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Travel to Dahlia [Travel]

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#1Shichiro Uchida 

Travel to Dahlia [Travel] Empty Fri Dec 06, 2019 11:19 am

Shichiro Uchida

Well, what a mess this turned out to be. Shichiro only wanted to come here as a part of a sight seeing trip but ended up getting involved in some major event that was going on with the town. Needless to say, he did all he could before leaving the town and hopes that it can recover so he could come back later and actually fulfill his previous desire of just sightseeing. For now, there was nothing to see and he just wanted to get out as soon as possible before he's asked to do some menial labor like help rebuild the town and such. He was a mage, not a construction worker and he had already done enough of work for this place to last a lifetime. Gathering his things discreetly, he left and made his way towards Dahlia. As he traveled from region to region, Shichiro couldn't help but remember the events of his life that he had deemed significant enough.  

Like his training with the wolf pack going well and he's learned a lot from them and wished he could stay a bit longer. Unfortunately though, he wasn't moon born like the rest of them were meaning he wasn't officially part of the pack. He couldn't stay with them any longer than their code permits which is just fine for Shichiro. All he wanted to do was stay long enough to learn the ways of the wolf and how to control himself when certain 'conditions' arise. He thanked Achak and Cameron before they both told him something unfortunate. Because Shichiro was now a werewolf, he could no longer return to his human settlement he governs. That wasn't much of a loss for Shichiro as he never really intended to return anyways. As for the other unfortunate news, Achak told him he couldn't return to the pack either since it made most of the members uneasy that some outsider that bested their previous leader had now become one of them and was even stronger than he was before. This made Shichiro chuckle to himself but he didn't hold any ill will. After that, Shichiro bid them farewell before he set off the town of Oak.

And of course when he went to Oak, he would be dragged into a war between the living and the dead despite not having any intentions to work so soon. Well, regardless he did get somethings out of it and decided it was a worth while venture in the end. 


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