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East Fiore to Central Fiore [Foot]

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#1Juni Anastos 

East Fiore to Central Fiore [Foot] Empty on Tue Dec 31, 2019 1:09 pm

Juni Anastos
With the news of the ball and her thirst for a new spin on life Ylva quickly packed her shit and headed out to crocus. She was tired of all this travel but she didn't have a real choice in the matter just yet. She wanted to purchase some sort of steed but the walking strengthen her legs and gave her a better memory of the layout of the land. Not to mention all the interesting people and place she happened to meet on the way. It was great way to get to know the land that was Fiore.

At some point on her travels she met an old woman who told her a fortune for a few coins. Ylva was all about the fortune and she was happy to get it from the old woman. The old woman said that one day Ylva would partake in a battle that was worse than any she ever head, she had better prepare. Ylva wasn't surprised to even hear that but she agreed, getting stronger was on the agenda. Ylva feeling ever generous gave the old woman a few more coins before making her way to Crocus. The town was full of people ready for the ball, she had to get herself a dress if she wanted to impress.

- exit -

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