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Fayre Kitai

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Name: Fayre Kitai

Age: 18, May 20th, X770

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian, Joyan, Savannan

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

Class: Sorcerer

Profession: Cook (Intelligence and Constitution)

Race: Human

Rank: D-Rank

Guild: Guildless

Mode: Normal

Tattoo: Right Back Hand, White

Face: Senel - Tales of Legendia


Height: 5'11

Weight: 145

Hair: White

Eyes: Blue

Overall: Fayre is an okay muscled young man of a lean body. His skin tone is of a light brown tan. He dons a bright smile and a white wizard coat with red accents. For leg wear, you will see him often wearing well fitted blue jeans that end right before his wizard boots adorned with two blue gems on the ankles of each of the boots. From initial glance, many will recognize him as a magician of Fiore but perhaps question his heritage, having a unique look to most Fiore people. His face is somewhat round with somewhat chubby cheeks. He has a kind and gentle look to him, but one of seriousness and toughness too.

Extra: Faded black diamond tattos on cheek and forehead.


Personality: A young man of a cheery and casual demeanor, Fayre enjoys meeting local people of towns and cities and talking about the area. Fayre does not often get upset, unless if someone did something to hurt others or in some other rare scenarios. However, overall, Fayre is a relaxed character, liking to see new sights and perhaps talk to any beautiful woman he sees along his travels. Determined to help make Fiore a better place for its inhabitants, he will go out of his way to help others. However, Fayre can be quite suspicious of some lords and noblemen.

Thirsting for knowledge, Fayre will ask questions of many people he meets, as he seeks to learn more and grow wiser. Free spirted and strong willed, he is always seeking to best his prior self and break through his limits with a strong determination and resolve, having fun with quests that tests him. At the end of the day though, Fayre is a human, with flaws and problems like everyone else. For how much he seeks to ensure people he comes by in need are helped, he will often give all he has in a day, working too strenously every day to help others and better himself.

A mind of logistics who thinks and makes an effort to use his brain before his power if it benefits him, Fayre can be a cunning person with a sly charm to him though he would not think to undermine or trick good people. He is sometimes charismatic towards enemies or ruffians who sometimes mess with him or are up to no good, messing with them back and liking to not to take some enemies more seriously than they are. This is not to say Fayre is always messing around with local ruffians or enemies, but it is not uncommon for Fayre to lightly tease people he is against either in a fight or social exchange.


  • Adventure: Adventure into the great vast world is what get Fayre excited when on his travels throughout Fiore. He seeks to see new sights and see what the world has to offer, and have fun meeting new faces along the way.
  • Cooking: Enjoying the culinary arts and trying new recipes, Fayre will often seek out new ingredients in local markets to see what new meals he can make for his friends and locals he befriends.


  • Evil: Not fond of those with no respect for innocent people, Fayre tries to spread love and good pure thoughts among those he meets. Fayre is okay with most people and ideologies as long as they are not trying to negatively affect the innocent who do not deserve such disrespect.
  • Unambition: A mean mugged face to those with no ambition, drive, or hope, Fayre cannot help but be disappointed when he hears someone not have the resolve to go beyond their current self. Fayre tries to instill a strong will into those he meets.


  • A Brighter Fiore: A young man of great and pure intentions, Fayre set out on his travels to help the people of Fiore and have a nice time while doing it. Fayre hopes to become a stronger mage to do more for his country. However,  Fayre prefers to do things his way and not follow orders. Rather, he seeks out companions and perhaps a guild of near equals to join.


  • Corrupt Nobles: Along his first travels, Fayre had encountered some towns and areas where it is said greedy or ill intent lords and high officials reside. He has yet to encounter one of these corrupt lords but rumors circulate some areas Fayre has visited. These rumors cause Fayre to be afraid and suspicious of serving any officials who he does not know well.
  • Natural Disasters: Living and raised in a popular coastal town where many came by, tsunamis or great stoms scared Fayre. He did not wish to lose any of his loved one or his own life to the land of magic. If only he was stronger, perhaps he could better protect the innocent from such threats.


Magic Name: Gale

Magic Element: Wind

Magic Description: Gale enables the caster to generate wind and manipulate wind to their will around them. It has a variety of purposes, but most notably grants the caster high offensive power. Gale is able to form high speed winds to form balls of wind or blades of wind, and other gusts of wind for a vast variety of purposes.


History: It all began for Fayre Kitai on one rainy day of great winds, overcast by dark clouds that stretched from out of the vast oceans onto Hargeon. However, soon after his birth would the clouds begin to part and dissipate. It was all purely but a coincidence, but a romantic coincidence to his birth. Fayre's mother would joke with his dad about it, that maybe their son was some chosen one of Hargeon. Another woman in town was also giving birth to a baby too, so it really was nothing but a funny coincidence. It was a coastal town, what did you expect?

Fayre's coincidental birth side, his life from that point on would not be easy. Quite on the contrary. Fayre was bore to a pair of parents who met through the trade ports of various countries in the larger region. As a result of that, Fayre had a parent with heritage from two countries. His father was a tradesman by the name of Kaze, a tradesman and sailor who left the country of Joyan during a time of corrupt clans and war and strife. Fayre's grandfather by the name of Yasuke who was a warrior Savannan man, had traveled to Joyan as a son of a great trader of Savannah who's name has been lost to the years. Fayre's grandmother however was a woman of pure Joyan heritage, a daughter of a noble who married to Fayre's grandfather who was a famous samurai for a lord in Joyan.

That is Fayre's heritage with Joyan and Savannah, but long past him and his dad however. As for Fayre's mother, well, she was simply a Fiore woman who met Kaze when he was once in the town of Hargeon. They quickly became great friends, and eventually great partners, having a child in Fiore named Fayre, who would be raised in Hargeon. It was a simple life for young Kaze Kitai and his wife, Maria Kitai for a while. That is until one day, Kaze Kitai would vanish and leave all his money to Maria and even his business. Kaze Kitai would leave a note for Maria and his son, Fayre, vowing to return one day but that he had to fulfill his solemn duty. Maria would know what Kaze meant, but would not dare to tell young Fayre, for his own good. Fayre would truly wonder what happened, why Kaze had to leave, what solemn duty he had.

Time passed, Fayre would age and become a young man. He would work a job at a small popular restaurant in Hargeon which would have new people coming every day. Fayre would often hone his magic after work and during work as he cooked food. Young and dreaming Fayre looked forward to one day earning enough money to give his mom, so she can live more comfortably before he would set out to see greater Fiore.

That day Fayre looked forward to, would befall his mom one sunny morning. With a great saving of money, Fayre would hand it all to his mom and smile. His mom was already well off but Fayre would want this money with her, if she would need it. In tears, his mom would beg him to take back the money. He denied though. That bright morning in Haregon, Fayre would set out on his journey, hugging his mom and preparing a backpack of a small sum of money and food.

Reference: Akihiko

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I completed my character.

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Venus Rosé

Hello! I'll be grading your application.

  • First, it's a well-written application! Just a few edits and you're good to go - expand a bit on your personality, preferably at least 1 more paragraph.
  • Please mention the colour of your tattoo as well, in case you ended up joining a guild through IC reasons!

Bump when done.


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Bumping as I edited.

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Venus Rosé

This character application has been approved.

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