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Training for the Knights (RK)(Training)

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#1Kazimir Seiryu 

Training for the Knights (RK)(Training) Empty on Sun Nov 17, 2019 6:42 am

Kazimir Seiryu
The sun shined down on the training grounds of the rune knight headquarters. The sounds of pages marching resonated across the ground. Squad leaders called out commands and motivated the youthful corps of knights to run faster, push harder and climb higher as they traversed the obstacle course and dropped for push-ups.

They ran across thin beams with sweat beading their foreheads. Breathing became heavier as they leaped to reach the top of a wall and. Muscles strained as they pulled themselves up and over. Some landing on the other side with a thud. Dirt kicked up and caked the bottoms of their boots.

Others stood toe to toe with dummies stuffed with hay. Steel swords held at the ready. "STRIKE!" their leader yelled and the knights thrust and slashed with their blades. Small thuds thwapped against the men made of hay, with strands dripping from their bodies.

Kaz walked out and exchanged some looks with the others. Page's and some apprentices nodded back his way and he returned it.

A lieutenant scowled at the wind mage as he lead his men. Another grimaced and strode over with a passive walk. He extended his hand to the mage and Kaz took it. The Lt pulled Kaz in closer to whisper to him. "Don't let the fact that some of the pages like you go to your head, apprentice."

Kaz whispered back, "Oh, so there are people that still like me here."

The Lt smiled and hugged Kaz, "Good to have you back. Rumors about the apprentice whose as strong as.."

"Just rumors I promise. I have orders to help some new recruits catch up on some training. Care if I use the back area?"

The LT jolted his head back, "But that's.."

"I know. It'll be safe. There are only a few of us."

"Alright then Kazimir. It's all yours. Just be careful. There are those that still have an eye on you."

"Got it. Thanks," Kaz replied with a pat to the Lt's shoulder and walked by him.

He went a bit away from the others and through a door leading to an indoor training area. It was much like a smaller version of the training field outside. Except there were ten-foot poles sticking out of a sandpit. Next to that was a circular platform surrounded by miscellaneous weaponry.

Two small towers were in the center of the room. with ropes connecting them at various platforms, a balance beam at the top and then a bundle of ropes on the highest platform.  

Kaz walked over to the corner that had five machines facing a walkway with obstacles to roll under and jump over. He cranked a shaft on one of them and a rubber disk shot out and knocked into the wall.

"This will do just fine."

The metal dummies in the corner were fitted with lacrima and glowed different hues. Kaz made a circle with his arms and shot a large blast of wind at the figures. They rattled and stood their ground. The gust of wind was frantic and barely stable but formed a cylinder.

Kaz used the time before the others arrived to practice rolls and jumps while tossing spells. He kicked off the wind and thrust gusts downward at the targets. If he heard the doors open he would land and wipe his brow.

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#2Noyiah Dashi 

Training for the Knights (RK)(Training) Empty on Sun Nov 17, 2019 8:05 am

Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah Hurried along the road, her toes catching on the cobble stone as she wore her new more combat Friendly boots, Heavier then she had ever worn for footwear they made her feel clumsy and sluggish. The boots where a worn brown leather and had more ankle support then she was used to.
Noyiah carried with her a satchel, keeping some bottles of water, towels and a small bag of trail mix.  The bag swung and thudded against her hip with almost every shift of movement, the bag was quite a bit heavier then she was used to as well.

Making her way up the hill with the added weight was just as difficult as she anticipated. But she managed to do it in one trip. The daily walks up the hill had made it less of a challenge and more of a standard.  Pushing through the large entrance doors she glanced around.  Most people seemed already going about her day. Noyiah had planned on coming in Earlier but took too long getting ready, making sure she was ready for today. The night before she had read a few chapters of a book on combat, though she was thoroughly prepared to the best of her ability she was nervous she was going to let Kaz down. It was no real Secret Noyiah wasn’t much of a fighter, she didn’t fight for fun, nor did she get herself into situations often where she had to fight.

Noyiah proceeded down the hallway with the cells to see if 014882 was doing before heading up a set of stairs and then towards the training grounds. She entered the large area, it seemed the be bustling with recruits training, though at a glance Noyiah realized that Kazimir wasn’t in this room.  She glanced around for someone that looked like a Drill officer. Her plan was to ask him if he had seen Kazimir, but he looked to busy to be bothered and Noyiah walked around aimlessly.  Until she noticed that there were more private rooms.

She peeked into a few different areas, they all seemed empty, and Noyiah was getting the feeling she was later then she should be. Peeking into the last room that was left she noticed Kazimir drop to the ground and wipe the sweat from his forehead. “am I late?” she asked glancing around but not seeing anyone.


Training for the Knights (RK)(Training) Empty on Sun Nov 17, 2019 10:31 am

There was just something, something about Judina still seemed annoyed but less then she was normal as Judina could muster for the moment, She had let Regis go from her mind for the moment. But the actions of other rune knights still seemed to bother her. Not the ones who where now or just joined Judina would just attempt to control herself and keep her behavior in line.

Not many people could help Judina to kind of keep herself in line. So far it would mostly be Judina casually walking towards where this area where people seemed to be training.

