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Test of Faith(Kazimir/Priscilla closed)

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Test of Faith(Kazimir/Priscilla closed) Empty on Mon Nov 18, 2019 7:05 pm

Such a moment seemed to carry a small stillness it to it, A frozen place in time not many could even muster up words for. A touch of stress that could break any moment. For Judina it was answering to many questions she needed to know for the sake of the public, For Kazimir it was a test of judgement and faith in some one he believed could be better, A lot ride on how this would work from one person. One person who from first glance has very little control now, Kazimir would have to hope he was not too late and that Priscilla had not done anything to ruined this trust he had in her.

Judina needed to have faith in Kazimir's word for last thing she could deal with now is something endangering the public for so long when there is always something else going on."Alright Kazimir, Have any clues to your purple haired lady's were abouts for this meeting?"Judina asked. She seemed to be normal, But the small strain of current even seemed to only show slightly, She seemed mentally exhausted and a bit tired. No doubt if brought up she would continue on anyway.

She asked waiting and standing still looking out to the city of Era, for an answer to a puzzle that only he would know currently. For this Priscilla lady had very little signs of being around even if she was actually truly around."I don't image we could just ask if anyone seen a purple haired lady in town...Knowing my luck there is more then one currently in Era."Judina mentioned to herself trying to think of where to start, Mostly still drawing a blank and needing more some one else to guide to this time.

#2Kazimir Seiryu 

Test of Faith(Kazimir/Priscilla closed) Empty on Mon Nov 18, 2019 10:17 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
The time had finally come for him to face down his decision those long days ago. He had enough information now and Judina had arrived in town. He took a deep breath and let out a sigh. part of him longed for a bit more time before this. He was nervous it would turn to blows and he would be forced to do something.

"Alright, Judi. I have asked around a lot and there are reports of someone fitting her description. She was interested in a home. I managed to get the info on it. We can head there when you're ready and find her or wait for her there."

"Hopefully there aren't that many many purple-haired ladies," he joked a bit.

"But I think this is our best lead so far. May as well check out the home." he also didn't want Priscilla to feel as though he betrayed her by bringing Judi. But he also needed to know if the person she killed was innocent.

He turned in the direction that they needed to go and waited for Judi to be ready. If she agreed to go now, Kaz would begin walking. It would be some distance for them to get there but they were on their way. It was taking them a bit further out of the main areas of town.

Kaz had a pretty good idea of where they needed to go. There weren't many options for homes and the ones that he was told about were pretty specific.

"Are you ready for whatever happens,?" he asked but knew the answer already. Judi was ready to dive in and throw cuffs on whoever was needed but Priscilla was no pushover. She'd be quick to draw a blade.

Kaz suddenly stopped. "Well, its that way," he pointed down a path and would let Judi take the lead. After all, this was something she was more motivated in doing than Kaz. But he had a vested interests now as well.


Test of Faith(Kazimir/Priscilla closed) Empty on Tue Nov 19, 2019 6:22 pm

It would just get her to ask right away."Why would she be wanting to buy a home here is beyond me currently,If she is the type of person you say."Which given she was new to this case it was a pretty good thing to think, So she would slowly start following."I don't image she would have much luck."She assumed anyway but truly did not know either.

"If i were to guess she would be the only one with purple hair in Era, unless other families happen to have that color hair and be in that area."Judina assumed anyway. Yet again being new to this case and forcing herself into it Judina could only just be having blanket guesses about what exactly could be a normal lead."Do you even know which house exactly it is?"She had to ask so they were not blind guessing which she did not want to, Having a plan made her feel better in a situation that she was kind of powerless.

"If none of the houses seemed to yield her, How else will we pick up where she is."Then again she would finally ask."Did you even request this meeting to start with? Seems kind of...rude of you to just find her, enter her house if she even bought one and start asking her questions."It was most likely questions Kazimir should have expected  but most likely had in mind already, Judina did not feel it was right it was given in her questions.

Letting out a sigh and Judina said."I am ready for whatever, I do have to face. After all better questions answered then risk anyone else...That would be a bit to..horrible with in what else going with the knights."Judina seemed to have a lot on her mind with this.

#4Kazimir Seiryu 

Test of Faith(Kazimir/Priscilla closed) Empty on Wed Nov 20, 2019 8:22 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
"It was odd for me to hear that too. Whatever the reason it means a change in who she is. For better or worse, I guess we'll find out."he hoped it would be for the better but something told him it wasn't going to be that easy.

He smiled at her questioning him about his certainty of the house. "Yeah. Well, a good enough idea anyway. Should be the one at the end of this lane," He said with enough resolve that he believed it to be true. He had no reason yet to doubt the information he was given but Priscilla had evaded capture so far so who knows if she would be there or not or if this whole thing was a trick.

