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The Winter's Embrace.(Open)

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#1Judith Karlinius 

The Winter's Embrace.(Open) Empty on Wed Nov 27, 2019 4:41 pm

Judith Karlinius
The ever so joyful spirit was Judith could not help herself when Winter had struck, To run as best as she could outside. Her ever joyful feeling leaving that warm and motherly smile upon her face. A part of her wished to be enjoying this with other people she considered family at home, But then again Judith missed them for a while now and would most likely leave back to magnolia with a short period of time.

Nonetheless, Judith would do the normal thing she would do in delight. By that is she walked outside to see how snow was outside to guess what exactly she could do. Putting on a thicker coat over her normal dressed to make sure she would stay warm, She would walk outside with a plan in mind.

Finding a space with a large amount of snow around it and fitting for her goal."Perfect."Judith mentioned in delight as she would casually walk over to the open section of snow and land.

Where she would start making various sculptures from snow, It would take a of time but Judith did this in some manner during the starting of every snow fall when there was enough snow.

So wasting no time Judith would start making animals out of snow. Most of the animals she was use to being around when she was a hermit, It was long a go and had many years to it. She would start off by making one of the first animals that got comfortable around her, A Deer. Having done it so many times Judith remember where she had to start it, the details to it and even that she would have taker her time since she never wanted to mess it up. With so many fond memories even if they were her being alone Judith liked these times of reflection. Allowing her to remember whom she was greatful for. Her children, Anders, Alice and her children she considered her grandchildren. The new people who gave her new hopes in life Kazimir, Lee Ann the various people who allowed made her believe that there was more to be happy about rather then worrying her life away with what she thought fate had for her.

#2Iris DuPage 

The Winter's Embrace.(Open) Empty on Thu Nov 28, 2019 7:41 pm

Iris DuPage
Scrape, scrape, scrape. There was the sound of someone moving plastic along the ground and hefting something up judging by the crunching of a myriad of snowflakes together, before hucking it over their shoulders on to the side of the road. Iris DuPage was working in the snow today, her breath visible and her teeth chattering. She wasn't using magic to clean this up. She was doing manual labor. Why would anyone in this day and age not use any sort of magic tool, or some sort of magic to clear the way of the snow? Well, she was working for the rune knights, and judging by the collar around her neck, the manacles around her ankles and wrists, she was a prisoner.

That wasn't all she was wearing though. She had on her ragged outfit befitting a prisoner, an ill fitted garb that hung off one shoulder, and a second garb thrown on over it. Her legs exposed and arms as well. SHe was given ear muffs at least, gloves, and shoes. But, it was clear she wasn't dressed for the snow. Still, she continued to move the snow as she looked on ahead to the top of the hill, almost half way done with this road. And if she wanted a break, she could stop and dip her head back to try and collect enough snowflakes for a drink of water.

But, that would have to be when she wasn't being watched. Besides, the more she moved, the less cold she felt. SHe just kept working, moving the snow, to make sure any sort of carts or buggies could get through the road without any problems.

She didn't have much to be happy about, in fact, Iris probably hated the entire world for bringing her in to it, her parents, the people who put her in to this state, and the people who kept a watch over her now. She had the look of a stern worker who hated almost everything, and had little to look forward to other than waking up tomorrow, though they wished they wouldn't.

#3Judith Karlinius 

The Winter's Embrace.(Open) Empty on Fri Nov 29, 2019 10:16 am

Judith Karlinius
It did seem to catch the attention of Judith casually walking over and looking at what was before her. That was not early enough cloth to be able to stand the cold that she was also rather unhappy looking too. Not the type to leave some one to their own despair, Judith would do as she normally would, Greet a stranger with out bias or fear. Like a she would to anyone else.

She would look past her tiny project of making snow animal and walking over to slowly to Iris she would take off her current winter coat and waited for the prime moment just drape it around Iris just to kind of give her a moment to realize some one else was here and giving her a coat to wear, But with a friendly smile."Stop for a moment and put this on."Judith would risk herself being cold for some one else, truly something she would do normally but something no one else would do quite normally.

