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Fresh Start [Open to anyone]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

Fresh Start [Open to anyone] Empty on Sat Nov 16, 2019 10:17 pm

Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn had not heard anything from her only friend in the past month. She was starting to grow worried. Never before in the kitsune's life she had never been so alone. It felt as if her adopted family was drifting apart. She rarely ever seen them as for Manzo, he ghosted. Salem and her trusty griffin, Zalor, were her only companions. They kept her company. Slowly, she was starting to heal from her past, but now she felt lost. There was no purpose for her now other than just living for Salem and Zalor. Who else would take care of them?

Animals had always consoled her in a time of need. Even if Salem was previously a human, he still was a cat. The feline was curled in her cloak hood, sleeping away the cold. The frigid air was really no bother towards her. She could wear shorts and a tank top and be fine. Though, she work her cloak that was her adopted brother's. The griffen saw something shiny up ahead as she trotted towards it. "Zalor, don't go too far ahead, boy. Him and anything that's shiny" she said. Salem perked his heads up and yawned.

"Much like you and alcohol. You never can get too much of it" he commented. She quiekened her pace to catch up to Zalor. Hopefully, he didn't get himself into any trouble.

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Fresh Start [Open to anyone] Empty on Sun Nov 17, 2019 3:32 am

Judina would be slowly walking back from trying to relax her mind. She was still kind of heated internally and was in the stages of slowly returning to the normal way Judina tend to act."Do I no longer know how to calm myself down anymore?"Judina muttered to herself thinking aloud.

That tree had no chance not being able to move at all and just being a normal tree standing high and by it's self."What is wrong with me these days?"Judina just sounded like she was more annoyed with herself then anything else, Which given her slightly stubborn nature being stuck in that way won't help her.

Then Judina would stop hearing some voices close by her, One she knew but it had been a while the other she did not. So naturally Judina would just say like it sparked a memory."Is...that Lee Ann or are my ears playing tricks on me?"Judina mentioned stopping in place, Just wanting to be sure Judina would walk towards the sound of voices she heard that she figured she knew.

Being stuck in her thoughts, Judina did not judge the distance of how far away she would be from Lee Ann but she was curious enough to keep going to find out that answer. Mostly because Judina had not seen or heard from Lee Ann in a really long time. Even if their time was short Judina did express and show some caring in her stubborn and blunt nature. But Judina would try and meet her again, It would be an entirely different situation then if Lee were to meet her mother again. But it seemed fate had choose the daughter rather then the mother. None the less Lee Ann had company now, From a blue haired knight.

#3Lee Nakamura 

Fresh Start [Open to anyone] Empty on Sun Nov 17, 2019 10:25 am

Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn only sighed as Zalor trotted towards the shiny thing. The kitsune was fast but he was faster, at least when it come to something being shiny. Salem dug his claws into her claok hanging on. She ran after her Griffin. He was usually well trained but sometimes his curious bird brain got the best of him. Zalor sat staring at a lady in armor. Shiny and bright.

LeeAnn caught her breath for a few minutes. Her mixed match eyes stared at her Griffin. "Zalor, do NOT run off like that without me seeing you. I'm sorry, ma-" she paused. LeeAnn stared st Judina for a quite a while before saying anything. She was trying to remember who this was. It had been ages since she had see her or any knights she used to be with. The thought of the Rune Knights gave her a bad taste in her mouth.


Was all she said. She hoped it was the right person. LeeAnn had changes a lot now being a kitsune, her body type changes and not to mention of hair color and no more of that marking on her. She was now clean and free for appearance of that stupid curse but she still had it. 


Fresh Start [Open to anyone] Empty on Mon Nov 18, 2019 2:00 pm

It seemed Judina tone of voice would be a lot more warm and delighted."Yes that would be me."Judina was an odd one that was for sure, But much like her mother Judith, Her daughter Judina was just as welcoming and friendly just a bit more rough and covered in armor. Judina would eventually walk over to the area she heard Lee Ann at because well at this point, Some one she had not seen a long time a go she was curious what was going on with her, After all Judina cared about her, just in a different way then her mother Judith would, she would realize there was a tiny griffin looking at her at this moment it was interesting.

She would eventually find and be in view of Lee, Where Lee had changed, Judina looked literally no different then Lee had last saw her."Here I am happy to see your voice again, I thought when you disappeared you might have died."that joy seemed to have a shade of depression with it, But then again Lee did just seemed to be around and then was gone like a ghost in Judina's view, She was a busy knight so that kind of situation was most likely easy to have happen between them.

