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New Year, New Opportunity

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#26Noyiah Dashi 

New Year, New Opportunity - Page 2 Empty on Sat Jan 18, 2020 4:11 pm

Noyiah Dashi
Showing up; in Crocus, she made her way to the market, picking out a nicer gown then that she would find in Era, having saved a bit up for the event of this evening she planned to enjoy herself and rub elbows with some of the more Social Elite, it was an exciting dynamic, she would be one of the least accomplished there, yet she was allowed to go, surly socializing with the finest socialites in the land would be a great way to better herself.

Noyiah would place her coat with the coat check and smile as wide as ever, she had spent a lot more time getting ready and urged Kazimir and a few others to go on ahead of her, she would meet them inside, but tonight as romantic as it could be was more about work for her, she was here to better herself, to improve her social skills and work up a reputation with more well established mages or if she would be so lucky maybe a royal or a noble or two, she would be happy just feeling important.
Making her way in she would watch people as she passed, everyone seemed so Superior, and if there were people of a lessor status, it was nearly impossible to tell, everyone seemed to be dressed up. She could hardly wait to see what Kazimir might be dressed up in, she hadn’t managed to sneak a peek before he departed, mostly because she feared opening the door would reveal her outfit, and she wanted to surprise him.

Taking a moment to take it all in she felt more nimble, despite being in a tight dress, it was like there was an energy throughout the room that excited her and bettered her as a person just for making the small trip to Crocus. She smiled as she caught a glimpse of what looked like the Relic that was rumored about. It was a curious thing but she would make her way there in due time, for now she went to the bar and got a drink to help calm her nerves and to look more sophisticated as she rounded the room with a drink in hand.

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Music A magical night was upon the esteemed mages and heroes of Fiore as the orange sun began to set and the life of the night sprung to its feet, ready for a good time. It was truly beautiful in Fiore tonight and the young Fayre was so blessed to be able to spend this night well with a kind soul from a guild who had invited him to the ball, a generous woman of the guild known as Fairy Tail. Fayre had met her while out on his adventures in the past months. She helped him on a quest and invited him to join Fairy Tail. He denied though, for young Fayre sought to see more of what Fiore had to offer without a guild for the time being. Fayre longed to see more of the greater lands of Fiore, only having seen little of the country he inhabits and has vowed to protect and better. A great adventure was only starting for Fayre. This night would mark a beginning for his journey.

Fayre: "Grand Cathedral, we come!"

Rosa: "Don't scream now.."

Luca: "Pssh! Pahaha!"

A smile on Fayre, he would dress himself well for the occasion and step out onto the streets with some others from the Fairy Tail guild, lesser known mages but great people who Fayre had a pleasure to meet. Fayre would talk with them and have a good time, walking the streets for the Grand Cathedral where a ball of the decade would be had to celebrate Fiore being protected after a great war against the people of the land. Fayre had made an effort to help out in the struggle, but was nowhere near a big contributor to the victory Fiore had in the eventful war. Fayre strived to get stronger however in this coming year for he could do more for the country.

It was coming to be time for the ball and so with some others, Fayre would enter the beautiful Grand Cathedral alongside many mages and guilds all across the vast expanses of the lands of Fiore. He would be in awe at the sight of the ball and the magnificent structures in every corner of his eye. Within only a couple seconds upon entering the great ball of splendour and excitement, Fayre must have gotten lost, cause his buds he came alongside couldn't find him. Little did they know, Fayre had been drawn in by a beauty of a particular statue at the very center of the ball room. Fayre looked on at it, taking in the beauty.

Fayre: "Interesting.."

Said the young man as he admired the art of what appeared to be arms and hands longing and reaching for what could only be an egg. It would fill the wizard with great hope for the next years that would come. He would feel some feeling of potential within him wanting to expand, and grow stronger. As others danced, he would lose himself in the building and everything it had in store for him. Fayre enjoyed exploring the world and its contents. He would eventually return to the others and join them in the night time ball though and have fun with them, eating the delicious food to be devoured in glee and party.

