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Jolly Old Saint Nicholas

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#51Enoch Vi Britanina 

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Enoch Vi Britanina

The large baggy gray clouds in the sky weep as a downfall of snow cover the entirety of the mountain. Several thousand droplets of snow greet the mountain with open arms. One creature of the night roams the area in hopes of a source of food. Believe it or not, the elegant body of the Vampire continues to walk around the area.

Dress in his causal attire with his armor under his clothing. Enoch move with great authority with each step, and caution. The cold climate didn't bother the cold-blooded Vampire with each step his golden blonde hair dance against the wind. There was a slight breeze in the air which made it a tad bit colder if you didn't properly dress.

But none of this was a problem Enoch sight wasn't hinder as well so he could easily navigate through this small storm. Looking out in the distance he could make out a small house on a hill it look like a small wooden home.

Regardless it had to have some type of food form what he could tell smoke was coming out the chimney.
Licking his lips in approval he quickly made his way over to the house it was just a few meters away about 15 or so. Arriving at the door he knocks on it after a few seconds one-man opens the door.

Enoch didn't say anything at first but the large plum man in the red suit did.
"Mhm you been asleep for quite a while I can sense unpleasure source of power from you. Unfortunately, you haven't given me a logical reason to withdraw you from the list due to your slumber.  So I shall grant you your gift, and send you on your way."

Enoch was confused at first listening to the man words how did he know he just awoke it didn't matter because the large man pushes the gift into Enoch's arm, and wave his right arm. The result of him waving his right arm produce a gush of wind that swept the Vampire off his feet and send him flying away. Completely hopeless against the gush of wind that the large man produces Enoch was swept away.


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#53Amaris Ashryver 

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Amaris Ashryver
Amaris shuffled through the thick snow; night had long fallen, but she could still clearly see her freezing breath – white from the icy cold air. It was christmas season; a joyful celebration of love and companionship. Humans would go out of their way to decorate their homes and the streets accordingly and although the werewolves had never actually participated in such mortal festivities, Amaris didn’t mind them either. She enjoyed the good atmosphere and how careless and happy everyone became. It was also at this time of the year, that many magical things tend to happen. She didn’t know why nor how, but assumed that it had a lot to do with the magic that slumbered deep within the continent. Fiore was kind of just like that.

She’d been noticing a large house, with merry decorations and a crap load of snow around it, in the outskirts of Era. It’s been there for a few days now, but the werewolf lady knew for a fact that the house hadn’t been there forever. Something was drawing her towards said building, but she was way too cautious to simply approach it. If anything, Amaris had taken her time and after noticing a few people going in and coming back out, she decided that perhaps there would be no harm in giving it a try as well.

Amaris approached the strange, snow covered house and upon entering as quietly as possible, she immediately noticed the strong scent of a man (or was it? She couldn’t tell!) nearby. Amaris approached the nearest room and in front of her sat a rather fat man, dressed in a Santa costume. It seemed as though he’d been waiting for her.Amaris! Come now, your gift has been lying around for days now. Pick it up already!

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Opening his eyes, everything was a blur. Caius' body was freezing and the world felt like it was spinning. After a few deep breaths, he managed to pull the strength to sit up. He gave his face a few slaps to get the blood flowing again. Shaking his head he regained his focus. He was sitting in a giant pile of white snow in a ditch across from a building. He looked over to his hand and saw an empty whisky bottle next to it. "Man not again." he thought.

Standing back up, he was in front of a building that looked almost like a church. It was covered in red and green lights with statues of candy canes and snowmen surrounding it. A huge line of parents and children stood outside the door waiting to get in. Ever curious, Caius walked over to the front of the line with questions. He asked what all the fuss was about and they replied there was a giant fat man that gave you whatever you want as long as you have been good. It was the first time he heard of this holiday. Giving away your stuff for free seemed like a dumb idea but Caius was going to capitalize on it. He cut the line and went through the door to meet this Saint Nick. He slammed the door shut to drown out the complaints of the guests and headed to the main room.

The crowd wasn't lying. Like they said, in a chair was a giant fat man with a white bushy beard. A small child sat on his lap. Caius approached him and towerd above them both. Staring daggers to the kids eyes he told him to move. The kid ran off crying and Caius jumped into Santa's lap. "Saint Nicholas my man where are my presents? Boy do I have a big list for you. "


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The stars were bright, the flakes of white powered sprinkled onto the ground like sugar and the wind was gentle. Her face felt numb from the cold during her long walk towards this 'Saint Nickolas'. She heard it from children that wandered around the streets about a man dressed in red, black and white that gave presents to all. What kind of person gives away things for free? Insanity, that is what it sounded like which means she had to meet him. Her orbs gazed at the streets that were all cleared out, but a path that was obviously famously walked upon. 'This has to be the way.'.

Her voice was chilling and smooth with her accent. Her lips were naturally formed into a small frown as there was no smile left in her as of this moment. Her lilac long hair flowed backward as her long curve bang motioned into her left eye. The crunching of the snow as her boots pressed hardly against the ground was like music in comparison to the silence of the outside. A sudden stop became of her as she stood straight, head turned towards the right to look at her reflection. No longer did she have that honey blonde hair, no longer did she have those pure golden eyes and no longer did she feel the same as she use to. She changed her name once again as she felt like she had no family to really relate to after she found out that 'they' died.

'Within the light do they cry, but within the darkness they are blind. With no sight, you cannot see what may make you cry, but you will still feel it, still hear it. No matter what the feelings will always be there. No matter who you kill, it will never go away.'

Swiftly she swayed her right hand upward and walked away. ''I will no longer follow someone else's path or care.". She knew this wasn't the fact, far from it. Next her eyes were lit as she saw a beautiful lit tree and a man who was sitting there with presents. Once she was about a few feet from the man she glazed at him coldly. ''Oh'hohoho, here you go!". He handed her a gift. It was that simple? Finally, she just sighed and walked off with it, not even opening it till she got somewhere alone.


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A harsh and cold winter was brought upon the land of Fiore this year. It would snow throughout most northern parts of Fiore, chilling all who traversed the land in this winter time. A rising sun would barely illuminate the sky and cold white land of snow and frost. It was a vigorous morning for young Fayre who would be shivering under his winter magician coat. It fell snow from the early morning blue sky, as the white haired traveler would traverse the snowy forest. He left steps in the snow of the forest ground, walking along a path for a medium sized town close by here.

Fayre: "I can never get used to this temperature.."

Said the cold Fayre, who would rub his arms to try and warm himself up in this freezing forest. He would yawn, looking forward to a nice warm meal at an inn. That would be great about now for him. However, instead, something else would befall him right now, an encounter with a jolly red dressed man and his elves of green garbs. Fayre would stumble upon a strange house surrounded by tall pine trees. He would slowly walk up to the house upon seeing an elf in green clothes open the door, greeting his fellow elf peers and someone by the name of Saint Nicholas in red attire.

Fayre: "Pardon, but does anyone know where the nearby town is by any chance? I may have become lost."

Coming to the step of the door, Fayre would wave his hand out in hopes whoever these people were could give the lost Fayre directions to the town. That is when, Saint Nicholas himself would step outside and greet Fayre with a smile and gladly inform him where he can find civilization. "Oh why hello young man, yes, town is just up ahead on this road. Here is a gift and some cookies for the road, why don't ya?" However, the jolly old man would part ways with Fayre with a gift and some warm cookies to take with him on his way to the town. Fayre would smile in delight at the man's great kind nature, thanking him. Saint Nicholas would pat Fayre on the back and laugh, hoping the young man well on his travels in Fiore.


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