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Breaking the Habit [Event Quest]

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#1Shichiro Uchida 

Breaking the Habit [Event Quest] Empty on Mon Dec 30, 2019 2:17 am

Shichiro Uchida
Raising his right fist once more, Shichiro was certain to strike the vampire once more in order to deal a fatal blow. Before he could deliver however, the vampire had gotten up and began to plead with him to spare his life. This was an odd turn of events and under normal circumstances, Shichiro wouldn’t have cared if it was pleading to live. He would have killed it anyway for being a blood sucking monster. But, now that Shishiro was a creature of the night himself, specifically, being a werewolf, he figured he’d have to at least try to listen to the ones willing to talk to him now that he had turned. It would be quite hypocritical of him if he were to continue to hold himself higher than the creatures he was taught to fear and scorn while he was human. Sighing, he halted his fatal blow towards the creature but kept his arm affixed in the spot it currently resided in cased he changed his mind. Waiting for the creature to speak, Shichiro continued to watch him cautiously; Just in case he tried something funny. The creature then began to speak to Shichiro. “H-hey, I’m sorry that I tried to attack you and drain your blood but you see, it’s been so long since I was turned into a vampire against my will. I’ve never drank human blood before so I'm particularly a weak vampire. I never asked for this you know, i only wanted to live my life normally, grow old and die. Now i’m just a hideous monster. B-but, i’ve found a way to change back to my human form but I need a little help in acquiring the items that I need. You seem like a strong individual and could probably help me out. What say you? I’ll even reward you right now if you help out.”

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#2Shichiro Uchida 

Breaking the Habit [Event Quest] Empty on Mon Dec 30, 2019 2:19 am

Shichiro Uchida
Shichiro was a bit skeptical of this but he decided to humor the creature. Lowering his arm from it’s position, he stepped back some, placing his hands into his pockets. He continued to stare at the vampire after hearing it’s story. Eventually, Shichiro agreed to help the vampire, if only to humor him enough to receive a reward. The vampire’s face then turned to joy as he started to stand up and dust himself off. The vampire then told Shichiro to wait right there as he would go away to fetch something. Shichiro watched as the vampire started to trot away in an almost comical sort of way. Now Shichiro was alone, not a single soul in sight since the cows were spooked and ran away. He sat down in the grass waiting for the vampire to return with whatever he was going to fetch. Eventually the vampire came back with a sheet of paper and a brown leather skin pouch in tow. He handed both items to Shichiro and told him the list of ingredients were on the list and where to find them. Looking through the list, he smiled thinking he was already more than halfway done. Alistar was already a vampire so that takes care of the vampire fang and Shichiro himself was a werewolf so he could give him a nail. Alistar shook his head, saying that wouldn’t work since he could use his own fang in the ritual and Shichiro was just recently turned werewolf that couldn’t even transform yet. On top of that, he’d need it to be a claw from a moonborn werewolf, meaning they were born with the virus. After that, he hurried off to some destination that was also on the list; But only after he had collected the ingredients that were on the list. 

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#3Shichiro Uchida 

Breaking the Habit [Event Quest] Empty on Mon Dec 30, 2019 2:20 am

Shichiro Uchida
Well that kind of sucks but he should have figured it wouldn’t have been that simple. Well, onwards to collect the ingredients he needed. One thing stood out for Shichiro though, how would collecting more inhuman parts of other species help him break his curse. Well, he figured if something happened later, it wouldn’t be his problem. First he decided he would go and collect the material he needed from the werewolves. Since he was a werewolf, it would be easier to get the claws he need from them right? Well, as it turns out, Shichiro was completely wrong. Not only did they not like him since he wasn’t apart of their pack or even native to Dahlia, they didn’t like him because he was a human turned werewolf instead of being born one. Things escalated a bit and a brawl broke out but eventually Shiciro came out on top with a few claws to boot. Well, that was one of the ingredients down and two more to go. Next, onto the lair of the vampire. Shichiro once heard that vampires were natural enemies of werewolves for a long time since they both seem to feed off of the same prey. Eventually, they learned to coexist in Dahlia but were still uneasy by the existence of the other. Well, as long as they stayed out of each other’s way, he assumed everything would be alright. Arriving at the vampires lair, Shichiro prepared himself to battle since he figured being a werewolf would be a hindrance but to his surprise, the vampire took one look at Shichiro, and waved him off by ripping out his own fangs and handing them to him. He was puzzled but the vampire told him to leave since he was doing important research of his own and wanted to be left alone. He did look like he was wearing a lab coat of some kind so he might have been a scientist at some point. 

