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Test of Faith(Kazimir/Priscilla closed)

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Test of Faith(Kazimir/Priscilla closed) - Page 2 Empty on Thu Dec 05, 2019 5:23 pm

It seemed like the given moment was over and Judina would explain herself rather quickly."I just got told some one found dead bodies in a house not too far away from us while waiting for you to finish."Judina started off by mentioning."She was running from us, I do not know entirely you two spoke about that seemed highly fitting that she might have been the person to have done it."Which maybe was fair to assume in some way and other ways was not.

At least Judina would have more details that might not add up to it being Priscilla but showed Judina did not look a lot into the finder details Kazimir might have gotten."A body of a woman and two children, both boys, I only manage to just look at the bodies before needing to come out here."Judina might not realize right away but she did get some kind of mark just nothing serious, even then she was most likely a bit too angry to really be bothered by it currently.

The mark she got was not much either, just merely a small line of her cheek that started bleeding but not too horribly, Not enough to do any serious damage aside from leaving a mark of her face for a bit of time."They where horribly maimed like the man from the cliffs."She did seemed troubled by it at least, That or her stubbornness is just for this moment not exactly the most helpful in this entire conversation. , Nonetheless it happen as it did and nothing could be changed now."What did I miss for people to die even when around the area?"She wanted a loud while trying to kind of logically find the answer for herself too, It was stressful.

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Test of Faith(Kazimir/Priscilla closed) - Page 2 Empty on Fri Dec 06, 2019 10:58 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz could only sigh with a heavy heart at what she mentioned. He couldn't hold her assumption against her. It could make sense. She found murder and there was a murderer. But Kaz thought it was still a bit rash. "I get it. But maybe don't lead with a sword next time. We still need more proof and she got away."

Kaz took his finger and carefully wiped away the small line of blood on her cheek. "Two children," his voice was still calm but there was anger flickering in his eye. "Kids aren't her demographic. But who knows how she has changed over time. She did run from us initially."

He looked back at the direction that Priscilla had run off in, "Either way. Seems we have another investigation to do. Maimed the same way?" he asked to verify what she said but knew where it was going. "I understand why you attacked. That's a particular way to attack someone. She did say she killed the man in Astera. Claimed him to be a mobster. She said she killed someone here too."

He was ready to tell her everything he learned and piece together the puzzle. "Was there a damaged window to the house? She also mentioned having purchased a home in worthwood sea. So we have a lead to find her there if we need. She is going after some high profile mobsters. Although she didn't tell me who she killed here or who she intended to. I did see dried blood on her knife."

The day had taken a somber turn as quickly as it had begun. If she had killed children then...perhaps his faith had been misplaced. Perhaps she had gone too far, and would need to be stopped. He wasn't ready to admit his trepidation out loud. not until they knew more.

"Let's go take a look at that house. It's a tough thing Judi,"
he looked down for a brief second and then back to her, "But it's not your fault. We can't be everywhere and save everyone We can only do the best we can with what we have."


Test of Faith(Kazimir/Priscilla closed) - Page 2 Empty on Sun Dec 08, 2019 5:26 am

Judina seemed to just kind of settle down, But just her way she just said."Unless you think there is some one else, who might be bold enough to murder people and admit it and run when you try to talk to them next."Judina mentioned a bit bitterly but had a point about it, That and she seemed to be just be slowly returning to normal from the shock she just had to dealt with, She was not looking for anyone to blame even if it was just herself just only happen too because it was normal of her.

She would just start walking towards the house she had mentioned."I am unsure if that true at this point, She really did not like me...for good reason I could assume."But if anyone would have stopped them form killing one another it was who had stopped it."I did not check for any broken windows, I only went through the front door and came back here."Which meant, Judina had not touched much either, Kazimir had a chance to look over himself as well.

Eventually when they would turn upon the corner towards the house Judina had mention, It would show the pieces were adding up, There was a house for sale on it left side. It would be one thing eventually Judina or Kazimir would look.

