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Zeus vs Helios [Ri/Rival]

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#1Caspian Kaldwin 

Zeus vs Helios [Ri/Rival] Empty on Sat Nov 16, 2019 4:46 am

Caspian Kaldwin
The clicking of Caspian's boots swatted away the small rocks and grain of golden sand, as the blond inhaled a deep breath of air. He began to stuff his face with snacks as the hunger that washed over him only seemed to consume him without warning, ever since he had left that tent he had found him hungry, not just for food but for something else. Mana and Strength. He was itching for what seemed to be a fix, his stomach growled as he winced. It was almost unbearable yet the Fairy-Tail mage pushed through the pain of his unsatisfied hunger for food. Their golden hues scanned the horizon around him as a group of men began to travel over the hill, as loud as ever as they boasted about stealing from an old couple and spending the winnings on women. It sicked Caspian, watching them walk past him with a glare.

Foolishly, the mage glared back with an animalistic snarl, his eyes slit and locked onto them as if he was a Wolf awaiting to be fed. A starved animal, however he wasn't going to eat them. He was going to teach them a lesson, the cackling of flames erupted from the mage's fist as he delivered a solid hook to one of the grunts. Leading to the others to pounce on the Sun Eater, this had led to an all out brawl. Caspian hurled a man over his shoulder and began to batter one to the brink of unconsciousness with his elbow, the group of five hurled their blows as the man however were swatted away by his magic. Theirs was miniscule compared to his in power, let alone utility. He had mastered his spells and magic to far advanced standards compared to the thugs. It didn't take long before he stood over their unconscious bodies, one of them still in his clutches by the collar, as the mage snarled.

#2Ri Brighte 

Zeus vs Helios [Ri/Rival] Empty on Sat Nov 16, 2019 6:41 am

Ri Brighte


The day was going splendidly for the young man, as he silently walked around Era’s streets. Having finished a job recently, he had no trouble with money, and on top of that- His theater band was supposed to gather tonight for a short show, thanks to the charm of their ring leader, who was able to set them up with it. While it might not be in the center of the town, and with the means to attract the whole town, Ri was thankful that he at least would be getting more money tonight.

Not that he felt he had to get rich, of course, but it was always good to have more on hand than you need. You never know what might strike you as interesting to buy.

The sun shone on his back as he continued to walk, and finally found himself on the outskirts of the town. Hands pocketed, he looked around, wondering to himself how he managed to get here. This –wasn’t his destination per-se, but he didn’t think he actually had one in mind. The hand in his pocket idly fumbled with the crumpled piece of paper, the one that was supposed to bring him to his mission, but for now he decided to take a detour and explore the town, quite happy to see some new sights.

That didn’t last long.

What he saw as a time of relaxation was interrupted by the sudden sound of shouts and swears, to which he quickly ran towards, skidding to a halt once he finally reached the scene. The fight had been over by then, and all Ri could see was a young man similar to him. Blonde and rather fit. What surprised him was the guy’s height- It was quite rare to see people taller than he is, after all.

Around him were the uncounscious bodies of about four people- the only ones he could count- making Ri question the other’s actions and motives. Seeing as they were in a not so desirable part of town, the mage had just assumed that the fight broke out for no reason.

But- Seeing the only one standing was the blond, he set his left leg behind him, and raised his arms in a defensive stance, before speaking.

"What happened here?!”

#3Caspian Kaldwin 

Zeus vs Helios [Ri/Rival] Empty on Sat Nov 16, 2019 7:10 am

Caspian Kaldwin
The cries of another violated Kaldwin's ears, before his golden hues snapped onto Ri. Starring the man up and down then back at the thug he had in his hands, before dropping the body of the unconscious male. Sadly Caspian had already jumped to a conclusion, believing Ri was apart of their gang, due to the fact he had already assumed a stance before speaking to the Fire Mage. Loud cracks, popped and snapped as cracked his knuckles one by one for the cliché intimidation method, looking down at the group of unconscious thugs and chuckling. Rolling his shoulders. "Bet this one is your leader, ain't it? Fine. Let's tussle, pricks like you always seem to leave a bad taste in my mouth. No matter, I will pummel you into the ground like I did to these twats." Caspian boasted his strength as a threat to Ri as the Martial Artist took a stance of his own.

