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Wizard Saints! Wizard Lords!

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Once Season 3 rolls around, we plan on introducing a Wizard Saints and Wizard Lords system. There can only be three people who hold each title, and each member can only possess the title on a single character.

What these titles will give people are gonna remain under raps until S3, but as a requirement, you can only apply with a character who is at least B rank. Fill out the template below, and try to be convincing. Keep in mind- We will only know what you're telling us here.

[b]Name:[/b] What is your characters name?

[b]Age:[/b] How old is your character now?

[b]Rank:[/b] Self explanatory

[b]Title:[/b] Wizard Saint if good, Wizard Lord if evil.

[b]Discord:[/b] Who are you on Discord? Discord is our primary form of communication.

[b]Reason:[/b] What makes you deserve to be a wizard lord or saint? There's no such thing as too much description. Fights, plots, major events, literally anything that you think gives you an edge. Even your magic, guild rank, or ability to output damage could count here. Anything [i]you[/i] think helps your cause!

#2Vali Onfroy 

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Vali Onfroy
Name: Vali Onfroy

Age: 21

Rank: B

Discord: Vali

Title: Wizard Lord

Reason: Vali Onfroy's story begins with an Elven Desiertan woman, and a Jarl of a renown village in Iceberg. The nobility of a foreign land, Vali was thought to be destined for greatness. Vali entered Fiore as a young leader. He was tasked with raiding the uncharted parts of Fiore by his father. Vali's elder brother once attempted to do the same thing years before, but he and his army were slaughtered by their enemies. Unknown to the Jarl, Vali' also thought about taking the opportunity to carry out vengeance for his brother. He was aiming for whoever killed his brother. Not long after settling in free land in Worth Woodsea, Vali conquered a Nekomata village and was successfully sustaining his land.

On a journey to explore some of Fiore, he ended up joining Fairy Tail. With them, he began to embrace Fiores culture and even began to fall in love with it. Having spent a lot of time in Fairy ail, he began to make his mark proving from the beginning that he was valuable. At one point he was a possible candidate for guild master. Then, the demons attacked. In the fight with beings of the Abyss, Vali had proven his strength to his peers and to the people of Magnolia. Under his leadership, He and two other of his guildmates single-handedly took an army of demons. Many began referring to him as the "Silver Titan". For a while, Fair Tail seemed to make him forget about his problematic life.

Everything changed when his father suddenly appeared in Fiore with his mother in shackles. During the demon invasion, she had become corrupted and could not be saved. He blamed himself for his mother's fate because she would not reach Valhalla. More importantly, though, he blamed Fiorians. Their deities were the cause of this. After having to kill his mother, Vali was given the title "Jarl". Slowly he began to drift into what seemed to be madness.

Vali's list of crimes only begins from here. After the death of his mother, he decided that he would free the last surviving Icebergan who was being held captive in Eras dungeon. At this point in his life, he was done with everything. He began to go from a Warm-hearted, naive boy into a colder and slightly twisted Titan. In the process of Raiding Era's dungeon, he killed multiple Knights, damaged the facility, and even effortlessly beat Seated Knight @Ren. The Icebergic captive was curious as to what happened to his family. After hearing that they were dead he passed his Werewolf abilities onto Vali. Claiming that he specifically wielded some of Fenrir's power.

Val then changed his appearance to protect his identity.

Randomly the Val would hunt Rune Knights. Killing them just because he hated them. The cravings for Vali after becoming a werewolf were too strong for him to control as well. On multiple occasions, he has killed and eaten civilians and Rune Knights. Now though, his hunger is under control. As of late he has been revealing himself a lot more. In fact, a recent run-in with @Sage shows him publicly eating a human though he fled just before the Rune Knights could arrive. In Valis’s latest encounter with @Priscilla (his assistant) he is stopped by the Knights and allows them to live but leaves them with a threatening message for the government. Officially declaring himself as an enemy of Fiore.. He's always planning ways to destroy Fiore, build his army, and collect power. He even recently received the eye of the Viking King Kaom. Only that deemed king by the gods of Satri could wield its power.

Vali is consistently growing and will do some major damage and make major changes to Fiore- and perhaps even the entire world.

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Kazimir Seiryu
Name: Kazimir Seiryu

Age: 24

Rank: S-Rank

Discord: Kazimir

Title: Wizard Saint

Reason: I am applying to be a Wizard Saint because of Kaz's Rank, magical ability, constant involvement in the major events that have happened, and his engagement with other characters in the world. Kazimir is an S-rank mage and a Captain-Commander turned Guild Master of Phoenix Feather.


Kaz began his journey with the rune knights being trained by two high ranking knights. At the beginning of his career, he was thrown into the turmoil of the demonic rifts. As a Page, he traveled out alongside a group of other mages to face down a demonic rift. Together they pushed back the demonic forces and sealed the rift, bringing about a brief time of safety.

After the demons, Kazimir dedicated himself to getting stronger. During his training, he was brought into conflict with the church in rescuing an ally. This led to an investigation of the church by Kazimir and a higher ranking knight. During the investigation, the two were confronted with a Seraphim that embodied wrath. The seraphim had mysterious plans for the two knights and despite their struggle, the knights were brought to their knees. Kazimir and the other knight were Blessed by the Seraphim and became Nephilim. Infused with the spark of the angels for an unknown future. The Seraphim disappeared but has kept a watchful eye.