When it came down to it, things where a bit different."Horrible to freeze to death out here."It was an extremely obvious thing to state but then again Judith for the moment seemed to be a stranger from no where who just gave her coat up. She was not exactly normal for all accounts before her."What else do you need? Something to eat? drink?"Judith was not going to do overly nuts about it but trying still to see what else Iris would need if she even said clothing Judith would most likely find a way to give her some clothing, Even if it meant for her getting in trouble in some manner nothing would stop Judith from achieving whatever she needed to do to make sure Iris was going to live through winter.

#4Iris DuPage 

The Winter's Embrace.(Open) Empty on Mon Dec 09, 2019 6:51 pm

Iris DuPage
Iris stopped the moment someone told her to. She turned around, holding on to the shovel with white knuckled hands. She's been at this for quite a while it seemed, and no gloves, no socks even. "Sorry, I'll get out of the way as quickly as possible. You don't have to report me to the rune knigh--wait what?" SHe asked when she was given a coat. "N-No, take this back. I can't be seen wearing this. It's not mine, and I don't want to be accused of stealing another something that I didn't." She said while trying to give the thing back to Judith.

"I didn't ruin any of your snow things did I? I don't want to harass you or anything. I'm sorry, I have to get back to work." SHe would bow her head, and turn around to go back to struggling to shovel the snow. She got out of rhythm, and the cold was getting to her now. Mumbling to herself, she pushed her way through it to scoop up more snow and get on to more work. What would someone like this have done to get this kind of treatment?

As she went on about her business, a rune knight would come up, holding a single cup of hot coffee, sipping from it himself as he looked on at Iris working, with a coat on, then at the woman without a coat. "Miss, wait right there, I'll go get your coat back." Said the knight, setting down his cup of coffee on a bench so he could go forcibly take the jacket from Iris. If he wasn't stopped there would be an argument about how she didn't take it, Iris trying to say she tried to give it back, and she was doing the work she was supposed to. If the knight wasn't stopped from approaching Iris, he would even use the spell to render her cuffs and collar as weighty as elephants, forcing the girl to the ground while he could get the jacket off her and return it to Judith.

She wasn't supposed to be getting any sort of nice treatment.And it was his job to make sure she shoveled the main street all day, at least it was easy work!

#5Judith Karlinius 

The Winter's Embrace.(Open) Empty on Tue Dec 10, 2019 2:30 pm

Judith Karlinius
This all would actually confused Judith, one of the few things in life that was a bit rare for her to express out right, She was giving this to her yet she would be assumed stealing? What alternate reality did she awake too and what else hast shifted? Had Judith finally died in her sleep and woke up in a different world because she did not truly wish for death, What 's next Judith was young with no children at all to restart a different kind of left? it was a crazy situation."No, Keep it, This is yours. If you refused, I will go to any and all markets and buy as many fitting coats as I can and keep giving them to you until you keep one."Judith sounded rather dead serious about that, There was no way talking her out of this.

With that oddly friendly and oddly warming treat, one few people could say they could hear and witness Judith just said."And how would this be stealing? Do I need to report this not stealing to my daughter and son. Who are both in the Rune knights..?"Judith mention in confusion, still trying to piece this together, At how logically giving some one a coat would lead to this, Nonetheless that would not stop Judith, With this she became far more determine to ensure Iris did not freeze.

"Harass, No I was looking for more snow to continue, I was almost finish the deer made of snow."Judith sounded oh so happy about it, It seemed almost nothing could soil her mood about it, it was like her being a lot older in age did not spoil the simple and enjoyable things in life.

Just as quickly as this random knight had assumed the sharp and motherly snap back of Judith would kick in."You will not touch that coat on her, For i gave it to her. She did not steal it from me it was willing gave to her."Judith sounded a bit like of that super protective mostly lady. So being shorter then Iris at four foot nine inches tall."I do not care what her crimes were, You will not leave a person with so little to risk freezing to death."Well Judith seemed to be protesting her treatment but that was just how Judith was."And I wonder why my husband left the Rune Knights when he did..."Judith said in an annoyed and Judging tone of voice to the nameless Rune Knight they tried to stop this situation.

She expected this to derail even more with asking this again but it would prove more and more, You could not help Judith."Now...Miss what else do you need?"Judith sounded like she was back to normal. Happy, delighted, carefree and just wanting to make sure some one else could at least manage a smile and be some what warm, Judith would stop what she was doing until she got a for sure answer from Iris.