Caspian assumed a boxing like stance with a chuckle, his rear hand (right) was clenched and placed to his cheek. As his lead hand (left) was held out about four inches out, away from his face as he threw a couple of jabs with a chuckle before throwing a hook. He began to shadow box and wind himself up, bobbing his head in a sway motion. The group of thugs groaned in pain from their unconsciousness as the Fire Mage chuckled, his feet shuffled closer toward Ri as he gnashed his teeth together. Before out of nowhere, Caspian lunged himself forward at Ri, throwing a straight rear as soon as he landed. Turning his back foot to a 50 degree angle, as he twisted his upper body to push his right side forward. Using the momentum of the attack in attempt to strike Ri with a strong rear hand aimed at the bridge of his nose. "Bet you ain't shit in a fight like those five!"

#4Ri Brighte 

Zeus vs Helios [Ri/Rival] Empty on Sat Nov 16, 2019 8:35 am

Ri Brighte


Ri continued to watch the guy as he boasted, rolling his shoulders, and being more dramatic than the lightning mage could ever hope to be. Truly, a model to look up to. Honestly, he had no idea what the hell the guy was talking about, but he seemed to be itching for a fight, and if there was one thing Ri was sure about is that he won't back down from it, however you put it. Even if the guy was slightly taller than he was.

Truly, as much as he'd like to take on the guy who seemed to have started a fight with a bunch of innocent people, what really ticked him off was the boasting he did. Did Ri really look that passive? He made sure he looked at least passable for a mage every day, but it seemed his looks were ignored.

No matter. He'll show him who's boss.

That said, the moment the other started shadow-boxing, Ri stiffened, prepared to have him charge for him. He stood in the defensive stance, and even broadened it, taking more of a martial stance than anything. His legs were spread, one foot now further in front of the other at a body-length distance, and his guard shifted so that one hand was on his hip in a fist, and the other was in front of him, open-palmed, so as to deviate any attacks coming for him.

As the other continued, he would see that Ri seemed to sparkle a tad, electricity shifting around his body as he stood and waited for the other's first move. "You want a fight?" He finally asked, "I'll give you one."

The moment the other attacked was the moment Ri's neutral expression turned into a smile, eyes set on the fist coming from the lunging man. Ri only had to do one thing and that was to sidestep, making the first hit glance him.

The second one, though, he wasn't able to dodge as easily as before, and instead, he raised his defending hand to try and block it.

He grunted in pain as the blow landed on his arm, before he used the fist on his hip to send a quick jab for the man's stomach, and thus, push him back.

If successful, he'd take a few steps back, and wait for another attack.

"You pick a fight and that's all you can do?"

#5Caspian Kaldwin 

Zeus vs Helios [Ri/Rival] Empty on Sat Nov 16, 2019 5:07 pm

Caspian Kaldwin
Caspian felt his attack make contact with Ri, the cracking of his knuckles and the vibrations of his fist on contact only made the blond haired mage smirk. The excitement of fighting another only seemed to make his heart beat faster. Kaldwin flashed a crooked smirk before being countered with a blow to the stomach, causing the man to stumble back whilst his opponent moved back a few feet simultaneously. The taunts licked the marital artist's ears in a foul way, which caused his blood to bubble with a snarl. The leader of the thugs truly did seem to be able to hold his own, which Caspian had to admit. Alas, the golden sun took his time to compose himself before shaking off the blow to the stomach. He quickly rushed forward with what seemed to be the intent to throw a punch to the head before it would purposely miss.

The punch would fire past Ri's head, in attempt to confuse the lightning mage before the berserker of Fairy-Tail would attempt to deliver a knee in the centre of his opponent's chest. If the attack were to be successful, he would stumble back while Caspian would still be on the offence, holding a wide open stance. The blond wished to trade blows, one after the other with the man before him as he watched the lightning cackle and course through Ri's body. Caspian would taunt with a exhale of small flames, that would deal no such damage. The hunger that fueled the man caused him to gnash his teeth at Ri with a lick of his lips. "Believe me, I can do just more than swing and throw attacks mate. I know a couple of spells that would surely put you on your ass" Caspian boasted, as seals formed over one his fists as a taunt.

#6Ri Brighte 

Zeus vs Helios [Ri/Rival] Empty on Sun Nov 17, 2019 12:15 am

Ri Brighte


Ri continued to watch the so-called "golden sun" compose himself, remaining in his guard for the duration of it. He watched him smirk, but didn't return the gesture, instead opting to pay attention to his movements.