+10 Endurance +20 Intelligence


#28Sage Meilyr 

New Year, New Opportunity - Page 2 Empty on Sun Jan 19, 2020 4:22 am

Sage Meilyr
The twinkling stars decorated the black canvas of the night sky. Everybody was well dressed and was heading towards the Grand Cathedral for the Grand Ball. Sage wasn’t particularly looking forward for the ball, but instead he had his eyes on his date, Amenra, the man that had swept him right off the floor. For the night Amenra lose his messy hair image and instead his hair was sleek black and combed backwards, his suit sexy and charming. While Sage, he had his long hair tied to the back, and making a long tail of hair flowing through his back, on one side of his bangs, he braided his hair, just to make it look nice and appealing. He was wearing a black and white suit that was similar to his date’s. He had painted and polished his nails white, to compliment with his date’s blacks. On his shoulders were a white silk scarf that sparkled when light hits it, drawing the attention to him and his date.

The night was quite windy, and it brushed through his hair, flowing gracefully. He acknowledged the eyes that they got from everyone around them. He didn’t mind of course, used to people looking at him all the time, plus he enjoys the attention he got. He noticed the hazel eyes of Amenra, turning his face a little to look at his date with his violet eyes. The warm smile of his date made Sage smile sweetly, he couldn’t resist Amenra’s charms. “I’m always ready.” he said with a tease, locking his arm with Amenra’s and dragged him towards the Grand Cathedral, charming every passersby that laid their eyes on the couple.

+30 Intelligence

#29Iris DuPage 

New Year, New Opportunity - Page 2 Empty on Thu Jan 23, 2020 4:35 am

Iris DuPage
She made it, free from the rune knights' hold, of course, she was still under supervision and the hold of her newly adopted parents, but, lord it felt good to wear something other than a potato sack. She even had socks and shoes now! As awkward as it was to wear them after spending so long out of them.

Iris wore a pair of smaller high heels, the heels were wide, pumps, her adoptive mother call them. Instead of a dress and being as girly as possible, she had on slim pants, dark in color. A white belt around her waist and a plain white top and black tie. A black blazer over her torso, pulled taut with the coat tails hanging off of her sides. On top of her head was a black hat, she seemed to favor this as opposed to the clunky and bulky poofy girly dress she was originally offered.

There were plenty of people here, she even came here with Noyiah and Kazimir, after the adoption papers went through. Teh red head brushed a few bangs out of her face and tucked them behind her ear, tipping her hat off as she walked in to the ball.

"I'm gonna hang around a bit, I feel nervous being here, and, these never were my kinda thing." She said while poking her index fingers together, looking to Kazimir and Noyiah, only to make her way off to try and mingle or find something to drink to help calm her nerves, at least she would enjoy her time here, maybe, hopefully.

Just, don't have a panic attack, she assured herself, If she didn't have one of those there was nothing to worry about, she just had to breathe in deep and out. She was free now, no one was going to harass her!
+10 to STR, SPD and INT!


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Shall we dance?

The Grand Cathedral, a place where she use to come to for religious reasons, but today there was a dance. Her brown amber eyes were lit up as soon as she got even close to the building. It was more lit up than usual as she remembered it always being quiet, but before that she was at her hotel getting ready.

'That dress looks rather ugly.'
. She heard Revana tell Arisa as she looked through more than a decade's worth of dresses that she collected through-out the years. She didn't want to wear dresses that were too casual nor too poof-like. Perhaps she should choose a dress that she hasn't worn yet. "This dress is a little underrated. The others will sure to be wearing actual ball gowns." Arisa questioned yet stated towards Revana. Her aura stood by to watch and judge. Simply, she shrugged and chuckled. 'Well, you won't know till we leave and go. It's good enough for the job at least.'.

Arisa wasn't quite sure if that was an agreement or just a way of saying to choose and hurry up. Her head turned towards the clock to see the time. ''Oh man! You're right!". She hurried and stepped into the dress one-by-one, pulling it up and finally strapped on everything else. Her hair felt like a mess so she combed it, put some lotion in her hair to make it smell like sweet fruits  while her skin smelled like tiny mints. Quickly, she put on her dress shoes and scattered off into the elevator. Next she went off to the Cathedral and that was where she all left off. Finally, she then walked inside to be revealed the beauty of the place, the people and the food with drinks.


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#31Rinni Faithe 

New Year, New Opportunity - Page 2 Empty on Fri Jan 24, 2020 2:30 am

Rinni Faithe
She was comfortable with this. She was shy and, to be honest, a bit of a tomboy. She loved cute things, but she wasn't an overly girlie person. When her parents heard about the ball... they gave her permission to attend. But then, as she always does, her mother went over the top playing dress-up with her only daughter.

