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Foot Travel: Era to Dahlia

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Foot Travel: Era to Dahlia Empty on Mon Dec 02, 2019 1:17 pm


Erebus threw his clothes on quickly, rushed to get out of town. Typically he wouldn’t worry so much, being practically protected here. But the sultry scent of power radiated to him in a dream, echoing to his pleasure receptors. Blood Magic… Dahlia… He understood what needed to happen. To reach elevated strength his journey was not yet ready to foster into backside shooter. He was a floor player, and so his next move was to get out of Era onto the pathway to another town. Dirt paths, smelled of sulfur from nearby swampy wetlands on the outskirts of the region. Like pocket filled and landlocked after a storm from the neighboring town of Magnolia. Magnolia was a place Erebus frequented as Vance, as well as Erebus. He first met a friend there when he was on the opposite end of the monster radar. A Werewolf. But being a werewolf came with a cloudy judgement and a temper he didn’t fancy as well as the cultivated vampyric intelligence.

Erebus made sure to cause a stir there before passing through. Into the City Morgue he crept. Cutting his wrist he sprinkled blood onto the lips of the corpse bodies within. As he was exiting the building, a red alarm went off, and the screams of the humans within caused Erebus to cackle with humor. Onto the boat at the pier, Erebus rode off the coast towards to Dahlia. Reaching a shadowy creek he knew that he wasn’t far now. Stepping off the boat, he walked as the supernatural silence opened him to the opportunity of thought. Erebus tended to ignore his thoughts nowadays, intrusive and maniacal, he was just much the wiser not paying them mind. However now, he was simply keeping it real. His plans were unfolding slowly overtime, and this stage in the game would be left soon. Especially if he obtained the fabled magic of the Vampire race.

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