The moment the man charged for him, Ri quickly relaxed his guard and waited for the hit to arrive, just as before, his fist ready to counter-attack the man's hit. It flew past his head, and the mage would have called this a victory, already prepared to send his own attack- But the moment he wanted to strike his eyes widened, feeling the knee that slammed right into his chest- And right in his solar plexus. The lightning mage gasped, and was quickly sent back, wheezing and coughing as he did. Quickly, his guard dropped in favor of him holding his chest. Would have been a lucky hit were it to be continued with others, but Ri was thankful that the mage opted to wait.

He watched as the guy continued to boast and taunt and he returned his snarl. "Oh, yeah?" He finally asked, as he regained his bearings. The small pause the other gave him while talking helped him tremendously, allowing him to slowly come back from the hard hit he received. Fool.

"Then show me."

Ri slammed his foot in the ground, a bright yellow seal forming and electricity crackling beneath him, before he was sent with "lightning" speed forwards, fist moving along with him so that in his sudden leap, he'd slam his fist in the man's face, and continue his momentum, finding himself behind him afterwards. If that worked the way it should, he wouldn't continue to attack, instead waiting for him to continue. After all, as much as he loved a good fight, he wasn't here to seriously maim someone. Especially if he didn't know what this whole situation was about. Maybe he should ask him.

Nah. This is fine.

"Sorry about that." He spoke, with a smile. "Hope I didn't do too much damage."

Spells Used:
Name: Quick Step
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25 per Post
Requirements: Lightning Magic
Type: Supplementary
Element: Lightning
Range: 5 Meters
Cooldown: 1
Duration: Instant
Effect: The user slams their foot in the ground, before leaping in any direction. Electricity would form beneath their foot, sending them five meters in the chosen route.

Supplementary Spells are inferior. The Mana Cost is 38, and the cooldown is of 2 posts.

#7Caspian Kaldwin 

Zeus vs Helios [Ri/Rival] Empty on Sun Nov 17, 2019 12:41 am

Caspian Kaldwin
The knee to the solar plexus had obviously done what it was supposed to, it weakened the lightning mage yet Caspian opted to wait. He wasn't one to just swarm the opponent with multiple strikes, no, he was somebody who wanted to wither and chip the opponent down. Kaldwin used this time to take a new stance, Maui Thai. Raising both fists in the air, the golden haired mage snickered as he lifted his right knee to the point Caspian was supporting his right leg on the tip of his toe. The taunt Caspian hurled at Ri seemed to have taken an affect, aggravating his opponent into retaliating. He listened to the Lamia Scale mage accept the berserker's challenge with three little words before stamping his foot on the ground. He watched electricity course through their leg before pushing off from the ground toward the pyro with tremendous speeds.

Caspian found the fist hurled from the mage make contact with the bridge of his nose, spurting blood upon contact as it pissed out from his nose. Caspian stumbled momentarily, due to the; strength, speed and momentum of the punch. It surely withered away at him, he twirled around with a stumble. Seeing almost double of his opponent with a snarl, like hell he was going to lose here. Caspian snapped his arms across his chest in the form of an X. A blood red seal burst forth before Caspian's body began to react, mana began to fluctuate within the man's being which in turn gave him a pinkish red tone on his skin. Steam emitted from the man's body for aesthetic purposes, his pupils shrunk as a crooked grin crept up the Berserker's lips. Smacking his lips, he felt his heart beat at inhuman speeds, feeling the strength course through him and his muscle fibers.

"Advance." He muttered under his breath, before slowly rising his head. A demonic glare was latched onto Ri, there was something different about Caspian, something unnatural as somehow he had increased his fighting prowess. His strength had increased by ten fold. Fwoosh! Caspian launched himself from his previous location, cracking the stone floor under him slightly as a few bricks snapped in two from the newly gained strength. The blond had landed a foot in front of Ri, hunched over before springing up, aiming to deliver a solid uppercut of an elbow into Ri's jaw. With this powerful strike, if successful, Ri would find himself hurled back and through the air. A bruise would definitely form the next day, as Caspian would sit there would a sinister smile. Slowly, his body returned back to it's normal state if everything had played out right as Caspian hoped. "I. Caspian Kaldwin will surpass everyone and be crowned as the Strongest!"

