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Sterling, Akihiko [Done]

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Name: Sterling, Akihiko

Age: March 10th, X770

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Encan

Ethnicity, Mother: Encan

Class: The Hunter

Profession: Hoarder - Strength & Speed

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Mode: Normal

Tattoo: Left side of the neck & orange in color.

Face: Raihan – Pokemon Sword & Shield


Height: 6’ 2”

Weight: 166 lbs

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Electric Blue

Overall: Akihiko is a young man of above-average height with a lean, muscular physique. Standing at six foot two, he easily overshadows the average man with his broad shoulders. To others it may seem odd for such a slim guy to sport armor, but his skills surely testify to that. The many cuts and scars adorned on his body from arduous training sessions and encounters are proof of his efforts. His light brown skin, although clear, tends to turn red when exposed to a great deal of sunlight. The same can be said for other regions of his body in hotter climates. Akihiko has a low bald fade but since he is typically seen wearing an orange headband, all you ever see are the brown clumps of hair sticking out.

Seldom is he not wearing his armor but on the off chance that he isn’t, Akihiko will wear a royal blue zip-up shirt with orange zipper tape and collar buttons.

Extra: Gold studs in his ears.


Personality: Akihiko is a kindhearted and passionate soul. It may not be easy to discern at first because of his goofy demeanor, but even he has something he feels strongly about and takes seriously. Goals and ambitions he wishes to meet. It wasn’t until recently that he built up the courage to take on these wild dreams of his. Looking back, Akihiko has always had little to no confidence in himself. Not because he was inadequate as a person or fighter, but simply because there is always someone better. It’s true that hard work is rewarded in due time, but one can only get so far when met by true talent. This realization haunted Akihiko for years, discouraging him from stepping out of his shell.

His newfound courage stems from a change in mindset. He’s aware of the fact that he doesn’t have a strong affinity for magic like most; despite that, he trained his body endlessly and pushed his mental fortitude to its limit to make up for what he lacked. Where there’s a will there’s a way. That undying hunger for success is what sets Akihiko apart from others. Turning one’s weakness into one’s strength is no easy feat, that alone makes him a genius in his own right.

Akihiko likes to ‘go with the flow’. He avoids putting any strenuous effort into things that doesn’t require him to do so. Friction of any kind saps his energy and doesn’t bode well with him. He would rather move at his own pace than subjugate himself to authority. He’s a free spirit through and through.


  • Cloudberries: Freshly picked cloudberries are a soft and juicy delicacy. They remind Akihiko of his homeland.
  • Privacy: It may seem a bit antisocial, but Akihiko is fond of his personal space. Not to say he doesn't enjoy socializing with others, because he does, but sometimes he likes to take a moment to himself every now and then to clear his mind.


  • Crowberries: They're so bitter, disgusting! Sterling, Akihiko [Done] Ezgif-com-resize

  • Hot Climates: Naturally, Akihiko is used to cool, cold temperatures. The heat just irritates him.


  • Self-Driven: Akihiko aims to become the best version of himself. Then, and only then, will he be content.


  • Father: The grave embarrassment that he felt on that day won't allow him to see his father. He's far too ashamed.  
  • His sister, Ai: Although he hasn't seen her in quite some time, Akihiko could never forget his sister's ominous glare.


Magic Name: Lightning Magic

Magic Element: Lightning

Magic Description: Lightning Magic is an elemental caster magic that utilizes the element of lightning. The user is able to generate electricity from their bodies, manipulate it, and even shape their attacks as they wish. The user is also capable of utilizing lightning from a distance, such as from the ground near them, or down from the sky.

Akihiko can use offensive, self-buff, and supplementary spells.  


History: Akihiko grew up in a big, loving household. His mother, Aimi, was a shaman that occasionally traveled throughout the country to offer her guidance and services to the gravely ill. It was her own way of serving her country, which is why it didn’t pain her to do so. Despite her goodness, many feared her and slandered her name. In Enca, she was infamous; taking on the alias “The Witch Doctor” for her unusual practices. His father, Daichi, was a retired veteran turned handler on the other hand. In his prime, he was known as “Daichi the Great” or “The All-Knowing Dai” for his brawn and superb battle stratagems. If it were not for receiving a fatal injury to his abdomen, his name would still echo out to the farthest lands even now. Now he’s just a laughingstock; a washed-up version of his past self that handles import to Enca.

Aimi bore birth to five children, Akihiko being the youngest among them. Airi, the eldest, was the pride and joy of the family. It was her responsibility to not only provide, but also set a good example for her younger siblings. She made an honest living working alongside aristocracy. His brothers, Ichirō and Jirō, were close-knit. A rather rowdy duo who spent their leisure time patronizing their younger brother. Lastly, is Ai – the arbiter of the bunch. All arguments and/or fights ended abruptly whenever she was around.

A typical day for Akihiko went as follows: he would wake up to the sight of his sister, Ai, preparing breakfast. Breakfast consisted of ringed and/or bearded seal, arctic char, freshly picked cloudberries, and a cup of water. He would watch as she gutted the seal alongside the fish, leaving the seal to hang on a wooden fence. She would then remove the fish scales and wash it in lime or vinegar to get rid of the scent. This was a customary diet among Encan folk.

After breakfast, he would wash-up and devote some time to his studies. His favorite subject by far was history. He learned about the trials and tribulations his people went through, the impact of spirits in his culture and the outer world, and much more. If permitted by his older sister, he spent the rest of his day playing with Amka, his pet polar bear, on the tundras.

On his 16th birthday, Akihiko was encouraged by his father to partake in a hunting contest. It was held during the summer at the outskirts of Enca. This was the only time of the year that harp seals appeared in open waters. In total there were ten contestants, all of them roughly the same age. The rules of the contest were simple, the first one to successfully catch three harp seals is the winner. Akihiko went over the steps in his head: get to the hole, set up the indicator, capture, then repeat. He had seen his father catch all sorts of seals over the years. Beside him stood a taller, slightly paler teenage boy. At his feet were two wailing harp seals tucked inside a net. Akihiko panicked. Ten minutes had gone by, yet he only managed to catch a single harp seal. Akihiko and the teenage boy’s eyes met and there was a moment of stillness.

“How lucky do you have to be to not be able to do magic by now?"

In his moment of weakness Akihiko did what he thought was necessary and cut his opponent’s net loose. His father, a bystander on the sidelines, saw what he had done and felt ashamed.

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Venus Rosé

Welcome to the site! I'll be grading your application!

  • Everything else looks great, but preferably, I'd want you to at least another paragraph for your personality to describe his traits.

Bump when you're done!


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Does that work?

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This character application has been approved.

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