So Judina would go to train only because nothing else would trying to get her mind off of about what was troubling her mind. So that slow casual walk towards everything, With keeping in mind other people were most likely already busy with other partners or running already so Judina could enjoy what was going on and seeing other people run things as well as various things in means of training. She could do it, Judina could control herself well enough to deal with whatever situation she could.

Staring upon the various objects from a far view, Leading it up to Judina would consider blowing off the anger with some of the object there she could punch or maybe slash a few times. But also seems she would not be alone, Kazimir and Noyiah seemed to be there. So far with Kazimir she had little worry being around him but with the newer knight she was slightly worried that if anything happen Judina might not try her best to control what would and could happen. Judina was doubting herself a different manner this time, doubting own self control. That was something just with her but could not be told because she was still plain and normal Judina.

#4Kazimir Seiryu 

Training for the Knights (RK)(Training) Empty on Mon Nov 18, 2019 6:52 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz heard Noyiahs familiar voice and turned around to see her just as the door behind her opened again and Judina came in.

"Hey," he responded and swung an arm wide to display the training area. "welcome to the first day of training. We have the whole place to ourselves so we can really let loose," he said as he caught his fist with his other hand, in front of him. An involuntary gust of wind rushed out from him. He couldn't hide his excitement for his love of training. One of his favorite activities.

"I was going to start us out light but you've been doing some drills with the others the past couple of days. so running and marching and things shouldn't be hard and Judi you've done all that before. So I wanted to tackle something a little more fun and practical. Maybe work on all aspects of what we could encounter."

Now that they stepped further into the room they could see the steel mannequins like the ones on the ground but they were scattered throughout the two towers that were connected by ropes and beams.

"So the tower needs to be traversed to the top. At the top are three ropes. Once we get to the top we have to leap off and get back to the floor. its 60 feet but the ropes go all the way down. There are 10 steel figures scattered through it. We gotta take those out too. Anyway, you want and don't worry they can take a beating. But watch out, they can shoot rubber disks out too," he made sure to include something physical not just so they could really dig into something but so Judi could get some frustration out. "The disks are kinda like offensive spells. And we are here to take out mages sometimes. But don't worry. The flamethrowers are disabled."

He walked over to the starting point of the obstacle course. There were some variations of paths they could choose. "And don't let the path limit you. Take out at least three steel guys and get to the top. Any way you want." He chose this exercise to start because it tested reflexes, creativity and physical ability. With the climbing and jumping involved it could get tiring to traverse the 60-foot tower. "We don't finish till we all make it to the top. Deal?" he bent his knees ready to run, his arms hung at his sides and his eyes locked in ahead of him.


Figured with two 60 foot towers you could be as creative as you wanted to. Give the steel guys some weak spots to strike at. Do some jumps flips, falls and tumbles. Swing from something, duck, roll, blow up, add some traps. all you.

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#5Noyiah Dashi 

Training for the Knights (RK)(Training) Empty on Tue Nov 19, 2019 6:54 am

Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah looked back at Judina as she entered, this was the hot-headed woman from their acceptance. She seemed like the kind person who would be mad in any situation. But Noyiah would wave her hand towards her as she arrived and would attempt to talk to her a bit if she got closer.

After Kazimir described what they were going to be doing Noyiah stood quietly looking at the towers, she had no experience with anything of this nature. But she was willing to try even if she was awful. She just hoped this lack of skills wouldn’t be off putting for Kazimir or Judina, she would hate to be looked at as if she was helpless, but in reality, she likely was.

“Oh good! that was my first worry” she said sarcastically about the flamethrowers with a slight smirk.

“Deal” she agreed hoping that the disks didn’t hurt too bad, she wasn’t super confident in her ability to disable a steel dummy with a rubber disk launcher.

Noyiah stood at the bottom of the tower for a bit looking up the tower, still unsure as to how she would even start to accomplish a tower the was 60 ft up.  She may have been over her head already, taking her bag off she slides it to the side of the room with a toss letting it slam against the side of the wall.
Noyiah glanced towards the rest of them, knowing that she wasn’t going to initiate the start of the ascent she would wait for them both to start before she would take a pathway up.  She wasn’t sure she was looking forwards to this or if she would find herself injured on her first training day.

Her Grandfather had trained her for things when she was younger but something like this seemed so out of her league, not that she would ever admit to it, but her wide eyed~ Deer in the headlight~ look likely gave it away.


Training for the Knights (RK)(Training) Empty on Tue Nov 19, 2019 3:53 pm

Maybe it was just how it started for their starting meeting but Judina did smile and wave back. She was still attempting to be kind what kind of normal of a person, Since she was just a bit stressed out of late."Do we really now? I would not image being left alone would be so quick."She mentioned just in general about it. but avoided mentioning about letting loose right away.

It was interesting for Judina at least and refreshing too."I could understand the need to take out the fire, Even if I would have been okay with it."She was slowly looking and take the information of the tower into her mind slow thinking of her way up the tower, as well as the target to break as well. It was all most likely simple to do, Just Judina had to take it easy on this moment, She was capable of a lot.

"Do not be scared of it Noyiah, Kazimir or I will help if you need some major help."
Judina would be the first one to say that for good reason, She seemed the she had good intentions just had a rough patch.