"If the houses don't work out, then we'll have to go back to square one."
he couldn't help but let out a small laugh about Judi's worry of how rude this could be. "You're worried about being rude? we are looking for a murderer. But it never occurred to me to think about it. She just seemed like the kind of person you could just drop in on," he said looking up at the sky and then back at Judi with a slight nudge. "But I do intend on knocking and not busting down her door. figured we could just knock and ask to talk."

"Plus she isn't exactly the type that's easy to send word ahead to."

Judina said she was ready and so was Kaz. The moment was getting closer and Judi had a lot on her mind. She still thought about all that had happened and was happening with the knights. "One case at a time. Right?" he tried to reassure her. he would then follow her lead up to the house but walked beside her.


Test of Faith(Kazimir/Priscilla closed) Empty on Thu Nov 21, 2019 6:58 am

Still stuck in her thoughts, pondering pieces together what else seemed to not make sense and what else could be needed to solve this situation."Fair enough, Maybe i should rest my thoughts for the moment."She left her mind to herself to collect more question for later. There was many things that just seemed to leading towards something be more bleak in the for front."I am sure even if we needed to go back to the start of all this, We can find a lead somewhere, She not be that hard to pick up the trail of."

But she would also point out."Looking into a murderer? Just how many people she actually killed for you to not even add possible to it?"Judina had to point that out which maybe could get some kind of thought or idea with in it."Or we are assume there are more possible victims or bodies aside from the one in Astrea..."Judina now just had various more questions, most likely with Kazimir how having answers to that.

"We just need to find what house and I can maybe piece what else I have on my minder better."Judina mentioned looking to see if anyone was around or signs of people watching from their houses."If she is a murderer as you say, I can be polite until we have enough proof until needed."The normal maybe slightly reckless Judina seemed to be trying to control it better.

It seemed more annoying that she was hard to contact."Is it because your a Rune knight she is hard to contact? Or do you think it is something else?"Judina assumed being rune knights was ap art of it."If she was not a part of this crime or not guilty of anything she shouldn't have a reason to fear us."It just proved what little Judina had and Kazimir did have over her in this part.

#6Priscilla Ivalice 

Test of Faith(Kazimir/Priscilla closed) Empty on Thu Nov 21, 2019 7:12 am

Priscilla Ivalice
That feeling of Anger, grim despair and bitterness would not too longer follow. As with in the wind blowing the two long parts of her light purple scarf where, Priscilla was staring right at both of them. That single lone eye almost able to tear simple of souls into a moment of fear, This might not be the case for either Judina or Kazimir, But that where spotted, The only problem with being spotted now was, Priscilla was not in a house.

Given the larger distance between them too, Kazimir could not gauge if Priscilla also had seen bloodshed, For that part would be an entire new thing that Judina did not know, It also could lead them into more problems right away to. With in that moment of Priscilla seeing them both she would walk away from view, Going left into way of a street.

Priscilla was going to make a game of this, After all she had some one she knew, As well as some who she did not and Priscilla hated strangers, Given the metal armor adorn with red cloth, Her way of walking Priscilla could guess two things, This woman was a knight like Kazimir or his Girlfriend and they were out for a walk.

Priscilla wasn't really in an Era that was too off of the beaten path either, In fact this was far more public then Kazimir would know Priscilla, It would be a piece of this puzzle that lead more to wonder.

So Priscilla then upon turning left Kazimir and Judina to guess. Was there was a place for her to hide? Was there a place for her climb up to try and sneak past them? Or was Priscilla going to maybe one of the houses she was looking at and maybe had bought, None the less Priscilla was gone from view just as quickly was she was seen.

#7Kazimir Seiryu 

Test of Faith(Kazimir/Priscilla closed) Empty on Thu Nov 21, 2019 8:04 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
His eyes still scanned the crowd they moved through. His voice was more serious than before, "it's not that I know she has killed a lot of people. But that I'm almost positive she has killed at least one person with how quick she is to drive a blade into someone and aim for a fatal ending."

Seemed that Judina was taking a calm approach to all of this. "Agreed, let's take it in stride and see where the evidence takes us." he rose a curious brow at her question about their suspect being hard to contact. "Nothing like that. It's mostly cause she hasn't had a home and travels pretty often. So its just a matter of she is often gone with few people knowing where. I'm guilty of it too," he said with a more eased tone.

Kaz's eyes snapped to focus as a purple-haired woman appeared in the crowd. He began to wave at her but the women quickly turned down an alley. "That was her," he said to Judi as he pointed in Priscilla's direction.

"I'll go high if you track her down the street,"
he started to run off. "Looks like it won't be the easy way," he called back as he kicked off the ground. The wind scattered around his feet and sent him propelling to the rooftop on the street that the women turned down.

Priscilla wouldn't make it easy, but giving chase was something Kaz was good at and his magic allowed him to be highly mobile. He landed on the rooftops and rushed to the edge to peer down the street to catch a glimpse of where she could have gone. He perched on the ledge and looked around, ready to dash over to where he could see her go.


