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HALLOWEEN: LICH STORYLINE [Yumi | Solo] Empty Sat Jan 04, 2020 2:09 am

Yumi yawned as lay on a building with a bored look on her face. She raised a hand and allowed a crimson magic circle to appear. From the circle, liquid fire poured out that exploded in a violent manner turning into a flurry of crimson flames. Clenching her hand she snuffed the flames out, having felt the heat radiating off of them. This was the new magic she had recently just obtained. She had yet to master it to the point she could perform spells but poultry tricks like this were in her domain. This was powerful fire magic she had only just obtained through her prayers to Malum the Demonic God of War, Chaos, Blood and Destruction. Napalm Magic, it was a fire magic designed to consume everything and everyone in its wake. It could not be stopped by simple means as it would encase large areas in burning red flames. These flames could travel wherever they desired at her command. They would hunt down her foes to burn them alive.

Smirking the demoness stood to her feet and collected the axe that lay by her side. Throwing the smoulder battleaxe onto her back the demoness rolled her shoulders. Loud cracks echoed out from the limbs as muscles were moved. She had been lying down for some time and her muscles had went stiff. With a groan, the demoness cracked her neck before moving a hand to finger the Zhav amulet around her neck. Another gift from Malum delivered through Saint Nicholas. Yumi could feel her bond to Malum through the amulet as it had been forged in the Demon God's own blood for many days and nights. Its powered seeped into her body rising the strength of her demonic fear.

Laughing insanely the demonic lolita leapt off from the side of the building. The axe was drawn and swung into the side of the building carving through it to slow her descent. Rubble fell with her as the lolita crashed into the streets unharmed, frightening those around her. Shrugging them off she tossed the axe onto her back and walked off. As she did Yumi could hear strange shouts. Approaching the shouts she saw a man in the town square shouting he represented the Phantasm Family to hire strong adventurers to kill a Lich who had made Oak his town and was terrorising it. With the fall of Phantom Lord it was only natural that rats would spill in to claim the town as their own.

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HALLOWEEN: LICH STORYLINE [Yumi | Solo] Empty Sat Jan 04, 2020 2:55 pm

Yumi rubbed her chin thinking she should turn around and leave. What business of hers was it if this Lich wanted to take over Oak, it was just another act of chaos. Then again the chaos was caused not by her so it wouldn't count towards ushering in her Lord's awakening nor would it grant him power as this Lich no doubt wouldn't be worshipping her Demonic God. Clicking her teeth together, Yumi continued mulling over whether she should lend a hand or not. But once she heard money would be offered in reparations for assistant the dollar signs went off in her head. Money was always necessary. With a grin, the demoness bounded towards the Phantasm man.

Approaching the spokesperson Yumi called out to him. "The Witch of Carnage has decided to accept the contract." The little demoness said with a smile as she stood in front of the man. The spokesperson stood two heads taller than Yumi and easily looked down on her. However, he dared not sneer or underestimate this little girl, The Witch of Carnage was a name that spread fear to all who heard it. A vicious woman who left nothing but blood and death in her wake. With a gulp, the man explained the situation and handed over a parchment contract. Looking over the contract Yumi signed it and walked off in the location of the Lich's army.

On her arrival, Yumi could see at least ten skeleton creatures shaped like wild beasts surrounded by a purple mist. The beasts were only a meter tall and two meters long. The citizen's ha formed a temporary barricade in the middle of the street with spikes on them to force the beasts back preventing them from coming through. The citizens stood on one side with handcrafted spears and assorted blunted weapons and were using them to push the Skeleton Beasts back. Giving a bored yawn Yumi strolled towards the barricade and gradually removed the axe from her back.

Clutching the smouldering Battleaxe the citizens looked at the demoness and quickly beckoned her to leave, this was no place for a child. SNorting in amusement the demoness bent her legs and leapt, jumping over the barricade and landed in the thick of the skeletal beasts. Her eyes began to glow a demonic shade of red as black crept into her iris. With a demonic howl, a pair of black wings burst through from her shoulder blades. Each wing was two metres in length easily dwarfing Yumi's own body. A pair of horns grew out from the sides of her heads as a long black tail with a spear tip at the end appeared from her tail bone.

The pair of wings stretched out as a strong pressure was exerted from the demonesses body. An aura of fear overcame the area as killer intent poured out from Yumi's body. The fear crashed down on the skeletal beasts, though mindless creatures the fear struck them causing them back off as if animal instincts from when they were alive remained.

"Pathetic," Yumi commented before her wings flapped and she attacked. The giant battleaxe in her hand swung through the air with ease and struck the first beast. The beast was obliterated as its bones shattered into dust. Without stopping Yumi continued her attacking using her wings to make her as agile as possible. Her feet barely touched the ground as her wings flapped allowing her to change course and move amongst her foes with grace. The axe with every swing became a shadow of death that took a skeleton beast's life. Within just a few short moments all that remained were piles of bones that scattered the area.

With a huff, Yumi sheathed her battleaxe and began to revert back to her human form. The wings folded into her back as the tail vanished and horns disappeared. Ignoring the gaping stares of the crowd, Yumi pushed the barricades apart and headed back to the town square. Meeting up with the spokesperson she tossed the contract to him, "It's done." She simply said. With a gulp, the man nodded and handed over a bag of jewels. Counting the notes inside Yumi nodded and departed.


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Battle report:

Mana: 1663/1750

Empress Aura Active +10% to all stats
Fear: -40% debuff (Zhav's amulet increase effect by 10%)
Unleashed Demon: -5% mana. +40% to all stats
Strength: 194 (S Rank damage)

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