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Training for the Knights (RK)(Training)

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#26Noyiah Dashi 

Training for the Knights (RK)(Training) - Page 2 Empty on Sat Dec 07, 2019 3:05 pm

Noyiah Dashi
Judina pushed past Noyiah’s Position and they made quick work of the Golems, Noyiah having taken the route to be more of a disabler then a fighter, while Judina cleaned up the rest.  Noyiah got to Witness the Tackle that took down two of the golems. Judina cleaned up the Second one while the first one Fell to the Ground, not allowing it up Noyiah Jabbed with the Dagger hitting joints and aiming to pick it apart piece by piece, a Reverse Mechanic at quick work. Lodging the dagger into the last joint it was still active but completely immobile, Noyiah had even gone so far as to Use the Daggers Back end to Dent the Disk launchers opening down so it couldn’t even fire disks anymore.
Noyiah would give Judina a Quick Nod, a Silent congratulations on her take down, Judina was the Type of Warrior Noyiah wished she could be, able to act on instinct and work on her own to accomplish anything she set her mind to. She had an aura of confidence that was unwavering and was slightly intimidating.

Noyiah would take a defensive stance with her back against the wall, her Rope burned hands clutched her dagger like it was a mightier Great sword, as she huffed and caught her breath.  She Turned when Kazimir Said something, something she hadn’t heard quite right as her ears still rung from the vibration of her dagger against the metal.  Thought she understood instantly what he had meant as mana flooded the air and after only but a moment.  The tower Disappeared behind a Whirling wind that Ripped and tore apart everything left on the opposite tower, the Loud Echoing Thud of the beam that once connecting the towers Crashed to the ground in pieces.  “This is why you practice alone” she said realizing how dangerous his magic could be.  Her head tilted slightly as she watched the wind devastate the tower till nothing was really left.   She slowly looked back to Judina and then to Kazimir. She had proposed the last plan.  She hadn’t come up with any more of a plan since her last.  

The rest of the tower was shaped much like a Screw, the platform they were one slowly rose up until it reached a platform on the top, only accessible from a narrow hall, which the Rest of the golems surely would be waiting with an advantage.   She Looked to Kaz and then to Judina “Orders?” she asked  having caught her breath and shifted down to a kneeling position to sheath her dagger before returning into a standing position.

Training for the Knights (RK)(Training) - Page 2 Noyiah11

Training for the Knights (RK)(Training) - Page 2 Empty on Sun Dec 08, 2019 6:38 am

A good job as normal it seemed, Then again Judina thought it that way generally and was not super thinking about anything that needed to be that important unless it was actually work and not this more casual training. So she would even just mentioned about the magic part."Yes, I don't see it too much either but for good reason, It isn't like me and making objects from metal."Then again everyone worked differently, The vast part of the world of magic with was interesting with how different everyone worked.

Judina then laughed about it slightly."Were I just practice alone out of habit."Which was also true, yet again the reality of everyone just being different in their own ways."I should really train with others more often, Weapons or magic practice with some one else might be a bit more interesting."Judina mentioned as well since she was just viewing it more fun then normal. Then again Judina had changed a bit from the various ventures of life she had since joining the knights."But there is a lot of time for that now."But they did have points to get back too and Judina would realize it.

"Wait...I am suppose to give order here?"
She asked and wondered aloud about it, Judina did not assume the role of leader of this it was rare and Judina was rather often working alone it was why she worked the way she did."Ahh....I do not have one here."She seemed to be trying to think one up slowly and it was not working out for her."I know it is not as simple was find and break them."She would also casually laugh about that, But that part was at least something, That and she was waiting to see if Kazimir was going to suggest something as well.

#28Kazimir Seiryu 

Training for the Knights (RK)(Training) - Page 2 Empty on Sun Dec 08, 2019 8:23 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz took a deep breath and relaxed his arms. He looked back at Noyiah when the storm subsided. "Yeah, it gets tricky trying to create angles to be able to use my stronger spells. I have some precision attacks but that's not my strong point. It's also a hindrance when there are possible hostages,"he said with one hand on the back of his head. "But I've gotten used to it. I still like working with others and on a team."

He nodded towards Judi as she spoke, "Yeah, just about the only thing I can do with mine is destructive. Whereas you can make all kinds of things. With those two aspects and Noyiah's investigative skills and keen senses, I'd say we are almost a complete team," he said crossing his arms with a grin.

"Training alone can be better at times. But absolutely, I think practicing with others gets the mind thinking. We can do that once we wrap up this tower."