Test of Faith(Kazimir/Priscilla closed) Empty on Fri Nov 22, 2019 8:56 am

It made her wonder and even mention the part on her mind."You make her sound more of an emotionless monster, Rather then human."It was just how Judina almost got that vibe from how this seemed to be going."Are you sure she isn't a demon?"Judina had to ask, but it seemed like it was not humor in anyway, It seemed like she sounded it like it was serious and she needed to be sure. So she seemed that slowly Judina would distract herself, looking around at the people and buildings knowing very well she had no idea what she was looking for.

This woman sounded all so worrying the more and more these pieces were placed before her, Judina was trying her greatest not to judge how grim that it seemed to be."Makes me wonder how long she has been with out a home."There was empathy there for good reason for it, Judina did not want to judge this Priscilla but these pieces were going together in a horrible manner.

Judina was kind of aimlessly looking around because Era, in a peaceful state was rather nice and peaceful. There was a sense of that for a moment, Until Kazimir mentioned Priscilla's name, Judina would look over to that aura Priscilla seemed to give off even having to slightly ask about it too when Kazimir waved."What is that grim feeling?"Judina had to ask to be sure.

No time to really think about it too much, Priscilla was already on her way some where else. Kazimir was going the high route, kind of typical but understood why. So Judina would take the low route like he requested going off of which way Kazimir had gone, Judina herself had not seen Priscilla, There was something about this made her wonder why would she run, But with out being able to let Priscilla know what they wished, It was a game of chase.

#9Priscilla Ivalice 

Test of Faith(Kazimir/Priscilla closed) Empty on Fri Nov 22, 2019 9:25 am

Priscilla Ivalice
Knowing exactly what she started Priscilla was still going down the turn left she took. It was not too long after just enough for Kazimir to catch that was here Priscilla did she head off another left turn, Realizing however Kazimir was not too far away it made her run faster a lot quicker then what Kazimir would normally see Priscilla do, But not out of the normal for what people could assume of her to run.

But Priscilla was taking another turn, this time right it was a confusing path so far, It almost seemed like Priscilla did not have a plan for this running with how it was going so far, Like she was just doing it because she could. There was just still something about it. Since taking the high ground now Priscilla path would be one that made sense to Kazimir, She was going the same way where Judina was going, But the longer way around to sneak away from her.

The kind of plan only one who consider what this woman was thinking could plan up, Why run away when you run past. She would be half way towards Judina when she seemed to stop for a moment, Priscilla wanted to save time and speed things a bit more quickly in one way, She knew she risked another, Hoping right on to the roof tops, It was almost expected but she was already pretty close to Judina so much so with in a few feet she was with in 5 feet from Judina but above her.

And just as quickly want going towards Judina, She would hop from the roof above Judina to the next one beyond her, Even using Judina as a step by stepping on the top of her head and used it to propel herself forward even more with that step, Continue on the path behind them, Trying to get away from Judina and Kazimir.

#10Kazimir Seiryu 

Test of Faith(Kazimir/Priscilla closed) Empty on Sat Nov 23, 2019 1:35 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
"Well I hope she hasn't turned into one at least," he said with a hint of a joke but there was a serious note with it. They continued the walk and spotted her in the distance.

"That grim feeling...is probably her," he said as he took off. it seemed she wanted to play a game of chase.

He kept an eye on her as she turned right and ran down a new direction. It wasn't long before she reemerged and bounced off of Judina's head to leap back up onto the roof. She was in Kaz's domain now though. He dashed across the street using the wind. Closing the distance as fast as he could. As Priscilla moved across the roofs Kaz made a circle with his arms and launched a whirlwind to block her path and topple part of the ledge of a roof to hinder her finding footing.

He tried to close the distance sailed over Judi's head, "Almost got her, I'll lead her back down hopefully." He called back down to Judi so she could be ready for anything. No doubt being used to step on would anger her and he now thought that she may lash out even more. The two just may end up throwing blows at one another and it would be a dangerous one. Especially with civilians around. He didn't know how Priscilla would take being questioned now. She was prone to running off.

"Priscilla," he called to her now. "Been awhile," he spoke casually. Holding up his hands he continued, "Just here to have a quick chat. I'd rather not have to keep chasing you. And I don't think my partner has as much patience as I do," he yelled over the sound of his tornado.


8 meters with sorcerer bonus.

Name: Whirlwind of the White Tiger
Rank: B
Mana Cost: 100
Requirements: Tempest Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: Wind
Range: 15 Meters
Cooldown: 3 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: The user creates a wild rush of wind. The Whirlwind begins any place within 15 meters of the caster and whirls in a 4-meter diameter. The user creates a circle with his arms and thrust one hand outward where he wants the whirlwind to originate. A white seal appears under the caster and at the point that the whirlwind will appear. The whirlwind deals A-rank damage. The user can also create the circle with his arms and thrust both hands out creating two 2-meter diameter whirlwinds at the location pointed at by each hand. The two whirlwinds deal B-rank damage and a white seal appears at the location of each one.