The family wasn't rich, not by any means. Instead, her mom had hand-sewn a blue knee-length dress for Rinni to wear. She had also tied the teen's hair into a bun with a cute blue ribbon and had purchased a cheap pair of blue shoes with a bit of a heel for her daughter to wear. They were not comfortable.

Just when the girl thought things couldn't get worse, her mom proceeded to apply a light touch of make-up to 'enhance Rinni's natural beauty'. She couldn't wait to move out on her own; her parents, however, refused to let her leave until she's at least 18.

Finally free of their grasp, she headed to Crocus, a large decorative city which she had never been to before. She was excited for this new experience. She was also prepared for her mother's antics. Once in Crocus, Rinni looked around in awe as a gasp escaped her lips.

It was more beautiful than she ever imagined. Heading toward the Cathedral to join the party, she stuck to the shadows and headed into the lady's restroom. Once there, she opened her bag and withdrew a blue off the shoulder tank top and blue jeans. She also eagerly replaced these painful heels with comfortable sneakers.

Once her outfit was changed, she looked at herself in the mirror. She sighed, having no disrespect for her mom, but wishing she'd at least give her enough freedom to grow into her best self. Cupping her hands under the faucet, she used the water to wash the make-up from her face.

"Sorry, Mom..." she whispered with a sigh. Letting her hair down, she awkwardly attended the party, very self-aware of her appearance and the fact that she would stand out as the oddball. She glanced around at all the guests, different races, ages, genders, and factions... the majority in fancy dress and suit.

Yeah, she definitely stood out.

"Time to... not make this weird..." She muttered under her breath.

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#32Noel Raion 

New Year, New Opportunity - Page 2 Empty on Sat Jan 25, 2020 2:02 am

Noel Raion


Word had got out a few weeks up hand that the hot shots of Crocus were going to 'humble-brag' with their wealth once more. This time, it was going to unfold in a somewhat more philanthropic fashion. It was a somewhat strange feeling after having been in a prison for quite some time, to be received by a party like this. Only reason he came was because he heard that some treasure was being shared to the kingdom to 'notable adventurers' of this continent. Noel considered himself to be one of those notable adventurers, and he needed cash to get around. This was the only, and last time, that he'd accept charity from the hotshots of Crocus. Noel actually pulled a suit out of a garbage bin not far away from the entrance of the ball. Someone had thrown out a perfectly fine suit, what a waste!

It definitely made it easy for him to enter the ball. The security 'randomly' had picked him out for a search--the male actually always carries two weapons with him, his left and right arm. But it was most likely that they searched him because he resembled a sharply dressed hobo.

"I know my rights, you let me go you -- you ****!"

After being released by the security guards, having run a mini scene, the sharply dressed hobo headed into one of the bigger rooms. While most people danced, he took the opportunity to hit up the catering. They gave out small plates and had a large buffet. Noel had filled about ten plates with food before scouring them down as he moved away from the dancing people into the hall with the supposed philanthropy. He'd claim his piece, and then head back to the buffet. At this point, Noel already had what he needed, so he'd cut loose. The Lamia Scale wizard took off his blazer, and used it as a backpack--gathering as much food as he could before leaving the place, alone, into the depth of the night. . .

+30 speed
~ exit.  

#33Joshua Graham 

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Joshua Graham
Joshua entered the grand cathedral. He wasnt dressed fancy, or even anything outside his normal traveling cloths. However, he had taken care to shower and shave, and make himself as clean and presentable as possible. He moved through the gate, his only weapon he carried was the Punisher, it felt... right. the weight was always well balanced on his back no matter how he holstered it, with the white wrappings it did make him stand out a bit, but no more then his general field hand appearance wouldnt already do.

He moved through the crowd, looking for any faces he might recognize. He turned and looked toward the artifact in the middle of the room. He wondered what it had been made for originally, he felt stran ge and old magics coming from it.

(20 points to intellegence, 10 points to Speed)


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WORDS: 380 | TAG: @sofia | ALISA

The very idea of not going to the party hand in hand with her beloved Sofia... It felt awfulluy empty in more ways than she could even describe, and yet, that void all too quickly filled with a deep, undeniable delight at the very thought of seeing her once again, until Alisa found herself imagining just what kind of dress would her beloved pick for herself. That was, after all, the very intention behind this decision of doing what they could to not lay eyes upon each other:

"Feels almost like a wedding~", mused the sculptress, giggling happily, a faint hint of rosiness on her cheeks as she nodded at the guards and made her way into the party, flashing them a cool, graceful smile. Though her thoughts clearly laid elsewhere as she strode gracefully into the cathedral, heels clacking across the cold stone tiles, the scene around her quickly captivated the contemplative sculptress, smile widening as she chuckled, "My, they really spared no expenses here hmm~?"

