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Jolly Old Saint Nicholas

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#27Ri Brighte 

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Ri Brighte


"I'm sorry, what?"

Were the first words out of the mage's mouth, as he heard the latest gossip in the inn he was staying at. A strange house, appearing out of the blue, near the city. Talk of small, pointy-eared men who hung around another large, white-bearded man, and who were ready to give gifts to all both good and bad.

He couldn't be more excited. Gifts? Out of the middle of nowhere? -In- the middle of nowhere? Well, that sounded safe, and not suspicious at all!

Thinking about this again, Ri didn't think it was that good of an idea to follow these rumours he heard. But, he wasn't anything if not curious.

And thus, with all thoughts of self-preservation cast aside, Ri gathered his coat and headed out of the building- Destination: The man's jolly ol' cabin of totally not impending doom. To the surprise of no one, the cabin was actually where the rumours had said it was: at the edge of the town, between a couple of pine trees, enveloped by ice and snow. Ri wasn't surprised by that, instead, more-so to the fact that he wasn't already bagged and shipped off to another region of the world.

With some more courage than before he had arrived, the mage stepped forth, and gazed upon the various small people running towards, and by him, all greeting him with happy faces and waves. Well. This was better than expected. Maybe this wasn't some kind of kidnapping ring.

As he entered the cozy cabin, Ri looked around the room, eyes glancing over the various knick-knacks strewn across the room: the toys, the clocks, the rugs, the socks above the fireplace.

Speaking of, in front of said fireplace sat a large man, dressed in red, and with a long, white beard. Just like he had heard. The man cracked a large, friendly-looking smile, as the mage entered his home, beckoning him closer. Ri was happy to return it, if a bit scared of what might happen. Once in arm's distance, the old, jolly man handed him a box, wrapped in colorful paper, and patted him on the shoulder.

Ri could only nod his thanks, and head out, not forgetting to smile and wave at the small people running around him.


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#29Noyiah Dashi 

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Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah Wandered through the forest, the sun fast retreating beyond sight, Light Drew thinner and thinner with ever fleeting moment.  She had originally gone out for a walk and got a bit turned around.  What had started with Crisp Blue sky quickly turned to grey sheets of clouds as they rolled in with the snow and wind.  

Her only real solace was that she prepared for most things and had spare cloths to keep warm.  Her intentions where to find an area that wasn’t chalked full of Rune knights to train in, something nice and somewhere she could relax and collect her thoughts.  She had recently gone through a great deal of life changes and she found her mind tired from the constant Thinking, Brooding and plotting.
Though with the winter wind and fast fading sun Noyiah pushed through the storm and found herself in a large open field. A field she could have sworn was close to Era, but the snow drove her towards the house that seemed vaguely familiar yet different and unusual.

She Knocked loudly on the large white double doors and she heard movement from inside, The Wind Bit at her face and ears, and she could feel her body heat being swept away with every gust of wind. Luckily the door opened, and she found herself face to face with a large portly man with a beard as white as the freshest snow she had ever laid eyes on.   He Beckoned her in and offered her a seat near the fire as she explained how the storm had snuck up on her.   “Sorry for the intrusion, I appreciate you are harboring me until I regain some body heat and the storm dies down a bit.” The Man in Red Laughed a Hardy laugh and handed her a cup of hot chocolate, a drink she hadn’t had in quite some time.

For a man how lived alone or seeming alone, he seemed in good spirits, and Noyiah Shared stories back and forth with him until the wind died down and she could once again see the lights of the city not to far off.   Noyiah thanked him the best she could, and took her leave, only for him to place a present in her hand before she left.  

It was by far one of the most bizarre encounters she had ever had but she felt  happy, almost Joyful, and she resisted the urge to open the gift right then and there.  But she was more determined than that and made her way home first.  But the moment she closed and locked her apartment door she sat down at her kitchen table and opened it up with a childlike vigor that hadn’t been seen since she was ten.


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#31Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
With Judith worry of so many other people and just bringing a smile upon her face as she would try for other to do Judith. She spent far too much time trying to make sure other people had gifts and such where she nearly forget to look at herself as well. Even keeping it to herself about it."I really need to get my husband something as well...But being the grump he is Anders will most likely want nothing."Judith said to herself while walking somewhere she did not quite place herself where yet while she thought was pondering.