Test of Faith(Kazimir/Priscilla closed) Empty on Sun Nov 24, 2019 9:15 am

So she would just wonder aloud."Are you worried she is one now?"Judina did not expect an answer to that simple because she needed to worry about other things, After all it seemed rather quickly this situation would not only be highly stressful, But almost like there problems that lied with Priscilla mostly.

Did not she trust people easily? Did she hate everyone for little to no reason? Was she actually a monster? Then Judina realized she was just thinking to herself and not taking any action when she needed to maybe prepare and do a bit more as well.

To having Priscilla step on her head, With in that moment Judina seemed to seemed a bit annoyed but did not speak a single word about it, also just kind of with in habit when that happen Judina even tried to grab one of Priscilla's legs because that would have made things easier but Priscilla got away alas. She would turn around, Part of her wanted to pull a sword and hold it over her to keep her still, But a part of Judina would hold that back too, That would what she would settled on after turning around behind her.

To ducking slightly at the wind spell that happen just in case she needed and took a few step back, She had yet to have seen even Priscilla had landed. Judina seemed at this point unsure what to say or do. Since she could not see her to judge. What situation was this woman in that she needed to flee from them? Was she guilt? Was she scared? So many wonders for just one person. Much like Kazimir showed his hand were up Judina take one final step back and just showed her hands where free and holding nothing.

#12Priscilla Ivalice 

Test of Faith(Kazimir/Priscilla closed) Empty on Sun Nov 24, 2019 12:35 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
It seemed with in that moment Priscilla felt rather delighted about herself managing to go this far, To felt like it was going rather well, even managing to control herself enough not to laugh out loud managing to use some one as a step to get away from them, It has been done before most likely but Priscilla was not the type to keep track, But hey credit is due when needed. Priscilla actually thought she could away for a moment.

Until that moment where the tornado happen and it broke away the part she was just about to step on. So such a feat was gone to her now, When falling down Priscilla did not expect it to happen and having to start falling already it just means, Priscilla was not ready for this situation at all, in fact it was the opposite she was going off of nothing now since this part failed, Her plan was now broken with nothing to back it up really.

Priscilla would have to think of something else when she hit the ground, It was not a long fall to the ground but sure was one tiny problem with it, Priscilla was not expecting to fall at all.

So when she did and landed there a snapping sound as she landed on her left side mainly on her arm, The impact and the weight of herself and gravity of her falling would be the but what part of the arm was the better question.

But she would slowly take her time getting up on her feet. She had not given up really, She just needed time to figure out her next move to get away from them, She just did not look frantic about it, The face she seemed to have that was of what she normally would.

It could left to Kazimir to wonder if she had seen blood at all since leaving Astera, between the time she might have killed who they are about to ask her about and now. For now Priscilla just said."I yield."She sounded annoyed and angry but she would stop for now."Make it quick so I can figure out what's wrong with my left arm..."She did just keep it still for no, Most likely stating to check on her arm as a cover up for not wanting anything to do with either of them. Two of them around she stood no chance most likely, So she would just now wait for what was to be asked.

#13Kazimir Seiryu 

Test of Faith(Kazimir/Priscilla closed) Empty on Mon Nov 25, 2019 8:20 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Priscilla collapsed to the ground after the tornado had detoured her movement. Kaz landed on the roof above her and kept his eyes on her but still tried to remain alert for when Judi would arrive. He was sure she would have seen the tornado and would be on her way here.

Finally, he had found her. The murder filled woman that he had a couple of tense encounters with in the past. He was ready for the chase to have gone on longer but was glad they didn't have to chase her all over Era. He wished he could have made it in time to prevent her from taking the fall but she was tough and he assumed she'd be able to handle it or had something up her sleeve.

Kaz blinked a few times as she yielded. That was the most unexpected thing of the day. "Well, that was faster than I thought. I expected you to be a bit more stubborn about things." he jumped down from the roof and took a few steps towards her with his hand out, "is your arm okay. You should let me take a look at it or perhaps we can go to the doctor."

he was concerned for her arm but also had a mission to do, "You know you made it a little difficult for me. I figured we've known each other long enough for you not to run away. I have some questions for you. My partner is on her way and we need to get your arm checked but...did you kill someone in Astera Priscilla?"

If she backed away from him he wouldn't come any closer. He stopped a few feet away regardless, as she probably wouldn't want him so close. He kept glancing at her arm while they spoke as he was still worried about it.


Test of Faith(Kazimir/Priscilla closed) Empty on Tue Nov 26, 2019 6:24 pm

This was something she did not know what to expect, Then again Judina had no idea entirely what to go on with this moment, Her mind she did not expect her to just kind of stop right away, Was this woman that much of a mastermind murderer? She gave up far easier then Judina would assume, It was a bit of an unsure taste in Judina's mouth.

