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A Punch to the Face [Grand Ball || Tomoe]

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#1Ri Brighte 

A Punch to the Face [Grand Ball || Tomoe] Empty on Mon Jan 06, 2020 4:02 am

Ri Brighte


As Ri stood on the sidelines and watched other people either drink or laugh, he realized- he had no business being here. Sure, the place was open for anyone and everyone, but as his eyes set on each of the persons around him, he realized that he- an artist, and an adventurer- had no relationship with these people. These guys were used to the fancy parties, and the drinking of expensive champagne by the daily, and the only thing was used to was waking up in an inn room every day, and wondering how the hell he wasn't kicked out already.

Speaking of fancy champagne, he found himself next to a tray of glasses filled with just that. He eyed it for a few seconds, wondering to himself if he should be the first one to take a glass, or if he should wait for someone else. Thinking that it was ridiculous to wait for someone else to do it, Ri then took hold of one of the glasses and downed it in a couple of seconds, setting it back behind him afterwards.

Only now he noticed that the tray had its reason for being there. That was, after all, the long table meant for drinks and food. The mage couldn't deny a good snack when he saw one, especially when there was a whole table full of them. So, he looked left, he looked right, realized that he -is- allowed to take some seeing as they were for guests and filled a plate with both food and sweets. Would the taste mix? Probably. Ri didn't seem to care.

And just like his care for the food on his plate was minimal, so was his care for where he was going. The moment he turned around to head off to some other corner somewhere, he slammed right into another person, dropping both the drink and food on him.

"Shit!" He cussed, in a hushed yell. "Damnit! I'm so sorry, man! Here, let me help you out." He grabbed the nearest napkin, and started wiping the man's clothes.

#2Tomoe Tanaka 

A Punch to the Face [Grand Ball || Tomoe] Empty on Tue Jan 07, 2020 7:56 pm

Tomoe Tanaka
Tomoe was gearing up to leave the main area of the party, growing weary of the fake smiles and how-do-you-dos with facades as easily broken as plastic. His features curved upward when he closed his eyes for a moment to take in the exquisite taste in food and drink, however. Regardless of how sincere this gathering's intent was and the circle jerk and back -patting disgustingly littering every inch of the building, it was high quality. To a thug of little class, however, such events were his image of what nobility did daily anyway; standing atop the hierarchy, boasting of their accomplishments to others. That the other guilds would bow to such people? It sickened Tomoe, and he couldn't maintain his peaceful inner world for any longer. He opened his eyes, and snapped back to reality.

Just as vision returned to the world for the defiant rogue, he felt a force slam into him and moisture begin to dampen his chest and stomach. Before even looking at whoever it was that spilled all over him in the sea of people, his gaze drew downwards towards his stained clothes. Champagne pouring onto his red overcoat was not that big of a deal, but it was the various colors and disgusting juices mixed together on his grey undershirt that served to boil him. When the man responsible revealed himself, or rather once Tomoe bothered to look beyond himself, he found a man apologizing and wiping rapidly. It didn't do much to calm the Joyan's frustration, however.

"You son of a bitch! You'd better be prepared to either pay for these clothes or else get an ass whoopin'!", Tomoe boomed loudly enough to halt the conversations of nearby guests and cause them to give the pair some fair distance.

Unlike that cliche in the few fantasy and romance novels Tomoe had read, the music did not stop all of a sudden, but rather kept going as boisterously as ever. Those outside the immediate vicinity remaining blissfully ignorant in their own worlds while a potential conflict unfolded right before their eyes.

"You seem different from the other rich folk around here. You one o' them guild wizards, fresh and ready to lick some noble boots? Or did you get good enough to lick royal boots now?"

#3Ri Brighte 

A Punch to the Face [Grand Ball || Tomoe] Empty on Wed Jan 08, 2020 2:26 am

Ri Brighte


The man's initial answer was what Ri had expected, actually. After all, he couldn't imagine that the high and mighty people around him would bare any tolerance to his mistakes. He found the threat to be a tad too much, though. It wasn't like he was going to just run the hell away from the ball just because he happened to spill something on some guy. That said, he was a tad worried about the price of his clothes.

Oh, great, now people were staring. He turned towards them, and gave them a sheepish smile, waving them away in the hopes that the guards won't be called for such a petty manner. At the moment, he couldn't risk starting a fight, mainly because he liked his suit and he didn't want to ruin it, seeing as that was the only one he possessed. Then again, you never knew with these kinds'a guys.