When seemed to have set Judina off would be the first thing Kazimir would see in the front window. One of the children was dead by the window, He had seemed to be like he had tried to claw at it to get away from whatever was happen before he died. With blood splatter on the window, It was eventually that not only did that young boy by the window have his wind pipe cut open, But his neck was broken, whoever had done this was making well sure this boy dead, Judina would take a moment to brace herself to go back in, From just the first view from the front window it was already horrible."We will have to seal this house off."Judina mentioned she did sound a bit depressed now then normal, She just seemed to only try to hide it less and less.

There were no windows on the side of house of the for sale sign in this house on it's base floor. But the body of the other boy who was dead was by the stairs. He seemed to have been running away from whom ever his killer was, What killed him was a stab right into his brain your would see the stab wound upon the center of his forehead then thrown down the stairs after being stabbed.

Judina after taking a moment, Would start going up stairs walking past the second dead boy by the stairs, Judina was looking at only window in the stair well, it was the side of house for sale, But closed. But Priscilla could have closed any windows she entered through or maybe covered it up well. None the less there was one window on that side for Kazimir to look at shortly if he noticed.

Judina seemed to just deal with this entire situation so far just a decent way, She was still feeling depressed. Judina would point to what seemed to be the master bed room of the house."She got the worst of it." It sounded so grim, But had a reason with in it.

The final victim of this situation was the mother. her body, Laid across the bed the first thing noticed is she had her eye torn out, the same eye as the one Priscilla was missing. Her lower jaw was  cut off completely same with her tongue being cut out. Her stomach was cut up and gutted like an animal and just left randomly upon the body, Her finger had the nails removed, Her legs where crippled at some point, with the heels and it's tendons cut as well.

It left Judina completely quiet at this point it did seem to bother her, They fought demons and dealt with this, But it seemed she did not expect such a situation. There was window by the house for sale, It was closed, But there was marks like a knife was used to pry it open upon the window sill. Judina was reading some of the papers in this woman's room, Like it seemed to have something of interest there, She also had a piece of cloth over the cut mark as to not to get her blood around this scene, Judina was taking her time reading them.

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Test of Faith(Kazimir/Priscilla closed) - Page 2 Empty on Mon Dec 09, 2019 8:53 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
"She probably was the most likely suspect. But we shouldn't act without something concrete. And I was still gathering information out of her," her words had a bitter cut to them, but Kaz stood his ground on the matter. "From my perspective, there was no new information, all I had to react to and go on was you charging with a sword, "It may have seemed like he didn't trust her reaction but that wasn't the case. It was a simple matter of him not knowing what spurred her to act in such away. He didn't want to make a move without knowing for sure what was going on.  

He followed her to the house. The image of the child at the window caused him to bring his hand to cover his mouth and shake his head. he rubbed his chin and then slid his hand back down to his side.

Kaz put a hand on her shoulder, "If you need a minute I can go out and you can whistle for some knights to come and seal of the area," it was a tough thing for anyone to see and Judi was about to see it a second time.

Entering the home was a horror scene. Two dead children laid out downstairs. The wind mage crossed the room and took a careful look at the bodies. Stab wounds and maimed just like Judi had said.

He stepped past the body of the boy and looked at the windows trying to find an entry point. One window faced a neighboring house. Looking outside, he could see the for sale sign out front. More and more things were falling into place.

With a glance back at Judi, he gave a silent nod and entered the bedroom. Blood was stained everywhere. Entrails were thrown about at random. Kaz tried to hold in the wrath that was swirling inside him. And kept a silent composure.

Wind rattled the shutters of the windows as Kaz involuntarily conjured up magic. His hand ran across the knife marks on the window sill. Things were making too much sense but there were questions that remained unanswered.

Kaz stared out the window, his eyes flashed white from the angel of wrath's blessing in his spirit.
"We need to find the husband and question him. What do the letters say," he was short and to the point, trying to subdue his own anger. Now was time to get to work.


Test of Faith(Kazimir/Priscilla closed) - Page 2 Empty on Tue Dec 10, 2019 2:56 pm

Letting out a sigh, Judina seemed to be able to be okay and at least manage. So taking her time reading over the various papers there seemed to be five of them it would not take long for Judina to piece together what they were."These are separation papers Kazimir, She was ending a marriage."Judina mention it accounted for most of the papers here."One of these papers is having to do with owning this house, It is no more week old."So they had just moved in here it seems, But might be still missing pieces, But there was still at least one piece of paper left.