Though she couldn't help but wonder about all the places this fortune could have been better invested in, that didn't stop Alisa from enjoying the sights and scents her, almost as much as her statuesque figure drew in turn, clad in a Sinese inspired dress that fit tightly around her voluptuous visage, leaving an aple, eye catching cleavage, and baring just a hint of the blue stamp on her midriff, only enough that a careful onlooker could still identify her for her guild if her fame didn't precede her. Yet despite taking in all the partygoers with a keen hint of curiosity, Alisa couldn't help but rest a hand on her hip as she turned her head left, then right, tucking a loose, flowing black lock behind her ear as her brow rose:

"I wonder if she's here yet...", mused the sculptress, adjusting the edge of the fabric around her full, womanly hip, a subtle show of vanity and clear preoccupation with her appearance... Whoever the sculptress was looking for, she was clearly hoping to impress that person, her fingertip slipping between the gaps over her thighs, catching her own reflection in the mirror, smiling softly the moment she felt satisfied with what she saw.

She didn't feel the slightest bit intimidated by the absurd amount of people at the party, even if she quite clearly preferred to steer away from the largest crowds and find herself a more discreet spot to stroll around in... If she and Sofia were both here, they'd find each other shortly. Only a matter of time really~

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"New year, new day~"
- Alisa Vollan

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#35Sofia Serena 

New Year, New Opportunity - Page 2 Empty on Sun Jan 26, 2020 6:05 pm

Sofia Serena


Perfect~ Not really minding the chill air that surrounded her all that much as she looked toward a rather splendid view, Sofia Serena found herself standing upon the highest balcony she could find in the castle of Crocus and smiling as she did so, but while doing so she knew that the satisfaction she felt right now would in no way compare to what she was likely to feel later on.
This should do splendidly~? On a simple scouting mission right now and perhaps being something of an impolite guest as she went about her recon as well, while she had likely beaten the black belle that she wanted to meet at the party to the occasion the first thing that the sapphire siren had done was pull herself away from the party as a whole and seek out somewhere she might be able to exploit such a lavish view later on. She did have something special planned tonight, after all.

Now to just make sure it stays ours~ Miss Serena finding herself smirking as she stepped back through the ornate looking doors now that she had found guarding the balcony and then casting a little spell as she did so to look the door behind her with magic stronger than any turn of a key could provide, while perhaps it would seem a shame for some to step up to such a spot and find the door inexplicably ‘jammed’ that would have to be the price paid by the party for the perfect moment the runaway princess sought. She had done plenty of good for the country after all, and in her mind that meant that Fiore ‘owed’ her one, so this felt like the perfect time to get a little payback for her efforts.

Just have to find the belle of the ball now, don’t I~? Certainly finding herself in rather high spirits as she set off into the gala that waited for her on her second searching errand of the day, after taking a breath the blue eyed beauty let herself relax a little as Sofia slipped through the crowd in a silky sinese dress she had bought on a whim not so long ago, and yet seemed so suited to the occasion that awaited her. Both herself and the soul that she sought arriving a little late and that making her gown seem fitting given the fact that certain eastern cultures celebrated their own new year later the visual irony was quite delicious, and also rather fetching as well. Though not quite as much as the woman that waited for her, this magenta minx reckoned.

“So… What’s a pretty young thing like you doing in a place like this, hm~?” It not taking all that much time for the magenta minx to track down her target either, as soon as she locked eyes upon the back of the woman she searched for Miss Serena couldn’t help but feel mischievous, and all too quickly was slipping in behind her beloved as quietly as she could and whispering wicked words in her ear as she did so. Perhaps the act one that might cause a stir among the high society types but if anything that only more ‘fuel’ for the fire of the foreign fox, once she had snaked her arms around the divine frame of her dark delight the vicarious vixen couldn’t help but purr and nuzzle her neck as well,  and found herself feeling rather tempted to drag Alisa Vollan away to spots of romance and worse right now but trying to resist that temptation until the hour was a little closer to midnight…

+10 to Strength, Endurance and Intelligence Please~

Stir Up Some Excitement

"Make every day its own adventure~"
- Sofia Serena

credit to nat of adoxography.