#6Iris DuPage 

The Winter's Embrace.(Open) Empty on Tue Dec 17, 2019 12:28 pm

Iris DuPage
Iris grimaced at how the woman mentioned she was related to rune knights, two of them in fact. SHe didn't know they were two people she had signed in as rookies. But, she did know she didn't like rune knights, and that was enough for her to just sigh, and put on a fake smile, "No, I'll keep the coat, just, don't get them involved. I have enough trouble as is." SHe would comment before going back to her snow duties. Making sure to avoid anything that resembled a deer made out of snow, she would be a ways away when the rune knight in charge of her approached Judith to try and get her on his side.

"Ma'am," He sighed before trying to sway her further. "That girl is accused of a high treason crime, not only that, she was found with the items in question, and one such item is the key piece of evidence in an organ harvesting case involving the nobility of the Pergrande Kingdom. Please, just, watch out for her, she's not as innocent as she looks, and she hardly looks innocent to begin with." We would sneer before leaving, keeping an eye on Iris as the girl returned to Judith's area of the street from clearing up the center of the road with that shovel.

"What else do I need? Well..." She looked over at the knight, then at Judith. Then down to her bare hands holding the metal handle of the shovel, and her bare feet in the snow. "I haven't had anything warm to eat in months actually."[/color] She said, having been a long long time since she had anything warm. Her meals consisted of water and bread for when she did a good job, or a piece of toast that was room temperature and a glass of milk if she did an exceptional job, which, in her year of being incarcerated, had only happened twice.

#7Judith Karlinius 

The Winter's Embrace.(Open) Empty on Thu Dec 19, 2019 4:56 am

Judith Karlinius
It seemed not to be as effective as the knight assume it would be Judith seemed not even phased slightly by that admission. Judith did not even seemed bothered by it. With how she even dismissed it would show how much  she did not care about her crimes. But Judith was just the type too, Almost like she was personally reflecting how she would wanted to be treat with some of the things she kept to herself."Trouble? Even if you have "done" You or anyone should not be treated this way."Judith sounded personally annoyed with it, Showed she would not be broken away from this commitment she was doing to improve Iris' moment in a small manner.

When it seemed that moment was over Judith would go back to the friendly motherly smile she seemed to have."Warm food and gloves it is then."Even if Iris mentioned just food Judith was already adding something else to it.

Judith seemed to understand how sneaky some people can be. Even whispering to Iris before she would head off."If he tries to lead you away from this spot where you are working, Delay it or leave me a sign of which way you went so i can find you."Judith was going through the extra miles it seems to ensure Iris would be warm and toasty and treated like a normal person."Drag your shovel along the ground if you have too."Even giving Iris an idea for a sign.

With that Judith seemed just mention a normal volume."I will return with warm food and gloves for you."With that Judith seemed to take her time walking away to pick up the few things she mentioned. Part of her wondered if she could pull up her daughter or son who worked with these knights to keep an eye on her but Judith would waste time rather quickly returning to ensure.

For once the rather small woman seemed to show back up with that seemed like ten total minutes. Holding two containers of soup, gloves and even a hat, the gloves and hat where light blue in color. Judith returning to the spot that she had found Iris at to start with Looking around to see if she left or was forced to move.

#8Iris DuPage 

The Winter's Embrace.(Open) Empty on Wed Dec 25, 2019 1:25 am

Iris DuPage
While Judith was mumbling to Iris, the overseer wasn't happy about it, just folding his arms as he watched Judith leave the scene. Sighing as he scratched the side of his head in frustration, trying to think about what it was he was going to do about this in the report. There were people willing to help her, and threatening insurrection within the rune knights? No, it was just a mother with two cops for kids. Iris would still be easy to handle.

While Judith was gone, nothing really happened, other than Iris being urged to decline the stuff when it was brought to her, however, when it was brought to her, Judith didn't seem keen on taking no for an answer, with how much she came back with. "You bought all that in such a little bit of time?! And for me?" SHe took a hold of the soup, clutching the material firmly, rthe warmth radiated in to her hands. And for once, she smiled, an actual smile while looking up at Judith with a bright eyed look on her face. She was glad, "Thank you, thank you so much." She said.

It wasn't that sarcastic tone she normally had either. She would take a moment to look at the knight and then at the soup and the things brought to her. Little shoes would have been nice for her bare feet, but, she more than eagerly put on the hat and gloves. Sitting down on a nearby bench, leaving her shovel to take a moment to just relish the warmth of the soup and think about swigging it down in one go, even at the risk of burning herself. "Soup, it's, it's been years since I had homemade soup. I, think? I think I was a little girl back then." SHe ruminated while looking at the woman, a bit teary eyed now already.