Then Judina noticed the changes in Lee and would not hide that she noticed."Is your hair different? Did you dye it? You must have a pretty good hair dresser."Poor Judina was not the best at picking up things."Nonetheless it looks lovely."Nor was she most likely the masterful with compliments either, because she rarely had to give them."And I see you have a tiny companion as well, Seems you have an interesting change of pace in life." almost forgetting that she had saw the tiny griffin, But her life did not seem to change, Well in first view nothing seemed to change, Judina would most likely mention if it came out in conversation.

#5Lee Nakamura 

Fresh Start [Open to anyone] Empty on Mon Nov 18, 2019 2:35 pm

Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn could hear the joy in her voice bubbling up to the surface. It took the kitsune aback a little. There was a lot to explain. The tails, the ears, the appearance change, and the reason she was never around. She knew nothing of what had happened to her and probably leaving out some of the grusome details would be best. She had to be careful of how she articulated the whole thing. Relief bestowed upon Judina with a hint of depression which she could pick up in an instant. There was something different about Judina or maybe she didn't know her that well as she thought. It was clear she was not used to this kindness before from Judina because the woman was always quiet and reservered, which wasn't a bad thing.

The kitsune smiled a little, with a hesitatn look in her eyes mentioning how she thought she died. "Yes, I'm alive, mostly. Just been busy with personal things. It's good to see you too, I've miss seeing old friends" she spoke a little bit more warmly. Judina was like a curious child mentioning her hair and everything. This caused her to crack her tough exterior a little. It was something she couldn't help but find amusing.

"No. This is my true form. Its a long story, but a close friend knows of my condition. I am actually a kitsune. He helped me discover my true form, but thank you" she replied. Judina was a little scattered in her thoughts. It was a little tough for LeeAnn to keep up with her words and thoughts. She put up her hands to show Judina to slow down. "One thing at a time, Judina. I can't keep up with you" she spoke. She placed a hand on Judina's shoulder and smiled. Then it slowly turned into a frown as she would continue talking. "I have changed...a lot. In some ways, not for the good. Some ways, for the better. A lot has happened and I can't keep up with it. How about we catch over a drink or something" she spoke, with a little hesitation. She would invite her to have some tea or food or whatever she liked. It would give a better environment to talk and catch up.

There was a knot in her stomach. One that she would have to untie and reveal to Judina what the knights had done to her and her family. She didn't know how she would react. It was Manzo who helped her discover the truth. She was now going to regret saying this, but it needed to be said.

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Fresh Start [Open to anyone] Empty on Mon Nov 18, 2019 4:33 pm

It seemed to just turn Judina to some how a normal and sociable person."I should have guess that part and been a bout more positive, Then again we all have busy lives, But friends I have far to little of."It showed her worried was expressed from, Judina had so few friends that she just grasped on to what she could and had to slowly open up. This time around she seemed to be, kind of different nothing shockingly huge of change.

But still even with that Judina actually seemed to smile."It is good you found out what you need too,Some times life many awakening are stubborn on their arrival."It would be the best way Judina could come up with something in an attempt to be thought provoking and poetic, It was okay at best some where better then others.

With an understanding."Yes sorry, I worry like my mother after I have not seen people in a while, Just with less hugging and comforting strangers right away...Then again my mother and I are very different people in personality in looks as well..."But with that Judina patted Lee on the head. Seems like life's troubles were not quite over but then again life was always a struggle in some way."Even if you have change in some manner worst or better. Nothing brings more joy to me then to see people I care about alive and breathing."The more complex part could wait until later when they have sat down, After all not like Judina did not have stories herself either.

A drink did sound fine."What kind of drink is your fancy currently?"Judina would ask."I do not care which it is, Wine is always good or tea as well." Even in that, such a moment ties people together."I am not one to judge what one drinks."

#7Lee Nakamura 

Fresh Start [Open to anyone] Empty on Mon Nov 18, 2019 5:29 pm

Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn could share some of the same exact pains as Judina. She had few friends she could trust. Manzo was the only one currently. She guessed her adopted cousin, but that was iffy at some points. There was no consistant person. Judina explained. "Its normal to worry, Judina. I worry about Hikaru a lot not to mention a very, very dear friend of mine as well. Human minds tend to go to the worse case scenario" she explained. LeeAnn lead the way as they continued to talk. She tried to articulate the phrase just right to tell Judina. Perhaps, they could stick together even with her hatred towards the Rune Knights, it was not Judina's fault. Infact it was no one's but the higher ups.

