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Grudges [Noyiah]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

Grudges [Noyiah] Empty on Sun Nov 17, 2019 7:25 pm

Lee Nakamura
The kitsune sat on the bench staring at her form headquarters. It was not easy to watch newly made knights walking about so excited. She worked her way up fair in square and now they kicked her out for no given reason. She always followed orders and did what she felt was right even if they were in the wrong. Perhaps, Manzo was right. A newly founded hatred boiled in her blood. One that she will never forgive. How they treated her mother, her, her adopted family, and even those from her motherland. How could they?!

LeeAnn was all alone this time. No family to turn to. No one to call a friend. Only the talking cat named Salem and her griffen, Zalor. She felt extremely isolated from the world. As if she was on her own island. Use to, she always had someone from her family to depend on. Now, she felt even more along than ever. Kon was the only person she could really rely on for now.

Salem noticed how quiet she was. Usually she was complaining or fidgeting with something. She sat completely still, brooding at the building. Zalor was tall and very noticeable since you really don't see a Griffin in the city. LeeAnn lets him roam freely within her sight. Salem always next to her.

"Rune Knights...what a corrupted system!"

LeeAnn snarked. She said this outloud and really could careless what people thought. LeeAnn was one of the top people to pass that exam and showed a lot of potential. There was not way she was not going to hold a grudge.

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#2Noyiah Dashi 

Grudges [Noyiah] Empty on Sun Nov 17, 2019 7:43 pm

Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah Roamed out of the office space she had been using for paperwork, it seemed to be about all she did now a days.  It had been no more then two weeks since she was granted the title of page and was accepted into the rune knights.   Luckily Noyiah didn’t mind the paperwork, but what really got under her skin was the people who thought they were too good to fill out forms properly. She kept a large binder with stacks of folders tucked away within it, each one was a case or a study that had been filed with her.  It was an easy transition from her other profession as a private investigator.

Noyiah rounded the corner towards the main lobby that most people came through, it always made her a little anxious with the amount of people always roaming through, either on their way into the building or on their way out, it was surly an type of chaos that she didn’t miss. Normally she came in early to get the better temporary office and to avoid the crowds of people on their way in.  Unlucky for her today she was on her way out about the same time most other people were on the particular day.

Noyiah clenched onto the binder under her arm as she braced it to her side and pushed open the main door of the Rune knights headquarters heading outside to the large hill that lead down back to town. Looking about as to not stumble into the multitude of people heading in or out with her.

It must have been the perfect combination of the sun in the right spot to be in her eyes, and the sudden gust of wind that slammed the door she had opened back into her elbow, she felt her whole arm fall limp and numb for a moment before regaining the feeling back in it.  But it was too late, her papers had crashed to the ground and the binder exploded out with a Flurry of papers that danced around the hill top.  She watched helplessly as they floated away from her and down the hill.  

Noyiah Sighed as she leaned down to pick up the now mostly empty binder, she was likely going to catch flack for this.  She collected what little she could reach without traversing the rugged hillside.  Picking up the few that seemed to collect against the wall of the building and the few folders that had managed to not pop open.   She sighed again as she glanced back up, it seemed that most people were to busy with their own things to have even tried to help, huffing again for the forth time in the last minute she shook her head standing in the middle of the well-traveled path slightly defeated.

#3Lee Nakamura 

Grudges [Noyiah] Empty on Mon Nov 18, 2019 9:23 am

Lee Nakamura
Lingering her eyes on a specific girl, she watched. A young pale-faced girl was walking out of the headquarters main entrance. LeeAnn started to observe her. She seemed hard working and genuine with an small innocent touch about the reality of the Rune Knights. This reminded her of how she used to be. Full of life and ready to help the world, now they world had brought her on her knees and has kept her there for a long time. In some ways, it already had. The girl was blinded by a light or the sun as her binder full of papers went everywhere. No one helped her. It really didn't surprise the kitsune with how self-centered most people were.

That was her queue. LeeAnn whistle to catch Zalor's attention. "Zalor, fetch those papers for her. You, too, Salem" she ordered. Salem complained while Zalor was happy to help. She casually made her way over as the two companions were there before her. They collected the papers they could. LeeAnn picked up those she saw rogue from the path. It took sometime to collect what they could. LeeAnn handed her all they collect on the hill below the young girl. "People are just too inconsiderate to help. I hope this is all of it" she mentioned. Her voice was monotoned and showed no emotion or what little she could hide.

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#4Noyiah Dashi 

Grudges [Noyiah] Empty on Mon Nov 18, 2019 2:38 pm

Noyiah Dashi
A shadow caught her attention as she glanced upwards after the Whistle like sound Signaled. Noyiah looked up again from her defeat to see the flash of a black cat pouncing about picking up her papers and then the griffin swooping down the hillside.

Noyiah watched in awe as she watched such a magnificent beast glide through the sky. She had never been so close to a magical beast before, not unless it had been attacking the town and even then there wasn’t much she could do to prevent it.  

She stood in the same spot while her papers that she had previously given up hope on were collected for her, the animals both seemed to gather them up and bring them to another girl. Noyiah would look out a look of amaze still present on her features as she watched her move towards her.

Noyiah was almost rendered speechless as the girl headed towards her. “ Thank you,  you don’t know how much of a headache you just saved me” She admitted with a slight smile accepting the papers from the stranger.

She quickly Thumbed through them,  there was likely one or two missing  and it would he a hellish night resorting them properly and determining what she was missing but she was happy to have what she got. Realizing she was still in front of the doors and very much in the way Nyoiah started to walk towards the side of the trail “ It means a lot to me, that you helped out today, and I’m not sure I have anything to offer as repayment other then my gratitude.  So . . thanks again, and to your talented helpers." She had never seen a Cat with the care or capability to fetch a single paper let alone the amount it had. Not to mention the Griffin that She had lost sight of and didn’t know where it went.

#5Noyiah Dashi 

Grudges [Noyiah] Empty on Fri Dec 27, 2019 3:35 pm

Noyiah Dashi
Once she was given the papers and properly thanked the mystery woman, she would give a polite wave and smile. “have a wonderful day, and thanks again!” she would call out as she started down the hill. She wouldn’t forget this, and if she wasn’t running late already and she didn’t want to miss out on the evening she had planned.

Noyiah recounted their encounter for her entire walk home, it really was quite a pleasant exchange, even though she hadn’t even exchanged names with the stranger, however she easily memorized her face, and having a Griffin and Black cat at her side helped quite a bit.

Regardless Noyiah Retried to her apartment where she worked on some of her case files. Lilting a smoke and letting the smoke trail out of her window as she read through the case files over and over again to see if something might come to light that she had missed originally.

After a few hours of this she popped out to grab some Supplies for dinner, hitting the small merchant stands only a Few blocks away only to Return and find Kazimir had made it home. She would welcome him home and head into the small kitchen to work on dinner and settle down to a Relaxing evening.


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