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A Spark In A New Life.(Open)

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#1Regis Karlinius 

A Spark In A New Life.(Open) Empty on Fri Nov 22, 2019 9:11 am

Regis Karlinius
Taking his time still to adjust his life to not living in the woods, Regis would sit in a chair not too far away a place he was staying at, Having his withered armored on a stand. Regis would be sitting outside with the slight winter cold. Letting out a sigh sitting in a chair he wanted to try something that was on his mind. It had been a while why not try it at least once.

He had picked up a few things to try and clean this armor to make it more alive, It was just one thing to truly think about trying before really wanting to see about getting new armor. So many years what it worth it to throw this away? Maybe he just needed to hang this up some where and keep it for display, get new armor and continue his life.

He at least could finally just stare at it and not reflect on his past about it. But stare at it and attempt to try something so it not stuck in the past like he was.

Taking a cloth and one of the many and various things beside him to start making his armor look normal again. Regis would take a part the shoulder plate of this armor he wore and would start attempting to clean it. Wonder why many things he would have to try to a figure this out, It seemed like an interesting task but one it would be long because he had no idea what exactly he would need to do to try to make it seem some what lively it seemed like a good change. One Regis was willing to do. Since for the moment it was a challenge to seem more presentable rather just then leave it.

#2Ri Brighte 

A Spark In A New Life.(Open) Empty on Fri Nov 22, 2019 1:37 pm

Ri Brighte


Ri had chosen this day especially for its weather. No rain, no snow, no wind and no sun. It was perfect for a simple walk in the woods. A silent, calm walk in the woods. A non-verbal promenade through the forest.

It was driving him completely and utterly insane. The inability to utter one word- Without screaming in pain afterwards- was something that had started to get on his nerves from the first day he was cursed with it, and was now just a dull anger. To make it worse, he could barely eat, having to chop up any piece of food he eats in small pieces so as to not have to open his mouth too much. When he catches that Fairy Tail mage, he'll see the pain and anguish he brought Ri.

Maybe anguish was a bit too much, but the annoyance is still there.

To think that a broken jaw could do so much damage, not just to him, but to his acting as well. Just the last night, he was told to take a month break until his jaw heals, and honestly, that was what hurt him the most.

Still, he had to admit. As angry and annoyed as he was now, the walk through the woods did him some good. While he wouldn't admit it, not having to hear himself was quite calming. The sounds of the birds and the rustling leaves around him raised his lowered spirits, and the sound of clinking metal-

Wait. Metal? In the middle of the forest?

His gaze shifted towards the sound, and he approached it, soon coming upon the image of a man cleaning his armor. He blinked, and once he was seen, he'd raise a hand to wave, giving him a smile. Of course, he wouldn't speak, but he -would- approach him and take out his notebook in the meantime, pencil ready to scratch any questions or answers he might need. The first one, though, would be a question, addressed to the man.

"Kind of random to see someone in the middle of the forest. Do you mind if I ask you why?"

He wrote in upper case-letters, so his writing could be easier to understand. Only Gods know how Ri reads his own writing. Well. He knows as well. His near-sightedness doesn't help him at all. Most of the letters would be different sizes due to it, but the writing itself would still be intelligible.

#3Regis Karlinius 

A Spark In A New Life.(Open) Empty on Sat Nov 23, 2019 9:55 am

Regis Karlinius
It did not seem to take much time Regis took a note of paper and had a bit of a confusion on his face, last he checked he was not middle of the woods, Then it hit him, that he was still some what in the wood just renting a cabin not far away from town, So it made sense now for the note handed to him. So Regis would casually mention."Must be a mute huh? interesting."He remarked but he would actually answer his question.

Putting the piece of armor down for the moment and looked upon the person before him."I use to just live in the woods with out anyone around, It was my normal for the longest time."He would then pick up that first piece he was trying to clean again and looked it over to see if it was effective, So far it seemed like the 5 years of lack of care is not wearing off that quickly it seems.

"It can be just as odd for a mute man to walk seemingly out of nowhere in the woods too a person as well."
He kind of pointed it out for the sake of that was the situation too.

Hearing the squeek of him trying to see if it come off clearer Regis seemed to realize that this first product he tried, Did not work as likely he had hoped. Picking up another bottle of some kind for cleaning and polishing for his armor and would try again on the same piece, Because he just wanted to find what would work to take off 5+ years of lack of care for it, part of it was not his fault either, But a part of him was determine to figure that out."If you are looking for a place to sit, I am sure there is another chair around here."Regis seemed to be trying to think for sure if there was, He had not been here long, So he did not know for sure yet."Feel free to sit if you wish."Regis was at least welcoming in some kind of way. At least trying to be to be welcoming and not be rude, He knew better then kind of leave him there standing and asking him questions.