"Last one is a letter, from what I could assume was her husband, Asking her not to leave him, To come to Magnolia to talk this over."To Judina this meant nothing but Kazimir this was another piece that he could put into this situation now. That was their connection and Judina did not know it but did not know the details."To be murdered a not too longer after moving on to a new life...such a tragic way of life."Judina mentioned for a moment.

So Judina would finally ask."Did she do this or was I wrong?" She did not sound mad, no a single feeling of joy could be picked up with her voice."What leads to person to do this in general I may wonder, This is just as horrible unbelievable to see as much as a story my mother once tried to tell me..."Judina walked away from the papers she had read to look around a bit more, She needed to see if there was anything else at this point, Stopping for a moment to check if the small cut she has stopped bleeding or not. Whatever she had covered with it was covered enough in blood with it just looked like it was just as red as the room that they where in to start with, None the less Judina seemed to be feeling gloomy, Most likely Judina would want to collect what all they needed and just piece it together later, Judina might need a break and rest  and she did not know it quite yet.

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Test of Faith(Kazimir/Priscilla closed) - Page 2 Empty on Tue Dec 10, 2019 10:41 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
He listened while she explained the story that was falling into place from the letters. Something that kept getting sadder. Kaz turned away from the body, taking a break from seeing it. Hearing her mention Magnolia was just the clue that they needed. An inconvenient one but a clue nonetheless. Although dealing with that would be tricky.

"Magnolia. That's where the man that Priscilla is looking for has gone. There will be more answers there and I bet that's Priscilla is headed. or to worth woodsea," he stepped closer to the door to the hallway now. Judi moved away from the papers, and Kaz walked over to take them up. "We should take these to headquarters. We can have the page's come in and take care of the rest and the documentation of what happened here. I think we've seen enough of it."

She then asked him a question about her deduction. "I think it was a good assumption but it's still to soon to say definitely if it's right or wrong. Some eye-witness accounts would be helpful. Someone that may have seen it the person who came in here." Without seeing the crime happen himself, he wanted to make sure they had as much information as possible especially if this brought them closer to the mob.

Kaz shook his head, thinking about Judi's next words. "People can be monsters sometimes. Come on, Let's get out of here for now," he could tell it was starting to weigh on her. Seeing this would be hard for anyone to take. "We can have some other knights ask around the neighborhood too. We should take some time to unwind after all of this." Having said that, he would wait by the doorway until Judi was ready to leave. "We should get that cut looked at too."

Then he would walk out with her and call for the closest knights to seal off the house.


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Test of Faith(Kazimir/Priscilla closed) - Page 2 Empty on Thu Dec 12, 2019 1:11 pm

It seems maybe Kazimir would be correct about this."I think that might be better option at this point."Chasing after some one like Priscilla was most likely different compared to demon and monster killing that Judina had done before. Then again this situation might have an equal effect on them both. With Kazimir taking the papers away Judina did not seem to have a huge problem with it. Kazimir seemed to know all of the pieces the most, Even then he knew enough of this Priscilla person to know and guess what could happen, It seemed a relaxing just in her mind.

She was worried about it, but then again. Judina had a feeling with this moment, Judina would feel worst later about letting a murderer go willingly, well kind of willingly just not with in her own choosing really. Judina should still in the end to get it off of her mind and just kind of needed that to happen. Getting something off your mind was still a bit annoying to do, Or just in Judina's case she just most likely needed to focus on something else, Or sleep something else.

"I am sure the cut is not that horrible, Just a small amount of bleeding." Judina did not want to worry, She did not want to panic, She did not want to feel anything that had to do with worry."It will heal up in no time most likely."It sounded so monotone and almost lifeless. So Judina would quietly leave."I will talk later about the details...for no, I am going to go...have a bath and sleep I think..."It is one of the things she would mention slowly after realizing she should stop. She did some how remembered where she was staying, she did not even go for a bath she just would go to sleep right away, Tuned out of almost everything from going to where she was staying to sleep she did not recall or keep track of.


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