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Break The Habit [ C Rank - Vampire Storyline ]

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#1Caspian Kaldwin 

Break The Habit [ C Rank - Vampire Storyline ] Empty on Wed Nov 20, 2019 3:43 pm

Caspian Kaldwin
The blond began to chug deep gulps of his beverage from Dahlia's bar. What had he gotten himself into? He didn't want to continue this needless quest helping a Vampiric man, however it was his duty as a Fairy Tail mage to help Alistor out, right? Who would he be if he just abandoned him in the time of need? Alistor would probably go on another blood sucking rampage and slaughter more than just cattle and drain the recently deceased dry. With a click of the roof of his tongue, he felt a whisper violate his ears, his gaze averting to the window where he saw Alistor outside, gesturing for Kaldwin to come outside. With another sigh, he parted from his chair and paid for his drink, exiting the bar and venturing out into the fields where Alistor had led him. The moon illuminated the path as Caspian found his way.

There Alistor stopped, looking to see if anyone else was around before softly sighing. The albino bloodsucker turned to Caspian and began to scratch at his arm, biting their tongue in anticipation. As if they were looking for some sort of fix, like someone who was addicted. There the mage began to listen to his new Vampiric companion's request and story, "I need some help... again, since I am not like other Vampire's because I refused to feed on Human's. I am... different, my Vampiric nature can only be dismissed with a certain ritual. I need several ingredients from different races, that is where you come in. I need a claw from a Lycan or Werewolf, a Vampire tooth and blood of a Daemon..." He uttered, as Caspian folded his arms over his chest. Unamused by such a request, before Alistor gulped. Holding out a map with the locations of where the ingredients and lairs were. "Please you are my only hope, I will reward you handsomely if you help. Please." The vampire begged, before the mage snatched the map from his hands and began to walk off. "Lucky I don't just kill ya, you are a Vampire after all... but you want to change so, I can't blame you."

WC: 377

#2Caspian Kaldwin 

Break The Habit [ C Rank - Vampire Storyline ] Empty on Wed Nov 20, 2019 8:24 pm

Caspian Kaldwin
The first stop was the Vampire's Lair, he believed he would have the best chance at defeating this... unholy creature due to his previous encounter with Alistor. However of course, Alistor was weaker than others as he indulged himself with the crimson of the recently deceased and cattle, opposed to draining the everyday people of their life force. Caspian sighed as he looked at the abandoned mansion, as he took a step into the beings hunting grounds. If the blond had super hearing, he could hear the hiss that would put serpent's to shame. As he continued toward the ruined building, Kaldwin muttered a curse under his breath as he pursued forward. The pyro mage couldn't hear any movement, however he felt an uneasy glare latched onto his person. Desperately, the Fairy-Tail member averted his gaze to all of his surroundings in a rushed state before finally looking behind him to see a husk lunge itself at him.

Acting upon impulse, Caspian raised his arm in defence, feeling his flesh tear as the husk bit into him. The blond wailed in pain from the bite, as he cocked his free fist, reloading it as it combusted into flames. With a heavy swing, the punch connected with the Vampire's face which in turn slammed it down into the brick floor. The mage snarled in pain as both fangs were still in the man's forearm, he looked down at the frail being before igniting his fist again and hurling another blow. Crash! Caspian crushed the vampire's nose, resulting in rendering the frail being unconscious. He stared at it for a few seconds before tearing one of the fangs from his arm and sinking it into the skull of the vampire, killing it as he listened to it's soft wails fade. It was weak, not because it fed on cattle but because it was starved. Unable to feed on everything for a long period of time caused it's body to wither away. With another tear, he ripped out the other fang as blood spilled from his forearm. This noble quest to save Alistor was killing him on his own, so he quickly bagged the fang and ventured for the next ingredient.

WC: 379

#3Caspian Kaldwin 

Break The Habit [ C Rank - Vampire Storyline ] Empty on Wed Nov 20, 2019 8:45 pm

Caspian Kaldwin
Caspian had cleaned his wound and bandaged it, he made sure he was clean of the blood before going onto the next ingredient. He looked at the map and found a cave circled, claiming this was the Werewolf's den. The blond found himself becoming extremely cautious, he had not battled a werewolf and hadn't planned on fighting one either. At least not yet. His golden hues scanned the shrouded night around him as he sparked a small ember with the click of his fingers, the flame smoldering at the tips of his fingers as he slowly crept toward the location he wished to go, however he quickly froze at the sound of a deep howl. He starred from the bushes as he watched two werewolves brawl it out, howl and claw at each other like malicious beast trying to tear one another's arteries with their teeth. The fairy-tail mage halted, swallowing his breath as he stared in fear.