"To be honest, I only have one friend I can count on besides my companions here. I can share some of the same pains. Life...hasn't been easy for me at all" she replied. LeeAnn sat down in a small booth in the corner, away from other people so they could have a good conversation.

"I find it Minstel wine to be the riches in flavor, but its rare to fine in these parts. I know this place has none of the good, good stuff. There is always the local wines that are decent. I think I am going with the Southern Barbera wine, it has a more spark to its flavor" she explained. LeeAnn ordered her drink nad waited for Judina. Whiling waiting, she had to explained what happened, but more of a casual manner.

"I'm sorry if..I am have been scarce around these parts. I am avoiding the Rune Knights as much as possible. I don't know if you heard, but...the Nakamura Family, my family, was kicked out of the Rune Knights for no reason. We weren't given one" she started to explain. This would be hard to tell someone that was not Manzo, especially a local Rune Knight. The Rune Knights had dark ties. There were some good, but a lot of it was corrupted within such as illegal humaniod testing on different races and creatures that were deemed sacred and protected. LeeAnn was one of those vicitims. It caused her to form PTSD. The condition has gotten better, but it was still pretty sore subject on certain darker levels.

"I need to warn you. The Rune Knights are changing or already have she started. LeeAnn adjusted herself in her seat.

"Years ago, my adopted mother and I were kidnapped. We were taken to the facility of the Church of Illumin. They had ties with a man in Magic Council. He had taken a lot of innocent Rune Knights and their familes to illegally experiment on them. Innocent people turned into cannibalistic monsters forcing them to each human flesh. It was a experiment gone wrong. Apparently, my mother and I were the only ones who didn't turn. Though, we were infected with a unknown curse called Parasitic Plague or commonly known as The Wendigo Curse. I still have it today. It's plague my life with a label and things I had doing in order for me to not be in any pain" she revealed. She pointed to her eyes as evidence. The mark was long gone or at least when she wasn't going through any of her spells.

"What I am trying to say is, be careful. I don't know if you believe me, but this was
recently revealed to me by a family friend of what actually happened to me. I don't want the same thing to happen to you. It's the reason why I went rogue for a while to figure things out. Now, I think I have myself sorted out and ready to...do whatever"
she explained.

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Fresh Start [Open to anyone] Empty on Tue Nov 19, 2019 2:58 pm

Maybe it was just how Judina was."I just normally don't mention it enough I guess, been learning to open up a bit more rather then hide behind so many barriers of late."It was why they both seemed different, Judina was trying not to seem so rough currently, Some ways it worked kind of.

To but to the many ways life works it seems."If that is the case, Maybe you and I should actually try to be friends, Or my mother tends to be to open up too...if she is even in Era."Judina had good intentions as well, since she did not know much else to suggestion, But also because Judina was the way she was."You are not alone around me however, I will stick by you as long as you need."It was her trying oh so much, like the poor woman who had no idea how it all worked.

She would join Lee to a drink and Judina said."I actually have no idea of the kinds of wine for the most part aside from red or white, I just drank with some one i met...that is it."But at least Judina would not be scared of it."But I will drink none the less and it will be on me."A gift for a new friend so to say, At least Judina hoped in her mind that is how it worked for this situation.

With the first part of the tale Judina seemed a bit confused with that part."Odd for the knights should be generally keeping anyone who is already active....strange."but she would listen more while quietly sipping a glass wine that she kind of just ordered and did not see what kind it was, Reckless of Judina but had no worries.

But she was not taking her words lightly. Just while drinking a glass of wine. After taking it all in she did have something to say about this situation."I am not blind to that reality that the Rune Knights were not what I thought, I had a feeling something was a miss when i returned from fighting the demons..."It seemed to make her unhappy but Judina did not seem super unhappy about it."With how to knights have been, I would be more likely to think something was amiss with the knights...Something's been off just I can not do much."So Judina believed Lee Ann and manage to get Judina to believe her.

