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Travel from East Fiore to Central Fiore [Walking]

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Travel from East Fiore to Central Fiore [Walking] Empty on Mon Jan 06, 2020 4:19 am

After doing his business in Dahlia, Aegis needed to head into the main city. There was apparently an even happening soon, and wanted to be there for the festivities.

It seemed like it was going to be just another trip. Nothing special for weather, nothing going on around here. Aegis thought as he walked out of town on the dust road. He had been a bit spoiled by using the trains, but having this nice trip and getting to breath the fresh air over this trip seemed nothing sort of a pleasure. He was right in his thoughts for the most part. The trip was very uneventful, other than the occasional traveler that he came across along the old road.

One worth mention, was and old merchant he came across on a cart. They had an exchange of weather and general information, and Aegis purchased some very unique looking food from him. It was some kind of baked good, but it had bean filling plus another ingredient that they said was a secret. What was in it, Aegis did not find out, but I was sure worth it for the taste. This interaction was just another thing as a reason He loved to travel this world he finds himself in.

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