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New Year, New Opportunity

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#1King Reign 

New Year, New Opportunity Empty on Tue Dec 31, 2019 12:32 pm

King Reign

End of Year Celebration

As the clock continued to tick away, the sun began to set into the evening. As it descended, it served as an announcement to all who had traveled to Crocus that it was time for celebration. Royalty, soldiers, and mages from every guild had been invited to the capital of Fiore in order to celebrate a long year of hard-fought peace. As a country of might and magic, the powers that brought prosperity and  safety also threatened to take everything away from the citizens. It was a delicate balance, one which was constantly maintained by both those who ruled the country and the magical guilds who supported it.

And so, after years of battle and the successful completion of the Nine Heroes trial, the current King of Fiore had made the decision to reward all those whom he could. All those who found themselves a member of a recognized guild could come, even those who were normally of dark alignment should they promise to leave their malice at the door. They had also fought for the safety of the country, and perhaps by rewarding them he could tempt them to change their alignment. So, beyond the trivialities of good food and wine, the King decided to make this a party worth remembering.

All those who attended would receive rewards for having helped defend the kingdom throughout the year; It was both a reminder of who they served, as well as a public stunt to show the masses how much the King cared. Those who arrived would receive not only monetary benefits, but also the benefit of a truly ancient item that found itself in the center of the ballroom.

A statue of what looked like ghostly hands and arms stretching from its base, all climbing over one another and reaching for what appeared to be an egg with intricate designs that sat atop the creation. It was an ancient artifact from before Fiore, and while its use was well known, it had never been used until now. All those who would attend the ball would feel its effects; A drastic increase to their current potential. Both their physical capabilities and their overall power would increase, should they simply attend the ball.

While the country would lose a single artifact, they would gain the trust and support of the very mages who helped them thrive. It was a worthwhile endeavor indeed.

This grand ball will be taking place within the Grand Cathedral of Crocus. All who come to Crocus during this time are welcome to make a thread within the Grand Cathedral with [Grand Ball] within its name, which can be open or private threads that allow you all to socialize and interact within the Grand Ball. It's highly encouraged that you do so!

In order to receive benefits for the Grand Ball though, all who come must make one post within this thread of your arrival to the ball, and entrance into the building.

This event will last for the month of January. All those who join the thread or make threads of their own for this event are taking place on the same canonical night. So no need to rush, and please enjoy!

The benefits are as follows:

  • 500,000 Jewel
  • 75,000 EXP
  • 30 Stats (allocate however you wish!)
  • 250 Mana
  • 1000 Fame

As always, thank you to all our members who make this site so fun, and who help it continue to evolve. Happy New Year!

#2Juni Anastos 

New Year, New Opportunity Empty on Tue Dec 31, 2019 1:17 pm

Juni Anastos
Ylva was excited. She had never been to something so overwhelming fancy before in her life. It was a rare occasion for sure, one that forced her to purchase a dress in order to blend in. Walking up the steps to the cathedral she felt very nervous and she hopped to find a familiar face in the crowd of people. The people around her stared at her mostly in awe and some even came up to her. She knew exactly why they were doing this as she moved around with the spear of Shaka Zulu on her back. It was the symbol of her highest achievement and one she couldn't be without.

The people began to thank her and she was escorted up the stairs and into the cathedral by some very handsome looking men. They weren't her type of course but it was nice of them to do so. Once she got inside she quickly strolled over to the food. Her dress made her look as if she were gliding across the floor. She didn't mind the people around her but she had just come from a rather long trip and was now very very hungry.

#3Caspian Kaldwin 

New Year, New Opportunity Empty on Wed Jan 01, 2020 5:29 am

Caspian Kaldwin
Fastening his tie, the golden haired mage peered at himself in the mirror. His oculars scanned the reflection, staring it up and down as it mimicked his movements. Who was he, really? Who was Caspian and what was he really to do? Why did he have himself deal with such petty agendas, why did he decide to partake himself in this event? He didn't truly know and that's what scared him, the calculated mage was slowly starting to act upon impulse. He was always so fixated on him rising higher that he had achieved legendary strength, pushed himself beyond his limits and is currently an outlier when it comes to his race altogether. How is he to advance further? How could he? That question lingered on his tongue and plagued his mind. Exhaling softly, he drove his fist slowly to the glass screen and pressed his knuckles against it with a hint of pressure.

Eventually the glass slowly began to crack, showing it's frail nature as a miniature crater within the mirror was formed. Quickly fixing up his attire and brushing his hair behind his ears, the man felt his heart pump. Slamming against his ribcage and chest over and over, his throat tightened... what was he supposed to do? Dance? Yes. That's a good thing to do, he would attempt to dance. Slowly exiting the stare off from his reflection, the man exited the bathroom and his golden hues wandered throughout the party. One more huff, Caspian joined the party. Slowly making his way toward the centre before he began to dance by himself to the music, eventually joined by some other female patrons, the Transcendent still couldn't help to wander when he would be able to get stronger. How he could... How would he have power that many would envy him for... that thought, plagued him throughout the entire ball.

