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Unending Thirst [D Class - Vampire Story Line]

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#1Caspian Kaldwin 

Unending Thirst [D Class - Vampire Story Line] Empty on Tue Nov 19, 2019 11:27 pm

Caspian Kaldwin
Caspian huffed softly, the mission he so strived for was already taken and completed by another mage. One from Lamia Scale, which didn’t sit well the blond. Kaldwin cracked his knuckles, one by one and rolled his neck in unison. He was prepared to sprint back to Magnolia as he watched the sun descend over the horizon, standing as they starred at it’s golden gaze. His eyes flickered brightly, matching the shining orb that soon became extinguished, as he watched the Moon slowly began to rise. The fire mage huffed in response, stuffing both of his hands into his pockets with a soft mumble. As he was about to leave Dahlia, he heard slurping, ones that were crazed and hungry as if it were their last meal. The soft sounds of moos pleading for help and for a hero echoed softly, which grasped the attention of the ambitious Berserker, whom quickly acted upon the cries for help, even if it were an animal. It only took about a minute before the mage reached the cause of the sound, however it was too late, look down at the corpse from about ten metres away, he stared at the humanoid in the distance draining the cow’s body dry of all it’s fluid. Kaldwin’s heart began to beat, faster and faster. His heart pumped harder as he snarled, his golden hues locked onto the blood sucker as he watched its hollow gaze move from the body to Caspian. It then licked his lips and hissed obnoxiously.

Kaldwin stepped back with a snarl, watching the blood sucker slowly stand to their feet. He focused on their features, his golden eyes latched onto their bleached white hair, his eyes meeting their hollow crimson eyes as he watched the blood slowly drip from their ivory lips and fangs. With another hiss, they had lunged at Caspian, hearing them cackle with a smile. Quickly, he pivoted out of the Vampire’s way, watching it land and hurl a fist toward his stomach. Caspian felt the blow connect and sent him flying back a few feet, his gaze locked onto the blood sucker whom cackled again. “More! More! The thirst is too much! You will satisfy me!” The vampire claimed, before rushing toward their next meal. Caspian snarled, crossing their arms across his chest in the form of an X, as a crimson seal formed in front of them. Again, the blond felt his heart pump and beat faster over and over. Reaching supernatural levels as he felt the blood cells flow from his body due to the mana input toward his being and body, his skin gaining a pink rose tone before he delivered a kick to the Vampire’s temple, Crack! He watched the body hurl across the field before crashing into the ground with a thud. A wicked smile crept up the man’s lips as he leapt onto the Vampire’s body, landing on their stomach as he began to wail in on the man. One, two, four, eight, sixteen, thirty two!

Each punch echoed a deep, loud crack before the battered blood sucker began to plea for their life. Caspian stopped before swinging the finishing blow, snarling under his breath as he parted from the Vampire, cracking his knuckles as he kept the same menacing grin. “Talk. Now or else I’ll batter you harder than ever.” Caspian snapped, as Alistor slowly picked themselves up, moaning in pain as they looked up at Kaldwin with a sympathetic stare. His legs wobbled as he rolled his jaw, holding his almost broken nose as he whimpered in pain. “I am sorry, the thirst has been too much. I was transformed into a Vampire against the my own will a few years ago, I want to go back. It hurts to starve, and it kills me as I hurt others… I killed my family, so I kept to animals and those who are recently dead. This has made me weaker than the others however and I am considered an outcast. I have been searching for a cure ever since, please. With someone at your strength. You can help me, find a cure and save me. Please, my name is Alistor.” Caspian heard Alistor plea for his life, before he had ended Advance with a frown. Rolling his shoulders, his golden hues scanned the Vampiric individual with a snarl. He wanted a mission, so of course this was something, however this man had just attacked him… he pleaded for mercy and wanted help… fine. Caspian agreed and found himself being thanked, paid and claimed Alistor would be in touch. Sheesh, what a rough weekend. It sure beats sprinting to Magnolia however.

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