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A New Mine{Quest|Enoch}

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#1Enoch Vi Britanina 

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Enoch Vi Britanina


The Joureny

A New Mine{Quest|Enoch} NHrtogw

"Free Meals everywhere all I need is just one bite."|Enoch

"Mhm I been here for a few days now still haven't found any work." Enoch said to himself. As he sat at the bar drinking a beer. Well, he didn't really drink much of the beer as he didn't like this repulsive drink. It causes his stomach to turn well it would have if he had one. Examining the bar carefully he occasionally glances at people for a brief second before returning his attention back at his glass of beer.

His train of thought was interrupted by one  female waiter who said, "Here this guy told me to give you this." She places one letter on the table and pushes it towards Enoch after that she walks away.

Studying the surrounding area more carefully before he picks up the letter. Sighing he took a swig of the beer for appearance and place a coin on the table before grabbing the letter and heading out the door.

The undead man sport his normal attire with his armor underneath his clothing, shield in his free hand, sword against his hip, helmet on his head, and
his glove on his hands.

The weight of his armor didn't hinder him because of his superior strength, and tedious training. As he walked he opens up the letter, and begin to read it. Well, not read it but summary the letter which holds an address on it.

Periodically looking around his surroundings, and listening for any sudden movements. His guard was up it was always up because of in this world is killed or be killed.

Continue forward he made his way towards the destination.



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Enoch Vi Britanina


The Joureny

A New Mine{Quest|Enoch} NHrtogw

"Along the horizon await my reward."|Enoch

To whom it may concern,
My name is Mattoro I'm a local miner here. From time to time you have been spotted at the bar a few of the boys said you would be perfect. But I don't know that. So come meet me at abandon old miner shack about a mile away from the mines. We can talk about business in our future if all goes well.

Enoch had frown in disapproval of how could he not factor in that he was being watched by the locals. Disappoint in being found out already. He had no choice but to move on, and learn from his mistakes.

He thought it wasn't very likely he would receive work here at this town but it seems like he was incorrect.  Enoch said, "Clovis! I know I told him to keep a watchful eye of me... I guess he has been otherwise I would have been confronted." Before he could utter another word one cloak figure appeared directly in front of him.

He didn't magically appear it just that Enoch couldn't see him due to slight fog. But that didn't mean Enoch didn't hear him approaching because he did.

It didn't take long for Enoch to identify him because of that unique body structure, and unique heavy footsteps. Signaling him to follow they continue to walk forward. As they did Enoch let out a grunt he said, "Good there you are. Understand me when I say I value you as a member of my team only because you cost me an arm and a leg. If we get this job make sure you earn your keep otherwise I'll dispose of useless trash. But if everything goes as the plan you may be able to voice your though to your master which is me. To be able to talk is privileges only when you earn it you cherish it more.  All I ask is complete loyalty because that what I paid for, and I am going to get me money worth believe me. Soon we will leave out tomorrow morning for a job by the mines somewhere so we packing up tonight let us move."

Clovis nodded his head in approval as he follows.



#3Enoch Vi Britanina 

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Enoch Vi Britanina


The Joureny

A New Mine{Quest|Enoch} NHrtogw

"So this is how little ants look underneath my foot."|Enoch

The duo precede through the forest Clovis was instructed to precede forward a couple of meters ahead to scout. It was already morning, and the duo was making pretty good time Enoch choose to maintain his paste and instructed Clovis to do the same due to the upcoming assignment.

It didn't long for the duo to hear several loud noises, as they approach the mine that the letter speaks of.

Just on top of the hill that the mine shaft was built down below. From there position, these man looks like ants to Enoch, and Clovis being careful not to be seen or spotted shielding themselves along with the shelter of the trees.

Enoch signal Clovis as said," Finally just another mile to the client Clovis. Remember we will proceed with caution is that understood?" The companion nodded his head in approval, and the duo carefully made their way forward.

Clovis was ahead of Enoch about 9 meters, and he maintains that making sure not to exceed that or lose sight of his master. Who was just 9 meters behind him it wouldn't take long for the duo to walk a single mile about 20 minutes or so it was already 10:00 am so there was plenty of daylight in the sky not that Enoch liked that. He dislikes sunlight because of that
light magic can be used to be very harmful to his species.

A New Mine{Quest|Enoch} OGciQh2

After an hour or so it took a bit longer to find the shack after all Enoch figure if they had to talk out here the task had to be a bit shady. Base on how well this place tucked off, and if you didn't know what you were looking for you maybe would miss it.

About 10 meters away from the shaft  Clovis was already instructed to stay guard outside the shack. Should something happen Enoch would signal him or after a period of time if he doesn't come out he would go in.

Enoch grin as he said, "Finally we are here you know your instruction stay here and be ready. I'll talk to the client."

