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An End to the Thirst [Event Quest]

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#1Shichiro Uchida 

An End to the Thirst [Event Quest] Empty on Tue Dec 31, 2019 1:00 pm

Shichiro Uchida
Well, the moment of truth has come. Shichiro had made it to where he was supposed to meet up with the vampire looking to cure himself of his disease. Shichiro wondered why the man wanted to be human so bad but he figured he’d never understand it since he himself would do certain things if it means getting stronger. It was why he even bothered becoming a werewolf in general, more power. He’ll admit, it sounds kind of cheesy when he thought about it but he didn’t regret it. Arriving at the destination where the supposed ritual would take place, Shichiro saw Alistar in the middle of a clearing, stirring a large bubbling cauldron. It looks absolutely ghastly but if it convinces Alistar that it would cure him of his ailment, he wouldn’t judge him for it. Approaching Alistar, he was greeted with a quick smile before going back to tending to his cauldron. Shichiro wasn’t sure what he was supposed to be doing here. Was he just a witness in this man’s schemes or was it something more. Either way, Shichiro was bored and he wanted to this to be done soon so he could go about his night. If there wasn’t anything more then he was about to tell the soon-to-be-human that he was heading out. Before he could though, Alistar finally added the ingredients Shichiro had gathered for him to the cauldron before it the contents of the cauldron popped and exploded before it simmered down. He watched curiously but decided he'd step back a few meters to avoid getting any of the strange liquid on himself, in fear it would be corrosive or it might accidentally cure his gift he received not too long ago. Either way, it never hurt to be too cautious in situations like this.

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#2Shichiro Uchida 

An End to the Thirst [Event Quest] Empty on Tue Dec 31, 2019 1:01 pm

Shichiro Uchida
Alistar than pulled out a goblet from nowhere and dipped it into the contents of his creation, pulling out enough for him to drink. It was a black, pungent type of liquid that almost resembles tar and Alistair was fully intent on drinking it. He then turned to Shichiro and began to speak to him; “The time has finally come, I shall be rid of my curse once and for all and I have you to thank for that my friend. If you want, you can also partake in this with me and cure yourself of the werewolf curse that afflicts you as well, although for some reason i have a feeling that you turned into a werewolf of your own volition. If so, I will not try and convince you otherwise for that was your choice to make. As for me, i would like to go back to living my life as a human. I can’t live with this thirst i feel every single day, especially with my body rejecting animals blood more and more with each passing day.” Shichiro didn’t know what it was like to feel a constant thirst but he was sure it was akin to having a beast inside of him that was trying to run amok. Ever since he was turned into a werewolf, he felt like he had to battle bestial urges that seem to grow stronger with each passing day, for now he had been doing a fine job in quelling the best but as the days went by it became harder and harder to do so. He figured when the time comes, he too might go berserk and when that happens, hopefully Shichiro would have been prepared. He didn't know what could happen and he had to pay close attention to his surrounding.

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#3Shichiro Uchida 

An End to the Thirst [Event Quest] Empty on Tue Dec 31, 2019 1:02 pm

Shichiro Uchida
Watching the vampire closely, Shichiro confirmed that the vampire was right when he said he was turned into a werewolf by choice, therefore refusing to partake in his cure. He also told Alistar of a similar feeling he feels being a said werewolf but he could handle it much better than what most people could take, or so he assumed. Well, nothing left now but to watch Alistar down the vile liquid he calls a cure. He did so, raising his left eyebrow to see if it had worked. If it did, maybe Shichiro would one day use it for himself if he ever wanted to go back to being a human. Nah, he doubts that day would ever come. Watching alistar some more, it seems he had started to undergo some changes, painful changes. Alistar had started to writhe in agony as he finished consuming the goblet’s contents. He reached for his own neck as if he were trying to choke something from getting in, or getting out. Shichiro stepped back a bit as he watched the events unfold; not knowing whether to attempt to help him, kill him to him out of his misery or run away and attempt to look for help. As he debated with himself, Alistar had finally stopped moving and just stood there, hunched over. Shichiro decided to approach with caution to see if the man was alright. When he did, he took both his hands out of his pockets and placed his right arm on Alistar’s left shoulder to see if he was dead or not. At that moment, Alistar had jumped up, exclaimed that it had worked. He said he didn’t feel the never ending thirst anymore. After that, Shichiro nodded towards his general direction, saying he was glad he didn’t die or turn into a strange hybrid monster or something. 