Soon after that, the inquisition began to march. Kaz was still working with the knights and trying to come to terms with being a Nephilim but refused to use its power. He ventured out alongside other knights to stop Nerva from destroying a village. Once there, powerful mages gathered and it was up to them to stop hunt out the demons hiding among the people. Alongside his fellow knights, they faced an amorphous demon that launched spikes from its body. Kaz barely made it out alive, learning just how fragile he was.

Believing that if he traveled alongside Nerva he could stop him from mass destruction, he joined the inquisition. Inside though, he also saw it as a way to sever the connection he had with the Seraphim once and for all and cast them all out from Earthland.

He prepared himself to travel northward to reunite with the inquisition. But that never came to pass. He was hunted by his pasts. Wind mages had returned to bring him death. He had been struggling with his magic. The call of the white tiger spirit drawing him closer to becoming more animal-like. Something that lived for the hunt. He kept it at bay until the wind mage's from his clan attack and he lost control. Over the next few months, he hunted them like a beast, all the way to the north. Until he was brought back to his senses by another knight that was close to him.

Spending time in the north he calmed his mind and refocused himself. He found acceptance of his magic and his angelic nature. After meeting another person in the inquisition and finding out that Nerva had never come, they decided to return to Era. He met two people that both helped him regather his resolve through a murder investigation and a chat at the coast

On the way back, Kaz was tasked with a mission that would revitalize him and contribute to the safety of the land. He traveled to his birthplace. A land that he knew little about, in search of The book of Sun Tzu that would help in the struggle against the Seraphim and Deamons. During his mission, he tracked down the book in a tower and faced off against a warrior, a mage, and a Nephilim. He was caught between the faction he was bounded with and the humanity he was raised in. In the end, he chose to battle against his own kind, even knowing it may break that connection and live him alone. The man was more powerful than him, but Kaz was able to cause the building to collapse, allowing him to escape, but not without a terrible injury to his arm causing more detailed movements to become difficult from nerve damage. Shortly after Kaz made his way to Era to rejoin the knights

As a reestablished Knight, Kaz took on the role of trainer and began combat training with the other knights. Due to his return and efforts in assisting other knights, he was promoted to a Captain.


Now, with the final form of his magic, he must face down his old clan leader. The man that killed his fiancee and took away his home. He will finally prove that his path was lost and that Kaz is the true Heir.

In the last days of his time in the Rune Knights, Kaz rallied and led a group of knights to face off against A corrupt captain who was determined to bring down royalty. After the battle, Kaz was promoted to Captain-Commander.

Other Notable moments:

Rescuing a fellow knight from the prison in the church A mission that put the true horrors of an organization into a bigger light for the wind mage.

Along with another knight, they investigated a hideout and took down a brainwashing mageusing knights as mindless slaves. Something that was leading to a wider corruption in the rune knights plot.

Infiltrating a high-end establishment to take down a criminal organization from within. Toppling down the head of the syndicate and multiple corrupt officials all following orders from an unnamed man associated with the knights.

Kaz had to face the consequences of a choice he made to let a murderous vigilante go in his youthful day as a knight. Now that same person may be the cause of innocent deaths and Kaz must make right, the choice he made in the past. Forcing him to ask, if there are people that are beyond hope.


Kaz's only true moment he faced a terror, one on one. A dark presence void of life with magic as cold as its being. The Avalanche Lich, Odin.


Kaz possesses the Empyreal Storm. The final form of connecting with the raw energy of the Tiger Spirit that blessed him. His acceptance of the Nephilim within him allowed for a deeper understanding of the almost celestial spirit and allowed the wind mage's body to withstand more of its power. Now Kaz can perform focused long-range assaults and specialize in AoE while dashing and moving at an accelerated speed. He can also Fly up to thirty meters high and uses his aerial advantage to bring storms down on his enemies. He can dash at speeds at and away from enemies faster than spells can move.

Enhancing the ferocity of his style; with the cooldown magic enhancement, tempo ring, and the furious amulet, Kaz has an offensive spell cooldown reduction of 3 posts allowing him to maintain a constant barrage of spells. Bringing him closer to the true ferocity of a storm.

The magic focuses on roars and broad movements allowing Kaz to avoid the difficult complicated gestures his arms nerve damage would prevent.

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Name: Finn Mertens

Age: 22

Rank: A

Title: Wizard Saint

Discord: Finn

The First Half
A young man from Worth Woodsea, Finn Mertens had stepped out of the wilds with nothing more than the clothes on his back, and his older brother Jake; A magical Dog who possessed Titan Magic. He joined Blue Pegasus as a self titled Adventurer, and was one of the few people at the time to have ever entered the Wizarding world without any magic for himself.

That wasn't to say that he relied on Jake to do all his dirty work. Finn was a predator, and he made it his goal to prove that dominance to all those he met, whenever challenged in his abilities. While he quickly made a name for himself within his guild for his outstanding physical feats, his prowess with his weapon of choice (a sword), and his trusted adoptive brother Jake, it was the Martial Arts tournament in which he truly separated himself from the crowd.