Spell Used:

Name: Advance
Rank: C
Mana Cost: 50
Requirements: None
Type: Self-Buff
Element: None
Range: Self
Cooldown: 2 Posts once Deactivated
Duration: Sustain
Effect: Caspian somehow has found a way to advance himself, giving himself a temporary buff to assist him in battle. Forming a red seal in front of himself, he begins his spell. Accelerating his heart and blood flow, Caspian bolsters himself with new found strength. Self-buffing his strength up to a C-Rank tier. Caspian initiates this by crossing his arms over his chest. (+20 strength
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#8Ri Brighte 

Zeus vs Helios [Ri/Rival] Empty on Sun Nov 17, 2019 1:33 am

Ri Brighte


Oooof. That looked like it hurt. The blood that trickled from the man's nose momentarily scared Ri, the thought of actually hurting the man badly chipping away at him. He was glad to see him still standing afterwards, though, keeping his friendly smile as the other only continued to get more and more angry.

Seeing the red seal appear in front of him, Ri's smile fell, and he took on a stoic and serious expression before deciding to copy his movements. Somewhat. The man slammed his fists together, as electricity immediately started gathering around his fingers, extending then to his hands and arms. The golden seal that formed in front of Ri mirrored that of the "golden sun" standing in front of him, now angry and "fired up", one could say. He retook his defensive stance- his right leg behind him, and his left in the front, one hand on his hip and the other in front of him, ready to deflect the other's attacks.

He watched him, his own stoic expression set on his demonic gaze. He didn't seem deterred though, for he didn't move an inch under the glare.

When the mage jumped, though, Ri's eyes widened, and he took a step back, ready to avoid the incoming hit. He watched as the mage landed in front of him, and he further extended his hand to avoid a frontal hit- only for him to let out a "Shi-" and try to send his fisted hand down so as to block the incoming elbow.

The hit landed solidly in his jaw, and he let out a roar of pain as he was sent back, further into the alley. His back hit the ground with a loud thud, dust springing up around him.

Even so, the mage didn't seem to be giving up yet. The electricity was still pulsing around his fists, and he slowly stood, grunting and huffing to himself. Adrenaline was finally coursing through Ri's body after getting two solid hits on him, shakingly standing on his two legs.

Damnit. He can't move his jaw. Well that's a bridge that he'll cross when he gets to it.

For now, he watched the mage declare himself the strongest. That didn't sound like something he'd want to hear, especially in the state he was in. Unfortunately, given his inability to talk, he couldn't really do much to debate his words. Instead, he took a deep breath and...

He snapped his hand to his side, the electricity formed around his fist now concentrating itself into his fist, and with a grunt, he sent it forwards, in the air, a ball of electricity hurling itself for the golden sun in front of him. It didn't matter if it hit or not, for with his two-still electrified hands, he'd charge forwards, and aim a solid punch for the man's torso. He didn't stop with just that, though, for if it hit or not didn't matter either. Ri's goal was to, in the end, send his leg in a roundhouse kick for his head and make him stumble to the side, hopefully finishing this fight.

While he still couldn't feel the pain.

In the end, his electricity would finally dissipate, and he'd wait for the other's next move.

Spells Used:
Name: Fists of Storm
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25 per Post
Requirements: Lightning Magic
Type: Self-Buff Strength
Element: Lightning
Range: 0 Meters
Cooldown: 1
Duration: Sustain
Effect: The user brings their fists together, before raising their hands in a defensive position. Electricity would envelop the whole limb, before they attack. The spell boosts the user's strength with the value of a D-Rank Buff.

Name: Lightning Punch
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Lightning Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: Lightning
Range: 5 Meters
Cooldown: 1
Duration: Instant
Effect: The user quickly brings their hand to the side, as if they were cracking a whip, letting electricity form around it. It would then move on to their fist, before the user would send a concentrated electrical punch in their target's direction. If the sent bolt of electricity would hit, it would deal D-Rank damage.

#9Caspian Kaldwin 

Zeus vs Helios [Ri/Rival] Empty on Sun Nov 17, 2019 2:30 am

Caspian Kaldwin
Caspian watched Ri fly into the air and crash into the brick surface, he stared with a wipe of his nose as he took a stance as the dust shrouded the body of the lightning mage. Kaldwin rolled his shoulders as he moved his elbow and fist around, a glare latched onto his opponent as he watched them slowly pick themselves up from the floor. He smirked at the lightning that cackled and coursed through the man's being as the fire mage taunted his opponent by telling him to come with a gesture of his hand. He watched his opponent cock his fist, which the Gold-Sun did so in unison. Before releasing a loud battle cry that would put soldiers let alone armies to shame, as he glared at the ball of thunder hurl itself toward him. He quickly rushed forward, bursting into a full sprint.