#9Lee Nakamura 

Fresh Start [Open to anyone] Empty on Tue Nov 19, 2019 4:17 pm

Lee Nakamura
Judia had her opinion. LeeAnn could agree. The kitsune met eyes with her newly founded friend. It was not easy for her to accept this kind of friendship, but she had started to open up her heart to certain people. "It's not easy to open your heart to anyone, especially if you have scars to show it" she mentioned, reffering to herself a bit. Wise words once spoken but someone who was already long gone. Sargt. The one person outside the family who knew the truth and was slaughtered not long ago by someone whom he called a brother.

"Honestly, as much as we've seen ech other I would like that. As my old captain used to say, there is no such thing as a lone wolf" she smiled. Sargt and her Aunt Paisley were up there somewhere. This made the kitsune chuckle a little.

"On you? Ya, sure? I am the one with the money?" She felt a bit out of place having someone pay for her drink, but if she insisted on it then so be it. LeeAnn did not go overboard like she normally would with alcohol cause Judina was paying for it.

LeeAnn was hesitant to look at Judina out of shame. Though, none of this was her fault. The cannbalism, the pain, the suffering. All of this was beyond her control. Manzo was the only one who knew anything about it. He did as much as relieve her appearance free from it. LeeAnn listened to Judina state her opinion. Slowly, her mixed match eyes lifted upward at her friend. Ears folded backwards like a frightened dog. "They took everything from me. I have nothing, I had to leave the people who raised me. All I have is an empty mansion in my name" she mentioned. It sounded like she had everything. Money, a place to live, companions, but she was lonely. Manzo had disappeared shortly after the trip to Joya. She wondered what had happened to him. She grew worried.

"I have you now and...a very, very dear friend who is somewhere. Salem. My Griffin. Just lately, its been lonely" she mentioned

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Fresh Start [Open to anyone] Empty on Wed Nov 20, 2019 4:21 pm

With that part Judina would only merely add."I more feared it, For I felt and doubted myself a lot more."Judina's problem was vastly different."No one would expect me to doubt my ability to be able to make and keep them...So I hide myself from it."It was a more horrible moment to think about it, Judina only being alone because of doubt from herself."But to progress and moving forward willingly is not something I would say is so horrible."Which was something she was at least giving herself, Trying not to sound like she had so much of an ego.

Even with her having money."And I do too, I never really have spent money I make from being a Knight."A point she made with this conversation plus it was just how she was."Plus,there are other days, I for once would rather be the one to treat some one, So I am sure about my offer."It was at least too intentions that way."Even if i had next to no money, I would offer and would like it to be accepted once for it would be just something I feel is right."There was some kind or minor reason behind of it, Aside from maybe her own stubbornness.

It was almost like Judina thought about it too."Even then, what you make of your life now is what could matter most." She tried Judina felt it was not the most comforting in her mind she wanted to think better but could not word it right."Loneliness is the most bitter and darkest foe, None have prepared me for such a foe so to say."That friendly smile the armored lady gave she just said."I will always do what I can for you. As to make sure we both feel less lonely together."So she hoped that worked too as well.

#11Judith Karlinius 

Fresh Start [Open to anyone] Empty on Wed Nov 20, 2019 4:39 pm

Judith Karlinius
Just in the timely manner Judith always seemed to have. She would just seemingly show up in her timely manner out of thin air so to say. With the bounds that she would normally place herself being away form her daughters matters, Judith felt this situation was different because she knew who Judina was talking too, She wanted to see her daughter again and wanted to see Lee Ann again as well. Only because Judith understood the life of a troubled soul a lot of the times.

So no one to give it a second thought, Judith would just in the part of Judina saying what matters most was followed by Judith leaping slightly warping her arms around her daughter's neck in an embrace and resting her head on stop hers."For even the brightest of souls, bare a shadow behind it at one point."Judith mentioned so casually, in her rather settled tone of voice.

Judith was happy to see them both. Just wanted to greet her daughter first."Oh my ever so lively daughter Judina, I worried about you for a while up until now."Slightly nuzzling her face on Judina's head, It was a bit odd to people who did not know Judith or their connection.

Judith would then hop down from he daughter walk over to sleep and embrace Lee the same way, There was no hold back since Judith had met Lee before and Judith was just the type to do what she did. With the hug and resting moment Judith just said."Hello dear fox. I wondered when you would be back."Judith also said Lee was being included with her motherly affection even if it was seemingly out of no where and she did not request a thing, There was a kind of comfort in Judith.

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