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#4Shichiro Uchida 

Breaking the Habit [Event Quest] Empty on Mon Dec 30, 2019 2:21 am

Shichiro Uchida
Well, at least he didn’t have to go through too much trouble. Last but not least, the daemon’s blood. Shichiro had never seen a demon before so he didn’t know how he would go about harvest his blood. He went back to the vampire’s lair and asks to borrow a syringe in which the vampire obliged and handed him one. He didn’t think he would be so forthright but SHichiro was grateful nonetheless. As he walked away, the vampire had spoken something of a warning to Shichiro that whatever he was about to do, was the wrong choice. Shichiro stared at the vampire before going on with his night and the vampire chuckled and did the same in kind. The words the vampire spoke bothered him but he didn’t think too hard on it and just want to his next destination of trying to acquire daemon blood. He figured he’d just go in there and force it out of him if he had too. Barging into the home of the daemon, he figured that he would have to fight hard for the blood of the daemon but no, like the vampire, he also gave it up without much of a hassle, as if he was frightened of Shichiro. Well, it didn’t matter now. All he had to do was follow the directions to the destination of where Alistar would currently be. It wasn’t far from his current location and Shichiro only arrived there in just a few minutes. Upon arriving, Shichiro had spotted alistar setting up some kind of ritual that he presumed would return him back to being a human. Shichiro approached him, handing him the contents of what he collected within the past few hours. It wasn’t an easy task but he still got the job done regardless. Alistar was ecstatic to see that Shichiro had gotten him the requested items and began to prepare them right away. He then paid Shichiro for his services and asked him to accompany him for the final part of the ritual. Shichiro was reluctant about going with him since he had all he wanted but he figured it wouldn’t hurt to stay for a little while longer. 

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#5Shichiro Uchida 

Breaking the Habit [Event Quest] Empty on Mon Dec 30, 2019 4:00 am

Shichiro Uchida
Sighing a bit, Shichiro place his hands back into his pockets and decided he would meet up with the vampire at a later date. All he wanted to do for the time being as go to a nearby Inn and rest for the time being. All that running around made Shichiro a bit sleepy and he just wanted to take a small nap before he came back to assist the vampire in whatever strange or bizarre what he could think of, within reason of course. He went back to the place he was staying to rest and relax. Planning out his next course of action, Shichiro decided to get ready for his little trip in advance before heading to sleep. He then proceeded to lay down in bed to take a quick nap. He slept for approximately three hours before getting up to help with the vampire's bull crap. Walking along the path of Dahlia, he took in the sights to see, which was almost little to none, as far as Shichiro’s interest goes. He figured he grab a bit to eat first on his way to the vampire and wondered if there was any places worth while to eatat. Unfortunately for Shichiro, he could find anything that interested him and figured he'd try again upon his return. Well, it didn’t matter to him either way, all he had to go now was go accompany that stupid vampire in what ever he was planning. As walked there, Shichiro couldn’t help but wonder what that other vampire’s words mean when he said what he was doing was the wrong way to go about it. Did he know something about the ritual or have a hand in the ritual Alistair was currently attempting to perform. Either way, it was all very ominous and new to him. Well, Shichiro was about to find out. 


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