Noyiah said a short word that carried a lot of weight. She looked at the two of them and Judi spoke out breaking the pause with a bit of humor. Kaz knelt down and gazed down the hallway. "Well, if we charge in its probably an ambush. In a real scenario, the people would be ready to strike or already making their escape. They could have hostages so a preemptive strike could be dangerous," he usually kept those thoughts in his head, but he wanted them to know his thought process since they were only in a training environment.

"Can't make things too easy. Let's make our way down the hall. I'll take lead. Scout out the situation and then we can move in. I'm thinking I'll dash in, see what's there and call it out for you too to dive in."
He waited to see what they would say.

#29Noyiah Dashi 

Training for the Knights (RK)(Training) - Page 2 Empty on Mon Dec 09, 2019 8:22 am

Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah Smirked, it would suck practicing alone all the time, beside the reasons that Kazimir gave, it made sense to not unleash his magic everywhere and hope for the best, wind was likely very hard to control and aim. “I honestly expected more of a flow kind of feel to your magic but it’s fairly sharp and well louder then I imagined.” She spoke after Kazimir grinned and crossed his arms.

After Noyiah had asked for orders and had looked to Judina, she admits she didn’t have a plan, though she wasn’t upset by this she just laughed it off, while Kaz started to think something up. He explained what Noyiah had already feared,  if they were caught in a pinch point it would be nearly impossible to gain ground on them, well if they were real people with actual skills.  His plan was to push into the Trap with Caution, And because Noyiah couldn’t think of anything better, she would have to agree.  Nodding to the plan she stated “Understood” as she stretched her hands  out wide and then clutched them closed trying to work out the stiffness from the rope burn.

Its Wasn’t that Noyiah wasn’t herself as much as she tried to be More Experienced and was doing her best to fit in, with two Exceptional Knights who had much more time to figure their  abilities out, though Noyiah didn’t have a magic of her own, she felt like she had been doing well so far,  well aside from the rope burn and swollen finger that would certainly need ice when they were done.

Noyiah would move with them up the ramp to the pinch point where Kaz said he would Scout ahead and signal to move in. Noyiah would Crouch down using the wall as partial Coverage and drew her dagger, ready to push to the next section on the signal.

Training for the Knights (RK)(Training) - Page 2 Noyiah11

Training for the Knights (RK)(Training) - Page 2 Empty on Tue Dec 10, 2019 3:22 pm

Oh so some one would actually lead, Good Judina was not the best of at leading quite yet, That and could admit she preferred to follow rather then lead, If forced she could. But none the less being delighted about it Judina would prepare like she would normally."Alright sounds simple to me."Maybe Judina was just taking it too casually about this situation, Then again serious Judina was a compeletly different woman maybe one Noyiah would eventually meet, But one not yet seen, At least Kazimir would know about a more serious Judina.

"But that is all just work talk, This is not anything that serious for the moment."Maybe Judina wanted to seem like a normal person outside of work it was at least become easier for her to seem like a normal person rather then a always in work mode knight she was at one point."I would assume we would be much more prepared for anything that had to do with hostages or sneak attacks from other people."Or Judina would be a lot more prepared, By that it was more like charge in recklessly and fight everything because that is how she normally solved things, Not best nor brightest.

Judina then would ask."Do you need me to show you some stretches for your hands,That might help you with these training sessions?"A casual offer but surely walking around in so much armor all of the time Judina knew a few of them to help."Or do I need to get my mother to heal it?"Judina did not forgot her mother was a healer, That or it could be taken that Judina believed some how her mother just knew how to solve all peoples pain and just knew to throw people her way, Because she could handle it more then Judina could.

Judina would then follow, Just as planned waiting to her what would be said to both of them. Waiting games were quite odd waiting period then again maybe because Judina was the think and wait sometimes she was more just a go in think later. Taking cover Judina was looking up at the sky while she waited for anything that would be a sign.

#31Kazimir Seiryu 

Training for the Knights (RK)(Training) - Page 2 Empty on Wed Dec 11, 2019 7:03 am

Kazimir Seiryu
"In the beginning, my magic was more of a flow. Fit my personality better probably. Then it changed to something really destructive and I had to re-learn it from the beginning and re-learn about myself in a way too," there was a lot more to say on the matter but that was a conversation for another time.

Kaz smiled at Judi's offer to Noyiah. She was always thinking about something and Judith was a good one to know for various different kinds of help. "Judi's mom is pretty helpful."

As they agreed with the plan, they made their way down the hall. Kaz took lead and approached as close as he could. The hallway led upwards and there was a final large step before the top. He ducked to the side of it. The hallway opened to the center of the platform at the top of the tower.