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#4Shichiro Uchida 

An End to the Thirst [Event Quest] Empty on Tue Dec 31, 2019 1:02 pm

Shichiro Uchida
Alistar chuckled and laughed and Shichiro, not knowing what to do, laughed along with him. In the middle of Shichiro’s laugh, Alistar had stopped abruptly and started to silently endure pain he was feeling. Convulsing and contorting his body, Alistar started to shift into a more grotesque form before Shichiro could notice. When Shichiro did finally notice, Alistar had started to scream a most ghastly one before staring at Shichiro with murderous intent. Shichiro was taken aback and realized what the vampire who he had collected a fang from means. He was an idiot to believe collect more dark race limbs would actually help regain somebody’s humanity. Alistar began to lurch forward as Shichiro stepped back. Raising both arms, Alistar began to concentrate mana towards his hands, conjuring blood bullets before he started to rapidly fire them at Shichiro. They weren’t very fast so even somebody like Shichiro could dodge them. He wasn’t very far from Alistar either since he only stepped back so the extent of his dodging was basically weaving his upper body before taking ahold of Alistar’s wrists by wrapping his right arm around both of Alistar’s arms, outstretching his left arm in an “L” shaped arc delivering a devastating blow to  alistar’s cheek and knocking him down to the ground. Shichiro then screamed, “SNAP OUT OF IT FOOL,” but to no avail. Alistar just got up slowly like a beast re-evaluating how to strike it’s prey once again. Shichiro really didn’t want to have to do this but he saw there was no other way. He’d have to put Alistar out of his misery. He wasn’t himself anymore and Shichiro honestly didn’t have another way to stop him. There was no time to go look for help since he didn’t want to spook the humans of Dahlia by bringing with him some ravenous monster out for meat or blood, or whatever the hell it is Alistar craves now. 

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#5Shichiro Uchida 

An End to the Thirst [Event Quest] Empty on Tue Dec 31, 2019 1:03 pm

Shichiro Uchida
Well, now that he made his choice, he has to carry it out. Standing with his feet shoulder-width apart and taking one step back with his right foot and orienting it so his feet are at right angles to each other. His left leg was relaxed, with the majority of his weight on their right foot, keeping his body straight but maintained the same angle. He brought his hands in front of his face, curling them whiling lean his head forward behind them for better coverage of the face and holding his elbows forward so he could maneuver his arms to block body shots to his ribs or liver. This was a basic stance for a person that primarily used kicks in fights because it lends itself well to kicking and allows for greater mobility and stability. An impressive defense the would prove hard to penetrate, while keeping his forward leg limber so as to snap into attack quickly. Their size difference also meant that he would have incredible reach in comparison. As soon as Shichiro assumed his normal fighting pose, Alistar had begun to sprout wings of blood and glide towards Shichiro. Snapping his right leg forward, Shichiro delivered a swift knee towards the belly of Alistar, winding him before pulling his right arm back, thrusting it in an “L” shaped curve towards the right side of alistar’s jaw. Shortly after this attack, Alistar had began to undergo another transformation. His chest began to expand and grow hairy, fur erupting from his body, ripping off his shirt. His head started to bleed out his humanoid eyeballs and regenerating immediately afterwards into slits as it continued to morph into the head of a wolf. His feet grew larger, bursting out of the shoes he was wearing to reveal large wolf-like feet. Well, this was getting worse and worse for Shichiro as it seems as if Alistar is getting stronger and stronger by the minute. Wings of blood, a werewolf transformation, what could be next. Oh no, if Shichiro remembers correctly, one of those ingredients was the blood of a daemon. That means, this creature might also get another ability Shichiro knew nothing about. Alistar began to roar at the top of his lungs, a demonic mana exuding from his body and covering it like armor. Well, things just went from bad to worse Shichiro thought but nothing he couldn’t handle. Behind all that flair, he was sure to still be able to take down Alistar. His attacks were pretty one dimensional and even he could see them coming despite how fast or how powerful they were. 