But one thing for sure Judina would mention."I guess no sign of my older brother? I guess...I should not entirely blame him currently."The reality of how Judina seemed and acting was beinf addressed by her."I do not think it would be safe even in training for me to being around him for a tiny bit longer."Judina would walk over to her starting place and showing she was ready stood with her back straight, eyes closed and clapped both of her hands together, She was ready for the sound of go, To just continue on her day to press forward and keep herself in her current state of mind.

#7Kazimir Seiryu 

Training for the Knights (RK)(Training) Empty on Wed Nov 20, 2019 5:12 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
"Well actually...my magic is too dangerous to really train around others so its more of a...safety measure, and I just snuck you two in," he said putting a hand on the back of his head. The truth was that he requested to use it to train some new destructive spells and it was the only place they could put him. An excuse he used to get the space for them to train. But some of the higher-ups in the knights were aware and lent their support.

He smiled at Noyiah's sarcastic remark, "Well I wouldn't want you two set ablaze so soon. Don't worry I'll turn them on for next time," he said with an equally happy smile.

Kaz waited at the starting place as the others lined up beside him. "No, I don't think your brother will be joining us. And Yeah...it may take a little time for the two of you. But at least you know where he is when you're both ready."

He gave a nod of support towards Noyiah, "It's less intimidating than it looks. Just have fun with it." He looked back at the track and took off. "Let's go!" He bounded forward at a moderate pace, keeping in rhythm with the two that he was with. They approached the first obstacle. A ten-foot wall. Kaz sprinted ahead and put his back to it. He squatted down and cupped his hands together, ready for someone to put their foot on it so he could help push them to the top.

Atop the wall was a small platform with a climbing wall on one side and a rope on the other both options to get higher and both leading to the first steel figure ready to fire at them. while Kaz waited he calculated the distance they ran and how far the rest of the structure went. Contemplating how and when to take things to the next level.

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#8Noyiah Dashi 

Training for the Knights (RK)(Training) Empty on Thu Nov 21, 2019 9:42 am

Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah still uncertain about what they were about to do just watched and listened quietly, Judina said they would support her if she got into trouble which made Noyiah easy up a bit but this would be her first time trying something of this Caliber and in front of fellow knights that she held a lot of respect for, or didn’t know them enough to know their reaction.

Noyiah wanted to be dependable for her allies but she wasn’t sure of her own skills in a simulation like this. After everything was explained Noyiah would follow suit getting to the starting line.
Her wide-eyed look gave her insecurities away and she was comforted by both Judina and then Kazimir afterwards. She took a deep breath in anticipation looking at the first obstacle, she would have to take it one obstacle at a time. Noyiah shifted from foot to foot as she psyched herself up ~ you got this, they say its not hard, Judina’s not worried and . . . wait is that Judith’s Daughter?~ she quickly glanced over as Kazimir yelled Lets Go!

Noyiah glanced ahead as Kazimir propelled forwards, bracing himself against the wall in wait to assist one of them over, Noyiah looked at Judina for a second before making her way there dashing forward in a small half-hearted sprint. Picking up a bit more speed as she approached Kaz, with his assistance she was propelled up grasping onto the platform as her feet kicked and thrashed until she managed to get up the to the top of that 10 foot wall, from that platform she noticed there were more ways up, Noyiah would lay on her Stomach, anchored in place tucking her toes into a grove between platforms and held her hand out for Judina to grab and make it that much easier for her, before reaching down to assist Kaz up if he needed it.

Noyiah felt the sharpness in her breath already, her fingertips stung from holding her own weight let alone thought she may had held up. After everyone was up she would follow their lead.


Training for the Knights (RK)(Training) Empty on Fri Nov 22, 2019 1:14 pm

She could admire the crafty why of team work Noyiah had shown in this moment, She would have a moment when she opened her eyes. When parting her hand that were together her iron sword would come from her hands in which she would keep it in her right hand. Taking a small step back it would with hold any leaping right away, mostly because Judina still kept in mind she trying to at least be a we bit more slower pace.

So with it came to it, She would start her way over to in her way of being great ful for Noyiah already thinking about working as a team with some one. Judina was always the work alone time, This was a bit better already in a different manner then most of the knights she recalls working with. Maybe aside from Kazimir trying to work with her already.

When it had came to that very moment Judina did grab her hand and when pulling herself up she then Judina was a bit heavier due to the armor she wore. When she took to two steps up to continue up it almost looked like she was not going to return the favor that Noyiah granted her.

Until the end of her second stop on the wall when going to take a third a piece of her boot then made a spike and she would just plant her foot right into the wall, It would be a loud crunch noise and Judina's foot impacted into the wall and she would hold herself in place and wait for Noyiah Even offering her hand out her left hand since it did not have her sword."Alright, let's go then, your turn now."Judina mentioned in turned to try and get her to keep up the pace, Judina would not take long to move past her.

#10Kazimir Seiryu 

Training for the Knights (RK)(Training) Empty on Fri Nov 22, 2019 10:28 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Noyiah took the boost. As her foot landed in his cupped hands he pushed her upwards, far enough to grasp the ledge. Judina was right behind her. Although she was running with a sharp blade. Kaz took a deep breath as she scaled the wall. He kept a keen eye on the blade and pressed his head into the wooden wall. She made it up and now it was his turn.