New Year, New Opportunity - Page 2 SofiaSerana


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"One..two... and three" Caius said to ready himself. He then used all his strength to lift the dead man off his shoulder and throw him into the dumpster. The man was heavy to say the least. Another one of his rival business associates taken care of. As the body fell, a small card flew out of his pocket. Caius closed the lid on the dumpster and crouched down to pick up the card. It was an invitation to a grand ball being hosted by the king himself. Not only that but several other high profile guests were listed. What a score. It was scheduled for later tonight so there was time to get some new clothes. His were a bit dirty after the scuffle.

Shortly after, Caius arrived at one of one of Crocus' renowned tailor shops. He got his measurements and picked out a brand new dark gray sharkskin suit. Looking it the mirror he liked what he saw. The tailor made the final adjustments on it and then brought up the price. It was way to much money then he had on him. He told the tailor he was going to return it and went to the back to change out of it. One his way to the back changing room, he pulled the fire alarm. The sprinkler system went off and as the owner and customers were in a panic, Caius snuck out the emergency exit.

Now looking fly, the big moment had finally arrived. Flocks of some of Fiore's finest were waiting in line at the ball rooms entrance. Caius adjusted his tie and and stepped forward. Reaching into his suit, he pulled out the invitation and gave it to the security. Right when he got inside he knew exactly what to do. Head to the open bar.

+30 INT plz

#37Venus Rosé 

New Year, New Opportunity - Page 2 Empty on Wed Jan 29, 2020 7:06 pm

Venus Rosé

It seemed that the retrieval of the relics of the Nine Heroes was much more rewarding than she had expected, considering how she had been invited for a ball at the grand cathedral. Naturally, with a reputation of hers, Snowflake dressed to impress the guests of the ball and the royals; her outfit tailored specifically just for the occasion, shoes newly bought during the day and jewelry designed to match her dress.

The grand cathedral had architecture like no other in the district – all floors were marble, polished so that it shined that she could even see her own reflection against the floor. The stair rails were ornate mahogany, carved and polished as she watched the royal ladies elegantly climb down the stairs with their escorts. The hall was filtered with mages and knights from all over the country, some familiar but the majority were nothing more than strangers to her. Besides, she could hardly figure out all the faces with the amount of guests surrounding.

The frost haired woman let out a discreet cough, to none other than herself. Being never really good with crowds, it was apparent that she felt rather uncomfortable among the mass. It didn’t take long until she was required to greet other guests, subtly smiling in courtesy and sharing idle chatter amongst themselves, though she mostly remained silent, nodding at appropriate times to show that she was actually paying attention. The king would utter a speech of gratitude afterwards, to the mages who had retrieved the relics and others with the assistance that they had provided.

Applause rippled through the crowd before the guests continue with their chattering, waiters and waitresses roaming through the hall to present consumables and the guests would finally pair up to dance in celebration. It was a considerably long event that lasted through the entire evening, also a mentally straining one with how much she had to communicate despite her distaste for socializing albeit, it was an entertaining night, or so she would say.

+30 Speed

New Year, New Opportunity - Page 2 E16OGAl
#38Raquin Storvarg 

New Year, New Opportunity - Page 2 Empty on Fri Jan 31, 2020 9:25 am

Raquin Storvarg
Raquin arrived at the entrance of the place. It wad required by her grandfather to go to such a function. A nice sleek black dress to make her hair stand out like a sore thumb. She adjusted her top and looked at the double doors. The grand place of all places. When her and her grandfather took refuge, Crovus was the first place they went to find their connections. Fiore was much of an adjustment.

Crocus was for sure beautiful in her opinion. There was nothing like flowers in the aprong months and lightly laid snow in the winter. "Here we go", she spoke to herself. She walked up the stairs to be stopped by a few guards. They looked at her funny seeing her raptor colored eyes. Her pupils were slits adjust to her mood. "Business?"

"Why the ball of course. What else? Storvarg, Raquin. I should be on the list."

They looked at the list and let her through. Like she said, she had connections even within the castle. There were a whole bunch of people from all walks of life. She personally felt out of place. There were a lot more wealthier people much like of her kind but nothing to her standard. She just sat down in the corner observing her surroundings. Eyeing everybody there enjoying themselves or gossiping about politics.

"Simple creatures "

Speed: +15

Endurance: +15

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