SP Gifted;
25 in Strength
5 in Endurance


New Year, New Opportunity Empty on Fri Jan 03, 2020 12:19 am


Appearing at the entrance of Crocus with a bang, Kon was met with a surprising discovery. The entire capital was decorated in vibrant ribbons, with cries of cheer and laughter being heard from afar. Approaching the gates, Kon was halted by a pair of guards stationed on either side. “State your business, peasant!” One bellowed out at the cripple as he poked him with his spear. Annoyed at assumption made from his unkempt appearance, Kon drew out his left arm bound in gold from beneath his molting cloak and reached out grabbing the guard’s spear. Immediately his weapon turned from a tarnished silver to a yellow hue, startled by the swift change of the material, the guard pulled away from Kon’s grasp while his partner focused his own spear at Kon. “My business is my own.” Releasing the now golden spear, Kon continued. “And I’d advise you not to assume ones status from their attire.” Wanting to put the incident behind him and get to the King, Kon tapped his forehead with his fingers, bringing him closer into town, bypassing the many waypoints blocked by guards.

As he drew closer towards his destination, familiar faces from his days as a Holy Knight began to appear. Having slain numerous Holy Knights himself, Kon was an enemy of the order. Wanting to avoid any further conflict before he reached his destination, he tapped his forehead once more cloaking himself in an aura rendering him invisible to the naked eye. Reaching the steps to the Grand Cathedral, he noticed two critical things, that his invisibility had been negated and the building was surrounded by a mix of Holy and Rune Knights. They were being cautious, and for good reason, the King would be there alongside his members of his family, numerous other nobles and an assortment of high ranking order officials including possibly the divine herself.

This would be perhaps the only time when both he, a disgraced Holy Knight member and his group would be able to enter the building without contest. Getting in wouldn’t be the hard part getting out was another matter entirely. Going up the steps drew the attention of numerous Holy Knight members with his rowdy appearance clashing against his unmistakable golden augmentations. Many shouted and cursed at him as he walked alongside the other guests. In their eyes, he was nothing but a traitor, a deserter, even a plunderer and him wearing the Millenium Eye and Gauntlet was nothing but an affront to them. Kon remained silent, knowing that their numbers only were too much for him. While strong, he was still a cripple limiting his abilities significantly.

Entering the Cathedral, the knights were quickly replaced by nobles, bishoprics and other mages such as himself. Led by a squire he was taken to a great room, before his cloak was taken, revealing his old Holy Knight uniform again to provoke those that stood for the order and insight chaos within the ranks.

+10 Endurance +20 Constitution

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New Year, New Opportunity KHvJeW6
#5Shichiro Uchida 

New Year, New Opportunity Empty on Fri Jan 03, 2020 12:19 pm

Shichiro Uchida
Well, this was it, the ball he's been waiting for. After asking around for directions, a date and time, he finally found out where the ball was being hosted and decided he would attend anyways. He decided he'd dress up and attempt to look his best for the evening. Before attending the ball, Shichiro decided he would go out and rent a suit. Something that made him look nice but also for a decent price. He wasn't rich, at all but, he likes to try to look nice every now and again. After getting his measurements, Shichiro had to wait a couple hours until they tailored a suit just for him. He decided he'd make a few trips around the city to kill time in order to see if he might need anything else. Things consisting of accessories like a small bow tie and maybe some jewelry. In the end, he decided to wear just the bow toe and no jewelry. He didn't have the money for such fancy things anyways, regardless of if he was buying or renting. Finally, his suit was done and he changed into it immediately so he could go and attend the ball. He also picked up a pair of dress shoes to go with his attire.

Finally, it was Shichiro's time for departure as he made the last of his preparations before heading out. Making his way to the ball's location, Shichiro placed his hands in his pockets like he usually did but it didn't feel the same as he usually did it. The pocket felt tight and it didn't give him the comfortable feeling that he usual gained when performing this action. Giving up on that action, Shichiro made it to the ball with no problems at all. Attending the ball, Shichiro didn't really feel the need to socialize with masses at the ball. He felt as i they were all from different worlds and wouldn't find any common ground to meet them on. Eventually, Shichiro just made his way to the corner of a room where he could go as unnoticed as possible unless somebody is actively seeking him out, wine glass in hand as he takes a few swigs of a drink he picked up at random. He occasionally took some snacks and appetizers here and there when he got hungry but that was the most he would do while he attended this fancy shindig. 