#4Ri Brighte 

A Spark In A New Life.(Open) Empty on Sun Nov 24, 2019 1:08 pm

Ri Brighte


At the man's first impression of him, even if it seemed childish, Ri pouted. He supposed that he -did- seem like a mute, but that didn't mean he was. As unfortunate as his situation was, he didn't actually realize until then that that was the impression he gave. Still, he quickly returned to his friendly demeanor and shook his head, flipping a page of his notebook, squinting his eyes, and scribbling down in it, "Not mute. Just a broken jaw." and then showing it to the knight.

He stepped forth at his beckon, looking around for the chair he mentioned. Once found, he'd take hold of it, and slide it next to the knight, smile still plastered on his face. Of course, he didn't get to answer the man's questions at the time they were asked, but he did resolve to do so once he had sat down, and was close enough to him to be able to write properly- As in, without having to either raise the notebook or struggle to keep it in a good position so that his awful writing could be read.

That said, he opened said notebook and scribbled another answer in it, "I found myself without much to do, and here I am. Sorry if I'm disturbing you or something. I can leave if you want."

With that done, he'd look over to his armor, now watching as he cleaned it before scribbling down another question, "Rune Knight?". Curiosity seemed to get the better of him, seeing as it was something a bit weird to see a possibly retired Rune Knight. And the man didn't look old enough for that to be a reason. "I mean. Not many people with that fancy of an armor." He wrote after the man read what he said, smile still plastered on his face.

His attitude was relaxed, and friendly, and clearly, he saw no weirdness in talking to a random guy in the middle of the forest. Like that wouldn't be dangerous.

#5Regis Karlinius 

A Spark In A New Life.(Open) Empty on Tue Nov 26, 2019 8:13 pm

Regis Karlinius
Looking over at the note for a moment Regis just said."Have you had the jaw looked at? if not I know some one who could." Regis would already be offering help, Much like how it was his job now, He did not mind it seemed to be easy to get into the cycle of being how he should at work, That and since he was not actually Regis was not at bad guy really.

"Nonsense, I need to stop hiding away even being a knight."
Regis stated because he yet again it was something else he knew."Then again, I am merely trying to figure out how to make such wither armor seem normal again."He knew what Regis was doing now and it seemed he was stuck on it for the moment.

Well his guess was right on the button, as he often heard from his mother."Yes I am a Rune Knight, Just recently join after having to deal with a few things."He would not look like a recent joining but it was the interesting parts of learning a person."After the suggestion of family and another rune knight to join." Simple tale really, But none the less Regis for once enjoyed the company.

With that he would just say."And it use to be much better, It use to be more shiny, less like it had been stuck in the rain for months on end." He started that part off."But, I did not try to take care of it up until yesterday, Living in the woods for many years and not taking care of this armor does a lot it seems."But he was trying not to seem be super stuck on it since he had his reasons for that, But the conversation was nice.

#6Ri Brighte 

A Spark In A New Life.(Open) Empty on Thu Nov 28, 2019 5:41 am

Ri Brighte


At the first question Ri could only nod. After all, as soon as the fight between him and the random mage he found in an alley finished, he hauled both of them to the hospital, where the wonderful news of his condition were revealed to him.

Suffice to say, he vowed to kick the other guy in the face when he first saw him.

Back to the conversation at hand, though, Ri looked towards the man's armor, and tilted his head, thoughtful expression written on his face. He wondered if there'd be something -he- could do about it, but he doubted that electricity would do much in this situation. Maybe fire, or water, but unfortunately, he was unable to create such things out of thin air.

That said, he flipped a page on his notebook and began scribbling down on it. Once again, he squinted, to be able to see more clearly. Well. Relatively.

"Have you tried burning it? Or dunking it in water?" The paper would say, as Ri tapped his pencil against it.

As he went on telling his story, Ri listened, glancing between him and the armor, thoughtful. At one point, after his tale was finished and the quietness had started to settle in, he'd have taken hold of his pencil once again, and scribble down, "What made you leave?".

Curiosity was all but written on the mage's face as the other read his question, before a small, encouraging smile spread on his face. He blinked, though, and quickly added to his previous statement, "If you don't mind me asking, that is.", before showing it to him once again.

#7Regis Karlinius 

A Spark In A New Life.(Open) Empty on Fri Nov 29, 2019 2:18 pm

Regis Karlinius
He would take a moment to try and give it a really hard polish and clean with that product he was currently trying."Not bad suggestions, i will try fire after this."Regis mentioned casually his blue eyes gazing upon another bottle of something used to clean armor."Water I have tried various times."So Regis would stop for a moment he would just set the armor aside for a moment it was time to give it a break for now.