He rose his hand gesturing for them to stop and join him, pressed against the wall. He clapped his hands together as silently as he could. A small white magic circle appeared around him as he closed his eyes. A breeze ruffled his clothes and extended outward from him, touching all that was immediately around. He felt the vibration from his allies' movements and extended it out farther. There was a rattling in the wind. Vibrations sent like a hum from the platform above.

"There are three golems. One to the left about two meters. Another to the right about two meters and a final one five meters straight ahead. All are ready to fire disks and ambush us," he opened his eyes and looked back at them. "I'll dash in towards the one in the front and get their attention. Noyiah you wanna hit the left and Judi can you take the right?"

If they agreed, Kaz would rush forward over the ledge and drop to the ground. He thrust his hand facing the hallway as he laid on the ground with his feet facing the golem five meters ahead of him. A small burst of wind shot from his palm and sent him sliding hastily across the ground on his back.

The golems fired. The left and right golems, disks collided with each other as Kaz slide underneath. The golem straight ahead fired and it would have gone into the hall but Kaz shot a wind blade with his other hand to destroy it.

Kaz's foot kicked the bass of the golem's legs that connected to the track causing the wind mage to wince. He wasn't a melee combatant and that sent a painful throb through his leg. he golem faced its body downward just as Kaz made another circle with his hands and shot out a small close-range area whirl of wind that knocked the golem off the platform. One of his only close-range maneuvers.

#32Noyiah Dashi 

Training for the Knights (RK)(Training) - Page 2 Empty on Wed Dec 11, 2019 8:22 am

Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah held her hands out still as Judina offered to show her some stretches, “thank you that would be wonderful, either or, but after we finish up.” Not usually one to turn down education she gave a quick friendly smile towards Judina, before readying herself for the plan to come. Knowing that now what not the time and place to mention that she likely had met her mother.

When Kazimir motioned for them to stay close to the wall Noyiah would fall in line pressing her back against the wall, though she remained calm she felt her heart pounding loud, her legs where shaking and her arms Ached,  it was a combination of not being used to such a training session, and the start of training with the troops that had been taking its toll on her muscles, and in that moment of calm she felt it all.  Kazimir casted a spell of sorts, though Noyiah didn’t know what he was doing she quickly Realized when he gave the locations of the golems, they would divide up the enemies and take them down in one swift strike.  Noyiah would nod Sharply understanding she was to take down the golem on the left.

After they started moving up the ramp to take position at the entrance of the hallway, Noyiah would regrip her dagger, her hands where sweaty, she was likely nervous on top of being tired.  Kazimir Took off down the hall, Noyiah Attempted to follow only a few paces behind, but Kazimir Was far faster then Noyiah had anticipated as he got in.  Noyiah Flinched as the rubber disk fired by the middle one looked to be angled down towards her, suddenly though Kazimir Nailed it away with a wind blade.,  this delay would likely allow Judina to pass by her.

She would continue once she realized she had been saved,  she  grabbed the side of the  ramp and where the platform connected and Swung herself up to a kneeling position, She Went to Swing at where the golem was, but she misjudged how far 2 meters was and found herself  kneeling in front of the Golem,  Scampering to get to her feet she managed to Roll out of the initial disk that fired at her, not having time to deflect the attack  she watched it whirl past her towards Judina’s Side.  The only thing she could do was yell out “ Judina” She called out, not being able to call out more then a word before it would already to late.  Getting to her feet to the Right side of the golem she Attempted to jab the golem in the neck, but her aim was off, the dagger ricocheted, She Watched as the force she used didn’t match her control and the dagger Rejected from her hand and spun down to the ground below the tower.  The golem turned and took aim at her, and at this point the only thing she could do was put her hands up in defence.

Training for the Knights (RK)(Training) - Page 2 Noyiah11

Training for the Knights (RK)(Training) - Page 2 Empty on Fri Dec 13, 2019 4:09 am

It seemed like it was a moment of humor."It is almost like I get my desire of helping others from her or something."she said laughing about it slightly, Judina wondered if she even had that sense of humor or it was funny at all in some manner, poor woman was a well mannered knight but doubted herself socially internally way too much. Ever so prepared and ready in one way, innocent and unsure in another.

It was a fair point but Judina had that part in mind as well."I would assume it would be after this to start with."Like Judina would bring her mother into a Rune Knight trainer drill, It was silly even if she assumed Judith would handle it easily. Well she assumed anyway, Judith was not super powerful and godly problem solver that she made her out to be. But then again Judith always hinted she knew a lot of things then she would normally let on to.

But whichever one was chosen would not super important, Judina would eventually go back to focusing on work, Well kind of work. It was all fun and games in her mind. Reality of work and worry were so far from Judina, It was something she needed, Not knowingly needed as well which helped even more.

