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Shimura Shigaraki

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#1Shimura Shigaraki 

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Shimura Shigaraki


Name: Shimura Shigaraki

Age: September 19th, 768x

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

Ethnicity, Father: Joyan

Ethnicity, Mother: Joyan

Class: Sorcerer

Profession: Soldier (Endurance/Constitution)

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Rune-Knight

Mode: Normal

Tattoo: yellow, right shoulder blade

Face: Zuko- Avatar the Last Airbender


Height: 5'8" ft

Weight: 128.8 lbs

Hair: black

Eyes: golden

Overall: Shimura is not as physically intimidating as his older brother Osamu or his other uncle Toshiro. He doesn’t posses’ broad shoulders and tree trunk size muscles like Osamu and Toshiro, instead, Shimura possess a slenderer frame with less pronounce muscles. Shimura has more of a runner’s build like his uncle Tomonao, than a football player build like Osamu, his father, and uncle Toshiro. While this does not make him as scary as his older brother, father and uncle, this does mean that Shimura is somewhat in physical shape which in return does aid in battle. He possesses a long diamond shape face that is dominated by a burn scar, given to him by his father, on the upper left portions of his face. Shimura has golden eyes and long black hair that he allows to hang in his face, usually over his scar. Before his banishment Shimura wore elaborate and elegant clothing, but now he has decided to tone down his style a couple notches. Currently, Shimura wears a happi  that he usually keeps close, the happi is red in coloration, and is usually matched with red pants tucked into black knee-high boots. Over the happi Shimura would occasionally wear a haori that is darker than the happi and has yellow edges. When it is raining, Shimura would wear a hooded black coat to protect him from the rainfall.

Extra: a burn scar that covers the upper-left portion of his face.


Personality: Shimura was proclaimed as his father as being an incompetent and honor less weakling with no sense of duty and discipline, in other words, a shameful stain on the family name. His banishment from his homeland has filled him with a sense of anger and resentment towards his father, but also cursed him with feelings of inadequacy and despair over the fact that he may never see his family ever again. At the same time, his banishment has given him a sense of purpose other than being his old brother’s right-hand man, a destiny that was placed before him that he never really desired. Shimura is wholly committed to his duty as a rune-knight primarily because he wants to prove his father wrong. He sees his current status of rune-knight as an opportunity to recreate his honor, and to become the man that his father wants him to be and most importantly who he wants to be. Though admittedly, those to images often clash with one another. Another reason why being a rune-knight appeases to Shimura so much is because even at a young age, Shimura possessed a strong sense of justice and desire to make the world right. Being a rune-knight allows him to fulfill that dream of creating a better world, well, at least in his opinion it does. Shimura does not possess the social grace of his sister nor his younger brother, and he tends to be a quiet albeit outspoken fellow who performs to observe his surroundings rather than interact with them. On the occasion that Shimura has been persuaded to engage in conversation, or when he seeks to engage in conversation, he is more often than not blunt and to the point. Shimura usually speaks his mind and holds no reservations about mocking those that he views as incompetent, a trait that he has unconsciously gained from his father. Though, unlike his father Shimura is capable of noticing when he has taken things too far and will call himself out when he does so. Even though his father neglects to see this, Shimura does possess Sosa’s ruthless intelligence and pragmatism. Though unlike his father who can commit violence and hold no remorse for it, Shimura can commit violence, but only when necessary and he’d regret almost immediately. Due to his magic nearly demanding an aggressive fighting style, Shimura was nearly forced to adopt an equally aggressive fighting style. While in battle all that inner hatred for his father and himself alongside his anger for being banished is released; as he attempts to overwhelm his opponents with raw power and brute force.


  • Tea: Shimura loves tea to the point of obsession. He finds that there is nothing more peaceful and relaxing than sitting outside sipping on some nice tea.
  • Cooking: Shimura loves cooking since the day that his Aunt taught him. He enjoys testing and mixing flavors, and creating his own recipes from scratch.


  • Osamu Shigaraki: Shimura sees his brother as pathetic for trying to mimic his father, and he loathed the fact that he was supposed to be subordinate to him.
  • Needless Violence: Shimura holds great distaste for unnecessary violence, and he hated how his father always used violence to assert dominance over others.


  • To prove a point: The main reason why Shimura joined the rune-knights was to make a name for himself. The reason why he wants to make a name for himself is to prove his father wrong, and to prove to everyone that he is better than his father in any way possible.