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Enoch Vi Britanina


The Joureny

A New Mine{Quest|Enoch} NHrtogw

"Work & Pleasure should be the same thing because you should enjoy both."|Enoch

Despite being fully dressed in his heavy armor it didn't hinder his speed one bit. In fact even while he sports his armor not one single sound produced from his body. His hair dance against the slight breeze the ground was cold, and the temperature reflected that as well.

A New Mine{Quest|Enoch} In1wSnm
Arriving at the door before he could knock the door open, and one man stood behind the door he signal for Enoch to enter. This is after he looked him up, and down than signal him to enter.

Enoch nodded his head in approval he was slightly hungry the thirst for blood, the thirst to eat had triggered. Grunting in disapproval he knew this had to be fast otherwise he may drain his client of his blood.

The man was pretty muscular sporting a lot of scar across his face that signal his hardship. Mattoro shut the door behind him and made his way over to the wooden table which had one sack on it. Taking a seat as did Enoch he said," Good you are here took you a while. It looks like you are dress for success unfortunately you came a little to prepare for the assignment."

There was a pause as Mattoro look him stare into his eyes for a brief second then turn to look outside. "Well, I haven't seen such confidence in a while, and your walk. I didn't hear a sound utter from either your movements. Good, I hope you won't let me down. There no needs for names I'll explain the job to you, and reason now."

Enoch nodded his head in approval. The reason why Enoch was so confident because he wasn't alone he had warriors under his command.

The talk was brief in the end Enoch manage to keep his hunger at bay, and not devour his client. Grabbing the sack as he said his goodbyes. Being already instructed on his task, and restriction he set out into the woods signaling for Clovis to follow.

As they walked together he hands him the sack and begins to debrief him on what to come.

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Enoch Vi Britanina


The Joureny

A New Mine{Quest|Enoch} NHrtogw

"Let makes this quick."|Enoch

A New Mine{Quest|Enoch} Aagzq7b

"We are here," said Enoch as he glances down at the Old Mining Shack he study the area closely. "Mhm." He said. Taking into account the livestock here well truly that met to say, humans. Distracted by potential snack just down below the thirst was getting more and more violent Enoch wasn't sure how much longer he would be able to keep it at bay.

Sighing as he rests his right hand against the bark of the tree as he squat. His body was nicely tucked behind some bushes but he was still able to see. Clovis was within the area about 6 meters away from his master and awaiting further orders.

Deep in thought within Enoch's mind, the gears begin to turn after a few seconds Enoch had reached the conclusion. That they were all speck of sawdust in the eyes of the world. Grunting in approval he begins to
planning his route.

Descending down the hill closer to the mines he had signaled for Clovis to stay here. He brought with him the sack and went over the notes. He was instructed not to kill or harm anyone if they could help it.

Taking into account everyone down below, and the environment Enoch said," We will wait until little later. This way I will have a complete advantage. Also in the meantime collect me one of the uniforms just a good Boo should be enough to make them pass out. Once you do that strip him naked and bring them to me make sure he about my sides too."

Several minutes have passed it was around noon time when Clovis return with a man across his shoulder asleep. Placing down the man along the ground about 6 meters from his master. His master instructed him to stand guard while he changes his clothes.

It didn't take long for Enoch to switch his clothes, and put on the miner outfit. Enoch hunger was great he was tempted to bite the faint man but before he could a loud whistle sound, and that was the sound for Lunch.

Returning his attention back to the mines he could see several people and more leaving out the mine. Due to the number of people, he should be able to blend in and flee inside the mine before anyone can notice.

About 20 meters from his location he had order Clovis to remain hidden, and watch this man, and he will be back. Quickly grabbing the sack that is full of the explosion he made his way down the hill towards the mine.

Once along the ground, he was greeted by a massive amount of people well he wasn't greeted by them but walk amongst them. Prior to his arrival down below, he had made sure his miner suit reflects that of being dirty. He didn't have any weapons nor need any once down below he quickly sprint for the entrance of the mineshaft.

His nimble movements exceed the sight of the common man allowing him to quickly move unseen.

His soundless bodywork wonders and the mining shaft which had little light wasn't any problem for his vampiric vision. Descending down the mine shaft breaking all light source, and taking break.

He carefully planted each bomb in the appropriate location before moving on to the next. It didn't take him long to quick this action.

The mineshaft was practically empty so no resistance poses no threat. After 25 minutes he had finally planted all the bombs and made his way outside the mine shaft.

Arriving at the entrance just 5 minutes away from lunching being over. Enoch steps out the shaft and made his way back to the crowd of workers that was eating, and talking.

Reaching into his right pocket he presses the button along the remote control that will set off the bombs.

There was a big explosion well several of them it causes a ruckus and using this ruckus Enoch slip back up the hill.

He instructed Clovis to follow, and leave the man there once he returns up the hill. He shouldn't be followed, and he was careful not to look suspicious.

After regrouping he set off to meet his client for payment for a job well done.

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