Only at the man's second remark, did Ri actually stop to take a good look at him. At that moment, he realized he might have found himself a good part in this whole situation: the clothes might not be as expensive as he thought. Then again, you don't have to be a noble to wear expensive clothes. He, himself, had a few after all. The second thing he realized was that he was a total and absolute prick. Which, honestly, was to be expected seeing as he had just poured all his food and drinks on him, but still. Could do with a little tact. Of course, the mage didn't let those thoughts be heard, lest he wished to get punched in the throat, but he couldn't help but let some of the bite drip from his next words, "Yeah, I'm with a guild. But, don't worry, there's enough boots for everyone, including you."

He threw him a somewhat sarcastic smile, but he didn't stop in trying to wipe his shirt. "Don't have to be such an asshole. Look, if this doesn't wipe off, I'll just buy you another one." He paused, throwing him a slight glare, "That sound good?"

Truthfully, he didn't really want to be that mean, but he felt that he had to, seeing the attitude he was given with just a small mistake.

#4Countess Margret 

A Punch to the Face [Grand Ball || Tomoe] Empty on Wed Jan 08, 2020 12:55 pm

Countess Margret
The Noble moved with grace and dignity each step clicking against the solid floor. As she passed by the two young men by the table full of appetizers. She wore a long elegant pale-yellow dress with silver high heels. A collection of matching set of diamond earrings and a matching necklace finished off the outfit. it was clear she had wealth. Her hair long and silver, an odd combination for someone who had such delicate young features.  A dull expression held on her face as she loaded a plate with few assorted things. Taking a bite out of one she listened in on the two beside her bickering about trivial things, it was enough to get a smirk from her before she spit the mouthful into a napkin and placed it on her plate, done with it she walked away moving a little closer to the two men, leaving the plate for one of the caterers to deal with.

Grasping a champagne glass by its stem she brought it up to her nose and extracted a scent from it. Her brows furrowing as she placed the glass on the tray, with her nose scrounging up, with a sigh she turned her attention back to the two gentlemen arguing about their cloths or something to the same degree. She overheard them talking, something about a guild, buying them new cloths, all of it was inconsequential. There was nothing worst then the common folk, she was willing to bet they would even say the food was good. But why wouldn’t they it wasn’t like they had anything even close to it

“Good evening gentlemen” she held a tiring smile for as long as she deemed necessary, which wasn’t overly long as she quickly realized they were of a lower pedigree. she looked back to the two that seemed so out of place and flashed the same smile again this time sustained it longer than a couple of seconds. “are you enjoying the refreshments?” she asked partly to humor herself. Her posture was near perfect, her eyes scanning each of the men before her “I hope everything is to your standards” she says methodically taking the time to scan the room of other guests before her attention would turn back to which ever one acknowledged her first.

#5Tomoe Tanaka 

A Punch to the Face [Grand Ball || Tomoe] Empty on Thu Jan 09, 2020 1:07 am

Tomoe Tanaka
"With a tongue like that, it's royal boots for you. Gotcha. Nah, I get it now.", Tomoe retorted, clearly not convinced of anything the other man was saying or appreciative of his cocky attitude.

After confirming that his clothing was dried and cleaned to satisfaction, Tomoe made a 'shoo' gesture at the klutz before him to indicate that he wouldn't receive any more pity from someone who had already grown to hate his guts.

"We'll call it even at that, I'm tired of this shit. Don't pay me back. We're good, alright?"

With that, Tomoe wiped off the remaining crumbs scattered on his shirt and coat and shrugged his shoulders, content at the result. It wasn't perfect, but neither was he. The thug had cooled off somewhat, but was again fired up in the presence of a noblewoman entering their presence. At first the brigand was taken by her porcelain features and ice cold exterior, but once she began to speak it reminded him once more that she was a noble like all the rest. Despite his own unexplained dislike of the government in Fiore, though, he would try to compose himself to the best of his ability.

"It's not going the greatest, ma'am. Between the buffoon before me and the mood behind this party, things could be much better.", Tomoe spoke, delivering a small bow to the ice-woman before him.

Raising his head once more, he then stuck his hands in his pockets after running a hand through his hair. He internally debated about saying the next part, before proceeding to do so anyway in a lower tone so that as few people outside of the trio present could hear as possible.

"I'm also not sure what His Majesty is thinking, bringing out such a priceless relic for this party. The pretend boot lickers and suck-ups were one thing, but to give such power to anyone and everyone who showed up? It's utter madness, and foolish to trust even dark guilds to show up and receive this power. He's shooting himself in the foot to think that he could persuade villains to join his cause, honestly.", he spoke lowly, his features giving away the fact that he was obviously worried about the direction the country was going under King Reign's rule.