+30 in Constitution

#6Vali Onfroy 

New Year, New Opportunity Empty on Fri Jan 03, 2020 12:37 pm

Vali Onfroy

Crocus. The home of the king and all his loyal, working subjects. The Jarl clenched his jaws as he watched all different types of people make their way to the Grand Cathedral. There was a ball there. Vali wasn't personally invited, but he already had one of his own men inside. It was important for him not to be early, and even more important for him to stand out. So he wore a top hat to cover his red locks and a blazer with slacks for the casual "Fiorian" look. Although he was a pretty big man, he'd make sure not to speak to anyone unless he was approached. Still, he was able to blend into the crowd as they made their way to the biggest Cathedral in the country. Why was the Viking lord here you ask? Simple. He wanted to see the King for himself. He wanted to see how protected the King actually was, and he wanted to judge him with his own conscience. Despite the fact that he'd have to die, he actually didn't know what kind of man the leader of this country was. All he knew was the was an Illegitimate heir. Rumor spread fast and far in this world.

Konstantin said that he would be at this ball, and that probably meant the rest of his "group" would be too. Entering the capital was easy enough but Vali wasn't entirely sure what Konstantin had planned himself so things could get difficult. Hell, the Titan wasn't sure if he'd be able to compose himself in the sight of the king. Knights of both the Order and the council had been patroling the crowd until finally leading them into the giant Cathedral. The entire town was set up beautifully, and oddly enough the werewolf find himself quite fond of the building in front of him, It was majestic.  After entering he slowly made his way to the darkest part of the room- still occupied by numerous people but a little bit more discreet then being in the light. Beside him stood a man with white hair, a werewolf just like him.

Quickly he turned his head to look at him and smirked. Then, his scent picked up on Konstantin. Without another word, his head flicked towards the Nephilim's direction and his eyes could see that he was obviously playing a very dangerous game. Don't be stupid Konstantin. Wait for the others... he thought.

+6 STR | +24 Speed

#7Tomoe Tanaka 

New Year, New Opportunity Empty on Sat Jan 04, 2020 3:51 am

Tomoe Tanaka
At first attending out of the mere promise of power and money, Tomoe found himself enthralled by the spectacle of the event. It wasn't to the point where he would dress up formally to the event, but rather that he simply wanted to be there to observe the shining heroes and dastardly villains all in one place patting each other on the back. It made him feel sick to his stomach that everyone would get along like this when mere days ago they would have fought tooth and nail to rip each other to pieces. They were hypocrites one and all, and Tomoe couldn't respect such frauds. The only love he needed was Her love, as beautiful and endless as the night sky's evening gown.

Admittedly, due to his issues with those attending it could be said to be out of spite more than respect or gratitude. It was as if Tomoe was saying, 'I'm going to eat all your food and drink all your drinks so you bastards can't have any!', and he'd be damned for all eternity if he didn't at least partially bring that dream to fruition. One of the only emotions stronger than love was hate, and while the Joyan couldn't claim to contain such a strong emotion as that for these people, he figured spite would be the next best thing.

Treat yourselves, ya bastards..., Tomoe thought to himself, glancing in opposite directions before subtly leaning against one of the many fruit punch bowls, picking his nose for a golden nugget, and sheathing his newly weaponized index finger into the fruit punch.

Ensuring nobody saw him, he swirled his finger around in it briefly before swiftly returning his hands to his pockets and walking away nonchalantly, as if the entire action had never occurred. He couldn't remember much of his past, but he had a feeling that pranks such as these were a favorite of his. Chuckling to himself, he made his way through the event, sampling all the food and drinks that weren't contaminated by his gold digging.

The company wasn't the best. Occasionally Tomoe would see a face walk by in the distance that he thought he recognized, but didn't bother following up on it. For tonight, he would simply enjoy himself and send sharp glances towards anybody riding a high off of their 'victory'.

+10 Constitution, +10 Endurance, +10 Speed

#8Ri Brighte 

New Year, New Opportunity Empty on Sat Jan 04, 2020 7:54 am

Ri Brighte


Standing in front of the large gates to the city of Crocus, Ri couldn't help but let his gaze wander at the intricate decorations and population bustling about. Truth be told, this wasn't the first time he had made his way to the capital, but that didn't mean he wasn't left speechless every time. So many people, from so many places, gathered around in just one place. It seemed almost... Magical.

But, that wasn't why he was here. Of course, the news and gossip about the fabled "Crocus Ball" had reached him as well. After all, how couldn't they? He was literally part of a group that did nothing but gossip. Of course, that didn't mean that he took part in it, he had no intention of starting to spread rumors that he didn't know were true or not, but he -did- sometimes hear things that helped him out.

Which was why he now stood before the aforementioned gates, getting some weird looks from the guards. He didn't know if he did something to earn the stares he received, but he decided to ignore them.

So, he petted the head of his tiger, and motioned for him to follow inside the city.