Will all of the best fighters in Fiore coming together, Finn breezed his way through the first rounds, achieving a convincing victory over Selena, a prominent mage of her time, he found himself in the Final Round against an unknown fighter from Lamia Scale, Maarschalk. While the final battle ended in Finn's defeat, it was a battle so close that many at the time debated whether or not the fight should have ever turned out the way it had. Regardless, having taken a hotly contested second place, Finn was now on the tongues of citizens.

Yet the sting of defeat stayed with him. He was not one to accept defeat lying down. He would do anything he could in order to push himself further. He fought mages he came across, took on dangerous requests and missions, and event trained with some of the strongest members of Blue Pegasus. Though the training was never to the death, it was always a true battle in which both individuals staked their everything.

Time after time, Finn came out on top. That said, even with his victories piling up, his single loss stained the flavor of success. He needed to grow more.

It was right around that time that Finn and Jake found a dungeon, hidden in the far reaches of Fiore. This dungeon was quite dangerous for a young adventurer. While it would have been expected that Finn could have Jake simply demolish any threats, he was not that type of man. Finn went in and single-handedly took on every enemy he found within that cave. At the end, Finn located a sword that was later dubbed the "Finn Sword", a blade with a blue lacrima that linked itself with Finn's soul, making its full capacity only available to Finn himself.

As Finn continued to battle those he came across, it finally had hit a point that he began finding opportunities to fight wizards and warriors with renown. One such opponent, Erebus, was a man whom had garnered respect through repeated victories in his own travels. When they met in combat, though, it was a demonstration on just how much Finn had grown. A man who once may have given him trouble, so recently as the Martial Arts Tournament, was quickly defeated. It was a moment of growth and understanding for Finn, and a moment of humility for Erebus.

It was then that Finn's growth was truly put to the test. This was not a peaceful time within Fiore; It had seen the birth and rise of a dangerous terrorist organization known as Grimoire Heart. Finn and Jake had both been called to help defend Era, and while there were plenty of allies who had arrived, Finn was completely without intel or knowledge of who was or was not on his side. In the end, a chaotic battle erupted in which Finn and Jake worked together to fall and mortally wound the dark mage Caius, who was maimed in a way in which permanently effects him to this day through internal damages.

From there, the menace that was Grimoire Heart slowly faded back into the shadows for the time being, and Finn found himself back in the usual groove of things. He trained when he could, fought people such as the warrior Kenny and the Fire Fox, LeeAnn, and without even realizing it the memory of failure had been wiped out. He had grown in unexpected ways, having learned from that one defeat enough to make the rest of his victories matter all the more. He found first love, rekindled old friendships, and as he grew as a person with these individuals his fame throughout both his guild and the continent grew until it could be argued that most of the people he'd run into would know his name if he spoke it.

Finally, he had the opportunity to spar the strongest individual in his guild other than Lance himself; She was considered to be arguably one of the strongest individuals in the continent. Their battle took place in the guild hall of Blue Pegasus, and thought it was not to the death, it was a battle between two warriors who chose to use their blade. In the end, Finn came out victorious. He was not so self assured as to believe the outcome would have definitely been the same if she had used magic, but it was shown that his training had paid off. He was strong enough to stand toe to toe with the greatest.

Without realizing it, Finn again stumbled into the dealings of Grimoire Heart. This time, he and Finn had come across Yumi, the dark mage who possessed the powers of a Demon and the magic of one of the most powerful dark mages in the world, and most certainly of her guild. While he had not realized that the enemy was an enemy, it was a fight completed quickly by Jake. While it was not a show of his power, it certainly added to his fame and reputation. Then, without realizing, he came across yet another of the Grimoire Heart members. This time, it was a battle in which Finn participated and again ended in his victory.

As his requests continued being completed in quick fashion, his training continued to stack upon itself and before long something was changing within Finn. It was a change that none in the Wizarding World had yet achieved, for no one else had needed it as desperately as him. It was easy to forget the necessities of physical training when one could utilize magic. He had achieved the weapon mastery level of Master in the sword, and had thus become the only confirmed Master of any guild.

The Second Half
Fiore was not the only country upon the continent. Requests would come in from neighbors and allies, and sometimes powerful individuals were forced to respond to these calls and requests. Unfortunately for Finn, many countries did not have the same luxuries afforded to them as Fiore. When he returned to Fiore from missions afar, what he had seen had been different from anything within Fiore. He had seen more innocents die than ever before. Some even had fallen to his hand. He had come back a broken man.

Many things had changed, and Finn tried desperately to find himself within the things that once made him whole. His significant other, his training, the requests he once did to help those in need, and the battles in which honed his skills further and further. Finn still held his title as Blue Pegasus' Sweetheart, one of the four pillars of the guild. He had received an Epithet, a title bestowed upon him by the masses that fit who he was and what he was capable of: The "God of Death." And, from his old friend Alisa, he reclaimed the blade that fit such a title: Durendal.

He and his other had split ways, a story that remains untold to this day, and he retook his role within the changing world of Fiore. He has found himself new purpose, new reasons for joy, and lessons from the horrors of his past. He has grown further, considered an A rank member of Blue Pegasus. His ambitions are deep, including the desire to potentially found his own guild to help change Fiore in a way in which he can ensure it will never go through the terrors he had witnessed. To that end, Finn traveled far and wide to hone his skill set which still lacked the ability to harness or utilize magic.