"And hell, what even is that thing, anyway? Do you know, ma'am? It's creepy as sin. Doesn't look heroic at all, if you ask me.", Tomoe continued after a brief pause, pointing towards the statue in the room with hands reaching towards an egg at the top.

"Gives me the shivers a little bit, if I'm to be completely honest, miss...? I don't believe we've introduced ourselves. I'm Tomoe.", he finished, offering his hand, and afterwards continuing to eye the suspicious and admittedly evil-looking statue.

It was nothing belonging to Her, was it? If it was, it belonged to the cult by rights. These were questions that needed answering, and if there was anything that concerned him here, he would definitely get to the bottom of things. If it required holding back his emotions even the slightest bit to get to the truth, he would.

#6Ri Brighte 

A Punch to the Face [Grand Ball || Tomoe] Empty on Fri Jan 10, 2020 6:40 am

Ri Brighte


Ri was sure to throw the other another glare as he spoke, before taking a step back at his shooing gesture. Was he annoyed? Yes. Was he going to let this mongrel ruin his fun? Hell nah. Still, when he heard that he didn't have to pay this prick of a man, he couldn't help the smirk that appeared on his face. Only for a few brief seconds, though, quickly gathering himself and holding a neutral expression, just so that he couldn't give the other the satisfaction of actually getting to him.

But then, he was met face to face with a woman he considered to be miles above him. In money, at least. Suddenly, the suit he was wearing seemed to pale in comparison to her clothes, but he paid not much mind to it. After all, that's what being a noble got you. He couldn't help but note the forced smile. He didn't question it, though.

He was going to answer her question, before the other had butted in and decided to add more insult to injury. "Buffoon", he says. Worst part it, he's not entirely wrong. But he wasn't going to stand there and just accept an insult.

Thus, he made sure to be near the other when he gave a low bow, and in the meantime sent his elbow for his side. Discreetly and not too hard of course- But he wasn't going to let him have the last word.

"The party is quite fun. And the food is not poisoned." He let out a small chuckle at his own joke, throwing the woman a genuine smile, to contrast with her own forced one. After all, Ri was here to make both himself and others happy.

What the bastard said next was...Something Ri could actually agree to, for once. Albeit, he wouldn't word it that way, but he was certainly right. So many guilds, both light and dark in one room, and an artifact right in the center of it? It seemed rather..Risky, one could say.

"As much as I'd word it in any other way," Ri began, his tone quite unsure as he spoke, "I'll have to agree. It does seem like some kind of risk to put something considered a relic just on display like that."

As the other introduced himself, the mage couldn't help but try to one-up him, once again, "I am Ri. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance, miss." He threw her another smile, and extended his hand out for a handshake.

#7Countess Margret 

A Punch to the Face [Grand Ball || Tomoe] Empty on Fri Jan 10, 2020 9:45 am

Countess Margret
The countess curiously glanced from one mage to the other, this appeared like it would be more interesting than she had thought beforehand. The two of them bickering back and forth while attempting to be polite was quite the dynamic for an outside party. “I’m awfully sorry to hear that, but we can’t take credit for the quarrels between guests. I’ll have to leave you two to sort out your differences.” She said in an official tone, before looking towards Ri, who answered her question as well. I would certainly hope no one poisoned the food, but precautions have been taken to assure the safety of the guests.” She said softly looking to the food and then back to the guests she had started to talk to.

Both shared their opinion willingly of the king’s reckless display of wealth. It was humors as to the one who later introduced himself as Tomoe, spoke about how creepy it was, a small smile formed on her lips as she listened. After the man later to be introduced himself as Ri reaffirmed his opinion as well to which she nodded softly and looked at them both, her eyes narrowing on them for a moment,  her nose scrounges up like she smelled something sour before she replied with “ ah, i see, well i wouldn’t expect people of your demographic to understand. “a tone of displeasure in her voice for a moment before.

A tone that switch at an instant as they introduced themselves, she would extend her hand out to Tomoe and then to Ri, as they said their names and shook her hand,  her shake was dainty and limp-wristed but she pleasantly said “ I am the Countess, Margret, Miss is fine, Countess is better.  But the pleasure is mine, I thank you both for attending the party and for sorting out your differences in advance.”

