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Monthly Update: December

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Monthly Update: December Empty on Thu Jan 02, 2020 8:11 am


December Monthly Update

New Content:

  • Plea Missions are now a Permanent Event.
  • New Enhancements have been released which can be found in the enhancement list.
  • Various Limited Items & Magics have been released for users as part of the Christmas Event.

Minor Changes:

  • Requests have been reduced to 500 from 750 (D-Rank: 500, C-Rank: 1000, B-Rank: 1500, A: 2000, S: 2500)
  • Weapon Durability is no-longer impacted by Weapon Proficiency.
  • Weapon Proficiency and Spell-type Inferiority has been reduced from 2 post cool-down and 50% Mana Increase Cost to 1 post cool-down and 20% Mana increase Cost.
  • Guild Creation now requires 5 Members with only 2 needing to be A-Rank.
  • Storyline Length has been reduced from 3, 6, 9 Requests to 3, 5, 7.

Magic & Enhancement Updates

  • Enhancements are now retained when a user loses or replaces their magic.
  • The Medium Magic Enhancement has been revised.
  • Magma Magic has been revised now providing sustained damage over time.
  • Immolation Magic has been shelved.

Class Updates

  • Warriors may now dual wield One-Handed Weapons.
  • Spellswords may wield shields in their off-hand.

Price Changes:

  • Unlimited Gear is now: (Common: 50,000 Jewels, Uncommon 125,000 Jewels, Rare: 250,000 Jewels, Unique: 500,000 Jewels, Legendary: 1,250,000 Jewels). Unlimited Gear is not eligible for any discounts unless otherwise stated.

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