He traveled through dungeons to gain better mastery over his blade, causing his appearance to shift heavily into the black haired, yellow eyed, tanned man he is now. He also discovered an ancient legendary artifact to go along with his blade, the ring said to have been used by the God of War himself.

And now, as the year draws to an end and Finn prepares to attend the ball at Fiore with his newfound love of life, he is more confident than ever in his future. He is ready to push his training further, to achieve more feats that none other have ever attained within the realm of his sword, and to one day soon place himself upon the throne of God of War.

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Name: Erebus Cassiel

Age: 20

Rank: A

Title: Wizard Lord


Reason: Erebus came from nothing, he started with no magic and he pressed against the friction with no muscle. He was a pitiful sight, full of hatred. But hatred festers, and changes, and so too does the mind. Through success with his bare hands Erebus discovered a light, something he knew to be hope. Hope is powerful not because it is guaranteed, but because it is never guaranteed. That source of energy in this realm found it’s way to a soul so tormented and black that if it had a color, it wouldn't belong in this world. When Erebus grew from his ignorant mind to a more rigid one, his frustrations led him to the hands of Daemon’s and Demon Lords. Accepting of gifts and contracts he was unable to complete, his soul was dragged down into the abyss, where he disappeared for years.

However— the most unexpected souls truly are the best stories. For Erebus, he was something of a stubborn one. Denying eternal death, he climbed the infinite walls of the Abyss, and escaped back into a corpse not his own. Bouncing from one person’s body to the next as a evil spirit, Erebus came to understand both worlds through possession and exploration, even if his mental was so deranged that only twisted psychopathy charted his next movements. In this second life, Erebus was indeed stronger, he wasn’t just a human now possessing simple willpower, he had something else in his closet. He was a Zombie, self-considered you might say, though he doubts he’s the first or only of his kind. Just the first in his own lifetime, and quite possibly the last few generations of lifetimes. A special kind of sorrowful spirit, who would never know true happiness, but vice versa feels created now to balance the goodness and the wretchedness by spreading chaos and destruction.

Because the Zombie understands that his place lies in neither realm, he views neither as ‘home’. Instead, he will ‘create’ his home somewhere in the middle, a place where Carnage is as usual, as a blessing of crops. Erebus isn’t on a level out of this world. But he is a cunning warrior, Whomst would rather whisper the secrets of occultism into the ear of another and control a chessboard without sitting in front of it’s table. Because he has persisted through so many world events, Erebus is rather infamous to certain regions as a “being” incapable of death and disallowed “eternal rest”. Unsent and forever roaming until he is officially put away for good. Wicked in frontal combat, he has defeated many foes, and lost to fewer. He commands the Arcane and magic over Ghostly apparitions. A magician of Death, not to be taken lightly.  

> Disclaimer: It’s not in Erebus’s dreams or aspirations to become a Wizard Lord, but its perfectly justifiable to assume others could see him being one. After all, there are few evils in Fiore as hell-bent on causing trouble as him. He craves on negative vibrations, sending the world into shock about just who he is, will only send him reeling to be even more negative and influential to other criminals out there.

- Aided Grimoire Heart in their quest to obtain the Magister’s Index as well other endeavors.
- Defeated Yumi in World Martial Arts Tournament
- Defeated a few members, and landed the Death Cutter Call Quests Saga
- Fought and defeated Kon, Tori, Kazumi, and Ace as well as their companions and summons alongside Yumi (Magister’s Index)
- Defeated by Finn Mertens
- Deflected away from Grimoire Heart and joined Phantom Lord
- Befriended Phantom Lord members and entered a Contract with Yumi under a new identity, resulting in Damnation to the Abyss
- Escaped the Abyss
- Caused trouble during and around the times of the Incursions; fighting off a swarm with Vali Onfroy and teaching Ylva 2 languages under his tutelage
- Supplying narcotics to the streets of Era in masse; pills pressed into Vampire Blood to cause the abusers to go on rage-lusted trips and tearing society up from the cover of different alias
- Recently became dubbed a Zombie, a race from the Abyss.

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Name: Konstantin Sokolov

Age: 25

Rank: S-Rank

Title: Wizard Saint

Discord: Kon

Reason: Konstantin has protected Fiore from day one of reaching the Bosco-Fioran Border, joining the rune knights to protect the people and himself. Countless times putting himself in harm's way to ensure the safety of towns, communities and their people. Continuing to do so as he carried out his regular life. Eventually he transitioned to the Holy Knights after being scouted by Midas before joining Nerva’s Inquisition during the demonic incursion and most recently Lamia Scale due to his excommunication from returning to the order.

As a mage, his magical power and abilities are rarely surpassed. He is capable of performing extraordinary feats, moving instantly from one location to another, see details hidden to the naked eye, bring powerful lightning from the storms above, seemingly disappear from existence itself in the blink of an eye, turn matter both living and non-living into gold with a single touch. All of these abilities he has gained over the course of half a decade. Many of these skills were through losses and significant sacrifices, his enhanced acuity was gained only after the loss of left eye. His magic similar gained by the Midnight Cult stripping his previous magic and past, forcing him to adopt the Heavenly Body Magic. Even his golden touch came at a cost of his right arm while also encasing his left in a golden tomb.