"This will be an interesting story, For it is in fact the opposite, I just joined the Rune Knights for the first time."Regis mention he was oddly okay about opening up he needed to, to help himself move on."Let me get us something to drink while I explain what lead me up to this point in my life."Which with that Regis walked away for a moment into the house he was staying in and came up with small table, leaving again for a moment he put out containers of apple and orange juice, as well as a container of water. Two glasses with ice in them, Regis would pour himself a glass of water and would start his story.

"For I did not join the Rune Knights as of few days a for my first time, Because 5 to 6 years a go, I was busy living a different kind of life, I was married i had a daughter, I worked to support them, I put my dreams of this job aside for the marriage and having a child."So far the story seemed harmless but it was the starting of it."I do not recall exactly what it is, But I recall going out to work on day and feeling ill....little did i know it was a curse that drove me mad...mad enough for me to kill my wife and daughter, in front of my younger sister.Regis sounded like that still shamed him but it was with a reason anyway."And for many years i roams the lands as a feral mad man, killing wilds animals and eating them raw to live, Up until some one cured me, Then i hid away for a while, Then joined the Rune Knights under the request of my mother.It was an interesting story form the new Rune Knight.

#8Ri Brighte 

A Spark In A New Life.(Open) Empty on Sun Dec 01, 2019 8:31 am

Ri Brighte


Ri gave a small, but determined nod, as the knight took his fire suggestion. As always, arson was the answer. Now he was sure of that.

As the man told him the opposite of what he thought, Ri's expression changed from happy to confused, and then back to happy as he stood and went to get himself a drink. Suffice to say, Ri had nothing else better to do than to hear the man's story, at the moment, so he was as excited as a kid in the Holidays. That said, as he came back, he was welcomed by Ri's wave and bright smile, which seemed to a tad forced, given the small jolts of pain the gesture gave him.

Seeing the two glasses, Ri couldn't help but keep his smile as he poured himself one. Slowly, he brought the glass to his mouth and sipped, trying very, very hard, to not open his mouth more than it has to.

He listened intently to the knight's words, and gave a couple of nods when he could. He was actually surprised he was such a new member, seeing as the man looked like he had served for almost his whole life.

Still, hearing the other side of his history had made the mage pause. His lips were pursed, and he was at a loss of words. This guy just admitted to killing someone. Well. That was kind of new. No one admitted to murdering someone in front of him before. At least- Not like this. Still, he had to play along and not become this guy's next victim.

Probably. Maybe if he befriended him, he'd escape with his life.

Then again, he -did- say he was cursed. And now he isn't cursed anymore. Should he truly trust that?

Oh, damn, he's looking at him. Think fast!

Ri quickly took hold of his notebook and began scribbling in it. When he had turned it towards the knight the words, "I'm sorry that happened to you." And a childish drawing of him as a powerful night, standing in front of what looked like a king accompanied it. The mage then took his book back, and wrote something else.

"I think I have something that can help you. If you come to the city that is. Until then, I shall take my leave."

And with that, and no other response, Ri took his notebook, gave an exaggerated bow and a smile, and headed off, away from the man.

Truth was, he had absolutely nothing prepared, but he had to think of something fast, and that seemed like the best thing. Hey, if he's lucky, the guy won't take his offer.


#9Regis Karlinius 

A Spark In A New Life.(Open) Empty on Mon Dec 02, 2019 4:43 pm

Regis Karlinius
Regis did not seemed to mind that he felt so soon. It just felt a tiny bit normal to him to be alone for the most part. Regis would not worry about him leaving when he did, He would not even move, in return he would just stay where he ended up."Well hopefully you have a good day then."Regis would just say in return, So with that he would return to what he had before him. Cleaning was a harder task for not knowing how to do it mostly. But Regis would continue trying for a while longer.

Eventually Regis would realize his task was pointless, after trying all he had on him in terms of products and normal simple ways of trying to clean armor, Regis just kind of signed and finally just dealt with the reality."Looks like I should just really get new armor, Rather then just focus on trying to clean my current set."Regis mentioned with that he would slowly put away the things he had to try and clean and improve the armor's looks. It was a harder task then he realized, it was kind of just fruitless task he was trying to finish.

So he would just slowly put the armor back on, to go back to work, sure he was most likely doing himself any favors by mentioning what he did, But Regis was not hiding from his past it was something he did hot mind admitting to help him more forwards from it, It would not effect working for the Rune Knights because well even if he was, Regis would work it off because he needed too. Maybe eventually he would find more friends and maybe some one beyond it as well, Such a life he could only hope her.


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