He looked up to see Noyiah having helped up Judi and now offering her hand for him. He gave a small jump and pushed his feet against the wall to climb it with Noyiah's help. Judi was already about to begin her climb up."Thanks" he said to her assistance up the wall. "First tsk down."

He was glad they were already working as a team. it played in well to the next part he had set up in case they moved together. Judina made the decision to go towards the wall instead of the rope and Noyiah was ready to follow their lead. "Alright then up we go," he said just as a steel figure appeared at the top of the climbing wall. It seemed to be able to move around on a track. Its chest opened and two rubber disks flew out towards them. Fast enough to cause some minor brusises.

Kaz swiped his hand like the claw of a tiger and sent a blade of wind that shattered the two disks. It seemed the figure wasn't going to run out anytime soon. "I'll cover you while you get up the wall or the rope." They both paths lead to different places on the same platform as the figured that now attacked them.

If the two of them agree. Kaz would take a wide stance and heave blades of wind up at the disks and around his allies.

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#11Noyiah Dashi 

Training for the Knights (RK)(Training) Empty on Sat Nov 23, 2019 10:43 am

Noyiah Dashi
After Kazimir got to the top of the wall Noyiah would turn to see Judina’s foot Crush into the tower, creating a foothold for herself as she braced and offered out a hand to get to the next platform. Noyiah went to Reach of the assistance, before the sounds of Gears shifting sounded and two steel dummies exploded forth launching disks which Caused Noyiah to flinch, luckily it was a combat exercise, and  Kazimir managed to block the shots for her, which she was grateful for.

Noyiah was not a very good fighter, especially when it was on the run, she was better at evasion and tactical retreats,  she had never had to fight a mage.  She didn’t really fight in general, though she knew the fundamentals of hand to hand she didn’t practice them often enough.  

The thuds of Rubber pieces bouncing off the platform they were on was enough to get Noyiah in motion again. She would grab Judina’s hand and get assisted to the next platform.  Her feet pushing on the wall as she was half lifted, allowing her to plant her feet against the vertical surface and get to the next platform, which she rolled sideways onto.

Now laying on her side she quickly kicked up to her feet and kept an eye open for any more of the steel golems. Her hand would rest on the dagger sheathed on her belt.  Not that it would do much for her if there was more than one dummy or they were able to fire multiple shots like the first one.
Noyiah glanced down to see if Kazimir and Judina were doing well, knowing the Kazimir had to hold back to prevent injuring one of them Noyiah wasn’t going to position herself between Kaz or Judina and the dummies.

Noyiah’s heart was pumping harder now as she went more on instinct, her intuition over critical thinking.  She felt the ache in her arms already and she had been assisted in both times she went to the next platform. But Noyiah couldn’t see around the corner of the platform she was on because it followed along the pillar like tower.  Making her back touch the wall she waited and anticipated the attack that might be incoming from an unknown location.   If the other two needed help Noyiah would be there in an instant having already calculated that she could  grab the rope  from the other way up and swing down to flank the steel dummy if things where bad,  but for now she held her position.


Training for the Knights (RK)(Training) Empty on Sun Nov 24, 2019 7:45 am

It was interesting situation for Judina to take in, It was oddly also endearing for Judina to witness, So much so it could distract her. But she would continue on the wall she wanted to break the target but Kazimir seemed to get rid of the first things. No matter Judina would continue going up This seemed to be a game of pull another one up, Judina might wanna speed things up at this point.

throwing her sword upward slightly for a moment, closing one her hands and smacking it into her open palm and pulled out knife blade attached to a chain, After completing her spell with in that frame Judina would then throw it as hard she could the next area she needed to be and pulling herself up while catching her sword.

If anything Judina would be staying behind Noyiah just for the moment as she took a moment to stretch a tiny bit form all of that climbing then again almost like she forgot to stretch too. Judina seemed so casual about it too Noyiah was preparing to peer around a corner and seemed in stuck in the work zone. It was interesting to see that on the other side from another person and not Judina herself being stuck that way, She could not count on her fingers how often that seemed to happen to Judina, Keeping in her mind her short tempered nature.

"Want me to go first then?"
Judina said so casually, in a playful manner for the moment as she prepared herself to go forward for once just not thinking about what Noyiah would do since well this was nothing super serious yet. So Judina then would turn the corner she was waiting with Noyiah, Continuing on already not a moment to breath, looking around to see what was around the corner.

Spell used.:
Name: Metal Make; Scorpion's Tail.
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Metal Make Magic
Type: Suppementary
Element: Earth
Range: 5 Meters
Cooldown: 1 Posts
Duration: Instant.
Effect: Having one of her hands closed and placing it on an open palm of her other hand, pulling her closed hand away a chain slowly is pulled out while a 3 inch knife blade is shaped into her hand that is closed with the blade at the bottom of the hand, the chain when finished is  6 inches total, This spell can be used to pull someone/thing closer to Judina, pull herself closer to someone/thing. Pull range is 5 meters.