"No, I will be sure he has something when I see him next, After all I am sure much like my children I put him enough worry with how tend to be."
Judith focused far too much on everyone else and not herself something that she would never really consider thinking about so many, other things she had done that was, The opposite of what her life was now. Then again she never enjoyed on reflecting that, It is why she hid it so often as well.

Nonetheless Judith would eventually walk into somewhere she did not expect too, But it was covered in snow a lot of snow. It was a nice site to see. Judith could not help herself an continue towards it, Like something internally called her to the house and well she was not scared about it. But she wanted to figure out what drew her to this house, Maybe aside from the snow part of her wanted to just make more snow animals like the ones that use to visit her when she was hermit.

She needed to have her mind not walk in the past as wall as not in worry as well. But Judith would finally enter what is the house of Old Saint Nicholas. Looking around curiously she had to wonder who was home or around and found it odd she could just walk in.

Then her curiosity turned to a small small of joy for different reasons then what was normal of her."Oh, so here the fable I tell all of my children are before me, How wonderful."Judith mentioned delightfully about it because well she always felt like she had to tell them this fable was a lie, Turned out she was the wrong one. Which was nice in her view.

But she had to wonder."Is there still a chance for me to get a gift?"Judith said The Jolly Old Saint Nicholas just to be sure. He seemed to express it was a yes and Judith could see that maybe not only was Saint Nicholas not only was real but still had the same goal Judith had this time of year, Make everyone smile.


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I finally made it…! The bitter chill of winter biting at her backside as she stepped into the modest home to which she had been invited, once the door was shut behind her and a coat peg had been spied Sofia Serena let out a sagging sigh and began to strip off the items she had been wearing in order to guard against the cold. Gloves, a hat and scarf peeling off her form and followed rather speedily by a thick woollen coat that had guarded against the worst of what those chilly conditions could do against her, all had been needed given the small garment that was being worn beneath, though with the way it looked the entire exercise looked rather like the girl was unwrapping a Christmas treat meant for someone else.

She was to meet me here, right? Rather an immodest amount of flesh on display by Miss Serena as she shook her pinkish hair out to throw off the flakes of snow that had been caught within it and then smoothed those lush locks out, especially given the season, the sapphire eyed siren sported a racy number in red velvet that was hemmed at both bust and base by a line of fluffy whiteness, and was tight enough to leave only an ounce of mystery to any observer.
I can’t wait to see her? What’s she going to make of this? The ensemble of the young enchantress completed with a set of similarly styled gloves that reached almost all the way to her armpits and a set of black boots with bright silver buckles, it was plain to anyone that the Valerican vixen had styled herself in a manner meant to emulate a certain saint, but really she was looking for the approval of someone other than Nicholas this night.

And even more importantly, what’s she going to be wearing?  The mind of the magenta minx far more attentive to the woman that she was to meet this evening, though she was not intending to bump into a stranger, the choice of outfit she expected from this fine figure of a femme was enough to offer an excited feeling of freshness in their connection.
I wonder how long she’ll be? This to be the first Christmas they had together and Miss Serena determined to make sure it had been as memorable as any other day she had spent with her delicious dark dish, if not more so, all she had to do now was wait and wonder and find herself hoping that she would be occupied with neither task for all that long at all…

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#35Joshua Graham 

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Joshua Graham
Joshua had grown up with holidays under the guiding light of illumins teaching. He wasnt a man of Illumin anymore, but that didnt stop him from enjoying the winter festivities with the locals. He smiled as he smoked a cigarette on his walk of the town. The lights and snow made Angel's gave him a happy lifted feeling. He put the cigarette out as he approched a strange house.

He was curious, the stories he had heard of the strange house had peeked his interest. He had even seen some of the small human like creatures that walked around nearby. He wondered what he would get, and if hed get tricked, like the nuns used to do to naughty children. He knocked, and the door swung open and filled the area with the smell of fresh cookies and the noise of toys. Joshua smiled and walked inside to a jolly hello.


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It had been quite the strange couple of days... Ever since that magical spell that had taken her over during halloween, to all the effort she and Sofia went to dispel it. Alisa had come out of it stronger, her bond with Sofia never deeper still. And yet the thoughts plaguing her mind stemmed from a wholly different question. Among the last few days, during her training, something had changed... Alisa felt... Different? Sure she'd reached a point where she rarely even broke a sweat from all but the most stenuous of exercises but this was different:

"Perhaps my old training regimen just won't cut it anymore...?", she mused, clenching and opening her fist as she wondered just what exactly had happened to her. It felt as though something within her had broken, for good, so much that even the bitter, frosty chill of winter hardly fazed her in the slightest, where she couldn't even see the frigid puffs of condensation forming in front of her with every breath...