It seems a plan was now in order, It was wonderful with an amount of joy Judina could feel from this was something not something she could express.

Action nonetheless was not to be taken, it seemed in all of these moments. Just as everyone went off to go with Kazimir plans everyone was truly not ready for the parts that Judina seemed to normally do. It was the reality everyone covered each other faults.

Both Kazimir and Noyiah seemed to just fumble a tiny bit but then again, They where kind of going at this super hard and Judina was more use to either the spot light or the more up front part. But she had flaws too. After all she was told to go to the right Judina in turn went to protect Noyiah now because of what happen.

She was in actually following the plan to start with until Noyiah seemed to have trouble even forgoing to normally cover up her hand in metal to protect at least her own hand from hitting metal, But this was more for protecting Noyiah then anything else, Forgetting the golem she was suppose to deal with.

She did not say a word when she went and did this the only thing that showed she was there when she had showed up behind Noyiah not too long after Noyiah had her hands up, Punched the golem right away hard enough that you heard the louder crunch noise of the hand she used to punch the golem with she did just damaged it in some manner And she did not let out a noise at all. She would check on her hand later. Only internally thinking the word ow.

But she had to mention some one else would have to take over the golem on right she chose to not deal with at all."Some one...will have to deal with the one on the right." She sounded like she was in a bit of pain but she might have just either almost or might have willingly broke her hand to help Noyiah.

#34Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
The operation had begun and his foot throbbed when he head Noyiah call out to Judi. After His golem fell down he looked to see a disk flying through the air at Judi. He instinctively threw a blade of wind that split it into tiny fragments just as Judi whirled around to see what was happening with Noyiah under attack.

Kaz held his breath as he saw Noyiah covering to protect herself. But before the disk could fly Judi was over and delivered a heavy blow to the golem. The one she was facing was still intact and Judi called out for someone to deal with it. Now that both Noyiah and Judi were on that Golem, it was as good as gone.

The golem that Judi left was getting ready to fire. The slit opened and Kaz dashed forward. He made a circle with his arms and thrust his hands forward creating a whirlwind around the golem that cut into its frame and uprooted it from the track it was on.

With that golem down it was only the one they faced that was left. A tough exercise but they were about to succeed with only minor injuries to show for it. Once that golem was down Kaz breathed a sigh of relief. He was pleased to see that they had traversed the whole tower and already showed how much they trusted each other in tense situations.

"Good job. We did it. Are you two alright, " he walked over to check both their hands now. With rope burns and possible broken bones. They worked well as a team and they were as reckless as he could be. Something both scary and interesting.

"Well, there was a second part but I think we've done enough for today. These are gonna need to get looked out,"
after he checked to see if they were okay he would walk over to the ledge and point down to a circle of sand on the ground, "there's the training ring. It's for sparing. The ring was a twenty-meter diameter circle.

"Well then, shall we go. But feel free to train her more if you want. I'll stay if you want to," he was both ready to take them to get checked out or stay if they wanted to. He just waited for what they had to say.

The only thing on the platform with them now was the three ropes to climb down with. Something that would be exceptionally difficult to do given the current situation.

#35Noyiah Dashi 

Training for the Knights (RK)(Training) - Page 2 Empty on Mon Dec 16, 2019 9:52 am

Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah Winced as she heard the click, but her eyes opened wider to see that Judina Had her back, the head and Face of the golem That Noyiah failed to disable was Collapsed in on itself. Luckily Judina Had Come to her aid, and she wasn’t where Noyiah had anticipated she would be. Though her call out seemed to have helped, even if she wasn’t able to witness it herself. She turned to look towards the Golem Judina had abandoned to help her, Though Kazimir Was quicker on the execution of this golem. With all the of the immediate dangers gone Noyiah stood up and Tried to pull the face of the golem open more so Judina could retrieve her hand easier. “Thank you” she said softly, still not quite having caught her breath.

At Some point during the encounter with the last Golem she attempted to take down she had held her breath, it wasn’t a good habit to form, and she silently scolded herself for her poor contribution. And although this was a training exercise Noyiah had performed well, a few mistakes that she made however would have proven to be lethal in the event of a real situation. Kazimir had Approached them after it was finished and asked if they were alright which Noyiah nodded to softly. She wasn’t hurt, or at least she wasn’t too hurt, she felt that she had an acceptable level of injuries. All things that were preventable, and she would strive to work on the things she failed to do right this time.
Noyiah would turn her attention to Judina’s hand, she wasn’t sure that she could do anything even if it was broken, but she would have to leave it to Her to take care of. When Kaz talked about the next section she would glance down, to see the circle her dagger rested in the sand just outside of the sparing circle. “if training is going to be continued, I will push myself to continue with you all” she said getting to her feet.