She stood straight up again as she looked at the idol and then back to the two gentlemen “ do you think he is wrong to show the success and to honor the sacrifices it took to get the relic, to hide it away for the public might never see what caused them to go without? Besides, what do you think made you feel so invigorated upon your entrance? That relic offers lasting enhancements to all those who enter its presence. A pity it can only sustain a single use...” She finished making general conversation before she asked what she intended to. “Sure, it is risky and could attract the wrong kind, but we are surrounded by the world’s finest. Do you really think someone would be so foolish?” She asked building up to her next question but wanted to feel things out before she asked.  Her focus shifting back and forth from each of the men before her, her focus shifting to whoever talked first and then to the next one.

#8Tomoe Tanaka 

A Punch to the Face [Grand Ball || Tomoe] Empty on Sat Jan 11, 2020 3:49 am

Tomoe Tanaka
"I think our differences are well and settled. We've found out who the bigger man is by now, I think.", Tomoe responded with a wink and a smile towards his social adversary who had elbowed him.

Admittedly the strike did hurt, but the Joyan warrior, as experienced as he was in combat, had grown accustomed to not showing pain in the face of his enemies. Whether he remembered his own past or not, the memories beat into his body by force were proof of his past deeds. At the moment, he was more interested in continuing an intriguing conversation than

"I think the world's full of fools from all walks of life. Being in such a high place as the king speaks little other than that he was born at the right place at the right time.", Tomoe responded to her in a matter-of-fact way that gave rise to his true feelings for a brief moment; not treasonous or in any way aggressive, but speaking as a realist rather than an optimist.

"The world's finest? Please. Scum of the earth are litterin' these halls tonight. The king doesn't have his head on straight if he's allowin' just anyone to walk in here. If you ask me, maybe those angels weren't entirely wrong when it came to humanity's destruction. If we keep goin' like this, the entire fight might have been for nothing."

Tomoe took a breath, becoming stressed thinking about it. The country was going to hell with the incompetence of its ruler, and perhaps change was necessary. What kind of change would it be, though? The Joyan was visibly in thought after his words, going silent for a moment.

"I also think that there's another type of foolishness out there that works out though, if the right person has it: bravery. People who want to make great change can't do it without bein' a little bit brave, y'know?", he finished, allowing others time to speak.

He would then look across his conversation partners, eyeing them and gauging their reactions and responses while shrugging.

#9Ri Brighte 

A Punch to the Face [Grand Ball || Tomoe] Empty on Sun Jan 12, 2020 9:05 am

Ri Brighte


Oh no. She didn't appreciate the food joke. That's sad. Oh, well. He wasn't here to impress after all. But he couldn't say that he didn't feel at least a bit disappointed by that. After all, he wanted people to laugh, and all he got was glares. Welp. Can't make everyone happy.

Speaking of happy, Ri was starting to get less and less of. The comment towards the "Demographic" he was a part of did him not much good, but he kept on a friendly smile- If not for appearance then maybe to try and keep himself as positive as possible.

How did he even get in this situation again? With a noble that most likely hated his guts and a mage that actually did? Oh, yeah. Pure bad luck.

Unfortunately, he realized all too late that he should take his leave. The other mage's words became more and more heated and Ri feared that he'd start punching the woman. Of course, that was completely impossible, and he saw that the man could hold himself if he wanted, but the small voice in the back of his head told him to slowly retreat. Of course, the other, louder voice in the front of his head told him to shut the hell up and stay.

As the man paused, Ri set a curious gaze on him, waiting to see what he'll say next. Suffice to say, he was kind of surprised by the way he could get angry and calm in the span of a few seconds. Damn. He'd need someone like this in the band.

"There's a lot of good things that come from bravery." He spoke up, before taking a brief pause to make sure he was given some sort of attention, "But- Uh. It -is- really stupid, sometimes. After all, brave idiots die first." He gave a light shrug, "That's how the good people die, I suppose."

As surprising as it seemed, he somewhat agreed to the other mage's words. Perhaps, in the end, all are the same, no matter the background that they come from. Food for thought. For another time, though. Now he kind of brought a somber tone to the conversation, which he quickly has to fix.

"But there's been a lot of good things too, just like you said." He nodded towards Tomoe, "People who brave their worst fears to save others are rare. But they're needed."

He paused again to wait for the others' reaction, reaching behind him towards another champagne glass, which he then took a sip from.