The decorations inside the city only added to his speechlessness. Everyone seemed to be in the mood for an outright festival. Still, what most had in common was the direction they were heading. The Cathedral stood tall, and mighty in the center of the city, almost inviting everyone that wished to come inside of it, and that it did, the general population heading right in the direction of it. With how big this whole event was, he'd be surprised if he didn't see someone he knew among the masses, but he didn't bother thinking about that, now. What he did bother thinking about was just how far that inn was, so he could leave his belongings and head to the party.

Eight in the evening, and Ri was still not ready. Domino was sleeping on one of the inn's beds, and the mage didn't want to bother him, but he really needed the tie that he sat on. Well. Did he? Nah.

Thus, dressed in a black suit, and a white shirt, the mage grabbed his glasses, ran a hand through his slightly wet hair, and headed out, into the cold air of the night. Reaching the Cathedral wasn't as hard as he thought, especially when the nice people of the city pointed him in the right direction, and he was able to read the various signs lining the streets.

Standing in front of the building, he couldn't help but let out a low whistle of admiration, before making his way inside. He remained speechless at the beauty he saw, glancing between the tables full of food and drinks, and the decorations put up for the new-comers.

"Alright. Let's do this." He muttered, and with a smile, fully entered the room.

+20 Speed, +5 Intelligence, +5 Constitution


New Year, New Opportunity Empty on Sat Jan 04, 2020 10:52 am


Crocus, a place he hadn't visited in quite some time but always admired for it's beautiful floral decals. Different breeds of flower lacing the streets for a feeling of both elegance and calming, an aura not too dissimilar from the date he'd brought along. Sage, the apple of his eye and the man he found himself most comfortable with was his arm candy for the night and many more to come. The two of them dressed dapper and confidently walking toward the Grand Cathedral of Crocus ready for the ball to commence.

Amen'ra was wearing an expensive black tuxedo set, black down to his undies with even his nails sharing the same sable tint. His hair was slicked back from it's often messy spiked style, giving him a much more put together appearance. Dress shoes adorned his feet that clacked loudly with each step, a small heel to boost his already statuesque height, and finishing the look with a tiger pelt. The orange and black stripes standing out against his darker color scheme and protecting him from the cold.

The red underside of his dress shoes stood out with each step, drawing passerby-er's eyes to his stride, the wind dancing through the fur on his cover. Hazel eyes looking over to his date with that same alluring charm they always had he would extend a hand to him, waiting for their phalanges to interlock, and smile warmly. "Ready when you are, love."

+20 Strength +10 Speed

she wants to
dance like uma thurman
bury me til i confess


New Year, New Opportunity Empty on Sun Jan 05, 2020 9:24 pm

Aegis was excited, as he had been to a few parties, none of which he really cared for, but this one he had high hopes for. Not only for the people attending that he might be able to meet, but for the meaning behind it, the people that were saved, and the effort the people had put forward.

Not even inside the ballroom, he stood outside gazing up at the massive and magnificent building. He studied it as he entered the entrance, and I was a truly zealous operation. It was a bit too over the top for his tastes, but easily looked past it as he was a guest after all.

Most of the guests, most of them extremely well dressed, were dancing around the ball room, talking or conversing on the tables, or having food or drink to the side. As he made his way into the building. As although the party was absolutely gleaming, he found himself mostly staying near the sidelines, observing people as he went. A few too many people for him to be fully comfortable, as his mind raced in vigilance. Blending in wasn't too hard, as putting on a smile was not too hard, and he was generally still happy for the event. He greeted a few people as he made his way around the outside edge of the room, and was unsuccessfully trying to find a open table to sit down at. There was only one open one that he saw, but it was quite far away. he slowly but carefully swayed and maneuvered his way through the crowd, and got to the table, and sank down into the deep chair. For the moment, he just watched the people here enjoying themselves, and that truly made him happy at this sight.

30 Intelligence

#11Daiko Flayme 

New Year, New Opportunity Empty on Mon Jan 06, 2020 11:32 am

Daiko Flayme
Daaaamn… all the roads were colored in confetti, ribbons and other such decorations that screamed celebration time. Daiko found it a little disturbing with all these colors present; it was like one of those cheesecakes that he had tried out back in Era, only to find himself at the nearest bush emptying his stomach due to his picky he was with food. He dashed a little quicker across the streets, but he didn’t want to alert any of the knights who appeared to be on high guards concerning this event that would host many nobles, high positions and even the King and his family.

Daiko was clad in his black suit with a white shirt beneath, only visible by a half-wide opening on the front of his chest. His hair had a pony-tail today, and the spikiness at the top seemed to have been smoothed down like a pair of bangs thanks to intense amounts of combing. The white shirt was opened up a little to reveal his necklace as decorations, and even Coda was dressed for the occasion; she was proudly showcasing her green bowtie and rocking her head to the right and to the left as Daiko approached a pair of the guards.

And now, he found himself at the entrance. Shockingly, the guards sounded rather uptight and… anxious about something with Daiko. He couldn’t put his finger on it, but they let him through the moment he stated what he intended to do - obviously, to have a party!