#13Kazimir Seiryu 

Training for the Knights (RK)(Training) Empty on Sun Nov 24, 2019 8:57 am

Kazimir Seiryu
The others made it up the wall through the assault from the steel guardians. Kaz still launched wind blades at the rubber disks that rained down at him. He waited a few seconds as Judi got over the wall and then heard nothing. "Uhm...ladies...If someone would be so kinds as to take out that Guardian," he yelled out in a calm but worried tone as the disks kept coming voice.

He waited for one of them to take out the dummy and once they did he would breathe a sigh of relief and say thanks. He used the holes that Judi put in the wall to climb up and join them, bouncing on the wind at the final jump, once there were no more handholds.

They had made it up the climbing wall and were rounding a narrow path to peek around a corner. Judi rounded the corner first and Kaz followed. Before them was a thin beam only half a foot wide.  They had already mage it up twenty feet. The beam extended to the other tower which was ten meters away.

If one of them began to cross the beam they would see that there was no net beneath them. If the fell it was up to them to make sure they weren't seriously hurt from the twenty-foot fall. Crossing it would leave them exposed as well. Steel figures could attack them from any of the positions around the two towers. Above the balance beam was another beam ten feet higher up that also led to a platform. This beam had large wooden logs that swung from it, threatening to knock anyone who walked across the first balance beam off. They had to cross and avoid the two swinging logs as well as worry about any other potential threat.

It was pretty clear now that Kaz brought them to a training area meant for beyond pages and apprentices. As the two of his allies examined the beam, Kaz made a circle with his arms in front of his chest. Wind channeled around him and there was the faint flicker of a magical seal around the tower but it faded.

"Can't hold it just yet," he whispered to himself.

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#14Noyiah Dashi 

Training for the Knights (RK)(Training) Empty on Sun Nov 24, 2019 9:12 am

Noyiah Dashi
Judina made it up and took point, after asking Noyiah would nod, staying oddly Quiet throughout most of today.  Her attention turned from Judina towards Kaz as he asked for assistance. Noyiah was ready, when Kaz Called out she started to head to her predetermined plan. Shifting from a back to the wall position she move across the platform grabbing from the opposite side they had come up from. Noyiah dropped down onto her knees and swiveled as she descended off the platform turning to grab the edge of the platform firmly she swung her body towards the rope.  Letting go of the platform floor she swung to the rope, though as she attempting to grab the rope she felt her grip lessen.   She luckily made it to the platform after letting go of the rope, but she had rope burns running down both hands now which would be extremely uncomfortable later.  
Now flanking the Golem as Kazimir held its attention Noyiah Run towards it back and sucker punched the metal body.  A Ringing emanated out of the dummy, but it was no where near enough to take it down.  But worst was the feeling that shot up her arm. “Damnit!~” she yelled out, growling in frustration she  shifted back away from the dummy.

The Dummy Swung towards her ready to fire, luckily, she was paying attention to it still despite the reverberating pain that was sparking up and down her arm like Static.  She moved when the dummy did, as it spun right to try and face her, she dove left circling around it.  It continued to follow her until she was with her back against the wall.  Planting both feet on the golem and pushing with her back against the wall launched the dummy off the track and onto the floor ten feet below.

Noyiah looked at Kazimir and to her hand, which looked like she might have knocked her ring finger out of place, dislocating it.  “Wasn’t my Best idea” she admitted if he was taking notice, if not she would try and push on with out drawing attention to it.   Either way she would relocate the finger to the right joint with a wince and a sickening Pop.


Training for the Knights (RK)(Training) Empty on Tue Nov 26, 2019 3:02 pm

It was an interesting situation to have happen, Judina would have to hop all over this guardian right away but it seemed other people would distract it right away, It was a nice moment to have happen but Judina did know she would most like be a missing key to solve this moment, She would quietly take a step back taking a moment to crack her hands and fingers.

So it was time for her to take action since this guardian was distracted Judina would be taking to her to sneak up on it in her own slightly less sneaky way, Judina was never the sneak type she just was kind of doing what she thought it was, Heavy armor was something that did not you could sneak easily in and she knew that, So it was something she would just figured it was rare and only could get away because some one else had it's attention, It was perfect for her to try the best at it.

It was still most likely horrible at sneaking but she would be it was something at least, Judina was more going to let anger out rather then sneaking anyway.

So she would be taking action not too long after that moment while it seemed like this guardian was going towards where Noyiah and Kazimir where, When Judina seemed with her sword in her right hand and then quietly encased her hand in metal, And with in the moment of being behind it giving it the hardest punch in the back of the guardian as she would swing her sword shortly afterwards. As well, Taking step back from her swing and then punch it again. Judina did not know nor care if it did anything at this point, It just made her feel better.

#16Kazimir Seiryu 

Training for the Knights (RK)(Training) Empty on Tue Nov 26, 2019 6:23 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Noyiah swooped in to pull Kaz from the situation and disabled one of the figures with a feat of athleticism that surprised him. The figure crashed to the ground below and deactivated. Judina snuck up on the second and swung her weapons. The blows hit the figure hard and sent it to the ground. There were various weak points on the machines and Judi had struck true.

