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Travel Oak to Seighart Mountains {Travel}

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Travel Oak to Seighart Mountains {Travel} Empty Mon Jan 06, 2020 3:39 pm

Yumi headed towards the front gates of Oak intending to leave the town. She had recently just finished off a Lich that had been plaguing the town and earned quite a bit of money. Now it was time to leave and head to the Seighart mountains. Rumour had it a werewolf or two were causing a bit of trouble. Then in Dahlia there was a vampire that was causing Mayhem. The freaks had all come out. SNorting in mild amusement, Yumi made sure her battleaxe was firmly in place as she departed from oak leaving it behind her.

Once the town was out of range, the demoness let loose an unearthly roar as a pair of two meter long back wings sprouted from her back. The mark of a demon expanded as a long spear-tip tail grew from her tailbone. Slowly sprouted from the sides of her head and pushing bits of hair aside appeared a pair of thirty-centimetre long, horns. Stretching her wings the demoness flapped them and took flight launching herself off the ground. It would make travelling easier to just fly to the seighart mountains. Turning in the direction of the mountains Yumi took off into the distance at high speed. She wanted to get there as soon as possible.

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Travel Oak to Seighart Mountains {Travel} FIXCi2K
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