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Runaway Train (closed)

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#1Kazimir Seiryu 

Runaway Train (closed) Empty on Thu Dec 05, 2019 8:58 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
The sun was in sky. An eagle soared across the beams of sunlight, casting a wide-winged shadow on the land below.

The black smoke plumed into the air mingling with the white clouds. The smell of grit and engineering lingered in every creak and grind of metal.

The large train purred at its resting position like a long-distance runner ready to bolt off. A large crowd gathered around the locomotive. Chatter filled the waiting area mixed with the buckling wooden planks beneath their feet. Most of the people looked of high class, and it made Kaz wondered how he was sent a ticket or if it was a mistake.

Kaz held his ticked in one hand and looked down at it.


He waited patiently as a man began to usher people into the train two at a time. He made grand waves with his hand. "Come! Come! The most lavish train ride you'll ever have."

Finally, Kaz got to his spot in line and the man placed a hand on his back and lead him into the train where he was greeted by another worker. They all had on the same uniform. Blue with a single golden strip and a tall hat.

He showed her his ticket.
"This way please," she replied and led him down the hallway. There were cabins on both sides. A train that prized itself on accommodations and only had cabins for people to use. Lamps powered by lacrima dotted down the hallway.

"Here is your room. It turns out there is only one other passenger that has this room with you," she looked at the cabin door that read. "Seats 2F and 3F were not able to make it.


"Thank you," he answered politely and moved into the cabin. It had cushioned seats and a large window. Food and drink were already within it. Kaz sat down in the seat and could almost fall asleep in it.

#2Joshua Graham 

Runaway Train (closed) Empty on Sun Dec 08, 2019 6:06 am

Joshua Graham
A man entered the train car soon after, he has a large mustache and sidechop combo that gave away his age. He was around 35 by the look of it. He wore a nice business suit and a bowler hat on his head.

"Good day sir!" He said as he extended a meaty hand to the tune knight infront of him. If he took it he would shake his hand and sit down. "The young lady told me it was just me and you in here? How lucky! We get to enjoy the room to our self."

Above the train hiding on the roof was Joshua. His hat held in his hand to not give away where he was. He hadn't gotten. Ticket as he was new to the country, but he was gunna use it to help him find te monster. Maybe during the trip hell see tracks, or find its cave. He sighed and pulled out a cigarette and set it on fire with his magic. He pulled a long drag as the train started to move finally boarded. Joshua was sitting directly above kaz.

#3Kazimir Seiryu 

Runaway Train (closed) Empty on Mon Dec 09, 2019 5:52 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz looked up at the ceiling of the carriage, he could have sworn he heard something. He moved the open the window as the door opened. A jolly man entered with a hefty handshake. The man's hand engulfed Kaz's.

"Good morning to you as well,"he replied shifting back into his seat. "Indeed looks like we'll have a smooth ride, please sit," he gestured towards the open seat across from him so that they could each have a half of the cabin.

The idle chit chat began and the train lurched forward. "Here we go," Kaz interjected into their conversation.

The train slowly built up speed as black smoke puffed from the stacks. Wheels squeaked down the hall as a woman pushed a trolly. It was filled with beverages and snacks of all sorts. Something for anyone. Looking out the window, the land started to whiz by, but unlike other trains, he didn't feel a rumble or wobble from the locomotive.

The man started to speak about all the excitement he was feeling but Kaz was too focused on the scenery outside to really remark on anything. The man stopped the woman as she came by and ordered fistfuls of snacks. Something to fuel his larger body.  

Before long the train began to pick up more speed. he could almost hear the roar of the engine. The train suddenly shook, as it went to a higher speed. Kaz's eyes narrowed at the thought. Wondering if this was all a part of it or if there was some malfunction on the maiden voyage. He peaked his head out the door ad gazed down the hall. No one else seemed to be in a commotion but the servers exchanged a couple of looks with one another, followed by some whispers.