Kaz walked next to Noyiah, "Impressive," he then winced as she popped it back into place. He shook his head, "It happens in the heat of the moment." he reached where he had an idea of where she kept her weapon and pulled out her dagger to put it in her hands, "Silly."

He started running back to the balance beam, "Nice takedown Judi. Can you determine what type of armor you wear? Like heavy to light?" He spoke as he arrived at the beginning of the twenty-foot long balance beam. He took a deep breath and there was excitement in his eyes. "Round 2," he said as he dashed halfway across the beam. A wooden log swung towards him and he thrust his hand out to redirect his position mid-air and evade it.

He landed in the center of the beam, between the swinging logs and faced his companions with a nod to encourage them to come across and evade the swinging log. "AGH!" he exclaimed as a rubbed disk hit the back of his head and he crouched down to rub the bump that was forming as another flew by him and bounced off the balance beam.

"Can't believe, ow,"
he complained as the pain throbbed but was bearable. A steel figure could be seen on the second tower they would be heading towards and was ready to fire more. Its vision, however, was obstructed by the swinging logs and could only fire sporadically. There were multiple ways to reach it however or to get to the other side.

He clapped his hands and sent out a rush of wind allowing him to detect the movement of objects around him.

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#17Noyiah Dashi 

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Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah Rubbed the fingers slightly, before Kaz said something and reach down and pulled her dagger from her boot. And handed it to her, and called her silly, this would be ill received as she scowled slightly and re-sheathed it after he turned to progress through the course. she wasn’t going to be able to pierce a metal Dummy with a dagger, it would about as effective as her punching it had been. But she couldn’t climb with a dagger in her hand. She glanced at her hands as she determined her condition, they stung quite a bit from the rope burn and felt calloused from the friction. Stretching her fingers out and back into clenched fists a few times.

Noyiah Pressed on now as she started her ascend again from the platform below the group. She Placed her feet in the grip holds that Judina had made before and with a running start, rose to the next platform with the balance beam. It was a bit of a struggle as she pulled herself up with her forearms instead of using her fingers.

Noyiah came in behind Judina as she looked about for the steel guardians. Two where downed, but she knew there was `ten at the start, eight would be left to attack them. Her thoughts were disrupted by the sound of Kazimir saying ~Ow~. Luckily she looked up in time to watch a barrage of disks launch towards Kaz and towards her and Judina, she could make out the vantage point the Golem was using to fire the disks from. “ Judina Top Left platform across the way” she called out, to draw attention to the dummy, hopefully she had something more useful then a dagger to take it out from that far away.

Noyiah watches the Rubber Disks land all about the platform they were on, none of which hit them, she watched as the one hit the platform near her and wobbled to a stop, someone had labeled the rubber disk with a piece of tap and a marker ~ Fireball~, Smirking lightly she look up to see how Judina might handle the spotted Golem


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It would take a moment for Judina to regain focus again, Since she was letting out a  lot of build up anger. She would hear where to go next and to the shock of no one, Judina would be on her way just as quickly as she beat her first target. It would still be a bit more to do. So it would seem like that moment in thought Judina would. She would looking towards where everything was and with in her time thinking where to go. She would be have her idea ready before she even head off to where to go next.

Everyone else was moving or helping Judina seemed to have time to go at another target or to dodge things it is what she gathered. Then Noyiah called it, Just in normal Judina fashion she would go towards where was mentioned. When heading towards the ledge and hearing the sounds of disk hitting the ledge she seemed to ponder after arriving. She would came up with something anyway, So she had a plan."Alright I have an idea then."Knowing Judina the idea was something that was only just okay and some one would have to work off of it.

She would waited for a pause in the disk."I'll cover."Exactly what she was planing she just chose next to explain but since she knew what to do with her idea and the path before her, It would be what other people did to follow up was the main part. She would go yet again in a rush towards this Golem, while it was firing disk at her she was just either smacking them away with her sword or cutting them in pieces as she closed the space between herself, whatever she claiming around and the spotted Golem.

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Kazimir Seiryu
The barrage of disks slowed around him and he heard Noyiah calling out a command. She was already becoming a fine knight. Judina as always rushed forward to take on the steel guardian. They were moving as a unit and it was time for Kaz to stop slacking off so much.

Judi was running above him towards the guardian and Noyiah was still standing at the beginning of the beam. Whatever Judi was aiming for it sounded like she was setting up for an attack. Kaz threw a blade of wind at the swinging log cutting off he chain and letting it crash down to the ground. He jumped back over to where Noyiah was and extended his hand to her. "Do you trust me?" He said as the wind started to gather around him. "The guardians have weak points at the neck joint, hip, and a small panel on the lower back."

If she took his hand he would concentrate the wind around their feet and with a stomp he sent them ten meters straight up. They were above Judina by two meters, and she could drop safely behind the distracted guardian as Judi marched forward with her sword slicing down the disks.

Kaz let Noyiah drop down towards the guardians back. While he was in the air, he sent a blade of wind at the guardian's head while Noyiah and Judina were able to strike it. If Noyiah didn't take his hand he would simply jump up and shoot the wind blade down.

