudden column of wind, burst through the wall, shattering it. Debris and cement toppled over and rained down on the streets below. Kaz yanked his whirlwind to move in front of him. The spells clashed but Kaz's proved to be stronger. It still stood although weaker than it was before.

He moved his hand forward, sending the wave of wind-fueled might at the man again. The hole made it clear to see there was no one inside to be worried about. The whirlwind ripped through the walls and roofing. The enemy mage leapt out but his leg was caught in the tornado. With a howl of pain, he landed on the ground, holding himself up mostly by one leg. The other lightly touching the ground.

Finally, he had it back. another step towards who he once was. He cocked his arm again, "Windstorm," just how much more could his opponent take.

WC 340
Total wc 1010

#17Kazimir Seiryu 

The Storm Descends[training] Empty on Wed Jan 15, 2020 10:00 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
The storm sprang to life once more. The enemy mage dashed backwards to get away from it. The wind nicked the man's nose as he crashed through the window of a building. Kaz clenched his fist and pulled back the storm. The wind blew harsh against the shudders. They banged on the fragmented pieces of the window. Each slam was softer than the last as the harsh wind got further and further away until it was nothing more than a patter.

There was a moment of calm. Kaz waited to see what would happen next. He braced himself, assuming that the man was ready to blast another attack through the building at him. Kaz flew over the building and moved the windstorm in a different direction. He slowly realized the usefulness of having storms controlled by his hands.

There wasn't a peep from the house. Kaz descended closer, trying to sense any vibrations that may have been within it, but there was nothing. A door slammed from the street level. But there was no one there. The door was swinging open as someone just rushed out of it. The enemy mage had crossed the street and dashed up the side of the building.

The man spiraled in the air like throwing a pitch and heaved a condensed jet stream of wind. Kaz reacted by thrusting his hand in front of his face. The storm whirled forward and intercepted the attack. Kas thrust his hand towards his enemy and the windstorm enveloped him for the last time.

The wind captured him within it and he started to fall towards the ground. Kaz flew down and caught him before he splattered on the ground. His body was heavy but he still had breath. The man was resilient if anything.  He placed some cuffs on him with a heavy heart. "It's over for you now, brother."

He stood up and gazed at the carnage around him. Bodies laid about, and pages had already begun checking on them and removing those that had lost their lives. The main force was taken care of now. There was only one more enemy to face.


Wc 350
Total WC 5360
Spells trained:

Dance of the wind      450/450
Rhythm of the wind   450/450
Tiger's Roar B-rank   600/600
Resonance of Wind    2400/2400
Windstorm                1200/1200

Total needed: 5100/5360

40% wc reduction due to intelligence.

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