Noyiah would stick around Judina for a Bit, and if she went down the ropes she would follow on her own rope, if not she would walk to the bottom the best she could with Judina. “ sorry I wasn’t better.”

Training for the Knights (RK)(Training) - Page 2 Noyiah11

Training for the Knights (RK)(Training) - Page 2 Empty on Wed Dec 18, 2019 4:49 pm

Making her choice would be simple, But her mind was in a different place."To expect some one new be ready for such a situation like this right away, Isn't exactly common." Judina mention she seemed to be okay with it, Noyiah tried her best in which is all that Judina would ask for."Improve later, when it actually matters with work."A wee bit blunt and too the point but that seemed to be Judina's style about going about things."Do not hold it over yourself badly, Doubt is a foe as equal as any criminal or monster you could face."Judina only would mention it in that way because she understood how doubt worked. Just in different manners rather then work.

With her actual choice Judina then said."I will step out of training, To get this hand check on...I really should have covered it in metal first.."Judina must have done something more then a simple punch could throw at things. So her choice was made which was not all that long to figure out.

Turning away Judina would not take long to leave because she wanted to be sure her hand was able to heal normally or if she did some serious damage to it. Much like it was to be expected to be working with bare bones and metal.
It did not ruin her morals or spirits just a bit of pain no big deal.

She would get it looked at, taken care of to be healed and go deal with other things as she normally did, It was over all a nice moment for Judina personally, She felt like she got a decent amount of information and training form it. So until another time, Judina would be done with this for today.


#37Kazimir Seiryu 

Training for the Knights (RK)(Training) - Page 2 Empty on Wed Dec 18, 2019 10:31 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
"Yeah, Don't worry at all about it. You did a great job. Better than most new recruits especially considering that this is a pretty advanced course. Even the most experienced people still slip up and get injured," Kaz rolled up his sleeve to reveal the wound on his forearm. An entry and exit wound from a bullet that looked like it took a portion of his forearm but it was magically healed. Although the scar still showed where the bullet burst out of his skin, taking muscle with it. He still wore a smile on his face though. It was something that barely bothered him now. "See. I've goofed up my fair share even now. All you can do is be as ready as you can be."

He nodded at Judi as she excused herself to take care of her injury. It was safe and wise choice. best not to aggravate it anymore. "That's a good idea. We can all meet back up in a couple days when those injuries have healed."

He looked back at Noyiah as Judi made her way out, "I'm going to stay here and train for a bit. You're welcome to join me still. If not I'll definitely be home in time to have dinner with you." he said with a smile.

Kaz was ready for whatever would happen next. If Noyiah wanted to stay in train he would gladly do so. He was curious to see how she handled herself in other ways too. Not to mention if they did stay it could be a good time to bring in Iris for the next round of training. He would leave that decision up to her.

If she decided not to stay, Kaz would hang around for a bit and do some training on his own.


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#38Noyiah Dashi 

Training for the Knights (RK)(Training) - Page 2 Empty on Thu Dec 19, 2019 6:03 pm

Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah Listened as Judina spoke, it was Blunt, but it wasn’t uncalled for, Noyiah knew she had quite a long way to go, and this was but only one-stepping stone to the path of greatness. Noyiah gave an appreciative smile towards Judina as she excused herself from the training and went about leaving. “Thanks Again” Noyiah called out as She left.

Noyiah made her way to the bottom using the rope, thought this time she took her time and using her feet as well to assist for the lack of use of her hands.

When she was on the ground with Kazimir she had originally intended to stick around, but with Judina leaving she figured maybe it was best to go about her day, she was injured enough already, and she would need to be in better shape to run drills the next day.  “I think ill head out too then, I have a few things to put together, thanks for including me in today’s Trials” She said as she leaned down and picked her dagger up, wiping the sand off on her pants she then sheathed it in her boot.  “but ill see you around dinner” She declared turning to look at Kazimir again. “I think I have stuff for stir-fry pulled out for tonight, don’t stay too late” She said with a smile, heading back towards Kazimir, she would give him a peck on the cheek and brush a bit of dirt from her hand off on her pants before heading for the door.

Noyiah would head out to get ice for her finger and maybe get the rope burns looked at, but she wasn’t overly worried about herself, more so she was self-reflecting. Going over the training exercise and figuring out what she did right and what she could do better.  There was certainly a lot she could do better, though she reminded herself that she had the luxury of the Rune knights training grounds and almost anything she would need to do so to become better.


Training for the Knights (RK)(Training) - Page 2 Noyiah11
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