Overall alongside his feats and abilities, his unmistakable appearance makes for Konstantin to be a suitable candidate to become a Wizard saint. A man created by endless conflict, A man built for war, his body augmented using Holy Knight relics and advanced alchemy, he is truly a man to revere and respect.

Noteworthy Events:

Ever since arriving in Bosco, Kon has fought and bleed for the country. Initially he helped by fighting against two Grimoire Heart, Erebus and Yumi in the hopes to defend a critical piece of information to the realm, the Magisters Index. This failure drove Konstantin to improve himself for years to come while his partners during the missions faltered behind and names forgotten to the ages.

His skills were tested again when he and numerous other individuals fought against the villainous Cell, a creature from another world hell-bent on destruction. As a developing mage, his aid in destroying Cell was minimal. His use of magic become highly recognized by the Holy Knights when a high ranking member, Midas in the order spotted the fight and Konstantin's necromancy.

Shortly there after his efforts were "rewarded" with the Holy Knights admitting him into their ranks with a cruel ritual removing his necromancy abilities. Kon would continue to complete minors tasks for the Order and the average citizen. Once more he fought against Grimoire Heart, now fighting alongside numerous others against Zade, a formidable fighter. The collective attempts to stop Zade were successful but the net result was a defeat allowing for the dethroning of the former king and bringing forth the age of King Reign.

With this defeat, Kon began his focus on defending the world on a more micro scale. Serving the Holy Knights for years removing cultists, vampires, anything from Fiore before his capture, losing his magic before adopting his now iconic Heavenly Body Magic. Shortly there are Demonic Incursions appeared all throughout Earthland. During this he joined the Nerva's Inquisition, where he would continue defending Fiore unbound by the red tape being a member of the Holy Knights. Fighting off a demon Single handed in Orchidia Town. Before fighting in the docks of Astera with other Inquisitors

His time working for Nerva ended as the rifts began to wane, Joining Lamia Scale finding his leadership to be absent and creating conflict when encountering Holy Knights. Leaving the group just as the Order began their crusade against humanity bring the need for the nine hero relics to be retrieved. Kon single handedly defeated platoons of his former comrades in Bosco and killed Midas, a former comrade, losing his right arm in the process. As a prize Kon took Midas’ Gauntlet from his charred corpse taking it as his own, binding the glove to his left hand.

Wizard Saints! Wizard Lords! 6LwW1QF

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Name: Yum Hateshiginai

Age: 79 (80 after timeskip)

Rank: A-Rank

Title: Wizard Lord

Discord: Yumi

Reason: Yumi has made her appearances on and off for a long time, always as the demonic lolita with a penchant for destruction and misery. Originally an old woman who joined Grimoire Heart in her prime and had been a long-standing member for many years, all the while striving to regain her lost youth. An old woman with a quick temper whenever her age was brought up but she didn't let age stop her. Yumi joined the tournament where she fought against Erebus. Yumi is not above breaking one of her own limbs in the battle to try and win which she attempted to do during her fight with Erebus but still lost. Striving to always be an active member of Grimoire Heart, Yumi brought her guild-mates together for meetings and was always one to be doing quests to expand the guilds name and her own.

Known as the Witch of Carnage across the land, Yumi even while an old woman was feared for causing nothing but bloodshed, which has only gotten worse since becoming a daemon.

Yumi after regaining her youth through strenuous effort, going to the point of taking her own life as a show of faith in her Demonic God Malum, took part in the Magister's Index event. Joined by Erebus the two went up against Kon, Tori, Kazumi and Ace. The two successfully completed their mission passing the index on to Icarus. Afterwards, she had a brief encounter with the monster cell, but it isn't anything to mention as she was put down miserably.

Yumi has mainly been participating in quests and pleas to strengthen herself, improving her abilities since being in the abyss for two years. For two years Yumi entered into the abyss of her own free will to loyally serve at the feet of her Demonic God, torturing the souls of the damned that had been sacrificed to him. Before returning to Fiore to wreak havoc. Yumi doesn't intend to hide her identity anymore or what she as the demon has only one goal to burn the world down and summon forth her almighty God to usher in the apocalypse.

Armed with a new magic Napalm Magix, Yumi believes she can accomplish this goal. She is already quite renowned as crowds will part ways for her. Yumi is infamous all over Fiore, with infamy reaching over 13,000 thus spreading the name 'Witch of Carnage' to every corner of the globe. Just her name can instil fear in the most seasoned of veterans knowing the death and destruction she leaves in her wake. Every town or city yumi has ever entered will cry with anguish as a trail of death and destruction is left in her wake.

Yumi shows no shred of remorse killing man, woman and child, old or young it doesn't matter to her. Everyone is just a sheep that needs to be sacrificed to her Demonic God.

#8Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Name: Snowflake

Age: 20

Rank: S-Rank

Title: Wizard Saint

Discord: Snowflake


A curious wanderer who meandered into the lands of Fiore – a country where she met people that changed her life. Young and alone after her parents passed away, she spent her early teenage years struggling to make a living for a herself; to put food in her mouth until she met Lance, the man who gave her a purpose to begin her new life. Owing her life’s gratitude to Lance, she vowed herself to make his guild proud by getting stronger. Along the way, she gained a few life long’s friends: Alisa and Finn, friends she thought she would never attain in her life. Starting from a very amateur mage, she rose up ranks slowly and gradually, but was still viewed as weak to many when she involuntarily met Cell. Despite him being numerous ranks stronger than her, she showed no fear instead even had a little conversation about her book. When given the option to fight, she refused to for she knew she stood no chance against him.