#9Judith Karlinius 

The Winter's Embrace.(Open) Empty on Thu Dec 26, 2019 5:46 am

Judith Karlinius
It almost seemed like Judith had her ways in things, An oddly magical way of going about things in which most people already were never sure how it worked, Nor did she ever explain as well Judith just managed and did it."I would buy much more if I had the arm space."Judith mentioned with her casual happy way of thinking. Judith even would put the hat on Iris head yet again this seemed far too normal of Judith."No matter the situation in life, To give some people a reason to smile, Does far more then anyone realizes, Either in simple or complex ways."

Making sure the hat was fixed nicely."Both containers of soup are yours, I had ate already while shopping for gifts for my daughter Judina, My younger daughter Arisa, My son Regis and my youngest son Waylon."So Judith would reveal  the names of her children before her own but Judith was an odd lady it seemed."As well as three other people...But I should wonder if I should get a few more things for them."

Then Judith would mention finally."Oh, How slightly rude of me,I just get carried away with these things. My name is Judith Karlinius."It took a bit to get to this when Judith would normally first get this out of the way so she was not as much as a stranger. It was almost like when she was caught in a moment she spaced out to deal with returning herself to some parts of reality she should of done before.

It would lead Judith question a few more things upon hearing that."Years? The time of change since my husband was in the Rune Knights it seems."Judith did sounded a bit worried about it."Even if a serious a charge so to say when Anders was in the Rune Knights they sure made sure they were at least treated like people and not look down upon."Judith seemed to slowly showing her age even if she did not look all that old, But it showed worry on Judith face for what she was piecing together more and more. But at least Judith did not seem cold and Iris was warming up.

#10Iris DuPage 

The Winter's Embrace.(Open) Empty on Sat Dec 28, 2019 3:08 pm

Iris DuPage
Her eyes went wide and her jaw hung open. She was getting not one but TWO helpings of soup? The glistening gleam in her eye showing just how amazed by this she was. Who cares if it was poisoned! She greedily snuggled in to the bench and got to eating her soup, trying to enjoy it without burning herself. And during that time, Judith was mentioning the names of the children she had.

Two sounded familiar. One she wrote in to the books on their initiation day as Tool 3, and the other was Tool 4. She wasn't in the best of moods that day, so, it was understandable, right? But, she did feel guilty now that she was in the presence of their mother. Sipping on her soup, the red head just went flush in the face, either from the cold, or the embarrassment.

"I'm...Iris, it's nice to meet you." SHe seemed reluctant to give her name, as if she wasn't allowed to give it? Hard to say.

"I actually haven't been in the rune knights that long, maybe, six months, eight months, less... I don't really get the luxury of knowing the time down there. I meant like, you know." She trailed off, tapping her fingers along her cup of soup, just to look at the woman in front of her.

"What I did before, I wasn't able to get anything beyond pre made things. Homemade soup, I don't remember the last time I had it. And, I got caught with a very illegal magic item, which is the key piece of evidence in an investigation in the Pergrande Kingdom." She said, while the knight that was supervising her kept a safe distance away, still in eye shot, but out of hearing range.

#11Judith Karlinius 

The Winter's Embrace.(Open) Empty on Sun Dec 29, 2019 2:30 pm

Judith Karlinius
To what life did Iris have that she seemed so hide everything she could, There were far more guilty people in life who most likely have gotten away with worst, Judith knew this well after all she was most likely one of the best of examples of such an idea. But she would never speak this to Iris only keep such a thought in her mind because she still felt like she should never really mention it to anyone again for the most part. Nonetheless Judith would eventually continue the conversation.

"A bit longer then how long my son Regis has been in the Rune Knights."Judith would mention casually, She did not know Iris was there for Regis joining for his first time."But my daughter as been a knight for many years, Or at least maybe 6 years total." She did not seem like she was trying to brag more just keep it in memory. Judith did not have to recall this information. Then again Judith looked nothing like the children of hers in the Rune Knights.

Judith then kind of sat down next to Iris and got comfortable continued to listen."Sounds like when I use to be a hermit, I never knew the time when in the woods alone, I just knew weather it was day or not, But I was just left to nature then."Judith knew it was different, It felt like it was not super needed to say that. But then again Judith and Iris where vastly different people.