After the team made their moves, and that guardian fell. It was only a few more obstacles to get through. The balance beam was clear leading to the other side leading to a platform and ladder to climb.

Once they were all together, Kaz would crouch down behind a wall where they wouldn't be seen, "Alright team. We've seen what we can do. Our assets are one long-range, one agile close-range, and one heavy combat close-range. We have a balance beam to get across and another floor to go. I can take care of the rear once we get across. So how do you want to do it," he asked knowing what he would do but he wanted their input on it and to see what they would think.

The course had been hectic so far and they had to act on impulse as to what to do with little time to think. Something similar to a real scenario. But there were also times when during a mission you could stop and formulate something briefly and he wanted this to simulate both scenarios.

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Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah would  look up from the rubber disk to see Judina Bursting out to Destroy the golem she had called out.  Still not entirely Comfortable In this style of Combat training she looked a little lost, unsure at if to continue the siege up the tower or to try and gain a vantage point  to be a spotter. Her Thoughts were Disrupted by the Loud Crash of the wooden beam plummeted to the ground. She seen Kaz Offer his hand out and ask if she trusted him. She dashed forwards making sure to look each way before reaching to Kazimir, it wasn’t that she didn’t trust him, she was far more Methodical rather than instinctual and she was out of her comfort zone by a lot, she would no choice but to Trust in The team even if it was a simulation.

Kazimir explained about the weak spot on the golems, it would make sense that they would have parts exposed from behind.  Suddenly she felt the oddest sensation as she felt air burst from underneath them, she held on tightly as Kazimir propelled them upwards an uncomfortable ten meters up.  This was the best vantage point she would get, she took note of two near the other balance beam and then the one that Judina was covering.   This gave Noyiah the opportunity to get in behind as Kaz dropped her down.  Landing A little harder then she intended, she rolled out of the fall and drew her dagger.  Her Roll landed her Directly behind the Steel Dummy, which started to turn towards her. But she make quick work as she Went for the Hip joint to disable the immediately threat of it turning and firing at her, then Quickly  Slamming the dagger to the hilt into the neck of the golem.  Immediately it would stop functioning. Sheathing the dagger in her boot again she would rub her hip, it was the only thing that stung still from her landing.

Once they were all together again Kaz asked what the plan might be and explained the difficulties.  Noyiah would lean down and look at her hands that still stung from the rope burns, as she determined that she was likely the Agile Close quarters fighter.   “I seen two  across the Balance beam waiting for us to  get half way across to start to fire.   If you can cover me ill draw their fire while Judina charges them when they reload” she suggested. She only knows of the two she had seen, and had lost track of how many were downed as of now.


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Well so people learned they could work together, Vastly different then that whole working alone thing Judina was use to mostly doing. Only just working with one person every once and a while. Judina did seemed to have some kind of enjoyment with how this played out. It was still as generally as it seemed to be when this happen, rather refreshing for her still even if it was something she had deal with before just with long spaces between the situations of them happening, Nonetheless Judina could take it with a bit of delight to it. Also with her wish to kind of open up that helped too.

So Judina would smile about it and even chuckle about it slightly."Well, I think that is a plan."So then she would just stretch out a bit and then said."Are you going to take the lead then Noyiah?"Judina liked the idea and was ready already to go with her idea. Just waiting to generally hear what Kazimir thought, It was a way of going about things differently for them, It showed what other parts of the team would work in different ways, It was at least interesting and vastly different then Judina would go about things.

Judina would then start off to going into position of Noyiah's idea, She would be slowly walking and climbing into position to go in for the attack, Just like the idea was, Judina was event checking over her sword while she was waiting, So far it seemed like the sword was slightly chipped. She would have to fix it later. Until then there was things to smash and people to learn to work with. It was effortlessly so far and kind of relaxing to Judina. But it was also a break from the normal.

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz looked down at Noyiah's hands, bearing marks left over from the rope. "Your hands okay," he asked, worried that it was more than just a mild pain. After she responded she launched into the battle plan. It was already a well thought out plan especially for this being their first exercise together and Judi seemed to agree.

"Sounds like a good plan to me. Impressive you were able to observe all of that from the quick rise and fall. And Judina makes a pretty good charge," he smiled at them both and then stood up with a more focused look on his face. "Alright then. I can cover you no problem," he was already building up magical energy around himself and gust of wind started to breeze by. "And then when we get across...I'll destroy the first tower and make sure that's not a problem."

Judi asked if Noyiah was going first and Kaz looked at her, ready for her to take the lead. He stepped forward towards the beginning of the balance beam to hold up his end of the plan. He brought his hand to his shoulder with a surge of violent wind around him. He thrust his hand forward conjuring a large tornado of wind to spring to life at the other side of the beam. The wind sustained where it was and obstructed the view of the guardians. Any disks fired would be knocked away by it.

"I can hold this tornado until we get across, you just gotta move fast. It takes a lot out of me,"
he yelled over the sound of the whirling wind. All the while he evaluated the distance to the other side. If he calculated it well enough then he could test out something of his own.