"Rude to step on some one else's head."Judina mentioned she seemed to be a bit mad about it, but kept it to herself for the moment. What role did Judina play in this part? After all she did not know if she should play the aggressive role, She wanted to, She was annoyed enough to.

So while she would take a moment to collect her thoughts, Judina would take off that steel tiara, Just in case running her fingers through her hair in case dirt was with it and put her hair back to the neat way she had it before it was stepped on, Finally figuring out what she wanted to say to this woman.

Priscilla was an oddly and almost slightly unnerving looking, She looked: in Pain, Pale, Bitter and Angry. Judina seemed to wonder what made this woman so built up in anger and hate. why she was and how she could hold on to this."I just want a few things answered."Judina would mention as she finally caught up to Kazimir and Priscilla, But given this situation."But I did not think this would happen."Judina admitted right away she seemed a bit worried about it now, She did not want pain done she wanted answers and a bit more of a normal face to face. Judina would next asked another question."Where are you staying here?"

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#15Priscilla Ivalice 

Test of Faith(Kazimir/Priscilla closed) Empty on Wed Nov 27, 2019 2:30 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
With various question now being asked of her Priscilla's expression showed she was not really in the mood to answer them, But nor was she in the place to walk away from them too."If you were just by yourself, I would have no problem speaking to you."Which was a valid point. Priscilla knew Kazimir but not the other lady."I don't know your blue haired girlfriend there dear, You should remember I don't like strangers."Priscilla would casually mention while she was trying to move her left arm to it looking out of place."I don't know who she is. Nor care, I have no need to speak to her."Which was also true with this being thrown on her, At least with how Priscilla was normally.

When Kazimir seemed to try to walk forward to see if she wanted help."No you can stay away, I don't want you or her to put any of your hands on me."It was rude yes, But it was the sign to leave her be, Some one else would deal with her broken arm, But then again Kazimir was the cause for her broken arm so she had too reason to not want him close.

But to answer their questions slowly, Priscilla was trying to put her arm back in place to start wrapping it up with her scarf."What body in Astrea?"Priscilla asked in return she did not know what he was talking. Or she was lying to them both, The problem with Priscilla was she could lie just as quickly as she would admit to things. With her eye slowly looking at Judina while a crack sound of her trying to fix her arm, She just said."I am staying at an inn, There was some nice open houses to look at earlier however."That one also would have be one they would have to figure out if she was telling the truth or not too."Lady could dream of having on here to herself."Priscilla mentioned causally to them, she would start tying her arm into place, While waiting to hear what they would say.

#16Kazimir Seiryu 

Test of Faith(Kazimir/Priscilla closed) Empty on Thu Nov 28, 2019 11:43 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Judi joined them with a mild complaint about being stepped on. They were all finally together although a bit more rough than Kaz would have wanted. They bombarded her with a few questions and Kaz knew it was a lot to take in as she just fell off a rough. He may have been a little too abrupt with the whirlwind but saw it as the quickest way to deal with the situation.

Kazimir nodded at the Pricilla's words and sighed. But when Priscilla said girlfriend he knew there was an odd misunderstanding of things and he just put a hand on the back of his head and shook his head.

He took another step towards her and looked back at Judi, "She's right. Let me speak to her alone for a moment Judi," he gestured for Priscilla to step a bit aways after she answered Judi's first question. Once they had stepped to the side Kaz would step closer to her, "Stab me if you want to, but I caused the damage to your arm, so at least let me see it."

"I'm sorry about that,"
he would help her tie the arm up if she finally let him. He would use the wind to gently surround it and hold it aloft so there was no pressure on it from gravity pulling it down. He'd keep it lightly elevated for the rest of their talk if she wanted.

"We found a body in the Astera cliffs. Stab wounds and this," he pulled out the scarf that matched the color that she wore. "Judi wanted to investigate. I figured you did it but that they probably had it coming. Can you tell me if that was your work?"

"And also, congratulations on buying a house. Seems you are finally settling down."


Test of Faith(Kazimir/Priscilla closed) Empty on Fri Nov 29, 2019 4:02 pm

It was uncomfortable Judina did not want to do this, But she would actually walk away."If she isn't around by the time I am back, I will have a lot more questions for you Kazimir." udina did sound worried, No doubt Priscilla wouldn't care if she did or not. But she needed to find something to do to try and make sure she did not tempt herself to go over and bother her. It seemed to also annoy her as well but yet again it seemed to be something that the bluff was won in both of them being alone to talk.

So she would walk away eventually out of view from the both of them and would be down walking down the street long enough out of the way to be sure at least they were comfortable. But Judina would hope her distance would solve and answer her questions, she felt like Priscilla shouldn't be free it was a small part of her mind that was telling her she should be held in jail and she was dangerous to the public, but Judina for now would keep it to herself as she walked away.

