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Nue Skylark

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Name: Nue Skylark

Age: January 1th, X765.

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Assexual

Ethnicity, Father: Icebergian.

Ethnicity, Mother: Icebergian.

Class: Beastmaster.

Profession: Researcher (Intelligence).

Race: Human.

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless~

Mode: Normal.

Tattoo: Black, in the nape of the neck.

Face: Shinguji Korekiyo -  Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony


Height: 1.88 meters.

Weight: 75 kg.

Hair: Black.

Eyes: Green.

Overall: Nue is an extremely memorable person. Coupled with his height that is far above that of the average human, his slender built gives people the impression that he is even taller than he actually is – as if he towers above the rest. His delicate features, pitch black hair and pale white skin makes him charming and pleasant to look at – at least in the rare moments that does not have a dangerous expression. However, while is appearance is surely worth mentioning, the vibe he gives is what remains for the longest time – a mixture of danger and madness, gloominess and darkness. His jade-green eyes are sharp and emotionless, rarely rippling to show surprise or interest, remaining eternally impassive – they are like the eyes of a snake eyeing its prey. That being so, and in few words, Nue is charming and mesmerizing by nature, but hard to look at because of his aura.

Extra: Unknowing why, Nue always wears a surgeon mask - neither taking it out to eat nor sleep.


Personality: Nue is twisted and rotten, not mincing how cruel and evil his actions can be. While he does not go out of his way to make people suffer and despair, he hardly cares if they will be broken beyond repair. His morals and ethics are at the bottom of the well, and he cannot understand and comprehend to concept of friendship and loyalty; for him, everything is about interests and he’d be willing to put the world in fire, much less his so-called comrades, for the sake of his own dreams.

As someone that prefers to ruminate instead of interacting, he hardly speaks with people if not necessary. Still, despite such trait, he is perfectly able to communicate with others and even mask his hideous intentions – that being so, he can totally pass as someone cold and distant, instead of cruel, deceitful and brutal. That said, most of the time, he speaks plainly and is brutally honest about his own point of view, what most often than not places him on people bad books, what tends to end in fights.

However, that is not all there is to him. Nue has a certain curiosity to him that resembles that of a child, frequently pondering and asking about what he cannot understand. That is not just a quality he has as a researcher, but something on a more fundamental and simple level – maybe a reflection of his childhood days when he knew nothing and could not explore anything.


  • Reading: Nue is passionate about reading books of varying genres and natures. While he mostly focus on researches and the like, he also likes to pass time reading fictional stories.
  • Archeology: Had he not been a researcher, Nue would have been an Archeologist for sure. Exploring the wonders of fallen civilizations and they costumes and ideologies is, for him, interesting to the point of making him willing to spend hours or even day sitting and reading ancient texts and learning dead languages.
  • Researching: While reading is also a form of researching, Nue likes more the pratic than the theory. His spare time is often spent doing all sorts of experiments, most of them concentrated on Genetic Engineering.


  • Slave Traders: As the result of his history with this kind of people, Nue is particularly brutal when dealing with them. While he is a person that rarely shows any feeling, his hate is apparent when dealing with slave traders, to the point of him going out of his way to deal with them.
  • Aristocrats: Having gone from hand to hand while being a child, Nue saw the darkness of the aristocrat world with his own eyes. While he is aware that they are not all flour of the same sack, his biased opinion of them still stands. While he would not pick on them just because of the sake of it, he would prefer not interacting more than it is necessary with those sorts of people.


  • Reaching Perfection: Nue doesn’t have an extravagant goal set for himself, instead, he wants to complete his research and for it to reach perfection. While most may think that would need him to grab this perfection with his own hands, he does not think the same, as he would be satisfied even if someone else perfected it.


  • Being Enslaved: While he reacts with extreme brutality toward Slavers, Nue is nonetheless afraid of what they can do to him. Despite being a cold person and the sort that ruminates about the world and himself frequently, he cannot deal with this trauma by himself.
  • Sex: His experiences at a young age lead him to hate, and be afraid, of sexual intercourse. His asexuality may have appeared like a defense mechanism of his mind toward such fear.


Magic Name: Divine Preaching (Other-Buff).

Magic Element: Arcane.

Magic Description: Nue's magic is not particularly outstanding, as it not meant to attack or defend. His magic is mostly activated through his voice and particular hand gestures, boosting the power of those around him upon activation. Nue’s voice becomes specially charming and mesmerizing when he preaches, though that has no effect on people other than being impressive.


History: Every action has a reaction; there is no effect without cause. Nue is twisted as if by nature and rotten to his very core. However, one’s personality and being are a reflection of the ambient they lived and live in, and Nue is no exception to it.

Nue never knew his parents, and his life before his fifth birthday is a mystery. All he knows is that his parents were Icebergians, wizards and bandits and that in one of their raids they lost and were killed. Because of their actions, the then young Nue was captured and sold as a slave. He went through many hands and was ordered my many masters, none kind and caring. In the end, he ended in the Minefield.

That was hell. He can still clearly remember those days and the sick game he was forced to play. Children, no older than ten, running across a piece of land filled with dangerous traps and destructive bombs and magic. The piercing wails, the sorrowful cries, the deafening explosions… Nue can still hear them echo by his ears when he go to sleep at night. The blood, the gore, the limbs, the brain matter… those days were harsh and where rare the ones when he would not sleep at night while bathed in the blood and viscera of other people. However, while it was hard to sleep like that, those ‘rare’ days were even worse – those were days when he would be lent to rich spectators for them to enjoy him as they pleased.

It was hard and it hurt, but Nue learnt how to cope with it. Through tricks and deceit, while pushing others down and killing them, he survived long enough to walk out of that hell. By then, he became the assistant of a scientist somewhere in Fiore. He still lacked enough to eat, could not sleep for long, and was treated as trash… however, he also given an opportunity to learn, and learn he did, showing smartness beyond his peers.

During these times, he found about his own gifts. He was not only smart, but he had the knack for it when it came to taming beasts. That was the sole thing God had given him after taking everything else, he concluded – though he did not even believe in Gods. However, he was wrong, for that was not the only gift he had. At seventeen, Nue awakened his magic, soon after disappearing without leaving any traces behind. Any proof of his existence would only be found five years later, when he walked out of a forest completely bloodied and with a twisted dream.

Reference: -x-

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Hi Nue,
I'm Kon and I'll be grading your application.
It's almost ready for approval I'll just need you to define what element your magic is.
You've listed down x, I assume that's arcane could you edit it as such then I can approve you.


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Bumbing '3'

Done. Thank you Mr. Kon~


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This character application has been approved.

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