...But as she opened the door to the snowy house, Alisa remembered exactly what she'd come here for, and all of those thoughts seemed to fade into a cloud of lovestruck holiday cheer. Just like Sofia, she too had come clad in a fittingly seasonal attire, a fuzzy red and white santa outfit, with long white boots and a cozy jacket over it, peeling it off her and resting it on a nearby hanger, the sculptress smiled as she cooly sashayed over to her beloved, resting her hand on her shoulder to get her attention:

"I trust I haven't kept you waiting too long~...?", she spoke, letting her hands gracefully slide around her and placing a gently, loving kiss on her soft, luscious lips, sighing happily as she Sofia's warmth quickly dispelled whatever chilly, wintery grasp yet lingered on her body, giggling as she brushed her flowing, silky violet hair away from her face and gazed into her eyes, "Hello my love~ You look utterly stunning tonight but... That seems to be the usual for you, hmm~?"

Truthfully, Alisa's very reaction spoke for itself, for her eyes wandered a few inches down more often than not, scanning her lover's attired before pulling her into a warm, loving embrace.

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- Alisa Vollan

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#39Shimura Shigaraki 

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Shimura Shigaraki
Shimura was out on the streets of Era doing his duties as a Rune Knight, when he heard some children gossip about something a little odd and bizzare. Now, Shimura being somewhat of a nosey person and seeing that it was his job to make sure no one was starting trouble, decided to listen to these kids conversation. He just wanted to make sure that they were not causing trouble, and thay the everyone was safe. Well, there was that and he was a little curious as to what they were saying. These kids were talking about some mysterious house, that was decked out in holiday cheer, and had some random man ho-ho-hoing around. Now, this was certainly out of the ordinary, and something that Shimura was really interested in. For that reason, the rune-knight got the information to the location of the house and checked things out. Sure enough! There was a big man in a red suit that looked a little too happy. The big old man with the white beard chatted with Shimura, ignoring his inappropriate jokes and shooting some back, and gave him somethings before leaving. Surprised at the gift Shimura thanked him and went his way.


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#41Vali Onfroy 

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Vali Onfroy
Vali hadn't seen this much snow since he was back home. Still, not even this compared to Iceberg. The Young redheaded lord had heard about the traditions of an approaching holiday. It was called Chrimuh or something along those lines. The only reason he had taken an interest in it was that the man most involved in this specific Fiorian holiday had supposedly been somewhere outside of this town. More than likely it was someone pretending to be the man from Christmas Lore. Even if it wasn't though, none of that mattered. The Werewolf made his way outside of Oak town, slowly strolling as his hoodie remained on his head. Everywhere he went this cloak would go. Although it was probably to thin for normal people to wear in this weather- Vali was much more durable than most folk. The snow crunched beneath his boots as he walked. For a moment the titan closed his eyes to embrace the frosty winds. For a moment and only a moment, he was home.

Suddenly, when he opened his eyes, he could see a glowing house in the distance. With a smirk, he was sure that this was where he was supposed to go. Part of him was excited because it was told that the man who was known as Saint Nick only revealed himself to specific people. That rumor could also have been something to draw people in. If it was then Kudos because here Vali was. As he moved closer though he could feel a strong magical energy. However, this energy was warm and bright. When he closed his eyes he could see it almost. Before he knew it he was in front of the lighten up home. When he pushed open the doors he saw a man standing with his arms crossed by the fire. "Greetings Pagan Lord. I have been waiting a while to speak with you.

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Finn had made his way to... Well, wherever this was. He went as far north as he could travel with companions, and then found a way to go further north still. He had found that, as continued his travels, that the temperature dipped further and further. The amount of life that appeared on his travel slowly withered away, and before long all he could see was vast expanses of white snow, broken up only by the gray overcast that never broke. The temperature continued to plunge, and before long two things became painfully clear. The first was that there was no way anything could live this far north, and the second was that he had not dressed for this travel at all.

Before long, far too late to turn back, he found himself finally defeated by an enemy that he hadn't even considered; The weather. As consciousness slipped from him, though, there was a certain sense of peace. No longer a need to fight it, nor a need to hold on. He could die content.