He eyed a familiar one - actually a guildmate and a friend of his - in the Cathedral, clad in a kind of knights uniform in a party, which did throw Daiko off a little. Shaking his head, he walked up to his guildmate and patted him on the shoulder, revealing his presence. Coda would remain on his shoulder, indifferent to Kon's attire.

“Hey, you’re here too! Let’s go get something to eat!”

+30 Endurance


New Year, New Opportunity Empty on Mon Jan 06, 2020 1:50 pm

Amaris wasn’t entirely sure what she thought of grand balls and celebrations and she certainly wasn’t one for dancing. Apparently the country of Fiore had gone through some major troubles, some of which she had heard of, but most of it had happened without her being affected at all. The King of the country was now holding celebrations in order to thank the citizens for getting through this with him and she figured it couldn’t hurt to attend. There would be gifts, company and free food in masses and Amaris was kind of curious about it.

The ball was held in Crocus, the main capital of Fiore. Within the city, it was located inside the grand cathedral - a majestic and beautiful place. She had to admit, the architecture in this city was something else entirely.

Amaris entered the hall wearing a beautiful, wine red gown and some of her own exquisite jewelry. Everyone was dancing, feasting and generally having a good time and she didn’t mind joining the humans for the night. They knew how to party and be careless and in one way or another, she could appreciate that. The events of the night remained peaceful, and while she didn’t make any friends or speak too much, she did held a conversation here and there and enjoyed herself very much.

+30 Strength


New Year, New Opportunity Empty on Tue Jan 07, 2020 5:08 am

New Year, New Opportunity D4a59a7e098c234d27c312162d571aaf088f145br1-509-777v2_uhq

Finery wasn't something Odin wore often since becoming a Lich. In fact the only times he can remember donning anything remotely like a suit would have been his shifts as a bartender in Oak, and Kon's wedding, both events having occurred many years ago. But when entering the royal cathedral in Crocus for an event hosted by the King himself where he would be present, the Lich figured it was an occasion that deserved dressing up a little bit. Besides, it was likely that the world would remember his actions tonight for many years to come, and he wanted to at least be remembered as an evil being of death that dressed well for the ball.

The looks he got from the guards, both royal and holy, already made him feel unwelcome. He knew that nobody would want him to be here, but he doubted any would actively try and stop him. After all, the King had invited everyone to come and celebrate the peace they all now had, and everyone included Odin -even if the rest of the world would rather it didn't. But the Lich simply pressed on, entering the cathedral he had only previously visited once before. The lights were on, the people were here, the stage was set.

This was going to be a night to remember...

+15 Speed
+15 Intelligence

New Year, New Opportunity BTcteu6
#14Enoch Vi Britanina 

New Year, New Opportunity Empty on Tue Jan 07, 2020 6:05 am

Enoch Vi Britanina
"Tsk.... This taste awfully."Letting out a sigh as he put down his glass filled with red wine. The taste was repulsion to Enoch who didn't have a taste for pleasures such as these. He only came to this function to peep game and establish a network for his benefit. After he places down the glass he examines the room it was filled with many people and all races.

A slight chill went down Enoch back unfamiliar with his surroundings, and unsure what to expect of the others. He decides it would be best to leave after all history has told him large group equal cluster fucks. This cluster fucks equal death, and he was too young to die. Letting out a grunt he begins to make his way to the door.

Tonight on this day Enoch and thick and lustrous dirty blonde hair dance he had sported a pair of black trousers, with medieval attire for his upper body, and lastly black cape.  With each step, he made his way out of the building. Using the cover of the mass of people within the building to escape, and return to the outside world.


+11 Str,+10 Endurance, and +9 Constitution.


New Year, New Opportunity Empty on Wed Jan 08, 2020 5:15 am


Erebus moved something like a snake down the corridors, his malice indeed at the door, but perhaps his hands were around the knob. Likewise, he didn’t really have much to do or say as his own life was more important than the life of the world; just his opinion. Upon walking by others in the classy fashions and smiles, Erebus moved like a Harvest Reaper, his make believe scythe scratching the concrete as his head dropped under the cover of a hood. Raven dark hair, and eyes red like the rubies in a trove, he scanned and skimmed those surrounding him. Erebus wasn’t really about formalities, he just patiently watched and waited for his own just deserts.

He had nothing against the concept of time, but surely this would speed up soon. It needed too anyways, because for lack of better judgement, the whole charade troubled him. His face was here simply to be viewed, much like everyone else’s. Then again, Erebus was no coward either, he removed the hood, so that his hair could dance, and sit on the sides of his heads, parting down the center. His lips peeled back in a smile and he bowed toward the king. His personal prize was his for the taking, so why not enjoy this fool’s party for the moment? Peace in the moment was bittersweet, Erebus wondered if there could be an encore of blood. How tasteful.