As she began learning more about her abilities, she began to yearn for more power and the need to become stronger almost became an obsession. It was then she met a scientist who was willing to give her what she wanted, but at a very big cost – her living body. She chose to become a machia, her body no longer human, perhaps with the exception of her brain. With her new powers, she continued to travel around the country, honing her abilities to get stronger and became one of the aces of the guild, given the title as Blue Pegasus’ Heartbreaker. And, during one of her travels, she eventually met her first love, who acted as her right hand and support. If she was the vanguard, he was the healer.

At the time, there was war stirring in Fiore between Grimoire Heart and the Light Guilds [Destruction Descends]. Alongside her lover, she participated in the battle to defeat Grimoire Heart once and for all. She was up against Faust Noire, an intelligent and witty foe for her to fight against, but the operation ended up as a success albeit, it was followed by a massive tragedy that shocked the guild – the death of their guildmaster, Lance. With the guild hall being rebuilt and the passing of Lance, they needed a new master to take over the position. In accordance, the four aces of Blue Pegasus discussed and voted and Snowflake was given the honour of becoming the new guild master. In celebration of their win, a Pegasus Beach event was held where she was able to bond further with her guildmates and met members of other guilds.

She was content with what she had at that moment until her machia body began to fail her. Her body grew weaker each day and she no longer had the strength she had before. She sought the scientist who transformed her body previously into machine parts, in hope that he would be able to fix it again, but what led to next, her soul was transferred into a body that was not hers, but a demon’s. For a long amount of time, she struggled to maintain the host body of a demon, to the point that she nearly killed the love of her life with her own hands. As the saying goes, “after the storm comes the rainbow”, her life thrived afterwards. She had come into a few terms of agreement with the demon inside her and was able to harness and control its power at her will. She gave up her guild master position not long after that, with Belladonna taking up the position.

3 years flew by, but she hardly did anything. It was very unusual of her, but she was out of touch with everything; the people she cared, her guild, even her own magic. It wasn’t until one day she decided to pick up her life and begin anew, starting with her training sessions. After settling back into her old regime, a demonic invasion occurred all over the country, where she fought against demons from another realm and closed the portal alongside a guild member, Faye. It was a fight she would remember, for Faye came to be one of her closest friends after bonding through such an exhilarating experience.

Quickly past that event, the two participated in the ‘Nine Heroes’, where the two Blue Pegasus mages set off sail to another country to reclaim a very powerful relic. There, she encountered the strongest enemy she’d faced so far, Cyrus, a young girl wielding Jeanne D’Arcs sword. Fire stronger than any fire she had ever seen, for once she feared of losing her life this way. However, with Faye as her support, the two somehow managed to scruff out alive from the battle, after nearly being burnt to ashes. Despite Cyrus showing no mercy to the two mages, in the end after Cyrus was defeated, she showed sympathy to the child who was possessed by the corrupted spirit of the sword and allowed her to rest in peace.

Equipment | Build

With 16,000 Fame, she has gained a favourable amount of reputation for herself, well-liked by citizens, perhaps known as an emotionless Ice wizard from Blue Pegasus. She has wielded Sub-Zero Magic previously, switching to become a Demon Slayer. As aforementioned, she has been subjected to being a machia, a demon and now, a transcendent. She wielded a Skyrea's Lance, and attained a new weapon after collecting the relic, Jeanne D'Arc's Sword. She had one of the strongest companions at the time, Rayquaza, an Ioun Ring to buff her, Jurvag's Robes that blocks any kinds of attacks and finally, Divinatas that dissipates any incoming damage.


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Name: Alisa Vollan

Age: 23

Rank: X

Title: Wizard Saint

Discord: Naga


Alisa was born strong. As far as she ever discovered, there was no real reason for it, nor did ever find out about before she well and truly dwelled in the study of magic. Or perhaps her passion just made her strong...? She didn't quite know the answer herself, yet poetically, she'd certainly like to believe that, rationally she knew better, understanding that though a wild combination of factors contributed to her explosive growth, none quite mattered as much as her own unyielding, relentless desire to surpass herself at every passing moment. Her secret...? She never let her power go to her head, as much as humanly possible. Never complacent, never resting. She knew that the moment she did so, all of those she tried to surpass would catch up in a heartbeat.

She started her quest with a very clear, very palpable goal, to find and kill a certain Dark Guild and avenge her mother. For the first few years, she'd been content to pursue this path alone, but she only started experiencing genuine growth as a person from the moment she set foot into the Guild Hall of Blue Pegasus, and came to find friends she could look to as family.

Despite her early start and natural talent, only at the tender age of 19 years old did the sculptress known as Alisa Vollan began making a name for herself... By then she'a already amassed a considerable amount of power, and yet had none of the experience to use it when she came to ask Finn Mertens for lessons in the art of swordfighting. At the thought of an attack by Grimoire Heart on her new home, Alisa feared her own inexperience more than any enemy, and as her close friend soon proved to her, she was right to.