Yet, he awoke. Hours later, days perhaps? He awoke within a cabin, laying comfortably in bed. He looked out the window to see more snow and gray, proof he was still out in the endless expanse. But beyond that, there was a man in the room with him. This person radiated magic as if he couldn't contain it; In all his life, Finn had never seen such power before. Yet somehow, it didn't feel overwhelming or threatening. One might even say it felt safe. "Who... Are you?"

"Ho ho ho. Who I am doesn't matter, Finn. I couldn't have such a good young man die so close to my home now! Please, rest up. You will awaken in your hotel back in town; And even better, I'll throw in a gift!" Finn wasn't able to question it. Instead, he felt his consciousness slip away.

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None of it made sense: where the house came from, why it was being seen outside of every major town, and most importantly who the man inside was. Odin had seen many confusing things in his life, hell to most people he was one of them, but even he knew it was impossible to be in multiple places at the same time. Magically, there had been known instances of someone projecting their thoughts and sending an incorporeal version of themselves to other places, but never a physical form, and never more than once. For someone to be in that many places, physically, and with the house moving with him, it defied all reason. It was a new form of magic no one had ever seen before. It was almost...god like.

"Come on in Odin, there's no reason to fear me, and I'm not scared of you."

There was something calming, yet alarming, about the way the man seemed to invite him in. Odin felt threatened, but there was nothing else to do. He ventured inside, seeing the man sit by the fire in his quaint, wooden lodge. There was a large sack next to him, full to brimming and seemingly endless. The old man reached in, looked to Odin and smiled.

"Here you go, just for you. Merry Christmas."


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#47Tomoe Tanaka 

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Tomoe Tanaka

The brigand's speech was monotone and controlled as he approached an out of place, cheerful-looking house out in the middle of nowhere. His simple and singular word was directed at no one in particular, or perhaps himself, as he was alone.

"Is this for real?", he continued, gripping at the handle of a sword that wasn't there.

The rogue scratched his chin stubble and sighed in defeat, realizing that he had left his equipment at headquarters for the day. Convenient, as if some force conspired to prevent him from stirring up trouble on this particular day. Tomoe wouldn't be the type to dive into conspiracies such as that, however, and brushed it off as simple and pure negligence. Nevertheless, he felt no malice from the house, and knocked.

Upon opening the door, small creatures dressed in green pulled him inside by his hands, smiling and cheery. Tomoe didn't trust them, but had no reason yet to see it as anything more than hospitality. Tomoe was no fool, but even he saw little wrong with this. There was something magical in the air that put him at ease, if even just a little.

Inside there was a small living room, with a fireplace at the end and a fat old man in red next to it sitting in an armchair. Tomoe approached the man, who eyed back at the cultist with no judgment or malice in his eyes.

"Ho ho ho! Hello, Tomoe. I was expecting you. I have a gift with your name on it!", the man responded with a jolly laugh and an upbeat tone.

Tomoe was equal parts cautious and curious at the man's words, but after a moment of thought decided it would be best to see what the fat man was offering.

"Let's see what you got.", Tomoe finally spoke with a nod.


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Aegis had just learned of a new holiday that was taking place, and it was one of gift giving. Aegis was exited because giving gifts of various kinds was something he enjoyed regardless if there was an event preceding it.

He had also heard rumors of a man giving out gift to people from his home that seemed to be in many places at once. He was intrigued, and went out in the evening to see this supposed large home, and meet this man he had heard was called Old Saint Nic. Aegis didn't want to show up empty handed though, as coming just to get information or a gift seemed a bit rude regardless. He had an issue though, as that they was not much information about the man other then he might be a rather large and happy fellow.

Aegis came to the conclusion that he could buy a few things in the city and present a bit of a food assortment, and hoped that it would at least have one thing to the mans taste. After visiting a few stands and stalls, he had gotten a fair amount, more then he was originally planning by far, and found a nice basket to pack the food items into.

After making it look presentable, he made his way over to the location people were talking about that the house had been seen.

It was indeed a magnificent looking place. Glowing lights were everywhere, snow blanketing everything, and a cleared pathway up to the doorway. Aegis shyly and carefully mad his way up to the door. there sounded like a lot going on inside, but he couldn't really see inside too well. It was cold but not too cold, so he pulled his courage out and went up to the door.

*Knock* *Knock*


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