+30 END

#16Finn Mertens 

New Year, New Opportunity Empty on Fri Jan 10, 2020 8:45 pm

Finn Mertens
New Year, New Opportunity YR3Ncp7

The year was ending, and with it the troubles of the past few months seemed to melt away. The country had taken quite a bit of damage leading up to this event, but it was the guild and civilians rising above those dangers that allowed them to have this event. The Royal family, as well as the Nobles, had decided to put on this ball to celebrate the victory over the past few years of turmoil. The times had changed and steadily evolved, and Fiore was able to keep up and roll with the punches.

And now, here they were. Celebrating their victory over their possible extinction event.

Finn stepped into the Grand Cathedral of Crocus, dressed nicely for the event. His body moved naturally, but if someone looked closely enough they could see his discomfort. The slacks that hugged his legs, the overcoat that buttoned at his sternum, the undershirt that tightly fit his build; It was all too much. His hair had been slicked back for the event as he couldn't bring himself to cut it shorter. It was longer than the blond locks he once knew, and he didn't want them obstructing his view tonight. He looked around the ball, hoping to see his expected date, but instead saw walls of strangers.

So he pushed through the crowds, intent on finding the one he was here to meet.

+10 speed, +20 strength

New Year, New Opportunity C47FSON

New Year, New Opportunity Empty on Fri Jan 10, 2020 8:51 pm

The loud flapping of wings could be heard as a small shadow descended from ten meters in the sky. The figure landed on the bridge leading to the Grand Cathedral of Crocus where a grand ball hosted by the King was taking place. The king was celebrating everything that had happened this year. It was to be a party to be remembered as the King invited royals, soldiers and mages of every guild all across fiore to attend. ANy mage was allowed to attend it didn't matter if you were guildless or even a member of a dark guild. Everyone was welcome to the ball this year there was no discrimination. Those who attended would have the chance to receive rewards for having the kingdom through this troubling year. It was mainly a public stunt however just to show the King cared, even if he didn't. Know one really knew.

As for the figure who arrived it was a small young girl in gothic dress wielding a giant battleaxe. She had a pair of black wings sprouting from her back accompanied by long spear tipped tail and two horns on her head. The girl was a demon by the name of Yumi, also known as the Witch of Carnage a vicious woman who had lived for close to eighty years. She had a fearsome reputation and it was best not to cross her.

Yumi freely showed her demon side and strutted up to the doors of the Cathedral. Her demon aura struck fear in the guards as she pushed past and ignored the party guests. Yumi was heading straight towards a statue that looked like ghostly hand and arms reaching from the base. The hands seemed to climb over one another taking the shape of an egg. Casting her gaze on the statue Yumi smirked and thought of what she wanted before turning and heading towards a corner to stand by in peace.

+30 INT

New Year, New Opportunity FIXCi2K
Character Profile | Character Sheet | Speech colour #ff0099

New Year, New Opportunity Empty on Sat Jan 11, 2020 6:10 pm

Ever since his odd encounter with the crone, Akihiko felt a strange feeling from within. Perhaps it was the leftover artic char he had last night which he ate this morning. Or, maybe it was earlier from the collision he had with the carriage. Whatever the reason, he wasn’t going to let it interfere with his objective. The cathedral was indeed a magnificent site; the gigantic wall surrounding it towered over him as he approached the main gate. From a distance the cathedral appeared to be made of a quartz like material with a marble resemblance, but upon closer inspection it was the actual thing.

“Oh..? This place must’ve cost a fortune. I wonder if the King has a daughter around my age, this kinda lifestyle ain’t half bad. Then again, she might be a stuck-up brat.” he jokingly stated as he entered the main gate.

The guards stationed at the entrance weren’t fond of his choice of words, so much so that they tried to apprehend him. However, before they got the chance their superiors intervened.

“Control yourselves, for Christ’s sake!” one of them exclaimed.

With a grin on his face, Akihiko strolled inside the cathedral sticking his tongue out at the guards. The ball was refined to say the least. The walls were adorned with pairs of candlelit scones, and if that wasn’t enough, a chandelier hung from the middle of the room. On the ceiling was a mural of Crocus’ past rulers; quite the masterpiece. There were dozens of servers who handed out glasses of champagne to arriving guests. Akihiko was a lightweight, but he couldn’t bring himself to say no.

The environment gave him an unsettling feeling. There were suspicious characters from all around Fiore, some of which didn’t seem as if they play well with others. Luckily, the King made an appearance – a toast to the occasion that would change the foul mood.

