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A town under attack [Lich Event]

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#1Shichiro Uchida 

A town under attack [Lich Event] Empty Wed Nov 27, 2019 7:43 pm

Shichiro Uchida

Making his way from the mountains to Oak town, Shichiro wa lost in thought. More like, Shichiro was lost in one of his usual daydreams and fantasies. He didn't know why he was compelled to come here but after training and hanging out with Achak, he felt he was stronger than he was before even if it was by a sliver. As he approached the village of Oak, a man was running down the forest hill in quite a panic. SHichiro wasn't sure what to make of this until the man stumbled in front of Shichiro nd fell to his knees, clasping his leg. "HELP!! YOU HAVE TO HELP ME!!! M-monsters are rampaging part of the town! You're a mage aren't you!?!? Help us," the man chocked out in between sobs. Shichiro has never felt so disgusted before as he watched the man grovel and hold onto his leg. His face contorted with obvious disdain before sighing to relieve himself of his irritation. Shichiro responded that he would help out with whatever issue only if the man would pay up. The man agreed almost immediately and Shichiro hurried further up the mountain in order to asses the situation. All seemed pretty calm for the most part, upon entering through the old, stone gateway of the town. He did note however that even though it was the middle of the day and despite it's mostly sunny atmosphere it felt ominous in a way that made Shichiro's hair stand up on end. It was peculiar really but that was what he was here for he assumed. 

Walking in, he looked around the entrance of the town. Nothing out of the ordinary was going on, nothing at all. That was the problem though, nothing was going on at all. Oak may not have been as large as Era but some would say it would be the fourth if not third largest town in all of Fiore. He assumed something would have been going on but not even the townspeople were in site carrying on with their usual activities. He figured, maybe he would find out what was going on if he made his way further into the town and possibly get some questions answered. Placing both hands into his pockets, he slowly walked towards the center of the town. The only reason he didn't hurry was because he didn't sense too much urgency in the situation other then one hysterical man running down the hill for his life. Only, he didn't say what he was running from, only that the town was in danger. He figured it would be something he could handle and simply moved forward. Up in the distance, he had heard sounds like the screaming of a woman and began to quicken his pace, he figured he'd finally get the well deserved answers he needed. This is probably what he gets for agreeing to things without asking for details but it seems like this was a dire emergency, at least to the towns people anyways. 

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#2Shichiro Uchida 

A town under attack [Lich Event] Empty Thu Nov 28, 2019 11:05 am

Shichiro Uchida

There in front of Shichiro, he spotted a small militia of ten skeletal looking creatures running around the center, wreaking havoc on the towns people as well as pillaging certain items for some kind of reason unknown to Shichiro at the moment. Well, he finally found out the problem with this town and now is a good a time as any to start his 'job'. He could only hope the man would pay him handsomely for this task. Pulling his hands out of his pockets, Shichiro cracked his knuckles loud enough to draw attention to himself. 'Bring it on,' Shichiro had motioned with his hand. Two of the initial skeletons began to leap forward towards Shichiro with their bony limbs in tow. Shichiro stepped forward, raising both his arms and delivering them towards the skulls of the skeletons, smashing them with ease. Unfortunately for him, this wasn't enough to completely subdue them since now they were twitching on the ground wondering how to move their limbs properly. He assumed they mainly received mana or orders from their head since that would be the only logical conclusion. Well, at least he knew how to disable them temporarily so he could strike the fatal blow towards them when he was good and ready. For now, he figured he would just let the two he had disabled roll around in place there until they eventually stopped or he had time to come back to them to finish them off. Ether way, he now had the attention of all the skeletons currently in the area.

There were eight more of them just standing there in wait, wondering what they should do. He figured this was a good a time as any to go on the offensive himself. He started to walk towards the remaining skeletons, slowly turning into a trot before it changed into a run. This finally sent the message to the skeletons that they were in danger and they also started to charge towards him. Judging from their positions, he figured he'd be surrounded too quickly if he didn't take care of them swiftly. There were two in every direction he looked except the front. Four skeletons in front, two to the left and two to the right. Shichiro deviated from his frontal assault to his right to deal with the smaller numbers first. Even he would be overwhelmed if he tried to fight them all head on at once. Shichiro outstretched his right arm, closing his fist, delivering a horizontal strike towards one of the skeletons. Continuing his swing, he swiftly guided his attack towards the other skeleton next to the first one's head he crushed. Guiding his arm towards the next one, Shichiro impacted the skull with his fist, destroying it in one fluid motion of his swing. That was two more that he had disabled for the time being that he would come back to dealing with later. He turned his sights now towards the other six that were remaining. 

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#3Shichiro Uchida 

A town under attack [Lich Event] Empty Thu Nov 28, 2019 1:51 pm

Shichiro Uchida

The remaining six skeletons hadn't group yet which was a good thing for Shichiro. If the met up, his job would have been a lot harder. They were all spaced out and scattered through different directions of the the square. Turning to the direction where he had originally been moving towards, he saw the four skeletons had now be closer to him than he had original thought. They weren't fast but in that regard, neither was Shichiro. Upon turning, Shichiro caught one of the skeletons swinging his limbs horizontal towards his face, bending his knees to duck and evade the swing before retaliating with a strike of his own. Outstretching his left arm, he trusted his fist towards the skeleton who tried to strike him's skull, shattering it easily with his now augmented strength. Five of them down, five more to go, thought Shichiro. He took a couple steps back to evade oncoming swings from the other three skeletons that traveled in his wake. This was starting to become a pain for Shichiro but he figured that he could endure it for a little longer until he could find an opening. And soon, his chance had arrived. They were just mindless creatures than former humanoids and their intelligence mirrored that. Swinging wildly had only been their undoing and eventually, the rib cages of the skeletons had began to tangle and mesh together. Soon, they couldn't even chase after Shichiro anymore and became a ball of bones that started to fight among each other in order to get free. 

It was amusing in a way but Shichiro had no time to laugh seeing as the other Skeletons was now encroaching upon him. Standing his ground, he figured this wouldn't really take as long as it did the first time around. Shichiro just repeated the first attack he did when he first engaged the pair of skeletons. By swinging his right arm towards their heads once more, he easily shattered their skulls and watched them crumble to the ground before kneeling down to finish them off by repeatedly crushing their bones until it was into tiny pieces and no longer functioning. After that he went back to the initial pair of skeletons he dispatched at first and began to dismantle, crush and destroy them completely so they would stop moving altogether. He then walked to the ball of bones that had tangled themselves up with their feral assault and proceeded to make an attempt to destroy them. It was a little tedious this time since he hadn't destroyed their skulls and they were rolling around trying to get away as well as getting free from each other so they could continue their attack. Eventually though, Shichiro had caught up to the ball of bones, crushed their skulls and started to dismantle their bones and break them apart so he could stop them from functioning. It would be nice if he had a weapon or proper spells so he could easily destroy them without all the extra effort but this was the life he lived for the time being.


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