  • Sosa Shigaraki: From an early age Sosa managed to instill fear into all of his children. This was mainly because Shimura and his siblings hardly saw their father, and when they did see him it was primarily to deliver punishment from times they got into trouble and he wasn’t home. But for Shimura there is more reason to fear and hate his father than his siblings, and that reason rests on his face. Most importantly however, he fears that his father is right about him.
  • Failure: Shimura is terrified that he would fail and make an embarrassment of himself. This is a fear that was instilled in him at a young age, and has pushed him to always be thorough and strive for perfection. However, Shimura true fear is that he will fail to become better than his father, and in the process prove Sosa right.


Magic Name: Flame Technique

Magic Element: Fire

Magic Description: A unique form of magic that is passed down from one generation to another in the Shigaraki’s long lineage. The origins of this magic are unknown, with some scholars accrediting Akainu the Clever to the creation of this magic, and other pointing to different sources. Whatever the case, this unique caster magic utilizes the element of fire to destroy their opponents and dominate the battlefield. It is said that the Shigaraki family creates a flame by sparking their mana with hatred and anger, and then release that flame of anger through and out of their body. Because this form of magic requires that the user channels the flame through their body, the Shigaraki clan has learned how to weave spell casting into martial arts. For this reason, this form of magic is known for its intense and aggressive attacking style and suffers a lack of adequate defense. This magic can be used in offensive, self-buffs, supplementary, and defensive means.


One of the noble Joyan clans who hold control over regional provinces within Joya. Claiming ancestry from Akainu the Cunning, the Shigaraki family had held control over the province of Asai from their fortress of Hoersu within the southern regions of Joya for generations. Under their watchful eye a small trade city known as Shimura developed and thrived under the clan’s protection. In more recent times, during the lordship of Izuna Shigaraki the clan fell on hard times. Izuna was a weak man who allowed his vassals to exploit him, namely these were the Seto and Kisame clans.  Under threat of collapse Sosa, Izuna’s eldest son, overthrew his father and crushed the Seto-Kisame revolt. Sosa would proclaim his father was traitor and execute him as punishment for his weakness. Thereafter, Sosa would spend most of his years recreating the once proud Shigaraki legacy. Shimura isthe second oldest son of Akiko and Sosa Shigaraki, younger brother of Osamu Shigaraki, and older brother of Yoshirou and Akira Shigaraki. Being the second oldest Shimaru was expected to become his older brother’s right-hand man, just like his father’s brother Tomonao was his right-hand man. Their father was mostly absent from their lives, as he was busy with politics; and the few times that Sosa was with his family was to sort out punishments and to teach his heir. For that reason, Shimura spent most of his time with his uncle Tomonao, his younger siblings, and his cousins.

At a young age, Shimura was taught how to fight from tutors that his father hired and through private lessons with his Uncle Tomonao. Like all of his siblings, Shimura was trained in his family unique magic, but he was not a natural in it like his older brother Osamu and younger sister Akira. Sosa often treated Shimura and Yoshirou with great disdain due to their difficulty in learning the family’s magic. He would often mock Shimura for being weaker than his younger sister and view him as a failure. Tomonao disagreeing with his brother’s harsh treatment of Shimaru and Yoshirou would train them privately to create their own unique take on the family’s magic; which benefited them greatly in the long wrong. Unfortunately, Sosa only cared for tradition and found his children’s unique take on the magic to be blasphemy, and inferior to what was traditionally taught. When he was nineteen years old, Shimura got into a heated argument with his father which broke out into a fight. Sosa swiftly defeated his son and was fixing to deliver the final blow, but Shimura’s uncle and mother pleaded for him to be merciful. Listening to his brother and wife, Sosa stripped his son of his honor and banished him. Seeking to prove his father wrong and to create a name for himself, Shimura traveled to Fiorie where he would join the Rune Knights; as he believes that by serving a force of justice he can prove his father wrong, and reclaim the honor that was stolen from him.

Reference: n/a

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#2Noyiah Dashi 

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Noyiah Dashi
Good morning Shimura, nice work on the application. I have a few minor things

1st - the date of your birth is actuality 768x unless you were born after December 17th

2nd- you mention scar over eye and you please put that on a left or right for readers convenience

3rd- at the end of your magic, you have written all of the magics available to a sorcerer, just keep in mind that offensive is the one that is superior as for the others written are considered inferior. Though nothing needs to be changed I just wanted to make sure you knew.

All of these are minor, well done on your application. Just reply when your done these changes ^,.,^

#3Shimura Shigaraki 

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Shimura Shigaraki
Bump, bump, bump!!!

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Noyiah Dashi
Shimura is approved Congratulations  and welcome to the forums

Don't forget you have 4 starter D Rank spells for free but they must be submitted

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