+20 Strength & +10 Speed

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#19Shimura Shigaraki 

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Shimura Shigaraki
Ah the infamous city of Crocus, the location where the ‘glorious’ King lived and ruled. The streets seemed to be incredibly busy and rushed, no doubt it was due to everyone trying to get to the ball. Shimura honestly felt a little sorry for the rune-knights that were patrolling tonight. As the bustle of the ball, has no doubt attracted the attention of thieves and troublemakers, as well as fame seekers and heroes. Fortunately for him, Shimura was not one of those knights tasked with patrolling the streets tonight, and instead he and some friends had a far more important task at hand. Though currently, Shimura wanted to see what this ball was like and once more, he wanted to get a good grasp of the city. After all, this would be the first time that Shimura has ever been in Crocus. Likewise, there were supposed to be some important people attending the ball, and it wouldn’t hurt to make some connections while he was here.

The environment was filled with the sound of wonder music, groups of people chatting and laughing together, and of course, the heavy smell of alcohol. It was honestly a little overwhelming to Shimura’s senses, seeing that he was mostly introverted, and didn’t like huge crowds. Shimura had honestly regretted his decision to come to the ball, it was too loud and there were too many people for him. From an out side perspective, Shimura was obvious miserable as he stalked the outskirts of the party like a predator ready to snap at anyone who accidentally bump into him.

(30 in constitution)

#20Xandra Queen 

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Xandra Queen
So tell the gun to sin Like an angel with the dirty wings Tainted by tastes of the soul This is another level Deep in
Stats Distribution:
+10 Strength
+10 Constitution 
+10 Endurance

The dazzling light reigned over the large ballroom as music lingered in the air, mingling with sounds of chatter that echoed through the walls. The scene before her was covered in shades of gold and silver that radiated off the infrastructure of the building, only to beautifully blend together with an array of colors that adorned bodies of individuals. Everything about this place diffused a luxurious feel.

As she sauntered in, the sound of her heels clacking against the marble ground died out amidst the voices that surrounded her. It was a celebration of freedom from chaos. It was a toast to the peace that was expected to reign over Fiore. Hence, all mages, good and bad alike, were invited. Some mingled, engaging in idle chatter over the glasses of drinks that rested in their hands. Others simply stuck towards the outskirts of the vicinity.

Xandra for one, had too much to think about. There was a lot going on, especially with the mission regarding the Rune Knight’s captain, given to her and a few other colleagues. Because of that incident, she found herself being unable to completely relax because she wasn’t able to predict what was to happen. All she wanted to do was lay back and relax, indulging in the luxuries of the night with her date. Alas, much to her dismay, she had too much to worry about.

She shook herself out of her thoughts. Her mission was something that would likely be carried out at the latter period of the night. She wanted to enjoy until then. Purple hues began scanning the area for a particular tall, tanned man. She was oddly excited about seeing him, enough that she managed to push the thoughts about her upcoming work to the back of her mind.

She was clad in a coral pink, off-shoulder dress that was relatively simple. The highlight of the dress was the neckline which was embroided with flowers, leaving her neck and shoulders exposed. The skirt of the dress flowed out, around her legs, with a slit towards the right side to allow for easier movement. She garnered no pieces of jewelry, creating a simple yet elegant look to her appearance.

All she had to do was find the one she was looking for and it was time to get this party started.

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There was a grand ball in Crocus and Kaiser just so happened to be in the city as well, so of course she was going. Why wouldn’t she be going? Earlier that day she had gone shopping to purchase the elements she needed for the perfect outfit for the event. Even if she didn’t stand out from the crowd, she would definitely make some heads turn, although that was something that she did on a daily basis anyways. She decorated her hair with fresh roses today to match the outfit and did her hair at a salon because she wanted it to look stunning and the result came out to her liking. Once she was ready, she picked up her sparkly ball clutch and headed to the venue.

It was one of those places that beings like herself didn’t like to be at, but after everything that she had done and been through, Kaiser was beyond such things. She stepped confidently into the cathedral, flaunting her curves and throwing her fluffy cape back so that it floated behind her as she entered. She liked the attention she was getting and a smirk crept onto her glossy lips. If anyone disappointed her tonight she was blasting them to outer space with her magic anyway. After she made her grand entrance, she plucked a champagne flute off a silver platter and took a refreshing sip. Champagne was probably her favorite drink, and she made it a goal to drink a lot of it tonight. She didn’t care if she ended up in an orgy outside the cathedral after the event.

{ EXIT }

+30 INT

m a t r i a r c h y
#22Natsumi Duranndal 

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Natsumi Duranndal
After hearing of a Grand Ball within Crocus, Natsumi couldn't help but be curious, never having gone to such an event before got her curious as to what it is like.
Not sure how to prepare for such an event, she got dressed in her usual attire, brushed her hair, making sure to brush each part at least 25 times. Putting on some light make up, looking at herself in the Hand held mirror, made her blush. She headed out soon, walking through the streets.
Soon wandering into the hall as her normal Gothic attire was already quite elegant. Looking around, she became more reserved, tucking her arms in, and looking down as she stood by a wall staring at the attendees of the Ball. As she was partaking in some people watching, she couldn't help at how interesting she found the other guests, observing them and minding her own business.
Looking at her hands as she tries to have abit more open posture as she through

She shook her head as she kept on people watching, her hands now clasped together behind her back as for her it is as open as she could get.