Just letting her little amount of stress out, She would just look around to see if people where around her, Since she did not see anyone else Judina would just punch a wall, Loud enough for them to hear in the background. So she would just find a place to relax, finding a place where she would sit under and try to meditate, sitting on the ground with her eyes closed and her legs crossed, Judina would then clap her hands together like she normally would in prayer or using her mage, this is how she would wait and try to relax.

#18Priscilla Ivalice 

Test of Faith(Kazimir/Priscilla closed) Empty on Fri Nov 29, 2019 4:58 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
Yet again Kazimir actions would be met is resistance by Priscilla she was not going to play along still nor answer question. It would show at the time Priscilla would knock his hands out of way with her right arm."Your sympathy is hollow and insulting."There was even more anger behind her words."I will deal with this myself and recover later." riscilla was even more annoyed, then again Priscilla was also getting on edge she was getting that feeling that she was getting more anger with him getting either closer or trying to help.

But she would actually pull her knife after knocking his arms away but she would not stab him nor would she put the knife even remotely close to his arm, it the knife would then be place close to his left eye knife under it too. It was her right arm the one not hurt in some way."You heard me the first time yet you continue, How about you let me be."Priscilla mention even casually taking a step back even keep some space between then with the knife no longer close his one of his eyes, Like normal Priscilla was not playing games.

But something would be picked up for Kazimir was Priscilla was taking her step back, her knife had blood dried blood on it, too new to be with in the time frame of Astrea however. It would be an easy guess for them that Priscilla would get different dagger by now meaning one thing, She has killed some one not too long ago most likely."Anyone can stab some one Kazimir, It does not take a genius to realize that."Was the first thing to point out and second would soon follow."It simple to find purple scarfs, I find them cheap and in easily found shops." which was most likely true she was skirting around it but then again she had good reason to try to, She had no idea what Judina would do, He would not get a single word from her about it.

But the second sign something else was a miss would show."Oh, I never bought a house here, I got one in Worthwood sea." Pieces would becoming a bit more worrying with that reality if picked upon."Maybe then, When I return to my house, Maybe I will never see your face again."She mentioned her feelings right away.

"It was not my work."
Kazimir now had to guess if that was a lie or not because he would not get a upfront answer from Priscilla, She was not interested just admitting to some one who works for the law that she broke one and in a dark or grim manner, Even if Kazimir was one of the few who might understand her reasons why, There was a strong tense feeling in the air between them.

#19Kazimir Seiryu 

Test of Faith(Kazimir/Priscilla closed) Empty on Fri Nov 29, 2019 8:21 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
He nodded at Judi, understanding how frustrating the situation was. Although he hoped she didn't go too far. The way things were it seemed they may need to apprehend her and he didn't want her getting away without giving any answers.

"Thank you Judi."

Priscilla knocked his hands away and spoke with anger and hate. It made Kaz sigh that she was still so consumed by her rage. He pulled his hands back. She wasn't able to find balance in her life yet. Or maybe this is just who she was. He had hoped that with what brief history they had, they would be on better terms. "Still sorry about your arm. But you did run away from me and I need to speak to you."

The knife came out, pointed under his eye. He had pushed and should have expected it. There was a cold stare in his eyes now. Something not like the mage she once knew. Kaz had a wrath within him now. tamed but still lurking. One that he embraced as a part of himself and he had spilled blood.

"Just trying to help. Stab me if you want. But I will warn you...not to threaten me too far," his eyes narrowed at her with a gentle breeze wafting between them.

He sighed as she didn't give him a direct answer. It wasn't until later that she came out and said it wasn't her but she waited too long to try and clear her name. Kaz had too many suspicions about it now. "Priscilla...you're being awfully dodgy about this. If it wasn't your work you would have just said so in the beginning. You're not the type to beat around the bush or play games. Which means..." he let the implication linger between them as he nodded towards the knife. "And whose blood is that?

He questioned her again and gave another sigh, "At least tell me its only criminals Priscilla. just tell me why and we can walk away from this."


Test of Faith(Kazimir/Priscilla closed) Empty on Sat Nov 30, 2019 6:43 am

While taking their time time and Judina composed herself well enough, She would slowly stand up and stretch out and would start making her way back, She felt in mind enough to keep herself in a forward thinking mind and just hoped this was enough of what was needed.

Until some what seemed liked a worried horrified person ran at Judina trying to get her attention."What is wrong?"Judina stopped this person form there run and even making sure they could settle down from their panicking state."Please settle down I am here for the public and not to be scared of."Judina also mention.

When the person finally could settle down the story Judina heard would be even more of shock to her."A woman and two children...I just found their bodies a few houses away, They were horribly murdered."Judina then felt like something else was going on here now."Thank you for telling me this, Please stay here for a few moments." Judina would look for herself  first, Kazimir should most likely have things under control, Even if she was worried and had no idea what was going on between him and Priscilla.