#10Countess Margret 

A Punch to the Face [Grand Ball || Tomoe] Empty on Sun Jan 12, 2020 11:12 am

Countess Margret
Tomoe’s response warranted a smirk, it amused her how they squabbled back and forth trying to keep it professional.   His second response was a bold one, to say that the king was only king because he was born to the throne. “that is quite the statement, and though its true to an extent, he is king because he is best suited, groomed from a child to sit upon the throne and make the decisions he does.” she reasoned despite her true views on the matter.

She swept her hair to the side, and then looked at Ri to see if he had something to add, but Tomoe continued to her next question.  He didn’t seem to apricate the situation he was in, even going so far as to call them all scum of the earth. He seemingly disagreed with the kinds decision to display his newly found relic.  “well if I understand correctly you believe the king isn’t doing a satisfactory job, who would you suggest.  I know many nobles of this country have had their standing stripped of them, we aren’t as influenceable as we once were, but do you think we could make better decisions if given the chance?” she asked looking back form one of the gentlemen to the next.

“A ruler must know when to be brave, or cunning, or any other qualities really” she said casting her hand up in a dismissing motion. Ri and Tomoe seemed to be seeing a little more eye to eye as they gave their spiels about the call for bravery and good people, it was heartwarming and endearing how naive some of the common folk were. “heroes are a rare breed indeed” she answered, watching as Ri moved to her side and picked up on of the glasses. “perhaps a toast, to the right kind of bravery” she leaned back picking up a glass and offering it to Tomoe and then grabbing one herself, clutching it daintily in her left hand as she offered it to the central point in front of them all for a toast.

#11Tomoe Tanaka 

A Punch to the Face [Grand Ball || Tomoe] Empty on Sun Jan 12, 2020 3:22 pm

Tomoe Tanaka
"I think the nobility are the kind o' people that could see a lot of good done if they were given the chance. Or a lot of change, for better or worse. Someone just needs to give them a chance, I think.", Tomoe responded, delivering a subtle wink to the Countess before receiving his glass.

Raising the glass to his lips for the toast, the Joyan scoundrel lowered it for a moment to speak his next words first.

"I also think that someone who isn't of royal blood would best serve to rule over others.", Tomoe spoke in a sing-song tone, sounding content despite the topic of conversation.

With that, he took a gulp of the drink, absorbing its taste and admiring its crimson color. Something that the man would withhold is his distaste of nobility and their standards so high up their own asses that they couldn't enjoy anything anymore. Despite that, people like that were cautious and intelligent enough to rule without freely giving power to national threats and blatant criminals. Tomoe himself couldn't talk, having recently stolen from orphans, but his dislike of other criminals was honest and true.

Sighing and setting his glass down on the table, he then shrugged.

"A person can be brave and smart simultaneously. People like me, who can do plenty of good if given the chance."

Turning to Margret, Tomoe nodded his head with an honest smile.

"In that regard, despite different social standing, we're the same in that one aspect, right?", he finished his words with the true and honest belief that he possessed within him the ability to be useful.

For a brief moment, Tomoe felt a pang in his chest just feeling this unknown feeling. Unknown, and yet so familiar. He couldn't place it, and thus discarded it for the moment to be thought on for later.

#12Ri Brighte 

A Punch to the Face [Grand Ball || Tomoe] Empty on Thu Jan 16, 2020 5:09 am

Ri Brighte


Ri nodded in agreement to the woman's words, a small smile spreading on his face. It was true, after all. Noble kids were grown to be kings and queens. He did find that a bit boring- After all, what were the kids supposed to do with their youth? Just listen to lessons about etiquette?

When Tomoe gave his answer though, Ri started suddenly coughing, the man's words taking him by surprise and making him choke on the champagne he was sipping. He put the glass down for a couple of seconds, and turned from the two, bringing his hands to his mouth to cover his coughs. Thankfully, he stopped after a few brief seconds, red-faced and teary-eyed as he took a few quick breaths. To think he was right when he thought the other mage would be the end of him.

"Damn. Sorry for that." He quickly apologized as he returned to the two, "Might've drank too fast." Not a whole lie, of course. He -did- drink a tad too fast. Still, he waved a light "it doesn't matter", and took hold of his glass again.

The conversation was turning...Rather nice, actually. The prick beside him didn't seem to be so pricky anymore, and the noble herself didn't seem as stiff as before. Emphasis on seem. He didn't know just how good of an actress she was, after all.

"So." He started, once the two had settled, "What'll happen after this ball? Both- Uh. Noble speaking and this guy speaking." He nodded towards Tomoe, with a small smirk. "Y'know if there's no place for you to go, I heard the inn's looking for employees."