He listened to their fight for pack leader, as they began to claw at one another with the intent to kill. Eventually one of them were swept under the feet and clawed into the stomach, before their throat was torn out with one deep bite. Kaldwin's eyes widened as he watched blood spill and spray, the challenger laid there bleeding outside of the pack's den. Before they had all left the other to die, as the leader and the rest of the pack marched off on their hind legs. Caspian shook from about 30 metres away, staring in awe at the colossal and inhuman strength displayed. Not even advance would push Caspian to such levels, so he hung his head low hoping to not be caught as he watched the pack leave. Waiting for a good minute, he slowly crept out, watching the man beast whimper and pant. Snarling at the sight of Caspian, as they attempted to mutter something, but due to their injuries they were incapable of doing so. With haste, Kaldwin activated Advance and Hiken, swiftly ending the beast's misery before tearing out a claw from it's paw. He quivered as more blood spilled, stuffing it in the bag with the Vampire tooth before creeping away to his next and final target. This mission truly was a mess, due to being how violent it was... it sicked him.

WC: 399

#4Caspian Kaldwin 

Break The Habit [ C Rank - Vampire Storyline ] Empty on Wed Nov 20, 2019 9:58 pm

Caspian Kaldwin
The last item would of course be hardest one to find... or well gain, as Caspian would have to tackle a daemon in their own home in attempt to get some of their blood. Curse his will to help those begging and in need, he should have killed Alistor right there for trying to kill him. However of course that would be against his guild's morals, which he didn't wish to tarnish. So the blond continued on, with a deep sigh and crack of his knuckles Kaldwin pushed forward as he reached the home of the daemon. It, was a small wooden cottage hidden deep in the woods and with a kick, the door splintered open from it's hinges. Blasting wide as the fire mage had ignited both his fists on fire, before he stared down at a woman. Hugging her knees, she was the Daemon but... she had abandoned her Obscura from what it seemed.

The blond gulped at the presence of the woman, feeling the fear wash over him as the Daemon attempted to weaken him. Wanting him to leave however, he dropped to his knees in front of the cowering woman. Her eyes didn't seem hollow, nor filled with hate, just fear. She began to explain she had been hunted most of her life for being a Daemon, when all she wanted was to live in peace without dying. In return Caspian began to explain his situation, informing the woman of Alistor and how he needed her blood to save him. Somebody she could relate to in a way, somebody that she wished to meet. After a while of talking, Caspian managed to convince her into giving him a vial of her blood. Reluctantly, she held out her arm and handed the blade to the mage. With a quick slice, the dark crimson trickled from her arm into the vial. Filling it, here Caspian spent a few more minutes with her. Caring for her and tending to her slash, he quickly apologised and promised he would protect her from now on. He had gained the final ingredient, finally, he parted away.

WC: 360

#5Caspian Kaldwin 

Break The Habit [ C Rank - Vampire Storyline ] Empty on Wed Nov 20, 2019 10:36 pm

Caspian Kaldwin
Caspian snarled as he dragged his sore and tired feet across the floor with a huff. His golden hues scanned around as he looked for Alistor in the empty fields, it was so late and dark at this point the Blond struggled to see. Leaving him to light his finger tips ablaze once more to illuminate the path he was taking, before finally finding the skittish albino hanging from a tree. His arms tangled down before he hopped down from his perch, smiling as Caspian with a bow. He began to thank the man over and over again before being shut up, the fire mage thrusted the ingredients into the Alistor's chest with a sigh. Sitting down as he began to massage his legs and muscles, stretching as he looked up at the Vampire. Obviously he had pushed himself as all he did was travel and travel and even fight.

Caspian began to explain and talk about where exactly he got the ingredients, went on about how lucky he was with the last two as the werewolves had done the work for him and the Daemon was more passive than anything. Alistor thanked Caspian again, placing a heavy satchel of money into the mage's hands. A happy grin curled up the albino's lips as he waved goodbye, claiming he would call Caspian again when help would be needed again. Without being able to object, Caspian watched the Vampire run off to get the ritual ready. There he picked himself up with a grunt and dragged himself to the bar, he didn't need a drink. He needed a place to stay, a roof over his head and a warm bed to sleep in the night. He knew, that Alistor would probably coming running the next few days or even tomorrow. So he needed rest, urgently.

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