She would run down there the sounds of running plates armor would give Kazimir the sign something else was going on and Judina was on it. Looking over the window Judina would have a first view of the body, having yet to gather which one of the three she would be seeing through the window, It was a image out of horror move for this one looked like she died by the window.

Opening the door and going into the house Judina would realize that the victim at the window was one of the children, That would have to give her a moment to walk back outside, normally she would be use to such moments from when the demons happen, But she was not prepare for this so soon she thought she was free from how horrible monsters ripped people a part and killed them, She barely saw how the one by the window died and she was already in feeling sick.

#21Priscilla Ivalice 

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Priscilla Ivalice
It seemed Priscilla still to not want too, She was trying not to give in to that part that wanted her too."Find if it will get you to leave me alone, That man had something to do with my past, Got away with being a part of the mob that killed my family by beating them to death and stealing everything we had. So I found him and tore at him slowly until he answered my questions, Then a Lich threw him off a Cliff."Maybe it was because Kazimir would get it in some manner Priscilla finally answered Kazimir, Judina was the key to her not answering right away.

It was a dangerous game and all she answered was."Think I am not use to just dealing with the dangers of life and what they throw at me? Do you think I am just a how i am because i feel like it?"Priscilla mention as she put her that dagger away rather quickly as she pulled it."I expected to die long a go when i started this, You are not excluded on people I assume will try to kill me." Her trust did have a draw back, Progress to open her up just seemed to reveal more to her.

"They are all only criminals.....None of them are Innocent."Kazimir got that as a plain and simple answer, The answer he wanted but Priscilla did not mention who blood that was and she almost seemed to not be mentioning it, Up until now."Another one of the guilty I took out, not too long a go, It was why I was looking at houses so to say."The pieces would now laid out in front of Kazimir he just needed to put them together. It was not a super thought out plan, It was all just instinct and desire."And there is one final target, The one started it all, I will take him out on my own and fade away, Finally be free."Priscilla mentioned that more in the moment because to her, Her goal was almost complete.

#22Kazimir Seiryu 

Test of Faith(Kazimir/Priscilla closed) Empty on Sun Dec 01, 2019 11:11 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz's ears perked when he heard the sound of Judina's plate mail in the distance. If she was running something must be going on but he knew she wouldn't want him to leave this investigation. He would have to get to her aid as soon as he could though.

Bringing his full attention back to Priscilla, he listened to her sad tale. He shook his head with a grimace as he understood a little bit better why she was the way she was and what she was after. "I'm sorry that happened to you. I get it. I'm going to kill the people that wronged me in the past too. Just be careful." Then she said it. That Lich again. The being had been running amok around the country and seemed to be heavily involved with all that he encountered.

He looked at her with a compassionate gaze, "No Priscilla. No one is who they are just because. We all have a story. That's why I don't go about justice blindly. There are always layers and gray areas to a person's motives and the situation they are in. Myself included." He nodded while as his eyes followed the dagger while she put it away. Things were a bit calmer now. He crossed his arms over his chest.

"I don't ever intend to kill you as long as you don't try to kill me. But, If I'm ever around you know I'll need to do an investigation and if I see you murdering someone I'll have to stop it and find out who it is. I can't have you just killing robbers like that night we last saw each other."

"So you were looking at houses to get you closer so you could kill them? And where they connected to the mob as well?
He continued his questions. He wanted to trust in the path she was on but needed to know more about it. Needed a reason to be able to walk away.

When she mentioned she had one final target she could almost catch a faint smile on his face, "Sounds like you have a focus now. Not just that person consumed by bloodlust and unable to control it. A target and then a simple life. I am glad that you have found a way to be free Priscilla." He uncrossed his arms and put his hands in the pocket of his uniform. "You know if you tell me who it is you're going after. I can look into and when the time comes that I find out ahead mobster died. Well, I guess not too many people would care that a major criminal died. May not even be worth investigating. And can you give me the name of the ones killed here and in Astera? Just so I can cross that off my list. Save us both some time."
He said as he tried to get more info from her and give her an out as well. A simple name of the man she was after. Then when the time came he would know without having to track her down and she could be free of any pesky investigations. It was clear to see, that even though she was dark, Kaz at least wanted to see her as a vigilante.


Test of Faith(Kazimir/Priscilla closed) Empty on Tue Dec 03, 2019 6:54 pm

It seemed with in that moment of quiet While Kazimir had a few moments to talk it over, Judina would sadly have to ruin it with her bull headed nature. She was not quiet to hearing range of either or them or them to hear her as well but Judina had one thing to assume with what she just found."It was her..."She mentioned to herself with her mind being clear of the shock that just happen. Judina was through the what if's and just now would go about it in her own way.