Of course, he, himself, didn't have any idea where the hell he'll go. The band was not even close to done with Crocus, but they didn't even know what the next destination was. For now, at least.

#13Countess Margret 

A Punch to the Face [Grand Ball || Tomoe] Empty on Thu Jan 16, 2020 11:09 am

Countess Margret
The Countess nodded to the response, as it seemed that without too much provoking, Tomeo announced that he thought the nobles would do a better job if given the chance.  Even Ri seemed to agree with a nod.  The countess took hold of a glass in her dominant hand and lifted it up. She took a sip of it despite having no real interest in the alcoholic beverage, after all it was a toast.

Suddenly Ri broke out into a coughing fit, which stole Margret’s concertation, as she looked at him ready to go get someone to deal with it if it got worse. Once the coughing ceased, she would make sure he was okay. “are you doing alright there?” She asked a look of concern present on her face yet it fleeted quickly, if he said he was good or nodded she would move on.

Tomoe responded that he was a person who could do a lot of good. “and if given the chance we nobles would need to rely on good people such as you two to aid us in furthering the entire country, not an easy task, but a one that needs to be done, so yes we are one in the same in that manner.” She would agree.  

Ri piped back in with a ~so~ the illuminated the ending to their conversation, he clearly had better places to be and well for that fact so did the countess. “I can’t speak for the other nobles about, but I will return to my estate, and discuss the events of tonight with likeminded individuals” she revealed as she placed her half-finished drink back on the table.  Turning back to listen to Tomoe’s response to Ri.

It seemed as if Ri was attempting to embarrass his social counterpart, which brought a slight smirk to her face before letting it go to her plain expression. Once he was done responding she would offer her hand out to each of them again. “it was a very pleasurable conversation and for that I thank you, but I have consumed enough of your time this evening. “she said as she leaned first to Tomeo and then to Ri again. Getting ready to take her departure.

#14Tomoe Tanaka 

A Punch to the Face [Grand Ball || Tomoe] Empty on Sun Jan 19, 2020 3:53 am

Tomoe Tanaka
Tomoe looked on in concern at the mage next to him, patting him on the back roughly both out of a sadistic desire to see the man suffer just a little bit, and to legitimately avoid a death on the cathedral floor. That would be a genuinely humiliating way for a guild wizard to die, choking to death from the words of a covert cultist. If ever the Joyan was to go down in the history books for such an occasion, he'd certainly allow it to happen. With doubt in his mind that he would ever become somebody worthy of that, though, he aided the man in evading death.

A death glare was shot at the mage quickly after once he recovered. Tomoe's rough gaze then quickly faded and was replaced by a softer smirk upon making eye contact with the man. With a sigh and a shrug, he responded plainly.

"I'm kinda a drifter, to be honest. I'll just go wherever I want, whenever I want. Money talks, y'know. And loyalties are up in the air, especially in times like these. Who knows who could use a good sword and shield to protect them now? We're at the end of a goddamn civil war, after all.", Tomoe responded, clearly concerned and looking over his shoulder briefly to ensure the Lich he had seen earlier wouldn't be bothering him.

That, of course, was merely a gesture. Due to Tomoe's amicable status and selfsame allegiance with that very Lich, the Joyan would have nothing to worry about. In truth, the power scaling was likely skewed in favor of villainy at the party at this very moment.

The dark mage population visibly around was enough to make Tomoe consider simply starting a fight by lunging at the guild mage that moment, but refrained upon realizing quickly how stupid that would be. In part because of the guards that would surround him with no guarantee of backup, and because the boot licker next to him had grown on him. Enough to not kill him first, anyway. Perhaps a waiter or something - those dunces never knew how to get the food and drink to where it needed to go. Tips? Please. They needed the tip of a sword before anything to do with the monetary kind. In HER world, Tomoe imagined, there would be no such thing as server tips.

The ronin then accepted Margret's goodbye gesture and bowed to kiss her hand. He thought that was how they did it, anyway; his knowledge of nobility in Fiore was admittedly still on the rocky side, but just assumed based on novels he had read recently that his way was correct. Bold and confident despite his uncertainty, he delivered another wink to the noblewoman alongside a goodbye statement, assuming Ri had nothing to add to keep her in their presence.

"It was no time at all. Please have a safe trip home, My Lady. And while you're at it, please keep what I said in mind. Danger could lurk just about anywhere, so don't be a stranger if ever you're in need of assistance with anything.", Tomoe finished, allowing her to leave if she had nothing more to add with a coy smile on his face.