She was utterly, one sidedly defeated, and the fact that she hadn't used her magic brought her little solace. To an obsessive perfectionist like Alisa, that she could lose so miserably was not only the result of a tremendously powerful opponent on the other side, but of a grueling weakness she had to overcome. Finn was a foe she wanted nothing more than to surpass one day, and merely holding other opponents to his standard inspired her immensely, enough that she could defeat the Grimoire Heart invader, Odin - then the host of the Demon Lord Lucifer - using only her sword and physical prowess, contributing to the defense of her Guild Hall as it came under siege.

But she could do nothing to protect her Guild Master Lance from falling victim to that very same guild, a thought that shook her to the core. How...? How could she have failed so miserably, once again...? Against her better judgement, this defeat reignited her desire for vengeance against a far more palpable for than the Dark Guild who first drove her on this path.

Around this time, she came into posession of a legendary sword known as Bakuzan, and clad herself in the living armor known as Junketsu. Though she wouldn't keep them for long, she made full use of them in the battle to come. When the call came to join the fight in Crocus, to defend the Kingdom against Grimoire Heart, Alisa joined without hesitation, honoring the duties of her guild despite her own disinterest in political matters. She came head to head against Zade alongside her close friend Arisa and the Holy Knight Konstantin, and though they held their own, the war ended before the battle could be fought to its natural conclusion.

With the change in regime, she instead fought to restore her own guild in the aftermath of the war, helping with the rebuilding effort while simultaneously hunting after Grimoire remnants, hoping to exact vengeance on Lance's killer. And until she could find her mark, she holed herself up in the mountains to train. If another war came, would she have been able to hold her own?

The regime change Grimoire Heart brought about lasted little, almost as though they'd exhausted their purpose as soon as the war was over, like a new, far graver threat loomed on the horizon. For two years she trained, having taken the vessel of the Demon Lord Asmodeus as her personal disciple, and ironically acquired a brand new magic, becoming the Earth Demon Slayer... She understood how her sentimental attachment to her first magic was as much of a weakness as her inexperience years before, a weakness she had to overcome. Even know tensions ran high and Fiore stood under constant threat from all sides, internal enemies seeking to bring back the old regime, and foreign countries hoping to exploit this moment of weakness.

But on some level, the huntress must have known... That the real danger came from below. Right after the year 788 came about, disturbing news began to reach her, how demons had been spawning in Earthland in numbers never seen before. And when the news of danger looming over Orchidia arrived, she rushed there to a moment's notice, ready to defend the region she'd been born and raised in. She arrived too late to stop the initial massacre, but still in time to help seal the rifts before any further demons could spew in, to exterminate every single one of the invading fiends.

During this battle, she came into posession of the greatsword Yoru, retrieving it off a fallen hunter and using it to it's fullest potential, magnifying her demon hunting aptitude in ways she'd never experienced. After all, despite the supposed upgrade to her magic, Alisa had found it unstable ever since, and hadn't the time to completely master it before the battle started.

Struck with a magic yet to master and enemies to defeat, Alisa depended on her physical prowess more than ever before, and promptly equipped herself with a armor fit for a hunter of her skills, which she's worn to many battles since. In the wake of the Demonic Invasion of Orchidia and faced with more to come in the near future, the sculptress returned to her hometown in the company of her lover Sofia, where she recovered a heirloom her father had crafted for her.

Her affinity for crystal, and the ineptitude for normal earth magic that resulted from it... She was clearly not the first in her family to fight through it, but that only motivated the sculptress to overcome this weakness, using what means she had at her disposal.

And so when the Invasion in Astera came around, she was ready, in more ways than one. Her magic stronger than ever before, her strength sharpened, she faced off the hordes of demons as they came for her, concentrating less on seeking out high value targets but protecting the more densely populated areas. Though she proved successful in the end, Alisa paid a high price.

In a last ditch, desperate effort to keep a more powerful demon from making its way through the portal, she was pulled inside the bowels of the Abyss, the portal closing behind her.

As a Demon Slayer of her power, Alisa could survive there which she did, for what felt like months... But she couldn't thrive in it. Hordes of demons came for her, one after the other, again and again. She came close to losing her life, but by the time she emerged, her experience had only hardened and empowered her. Setting foot back in Earthland once more, she was far stronger than she had one she first entered, having completed her Crystalline Demon slayer without the use of her bracelet, and more than that, she could feel that something in her body had begun to change.

Breaking the limits of how much a human body should grow, her dense magic power naturally started chipping away at that shell that bound her, transforming the sculptress into a Transcendent.

Build: As an X-rank mage of Blue Pegasus, Alisa stands among the physically strongest mages in Earthland, with the power of a Transcendent to back it. She wields Crystal Demon Slayer Magic, and wears a Great Hunter Armor, and wields the Demon Slayer Greatsword Yoru.