#4Joshua Graham 

Runaway Train (closed) Empty on Tue Dec 10, 2019 1:50 pm

Joshua Graham
But as Kaz looked outside the large man in the cabin with him finished his snack and patted his belly, he stood up barely able to fit in the cabin as he grabbed kaz and pulled him back into the cabin before closing the door. He smiled as he got in the way, his body seeming...to get larger, he smiled a cruel smile. "Dear boy, I'm sadly going to have t kill you. We cant have a rune knight running around and messing up our plans." He reached for kazs head, his hands larger them before thanks to his magic.

Above the carriage, Joshua found himself not alone as they passed a sheer cliff and severel individual dropped onto the train from above, they landed as best they could one or two falling, but the others held theirselves well. "Well this is getting excitin'. A good old fashioned train robbery." He stood up and approch them. "Howdy fellas! What ya doin' up here?" He said with a smile as the people further down the train made their way inside using the mid car doors between each car. Some stayed ont he roof to confront Joshua.

#5Kazimir Seiryu 

Runaway Train (closed) Empty on Tue Dec 10, 2019 10:08 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
The large man yanked the rune knight back into the cabin and glared at him. Kaz analyzed the man's body as he kept growing in size. The snack he ate made him expand to take up most of the cabin and completely block the doorway.

"I'll say it once," the enthusiasm in his voice was gone because of how many times he said the same line, "I'm a rune knight. Surrender now and..." His sentence was interrupted the brutish man's hands reaching towards his head. Each one was large enough to surround his head.

He brought his hands up to begin casting a spell but his concentration was broken by the sudden thuds that rattled the top of the train. Kaz's breath hit against the palm of the man's hand as his meaty fingers gripped Kaz's face. His smaller body was yanked up. The feeling of the floor disappeared beneath him as his toes dangled in the air.

The next moment his head crashed through the window of the cabin. The outside air rushed past his body and filled the cabin. in between the big man's fingers, Kaz saw the top of the train. Multiple people stood on it. One man stood opposite them and they looked like they would clash.

he mumbled through the beefy hands covering his face. The grip started to tighten and the train was nearing a cliffside. Kaz threw his hands at the man and sent a violent rush of wind at his face. The hand slipped back and freed his face as the man stumbled backward towards the door. Kaz pulled himself back in. "Alright, then. we'll do it your way." he put his hands together and sent a sharp series of wind blades that cut into the man's body. He tumbled into the door and knocked it off its hinges with the man and the door hitting the ground.

A waitress screamed in shock as she bumped the big man's body with the foo cart. Food dropped from the edges and the man slammed his hand into a box of sandwiches. In nearly the same motion he shoved a couple in his mouth and his body grew even bigger as he got to one knee. Kaz rushed in, only to be met with a heavy punch, knocking him back against the broken window frame.

#6Joshua Graham 

Runaway Train (closed) Empty on Fri Dec 20, 2019 1:30 pm

Joshua Graham
Joshua couldnt help but smile as the men turned to face him. Each one had melee weapons and possible magic to attack him with, so he didnt make the first move. He didnt even listen to them as one started to speak to him. He was more curious as to why they were robbing the train to begin with. He had seen the passengers getting on and knew they were rather wealthy, though to risk a train robbery with this many rune knights on the train was pretty dumb in Joshua's mind. He took out a cigarette and placed it in his mouth, he didnt need to worry about the wind as he used his magic to light the rolled paper.

He inhaled deeply as let out a cloud of smoke as he burnt it to ashes right away from one drag. He was rushed, apparently the man speaking to him had gotten annoyed and decide to take it out on Joshua. He attacked with a metal pole similar in size and shape to a meta baseball bat, the sound of metal on metal was barely heard outside, but could easily be heard inside the train car. Joshua had side stepped the blow and with a swift retaliation Joshua back handed the man with a closed fist. He stumbled back and barely held his balance. His nose bloody and leaking all over his face.