#15Ri Brighte 

A Punch to the Face [Grand Ball || Tomoe] Empty on Mon Jan 20, 2020 7:59 am

Ri Brighte


Rely on him? Who would have the courage to rely on him for anything? To be fair, he'd usually say that more-so as a joke than anything. He found himself rather reliable, most of the time. There were times when he forgot what he needs to do, but the ever-present feeling of impending doom if he is to not achieve something is always looming above him.

Ri took a swig out of the glass, and finished it off, before setting it behind him and pocketing his hands.

As the woman announced her leave Ri nodded, and took out one of his hands to lightly shake hers. He gave her a friendly smile, his trademark one, before letting go of her hand, "It was a pleasure meeting you, ma'am. I hope we'll meet again, soon."

Having said that, he took a small step back and watched the other mage say his goodbyes as well. Damn, he should've kissed her hand as well. You're supposed to shake hands with men only, right? That sounded about right. Well, doesn't matter, what's done is done, and seeing that his head isn't rolling on the ground, his gesture was probably not taken as a capital offense.

Or the guards were just waiting for the people to disperse before taking him to jail.

He turned to Tomoe, regarding him with a raised eyebrow. "So." He started, once again, "Pleasantry out of the way-" He motioned to the area around him, "Are you gon'na stick around for longer, or are you planning my assassination already?" His question was followed by a chuckle, although his tone was half-way between serious and joking. Truth be told, even after their conversation, Ri still had a small, itty-bitty ounce of mistrust for the stranger- Mostly because of his sharp words towards him. Then again, he couldn't help but think that the feelings were mutual. He -did-, after all, play his game.

#16Countess Margret 

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Countess Margret
The Countess watched the two of them bicker back and forth some more, it was amusing at first but started to weigh in on her patience.  Tomoe seemed to have an allegiance with them, but Ri was harder to read. His answers more of a deflection of her questions, or he chose to remain silent on the issue.

She would offer her hand to Tomoe first and he graciously bowed and kissed the back of her hand, a charming display, but one that Margret didn’t really care for, though she hid it well, and chose to not dispute it.  Her hand retracted afterwards “you are very right; good protection is hard to buy now a days.” She said weighing in on his statement before, before saying “I apricate the thought, but I have good body guards, but if I ever find that changing, I might look you up. “  

She turned towards Ri, she leaned back for a second and grabbed something from her bag, before shaking Ri’s hand. As she shook his hand it would be pretty clear she placed something in his palm. “For your time, enjoy” she would say as she started moving away from them with a smile, “ it was a pleasure talking to you both.” She would say as she walked towards the dance floor blending into the crowed.

As Ri looked down at what she might have placed within his palm it would seem that a considerable number of jewels were placed in his hand. If he was to stop and count it, the total would come out to roughly 150,000 Jewels.

But she was out of sight by the time this could be realized, and likely onto the next people to converse with


#17Noyiah Dashi 

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Noyiah Dashi
Ri has been rewarded 150,000J.

#18Tomoe Tanaka 

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Tomoe Tanaka
It seemed as if the Joyan's attempts at a pay raise had failed. At the very least the woman was cordial in her rejection, but Tomoe could tell that she was the type to keep all of her nasty and awful thoughts to herself. At the end of the day, nobility couldn't be trusted and he could tell that Margret was no different in that regard.

Ah well, can't blame me for trying., Tomoe thought to himself, letting a smirk visibly show on his face.

After she had left, the thug's eyes jumped to the objects of interest in Ri's hands, and a smile grew across his face giving a clear sign that he was preparing snark. He crossed his arms as he met Ri's gaze, and gave a tiny shrug.

"Who knows? For bribe money of that level, I'm sure someone'll attempt assassination eventually if ya keep it out in the open like that.", he spoke in a tone speaking of things theoretical yet all too possible at the same time before pointing at the money in Ri's possession.

Looking around with a look of obviously fake concern, Tomoe followed up with a second look of obviously fake panic as a man in black robes and his hood up strode by.

"Like that dude over there. Y'see him? He could shank your shit at any point for a mere ten jewels I'd bet. Probably did it before coming here, what with how many criminals, dark mages and scumbags are present for this gathering. Especially scumbags.", he blurted out casually with a more serious expression, unafraid of anyone that might overhear him.

He raised a thumb to point at himself with a wide, toothy grin and then cracked his knuckles while returning to a posture less suited for chit-chat with nobles.