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Name: Kaiser Bo

Age: 20

Rank: S

Title: Wizard Lord

Discord: Kaiser

Reason: During the short time that Kaiser has been in Fiore, she has taken part in so much illegal business that has resulted in her having influence in the underground of Fiore as well as the gambling scene, to the point where there was a table reserved for her in every casino that knew she was in town. It was especially easy because she is the type of person who leaves a mark wherever she goes and it’s hard to not remember, two of the reasons being her unique name and exotic Boscosi-Joyan accent. Without any attachments in the world (such as family or lovers), Kaiser doesn’t care for anyone but herself and will do anything she deems necessary to achieve her goals, even if it involves hurting others. It is evident that after her conversion to vampirism, Kaiser has become more merciless and unpredictable in her actions, now with a bounty of 1,000,000 Jewels on her head.

Not only has she become a predator and fiend, she has also learned a new magic that is all about destruction called Crash Magic that is enhanced. She was also able to gain the Millenium Talisman in her possession, a pretty powerful item with properties such as allowing her to sense anything magical within a certain range and guiding her to anything that she seeks. Sporting the Bone Ring that protects her from all debuffs and the Asmaan Earrings that greatly enhances her physical speed, Kaiser is among the most powerful dark mages in Fiore.

[X] During her time in Era, Kaiser killed an S-rank ex-vampire from Blue Pegasus who was stronger than her at the time after feeding on her.

[X] When the whole Nephilim chaos descended upon Earthland, Kaiser was sent to a foreign country to retrieve an artifact that was essential for the salvation of mankind. She was able to steal the artifact from under the nose of an X-rank Nephilim whom she attacked and escaped from. Instead of bringing the artifact back to Fiore to help the cause, she simply sold it on the Fiore black market for a large sum of money because she knew they were going to pay a lot for a precious item like that. She didn't care for the people of Earthland because she could just flee to a different continent if she was no longer safe there.

[X] After she returned from Desierto, she noticed that the chaotic state of Fiore was perfect for her to conduct her business smoothly since the law was preoccupied with the issue of Nephilims and so she proceeded with her dirty work. On the same day, she killed the mother of a rich businessman and then set a house on fire for a client.

[X] Twelve days into the new year and Kaiser had already murdered someone again. This time it was a A-rank female lycanthrope and it was all for a cigarette.

Aside from all that has happened throughout her time in Fiore, the reason that Kaiser is a fitting Wizard Lord is simply due to the way she is as a person. People respect and look up to her because of her fearlessness and fierce pride. One of her beliefs is that where there is chaos, there is a way up, and Kaiser is the type of person who will keep climbing until everyone is below her. What if the chaos does not exist? She will create it for herself.

Please refer to my sheet and player card (hover over avatar) for more information.

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Noel Raion
Name: Noel Raion

Age: 38

Rank: A

Title: Wizard Saint

Discord: #Maarschalk

Reason: I consider myself one of the more PvP centered role players on this site. I've partaken in almost every PvP event that I could during my tenure in S1.

Examples of my combat are down below:

Somewhere down the road, Raion had entered a tournament. He'd end up beating every opponent he faced, which featured members from his own guild, a member of Grimoire Heart, his now ex-wife, and lastly a Blue Pegasus member.

A conflict in Era which called Raion for action had led him to save the town. In this conflict, he'd have defeated two vital chess pieces from the infamous group called the Phantom Lord. No recognition was given, and Raion discovered that no Era representatives were present during the time of crisis.

Lamia Scale later had become a target of Grimoire Heart. Raion successfully stopped their attack with the help of his guild mate Atlas. Raion wasn't informed about this by Grimoire Heart, and ironically this attack would have succeeded most likely had he been informed.

These are all won battles.

Political intrigue is also a part of my game, here are some site-wide plot related topics I helped develop other than the ones about pure combat

Monarcy of Roses

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea


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Name: Odin

Age: 20

Rank: S

Title: Wizard Lord

Discord: Odin#7071


Notable Topics:

Martial Arts Tournament, Theseus' Escape, Operation Grace and House of the Rising Sun are all examples of Odin's participation in the site's large-scale events, each time joining the side of the dark mages. In House of the Rising Sun, Odin was able to win against overwhelming odds as he was pitted against four light mages.

Time of Dying is the topic where Odin became a Lich, the site's only Lich (and therefore also most prominent) until very recently. While a Lich, he has spread his name and terror throughout Fiore.

Terror at the 8-Island Restaurant, Wings of an Angel, Deceptively Simple and Unholy Pact are topics in which Odin has specifically caused terror and committed evil deeds outside of events and pleas. Attacking and causing mayhem in a well respected restaurant, cutting the wings off of a nephilim, murdering holy knights (who are kinda evil anyway but also murder), and plotting in the shadows to spread fear with a large-scale attack.

Yummy Dead Corpse, Dun Dun Dun and Fine are the times Odin has murdered another PC, giving him (I believe) the most PC kills on site at this current stage, one of which having occurred in a public train station.

Swineherd Stall is more here just as a final topic to consider as Odin, while not openly evil in the topic, was still in the same room as the former guild masters of the guilds in Fiore.


In terms of build, Odin is S rank with Black Plague: a powerful magic. He has Lich, which grants Fear, darkvision and mana drain, giving him a potential 15% MP drain, A rank damage and 30% stat reduction to every character in range every post. He has a powerful, unique armour that, when destroyed, causes an S rank explosion in the area around him. Finally he has the Devil tarot card, which will grant Odin a mythic level companion once he has accumulated a high enough bounty (which he intends to do anyway).

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