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Magnolia to Dahlia [Foot Travel]

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#1Caspian Kaldwin 

Magnolia to Dahlia [Foot Travel] Empty Tue Nov 19, 2019 12:30 am

Caspian Kaldwin
There had been a quest plastered on the board at Fairy Tail and Caspian had swiped it before anyone else could. These past few days have been quite supernatural and Caspian couldn't put his finger on it however he wanted it to end, he wanted those in all of Fiore to be safe. The Berserker snarled under his breath as he began to sprint out of the large gates of Magnolia and followed the gravel track toward Dahlia. Kaldwin felt the adrenaline course through his veins as he soldiered on with a deep huff, his muscles tightening as he pushed forward.

The blond could feel the sun slowly descend over the horizon as the moon began to take it's course, illuminating over the fire mage as he pummeled his way through toward Dahlia. He gnashed his teeth together and continued, he stared and watched the town in the distance. This is where the mission was, this is where the mission is, it was the place where he would be able to help others and potentially advance further on the food chain as a Mage. He finally reached it, panting and sweating as people stared at him. The Fairy-Tail mage smirked, and pushed forward. Let's go Vampire.

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