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Unending Thirst [Rank: D Vampire Storyline]

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Unending Thirst  [Rank: D Vampire Storyline] Empty on Sun Jan 05, 2020 6:34 pm

Aegis had been getting a bad feeling while staying in town. He was not entirely sure why, but it was an almost foreboding sense. There have been rumors, some more convincing than others, about vampires and werewolves in the area outside, and possible inside, of Dahlia. This feeling of unease has been bothering him, though not sure what directly is the cause, has made the decision to move on to the next town tonight.

He had come to Dahlia in order to do a drop off to the town repairer, which he had fulfilled, and no longer had a need to be in the city. So after packing up what little things he had at the inn, Aegis set out for Magnolia.

While the night was a bit cold, at least it was clear. Leaving the town, the sense of discomfort slowly left him. Aegis had tried to look past it, as he places the bias on rumors for this feeling he has had, as judging based of that never ends well.  

As he continued down the main road, Aegis started to smell something a bit off. He could not quite tell what it was. Walking a bit further, he saw what he could tell was an animal, but couldn't tell what it was. He slowed his pace and came up so he could get a better look. The animal seemed to look like a cow on closer inspection, but there seemed to be still something moving on its corpse. He stopped, and slowed further, being careful as cows as large as they are have large predators that take them on.  The closer he came however, the more the figure looked human.

Tactics took over, as Aegis set a trap of Either binding at his feet as he slowly came closer.
"Are you alright there?" he asked quietly towards the figure.
"Please, Just stay away from me..." The figure groaned, holding blood covered hands over his ears.  "Do you need help? Can I help you?" Aegis reiterated, trying to get through to this man. "No. No no no no..." after a few moments of eerie silence, the man lunges at Aegis. Aegis swiftly did a short dash backwards, not only to avoid the incoming attack, but to also put the trap between them. "What are you doing? Can you hear me?" He said towards his attacker.  " I... I cant... Its too much..."  the man weezed out between swings. The trap that was set activates as the aggressor steps on it, launching chains from the ground that swirl up his legs, rooting him in place. Feeling the chains on his legs, he swipes at them as fast as he can, feeling the need to advance further towards his target, Aegis. As he is struggling with the chains, Aegis comes up and gives him a wound up strike with his walking staff, right across his head.  
Stunned, the man stopped swiping and just stood there holding his head where the staff made contact.  "Please, d-don't... I swear, i'm sorry! I didn't want any of this!"
"Of what?
"Blood, this craving, I want it gone! Please... Please I beg for you to help me!"
"I don't know how... What can I do? I know nothing about this."
"I'll.. I'll pay you. Just for your time. Even if you cant. Please!"
"Ok, ok. Allright, but how will I know you wont attack me again? That was a bit out of nowhere."
"I... I..." He pauses, "I don't even know that. The hunger comes and goes but its been getting worse."
After a long pause, and considering the option he has in front of him, Aegis settled on helping. If this Vampire is being honest, he had to at least try to help, even if it wasn't enough.
Releasing the binding spell on the man in front of him, "Alright, What do you want me to do then? How can I help?"
Slowly standing up, still holding his head, "Just wait in town, Ill find you.. when I know more."  and hands him a small pouch before turning away. As he slowly walks down the road out of town, he looks back smiling painfully, "Thank you."

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