It seemed like a odd situation but Judith did not seem to know how to help her."I guess you situation is just on the end of being justified but I feel far too harsh for stealing."Judith mentioned but Judith seemed to stand out differently."But my judgment is far different in understanding then most knights...hopefully mychildren will carry the same views." Hopefully was the key part. They were different people and Judith did teach them to be their own person.

But Judith would not linger on it too hard after all it would tempt her to speak of such of the horrible things Judith's done before, Iris was not a soul to know only because Judith felt like she had other things to worry about."Maybe I need to get Judina to make sure you eat better food, After all I know I can get her too."If it was anyone to ensure Iris could be treated better, It was some one on the outside and was far more determine to make sure of it."That and my daughter could learn to actually make friends with people....Work
will only ruin her like it did my husband."
Judith sounded depressed by that, Fearing her daughter would fall the same path as her husband was something that seemed to bother her greatly.

#12Iris DuPage 

The Winter's Embrace.(Open) Empty on Wed Jan 01, 2020 10:27 pm

Iris DuPage
Iris smiled warmly as she continued to enjoy her soup. The flavor. The warmth. The saltiness. The texture. Every little piece of veggie or meat in each cup. It was like a little bit of heaven in a bowl, at least, for her. Considering her diet consisted of bread and water.

While Judith explained a bit more about her family, it sort of started to dawn on Iris. The two people she signed in the other day, those were Judith's kids? She quirked an eyebrow while starting to sip her soup. Finishing off one cup, setting it down to put the other cup inside of it, picking it right back up with extra insulation now, she went back to eating her meal.

"Well, I appreciate it, I do, but, I'm not allowed to have anything else really. As part of the danger of my crime, and what I have done, I just..." She trailed off as the other knight came back over. His name was Ingatio, and he had it out for Iris, like many of the other knights.

"Are you quite done yet? It's time to get back to work, before all the good people start walking up and down the streets, you are going to clear the main road of snow. And then, you have to get back before noon to clean dishes, or did you forget your daily chores?"

Iris would lower her head, and solemnly nod, "I'll get right back to it. As soon as I finish my soup." She tried to say, only for her arms to suddenly slouch down, weight applied to the cuffs by Ignatio speaking a command word, and she struggled to keep her soup in the cup, setting it down on the ground, and spilling a little bit, she would get up to her feet right after.

"Okay, I'm going! I'm going!" She would, as soon as the weight was lifted, run off to go grab her shovel and get back to work.

#13Judith Karlinius 

The Winter's Embrace.(Open) Empty on Fri Jan 03, 2020 3:08 am

Judith Karlinius
It seemed their moments of joy from this was exactly what she assumed so far anyway. Judith did not mind her story."It is always interesting in what lives we all live, no matter our falls or rises."Judith seemed to casual about it, but it is because and it felt like she had nothing she could to do about it. That also not knowing what to do about it a well. She knew people but had no pull currently to make it work. It did make her feel guilty, Only for Judith was a soul whom hated to see other so much.

Judith seemed in to only feel bad about it Iris situation but she seemed to rush back to work. to see this only made be kind of empathize with Iris. But only internally, So Judith felt one thing at least would be done, She would have a talker with her daughter.

Judith did change her mind from it in for a moment that polite and joyful soul with a smile on her face seemed to dim away to rather somber and almost dead look in her eye. To strive to better life was one thing, To willing abuse under being told is another.

So Judith had a kind of childish plan before she would go off back to her normal motherly doings. But before she did her slightly childish plan she would at least bid Iris farewell.

She also needed a coat too so she would make sure she was not as cold. With Iris back at work it would put into view that Judith was a rather short woman shorter and small then Iris herself."Keep that soup safe, if you can not go find my daughter Judina if you can get her with just you and no one watching, I am a bit better of a cook then she is, But she will make equally as good soup."Judith mentioned she would quietly start walking away Iris but towards the person who was watching her."We will meet again."

Judith would play this off of trying to make Iris' watcher maybe enjoy the holiday spirit and mood. Judith would build up a bunch of snow make it into a ball and throw it at them, She would do this three more times. Then just like that she seemed to already be jogging off. Judith was an interesting woman and seemed to act completely to no ones control or orders.


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