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#6Shichiro Uchida 

An End to the Thirst [Event Quest] Empty on Tue Dec 31, 2019 1:04 pm

Shichiro Uchida
His lack of control was now becoming evident and he would take full advantage of this situation. Alistar started to concentrate mana into his fingertips once more. However, before he started to fire them, Shichiro had already grabbed his both his wrists, pulling them close together in order to bind them, with just one of his hands. This was a mistake on his part though since Alistar began throwing a flurry of punches in Shichiro’s direction. Shichiro returned in kind by retaliating with a barrage of his own. The two were now deadlocked in their all out brawl as each of their punches connected with the other’s blows. It was clear that SHichiro was overpowering Alistar in terms of strength but thanks to Alistar’s superior endurance, he held out for much longer than Shichiro anticipated. They traded blow for blow until finally Alistar had given out first and jumped backwards. Shichiro also stepped back and prepared for what was coming next. Another rush, maybe another shot from his magic; He didn’t know what to expect so in that moment he decided a good offense is the best defense and lunged at Alistar first. Alistar had anticipated this, bent his knees slightly before outstretching his arms to grasp the shoulders of his opponent, lifting them up and throwing Shichiro into the air behind Alistar. Shichiro was airborne now, he was about to crash into a nearby tree. All he could do was brace for impact now as he collided into the tree, back first. For the first time in a long time, Shichiro has felt real pain and even feels like he’s in danger. Well, since it has come to this, Shichiro wouldn’t hkd back anymore. No more trying to beat the berserk Alistar into submission to see if he would revert back, he’s clearly too far gone now. Shichiro was laying on the floor after colliding with that tree and now got up. His head was slightly lower than normal, his bangs covering his eyes from view, though he could see his opponent clear as day between them. Alistar made one last ditch effort towards Shichiro in an attempt to finish him off. Alistar was finally in range of Shichiro and went for the attack but in that moment, Shichiro had enough. Swiftly delivering a haymaker towards the temple of Alistar, he used the full weight of his power in order to shatter Alistar’s temple and rendering him immobile. After a little while, Shichiro walked over to proceed with dealing the final blow before he realized his last attack was enough to dispatch him. Alistar’s body proceeded to turn into dust. Shichiro watched as he thought long and hard about the events that had transpired up until now. 

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#7Shichiro Uchida 

An End to the Thirst [Event Quest] Empty on Tue Dec 31, 2019 1:05 pm

Shichiro Uchida
After the body had completely turned to dust, the wind had picked up and started to blow it away, revealing one last involuntary reward. Shichiro walked over towards where the corpse was and looted it for the pumpkin pops and jewels he currently had on him at the time. With that, Shichiro decided he had had enough of Daliha and figured he’d go someplace else. As he walked down the path back to Dahlia to rest, Shichiro had noticed the vampire he had collected the fangs from had been in the woods a distance off. He lowered his head, adjusting his glasses with his right hand nodding and smirking before he disappeared into the darkness behind. He had no idea what had just transpired but Shichiro had the sinking feeling that this vampire had put Alistar up to this and made them both his pawns.  This infuriated Shichiro as he made a dash for the spot the vampire was in through the thickets and bushes in his way. There was no sign of him and Shichiro thought about just going back to his cave and just dispatching him. Alas, that would yield little or no reward and he decided to go on with his night. Something peculiar had happened though, a larger than average vampire bat had descended upon Shichiro from his blind spot and bite him in the neck. A sharp pain had surged from his neck through his entire body, rendering him immobile for the next few seconds. He cursed the vampire bat as it sort of gave him what resemble a sly smile before flying off. Shichiro had bent down on one knee in pain before reaching up towards the bat wishing his could fire any sort of ranged projectile. His wish came true as he fired a bloody nail at the bat but missed his mark and watched as it collided into a tree. Shichiro now had the power of blood magic, though he didn’t know how he just did that. After awhile, the pain subsided and he got up only to hurry along out of the forest to test the new capability of controlling blood. 


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