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The sun had completed its tour for the day, and had now been replaced by myriad stars, which dotted the inky canopy. A low, waning gibbous moon hovered tenuously in the twilight firmament, bestowing a very dim light upon the land. It was a cool, windy night; the swaying of trees and rustling of leaves could be heard but not seen, as the encompassing darkness had blotted out all but the faintest light. Briefly, a dark, wispy cloud eclipsed the crescent moon. For a few shadowy moments, it looked like there was a halo around the cloud, a dull aura of lunar luminescence. Orion's Belt could be seen to the north. It had taken its place for the night amongst a thousand other celestial constellations known and unknown, real and imagined. It, too, succumbed to the veil of cloud cover. Patiently, it waited for the nebulous cirrus clouds to pass, waited for the moment it would shine bright once more. Midnight hit.

Asmodeus was never one to attend social gatherings. For some reason, he never seemed to fit in. But tonight was different, extraordinary in its glory. It was the new year. King Reign of Fiore had decided to host a ball within the Grand Cathedral, welcoming one and all to come. Noblemen and women, entire guilds with their fame and glory, and even those without. All were welcome, provided they left any malice outside. And thus, the revenant decided perhaps he could join the fray and perhaps make some acquaintances. The moment he set foot within, however, nothing but dread and fear ate up the entirety of Asmodeus' face. Perspiration ran down his forehead, seeking shelter within his suit. Even so, it was not enough and the cold sweat jumped to the floor, forming a pond. He opened his mouth to utter a sound, but nothing erupted. Seventeen powerful seconds made their way across the timeline before the revenant was able to speak. "Crap." he muttered. His breathing was heavy, results of his chest tightening and gripping upon itself. He did not belong. "Maybe I shouldn't have worn this cow suit."

Asmodeus got back down on all fours and walked himself out of the ballroom.


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Nero peered his head around the entryway from the outside of the door. He was well aware that there were a few people staring at his odd actions at this point, but something about 'high society' made him wary. He couldn't exactly explain why it was just a feeling that kept nagging at him in the back of his head. After a few moments of contemplation, he decided to step into the Grand Ballroom, his eyes scanning the room filled with mages, nobles, and expensive materials as far as he could see. A light sigh escaped from his lips as he admired the place, his previous anxiety receding a bit as he grew enamored with the statue at the center of the ballroom.

He had heard rumors about an artifact such as this existing but never expected it to be real. He could feel the mysterious power radiating off it and his urge to research it grew the longer he stared at it. For a moment he found himself leaning forward, almost raising his left hand to touch it. Quickly he snatched his own wrist and slowly brought his arm down as he realized his actions. It was almost as if he had stared into an abyss and couldn't look away. Thankfully he regained his wits before anyone noticed and he did his best to distance himself a bit from the relic.

[+30 Strength]

Nero's Statistics:

#25Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz arrived at the grand cathedral. It towered over the rest of the building as a beacon of stability and majesty. He made his way up the steps. Tons of people crowded the streets and knights and nobles dotted the landscape. Garb of all manner hung from them. On this day there was an important mission to be carried out. One that was forefront on Kazimir's mind but he had to blend in to keep this part at least somewhat covert. He wore his finest suit and the markings of his rank. Not his usually uniform but a mix between his homeland's uniform and the rune knights.

Stepping up to the doors he was greeted by four knights with surprised looks on their faces. They exchanged looks and then saluted, "Captain." It was a recent promotion and word had likely not yet come around. A jarring revelation for the Captain that was already here somewhere.

"At ease. Who is the Knight in charge?" He asked.

"He is currently on another assignment, a Lt. is leading," the knights answered. It put Kaz a bit more at rest knowing that he had some more leeway now.

"In that case, I'll take care of managing security. Keep at it, and make sure to keep an eye on those known to be in dark guilds. Just in case anything happens." They saluted and agreed as Kaz walked by them.

The ball itself was alive with music, wine, and food. People from all walks of life twirled across the dance floor, lost to the revelry of the night. Kaz scanned the area, making note of the exits and any vantage point that may be used Once that was done he wandered out onto the main floor.

There were faces both old and new. He recognized the Knights that had arrived before him. Comforting to see they were here. Along with them were other more volatile faces. The Lich that had attacked him in the wild along with the witch of carnage. The king was a bold man to open this to all.

The lights of the grand hall breathed life into the party. The walls were lined with elegant marble columns with gold trim spiraling around them. The floor was full of people mingling and dancing the knight away. Other than the mission at the back of his mind, Kaz would cast his duties aside and enjoy catching up with the people both light and dark.  

+30 Int

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