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Noble Reconstruction [Quest| Shimura-Solo]

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#1Shimura Shigaraki † 

Noble Reconstruction [Quest| Shimura-Solo] Empty Fri Dec 20, 2019 12:41 pm

Shimura Shigaraki †
It was a nice morning at Haergon docks. The bright light of the sun bounced off the crystal-clear waters, causing the sea to shimmer and glint like a beautiful diamond. Shimura was sitting on the end of one of the many boardwalks that could be found on the docks, his back laid against one of the pillars, while one of his legs dangled freely over the edge. It is so peaceful here he thought quietly to himself as he gazed out to the sea and watched the ships coming in and out of the port. I guess it was time to go find some work. He thought as he pushed himself up from the wood docks and stood up straight. Shimura ran a hand through his jet back hair and glanced up towards the sky as he groaned loudly.

Gods, how he missed being at home and having servants bring him whatever he wanted. It was certainly better than having to work constantly in order to have a place to eat, sleep, and use the restroom. Admittedly, the family wealth did have its perks but at least now he was able to make his own name, and hopefully create his own legacy separate from his family and thus his father. His family….by all the gods he missed his mother and his younger siblings, and his uncles and aunts, and some of his cousins. As he thought about his family, Shimura found himself clenching his fist and kicking a pole in anger. He needed some tea, but in order to get tea he needed to earn some jewels. Sigh. At least every job he’d take would bring him one step closer to becoming well-known within the rune-knights, and hopefully bring him closer to a promotion. Shimura started to travel up the docks looking for someone that may or may not need a helping and for any sort of work that he could find. He guessed that the more people he helped the more famous he’d become. There were a lot of people at the docks, mostly fishermen throwing their lines out to the sea, or sailors loading the ship. Shimura would help them, but they seemed rather contempt and not in need of help. Oh well, off to find someone else.

He traveled further up the docks, closer to the beach, where he found a bunch of men lifting a bunch of boxes and being directed by a fancy person in a suit. Shimura stood there with his eyebrow cocked upward as he watched the man closely, it seemed like they were constructing something. Huh. Maybe they are in need of some help? Shimura rubbed his chin as he thought and made his way down to the group of construction.

“You there! What are you doing here? This is a construction zone, and you are not wearing proper safety equipment!” A man called out to him while he was wondering in the middle of the construction, Shimura turned to see that it was the man dressed in the fancy attire; he must be the big boss. Shimura cocked an eyebrow again and was fixing to demand for some respect, but he controlled his ego. He wasn’t technically the son of a noble clan Lord anymore, now he was just a page of the rune-knights. “I’m Shimura, a page of the rune-knight- what’s going on here?” he questioned.

The man seemed to bright up a little when he mentioned that he was a member of the rune-knights, “Oh. I take it that you are looking for a job to do?” the man asked. Shimura shrugged in reply, “Depends on what kind of work you have to offer. Who are you again?” he asked “Oh excuse me, how indecent of me to not introduce myself, I am Lord Reign Valystasia and helping these fine men on a construction project, we need another hand. You would be compensated for your hard work.”

Shimura took a moment to think about this man’s proposal, he was tempted to refuse, but then acknowledge that it was his sworn duty to help the people of Fiorie as well as enforce the law. “Well Valystasia-san, after careful consideration I accept your offer. I supposed you want me to do the heavy lifting that you don’t want to do?” he questioned. Valystasia seemed to have been offended at his accusation, “You do whatever is within your limitations Mr. Shigaraki. I don’t expect you to do things that you cannot do, and if you don’t have experience in construction you can simply retrieve tools and supplies for the men, understood?” Well, this was intriguing indeed. Shimura thought as he crossed his arms quizzically and starred the noble man down for a couple of minutes; was this guy just playing politician or was he serious?

What was stopping him from doing nearly nothing and simply taking the money after claiming to do hard work. Oh wait, it was his sense of honor and the fact that he was a rune-knight and that prevented him from doing such things. “You are an interesting person Valystasia-san. My father wouldn’t be down here lending a helping hand he would be merely directing everyone and pushing them to their limits.” Shimura shrugged and yawned, “But I guess my father is a different man than you , so here I go.”

Shimura would leave the fancy man after he was given a construction helmet for protection. He would then wander about the construction site aiding men in whatever way he could. One group of construction workers were stacking some wooden planks onto a net, and then using a pulley device to lift them up. Shimura took a couple of minutes studying their actions, and then leaped in to help them stack the wood. When they were done stacking the wood, Shimura joined the men in tugging the rope that was used to lift the planks into the air, and repeated this task about six or seven times. Afterwards Shimura went with another group to retrieve some supplies from a storage house; nails, more wooden planks, and a couple of more tools- and aided in passing them out to the construct crew. During a break Shimura spent some time laughing and made acquaintances with some of the construction workers; the workers spoke a lot about their family, and how they missed them, and made the mistake of asking Shimura about his family. Of course, he didn’t tell them and simply said that they got off on bad terms. When their break was over, Shimura went back with the construction workers and worked at the site some more. Shimura went back and forth from the storage house to the construction site in order to gather and supplies, and occasionally he would handle some heavy lifting. When the day was nearly over and darkness began to set, Shimura made his way over to the nobleman to get his reward. Then he went drinking with some of the people he met at the construction site, they said they'll pay for him. When he was done drinking with his friends, Shimura would return to the spot he was that morning, and fall softly asleep.


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