#23Noyiah Dashi 

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Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah would glance down at her hands when asked about them, they stung but she would manage. “ they’ll be alright, ill ice them after” she claimed as she glanced over to Judina who seemed to agree with her plan but questioned if she Noyiah was going to be the frontline “  I guess that makes me take lead Doesn’t it” she smirked slightly  realizing she had put herself in danger without really evaluating the situation, but she trusted Kazimir’s Ability to keep her safe.   She would slowly start to nod building a bit more confidence “ yes ill be point,  if I get pinned down ill attempt to fall back but it not ill hold my position until your engaged with the enemy then ill flank from the side.”

The plan was taking off, they knew how they were going to initiate and how they were going to disengage, they even had a plan to take the opposing tower down so that the Golems couldn’t get behind them. Noyiah would Stand up and brush her hands off against her pants before she Regripped her Dagger, she really needed to brush her Skills up with a weapon.

Once Kazimir Was in position he started to cast a tornado that would push the disks aside and obscure the line of sight the golems had.  Noyiah Nodded again sharply as she Backed up a few meters back, getting a running start she makes a Leap past Kaz and to the middle of the balance beam, her  dagger poised counter palmed in her hand. She kept it up to guard if a disk did get past the wind, luckily it didn’t seem like they were landing anywhere near her.  She would press on from here getting to the platform on the other tower. She would get there in time to see the Steel Dummies Starting to move in on her position.  She would have to hold her ground from here until Judina engaged.
From that point Noyiah would Attempt to damage the hip joint on the two golems attempting to get to her position.

Acrobatics: Rogues can stay on their feet in a tricky situation, such as when they're trying to run across a sheet of ice, balance on a tightrope, or stay upright on a rocking ship's deck. It also allows them to perform acrobatic stunts, including dives, rolls, somersaults, and flips.


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So it was now her time, even if short Judina would most likely have to figure out something to get her to go along, Armor and weight was not the best for moving quickly. But in her own manner Judina had her ways around, With good cover this maybe would be a bit easier and a good plan too.

It seemed like it was at least with wind cover and people in action already, Judina had to as well in her normal way finally join in this part of what she viewed as fun, Well because for the moment it is far less stressful then work for the moment.

Not too long after Noyiah seemed to have showed up near the two of them. Judina would do her normal bull headed way of doing things. Judina would be a bit slower herself given the armor. That and Judina was actually trying to think of how she would go about in more of a planned manner, But she then kind of chose against it since well, She was wasting time even if this was more casually.

And with what Noyiah did Judina would follow up by tackling one of them as hard as she could, Not really looking where she was in position when she did, But into the way and path of the other, Since Noyiah seemed to be doing waiting and buying her time for whatever Judina did it would be great for her to at least slow one down, kind of anyway. After she tackled one of the golems Judina would then guide it into the wall to draw the attention of another, To draw their eyes and attention away from Noyiah anyway, Then turned around and punched the other golem. Lightly not, not trying to horrible to much but just draw eyes and gaze for now, Waiting to see what would happen next from Noyiah, knowing the one she first tackled would get back up eventually.

#25Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz's job was the easiest of the two. He held his tornado steady and blocking the attacking golems as Noyiah jumped by him and seemed to dance effortlessly across the beam and charged into a guardian. Judi followed swiftly behind and tackled into the other one.

A grin came across Kaz's face as his teammates were all across now and it was his turn. He let the tornado dissipate as his allies engaged and distracted the enemies. It was two versus two and Noyiah and Judi began to topple the steel foes.

With the disk and golems subdued Kaz could make his way over. He dashed across the wind and landed on the platform by the two of his companions. One golem was getting back to a standing position as they double-teamed the other. Kaz turned to face the first tower and rolled up his sleeves. "My turn," he whispered to himself. His trust was secure with his allies that they would take out the golem threats they fought.

His arms formed a circle in front of his chest. Streams of wind trails behind his hands. A large white magic circle appeared at the base of the tower. The wind stopped around Kazimir for a brief second before whirling back to life. His breathing was slow and deep as he searched for the balance in his mana and the wind. His fists clenched close sending a small rustle of wind radiating from him. The burst billowed his hair and clothes.

The wind became erratic around the tower before easing into control squalls. Kaz opened his eyes and thrust one hand forward. A 32-meter tall and wide column of wind surged to life and engulfed the entirety of the second tower. The beams snapped and the wind cut deep gashes into the structure. Pieces of debris were swirled up into the air and plummeted to the ground.

Kaz turned to face his allies ready to tackle the next stage.

WC: 330
Total WC: 2430/2400
Completed training for Tempest (40% word count( reduction from Int


Name: Tempest
Rank: S
Mana Cost: 500
Requirements: Tempest Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: Wind
Range: 25 Meters
Cooldown: 5 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: The user creates a wild rush of wind. The Whirlwind begins any place within 25 meters of the caster and whirls in a 16-meter diameter. The user creates a circle with his arms in front of his chest and clinches his fists. He then opens his hands and thrusts one hand outward where he wants the whirlwind to originate. A white seal appears under the caster and another seal will appear at the origin point that the 16-meter diameter whirlwind will appear. The whirlwind deals 2x S-rank damage. The user can make the circle with his arms and extend both hands outward to create a 32-meter diameter tornado at the location instead. The 32-meter diameter tornado deals S-rank damage.

Double range and area from sorcerer class.

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