"Ya never know - I could be one of 'em, for all anyone knows! The way the king's running things, who would even care? Heh.", Tomoe spat out, letting loose a laugh from his gut with reckless abandon.

#19Ri Brighte 

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Ri Brighte


As the woman turned to leave, Ri regarded her with a light smile.

He paused, though, and peered down towards his palm, to look at the object he was given. He blinked, and opened the pouch, before his eyes widened, and he quickly closed it and stuffed it in his pocket. Well, talk about nonchalant. And rich. A normal person would think twice before just throwing this much money in the gutter- That being Ri, and his appetite- but for the noblewoman, it was nothing but pocket change. Huh. Perspective.

He caught Tomoe's look, and was already prepared for the sarcasm and snark. Still, he couldn't help but let out a light chuckle at his next words, "If they want to kill me, they might as well make it look like I was fighting or something. Something cool, you know? Heroic." He gave a few, sage-like nods, and patted the pocket where the jewels were present.

When Tomoe tried to induce paranoia in the young man, though, he couldn't help but stare at the hooded figure for a few seconds, with a thoughtful look on his face.

"Nah." He finally said, waving him off. "Too obvious. No one with the intention to commit a murder comes dressed like a murderer."

Seemed logical. Still, as he mentioned himself, Ri couldn't help but give him a long look, gaze going from his head, to his feet. He clicked his tongue, once again in thought, before he gave him a nod, "Y'know what. You're right. You could easily kill me right now." Despite Tomoe's laughter, Ri seemed uncharacteristically serious. For a few brief seconds, before bursting out into laughter, as well, "But you won't." He threw the man a pair of fingerguns.

With that said, though, he went to place his empty glass back on the table, turning towards the man with a raised eyebrow, and curiosity written on his face, "Are you alone? Or do you have someone around?"

In truth, Ri assumed that the man was alone. Why else would he bother to stay with him, otherwise? It's clear that he disliked him.

#20Tomoe Tanaka 

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Tomoe Tanaka
When Ri dismissed the cloaked man walking by, Tomoe couldn't help but shrug and nod his head in agreement.

"Yeah, you're probably right.", he replied, knowing full well that even if the hooded man was some kind of killer, they'd likely pale in comparison to the Lich moving about the ball or the Holy Knights who once fought on the front lines.

Or at least, that's what the Joyan wanted others to continue to think. In truth, power was something unknowable in Earthland. Anybody could be a god in human form, and the most intimidating sons of bitches stomping about could be quite easy to defeat. With magic being the great equalizer, nobody could truly claim to be the strongest with so many variables. That was how he liked it, since that was how he had survived for so long.

He was asked about his companionship at the event. Truth be told, there wasn't anybody in particular who he knew. Whether that be at this event, outside of it, or even himself. His memory was mostly a blank slate, only attending as HER servant and watchful protector. In that regard, there really was nobody for him. Not that he had any issues with that, though.

"I'm pretty alone, to be honest. Not that I really mind that all that much.", the Joyan spoke reflectively, then returned to a jovial disposition.

Noting the time from a nearby clock on the wall, Tomoe's features grew sharp. As the night grew longer, he knew that it was almost around the point at which he'd need to get a bit more serious. His entrance here was admittedly for fun, but he'd quickly need to change his tone to make real change at this event.

"If you'll excuse me though, I gotta be goin'. Hit me up in Astera if you're ever in town, yeah? Can't say I like ya, but if we ever met outside of this place I'd maybe give you another shot. Who knows?", Tomoe continued, doing his best to wrap up their conversation in the absence of a noble to unite against or fight for the affection of.

"And hey, I'll give you one thing. You aren't the worst light guild mage I've ever come across. There are many others who could claim that title. As a former member of Fairy Tail, I can say that much.", the Joyan spoke his last sentences lowly so that only the two of them could hear, finishing with a sly wink.

Afterwards, Tomoe made directly for the exit as he waved goodbye to his conversation partner without looking back. Perhaps he had said a few words too many, and too many of those words being true. His memory had come back to him slowly over time, and the more he remembered of his old Fairy Tail teammates, the heavier his heart grew.

Nevertheless, he was HER servant now, and would carry out HER will forevermore. No amount of interactions attempting to contradict that could ever budge him from that path, not even in the most lighthearted of moments like his interactions with the boot licker he joked with tonight. Yet if even a little bit, Tomoe gained a small amount of respect for the way that those aligned with light guilds lived their lives.

- Exit -

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