"I'm gunna keep this nice and simple for you, tell all your friends t surrender now, and I wont be forced to get ugly with you lot." He said to the men with a smile. "Though I cant say you lot can get much uglier."

He felt the train car he was on rock hard to one side, he nearly lost his balance, before regaining it in time to dodge the next attack, he retaliated with a swift kick this time before throwing the man off the speeding train by his collar and belt. "Off ya go! Who's next?"

Further down the train, kaz could easily hear the criminals yelling at passengers and the rune knights fighting for control.

#7Kazimir Seiryu 

Runaway Train (closed) Empty on Sun Dec 22, 2019 11:55 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz hit the window frame just as a bandit plummeted from the train to the ground and they whizzed by never to see him again. The attackers were above the train and within, but it seemed someone was handling it from the top.

Things had become more difficult now than before. The man was growing larger and was barely able to squeeze into the door. If he charged Kaz knew they would be sent flying out of the train. His ears picked up the sound of criminals down the train car and rune knights yelling for help.

Kaz stood straight with a more serious look on his face than before. It was a cold expression now that the lives of the innocent were in danger and it wasn't just a wild tussle in a cabin. "I don't have any more time to waste with you," he said as the waitress screamed and ran the opposite way down the hall towards the end of the train. He looked around the room and unfortunately with his magic he was confined to what he could do. The big man lumbered forward and crouched with one hand on the ground. He was ready to charge forward like a rhino.

Kaz gathered the wind around him as the glared at one another, ready for the showdown to begin. The man charged forward. His wide body tearing through the frame of the door. Kaz braced himself to take it head-on but it was only a bait. He dashed backwards and out the window. The man was moving too fast to stop himself, thinking the mage was going to meet him head on. The man crashed through the wall of the cabin. Kaz kicked downward in mid-air and propelled himself to the top of the train.

He grabbed the railing and swung himself onto it and rolled to the other side. The big man fell through the hole he created and clung on for dear life to the sides. He let his body shrink rapidly so he wouldn't fall to his death and Kaz had bought himself some time.

There was a man standing on the top facing down a group of bandits. "Thanks," Kaz said as he jumped off the other side of the train, kicked off the wind and crashed through a window back inside.

He opened a door and walked out into the hallway to see the criminals battling knights. Now it was time to really get to work.

#8Kazimir Seiryu 

Runaway Train (closed) Empty on Tue Jan 07, 2020 6:59 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz braced himself in the hallway as the train rocked back and forth. He knew what needed to be done. He heard the cries of passengers on the railway. Their calls echoing out louder than the thunder of metal wheels banging against the tracks.

Opening his eyes with a furious vigor, he dashed forward through the hall. The cabin's like a blur as he passed by them. his hands tightened and his fingers tensed like the claws of a tiger. His eyes were cold and hungry. He swung his left hand. Then his right. Blades of wind slashed outward one after another. The blades cutting into the bandits. Striking them in their backs and sides. Sending them smashing into the floor and walls.

Kaz leapt up as one fell before him. He was over the man and he kicked back propelling him forward with a heavy gust of wind. He soared over the downed man and flew by two others. He turned to face them, making a circle with his arms and blasting a whirlwind between them. The impact left them dizzy and unconscious, slumped on the floor.

Before long he was at the head of the train. car after car of injured bandits behind him. The cars rattled one by one. Kaz glanced back over his shoulder. A mass was barreling down the hall. People cowered back into their rooms. It was the heavy magic mage from before, coming at him with a new infusion of mana.

A harsh gust of wind blew the hinges from the door and Kaz rushed in to see the driver was dead and half the door had been blown open. he yanked on the lever and it began to budge and slow the train down. Closer to a safe speed. The enemy mage was almost at him. There was only one choice. He had to get the big man out of the way.

The heavy mage rushed him like a boar. Kaz dashed into the man and dashed once more with a twist, carrying them both up and out of the train.

"It's all yours," he yelled at the man atop the train.


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