Where her steps were quiet for a short time, They picked up at a alarming pace for what Kazimir could hear, Judina was running towards him and Priscilla again with how quickly she was running, Kazimir either had something planned up to try and stop Judina right away or knew something was a miss enough for her to just come right back here.

And just as Judina would get into view and hearing range of them both the sword she normally wield was in her hand. With the pace and distance closing and leaving little room Judina not mention it but she was going to use for to subdue Prscilla in her own way."Your games are over Monster!"crating a metal pillar behind her Judina used it to thrust herself forward and went for a stab with her sword at Priscilla aiming at one of her legs, she was standing at one of Kazimir's sides while doing. Then just as she would try more Judina would then  with her free left hand throw a punch in general to see that would connect too. Ending it off with a wide swing, Judina just wanted to land a blow to just try and contain, It seemed easy from Kazimir doing, But also would mark the entire situation just blowing over horribly.

#24Priscilla Ivalice 

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Priscilla Ivalice
It generally confused Priscilla to hear that form anyone."If anyone where truly sorry, They would have reported it when it happen, Yet her we are now."It was depressing most likely to hear but up until Priscilla started all of this no one knew this crime even happen, Priscilla was just a faceless no one up until then, Left unknown was even what happen between then and now. Some things that she could have said  about herself could either be lies or the truth a mixture of both was possible as well.

Justice seemed to be almost a joke to her, But given the reason what Kazimir knew now, It seemed to make sense why Priscilla just did it all herself what all this path had taken her, She was almost done and she would not let anyone stop her."I won't try to, But that will be simple as me just stay away from you and never speaking to you again."Yet again Priscilla mentioned she never wanted to see Kazimir again but that was also a given even if they went over that already.

With the house connection it seemed to be a simple answer."Yes, They where connected."Plainly put, It showed Priscilla was getting creative and just not waiting for people in the streets."Then I broke in from a window and did as Intended."It might be a good idea for Kazimir to keep that detail in mind for later, since it would be useful.

"Focus...yes, Then my sister Priscilla, My mother and Father all can rest peacefully....And who ruined my life can rot..."Priscilla seemed to trail a tiny bit but it showed a bit more this was also another piece of information, Her sister's name was Priscilla, It could easily meant Priscilla's actual name was something else. Kazimir was getting more random pieces of information seemingly out of no where with just a casual conversation.

"I never got his name....Just know my final target is a man in Magnolia."Priscilla seemed not be leaving Kazimir much else at this point."No doubt when I give out i am looking for a rich mobster in Magnolia, I will have an easy trip."Her eye would turn towards that sound of a very angry and rushing blue haired Rune Knight.

Priscilla would react just as quickly as Judina arrived to try and detain her, When the sword went towards her one of her legs she kicked it back, She then moved herself to the right to dodge the punch Judina just threw at her.

In time of her sword swing Priscilla had dagger her in hand, She would hop landind on the flat part of the blade taking a slash at Judina's face and then use the sword as way out, Launching herself forward behind Judina and running off quickly, It seemed like there might not be a chance now to talk to Priscilla further, The moment was gone for Kazimir and Judina. Priscilla might have just made herself a new target from Judina, But unless Kazimir manage to speak to Priscilla again he or Judina would never know.


#25Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
"Some matters we have to do ourselves. There aren't always people around to report or who are brave enough to," he said with a heavy heart. Her situation was awful and he knew what it was like to have loved ones taken away.

There was an easy smile that came on the wind mage's face as she said she wasn't going to try and kill him. Even when she said she wasn't going to ever speak to him again. At least if they did never speak again it may mean she accomplished her mission and vanished to live a passive life. "I do hope our paths don't have to cross again then," he said with a smile seeing it as her finally finding freedom rather than them not trying to kill each other.

She answered a few of his questions that only rose up more. She had broken into a window around here. Something that he'd probably need to look into. If nothing else he could follow that trail to the mobster she was talking about. Then the bigger reveal came. Her sister with the same name. Or more likely she took on that name so her sister could live on through her. Kaz's eyes flickered when she said it but he didn't ask out of respect. After all, he had done something similar.

The information was vague but all he needed to know to work on. He nodded back," Thank's that'll do. At least for a start to look into. Just to make sure on my end." He still needed to make sure all was good and the man she was hunting was the right mobster.

Suddenly Judina dashed down the alley toward them. Kaz sighed as he knew this was the end of the interrogation. He doubted he would be able to get much more out of her anyway. Judi rushed in with blade swinging and Kaz jumped back to avoid the blow. Priscilla pulled out her dagger and slashed at Judi's face. Kaz threw his hand up and sent a thin-bladed blast of air to knock the dagger of aim so it wouldn't strike Judi's face. The purple-haired woman landed behind Judi and Kaz was ready to defend her if need be but Priscilla decided to dash off instead.

"What's wrong," he asked, stepping closer to Judi and examining her face where the blade was aimed at. Just to be certain she wasn't cut.

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