Even without Advance, Caspian felt and heard the sound of his heart pounding from his chest, his blood flowing at irregular speeds as he was fueled with adrenaline. The thing keeping him standing at this point, as the sun-chariot rider burst forward, quickly he dropped mid sprint, sliding under the ball of electricity as he launched himself back up in a spring. Kaldwin reloaded his arm, as a seal formed over his right fist, which combusted into flames. He roared a mighty cry, as he met Ri in the middle, hurling a fist toward Ri's jaw again in attempt to end the fight. However, before he was able to even realise whether his attack had made contact or not, Ri had fired off a an attack aimed for his torso. He felt the lightning shock through Caspian's being with a cry of pain, before being kicked into the wall beside them with a deep thud.

Caspian crashed into the alley wall with a mighty crash, before his body flopped onto the body like a rag doll. His vision was blurred, he was at his limit, Caspian winced and coughed in pain. An after shock was sent through his body as he was almost paralysed, the golden-sun couldn't get up as he sat there at his fours. Roaring in attempt to get up, however it was futile, his body would not listen or allow him to get up. Blood trickled from his nose to his chin, before dropping to the floor below him. Staining the bricks with a wince, Kaldwin wobbled as he snarled. He looked up at Ri with a hate in his eyes, starring up at the one person who had defeated him, his new rival for one. "I.. am the strongest. Me, Caspian Kaldwin of... Fairy-Tail... Will never... los--" Finally, he dropped, unable to move from the pain as he slowly lost consciousness in his eyes.


Spell Used:

Name: Hiken
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Fire Element
Type: Offensive
Element: Fire
Range: Melee
Cooldown: 1 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: Forming a red seal on the base of their knuckles, they allow their mana to combust into fire. The user engulfs their fist in flames, delivering a powerful punch that deals up to D Rank Damage. Caspian activates this by cocking/reloading his arms.

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#10Ri Brighte 

Zeus vs Helios [Ri/Rival] Empty on Sun Nov 17, 2019 3:37 am

Ri Brighte


Caught in the moment, Ri hadn't realized just -how- hard he had hit the other mage with his leg. He winced when he heard the thud, and watched as the fire-mage slumped against the wall. Ri remained stunned as he continued to gaze upon the mage, who seemed to continue to stubbornly try and stand, only to fail and remain in his position.

He huffed and puffed through his nose, too afraid to open his mouth. He knew he'd have to see a healer, but at the moment he wasn't really interested in knowing if it was dislocated or already broken. He just knew that if he started talking he'll be in terrible pain.


He's not too good when it comes to medicine.

That said, his eyes widened as he was glared at, unsure what the other man had with him. Was- Was this the end of the fight? Did he win? He didn't remember the last time he had fought so hard. His muscles ached, and he felt like he was about to fall at any minute. Standing still on shaky legs, the moment the other fell unconscious, Ri fell to his knees and let his mouth open just a tad to be able to breathe more easily.

"F-Fuck." He muttered, through labored breaths. He raised his head to look at the mage's unmoving body. He fought a Fairy Tail mage. Oh, that can't be good. Wouldn't he get in trouble if he seriously hurt him? Or worse, killed him?

No. No, he couldn't have killed him from just a kick to the head. Maybe mess his head a bit but not outright kill him.

Just to be sure, Ri slowly stood and approached him, hand reaching for his neck to check for a pulse. A sigh pure relief escaped him when he felt the mage's pulse. That said, it didn't mean the situation was that good. Ri couldn't speak, and could barely move, and the guy looked heavier than him.

That didn't mean he wouldn't try.

He stood, just as slowly as before, and gently took hold of the mage's arm, slinging it around his neck and pulling him up. He grunted and groaned- More so because he had to open his mouth at some points and that was not fun- but in the end, he was able to lift the slumped body of the man from the ground.

He dragged himself forwards, exiting the alley and looking around. The first person he found was a random couple, probably out on their date. He felt bad that he had to ruin it. Thank you, random Fairy Tail mage. Had to go and pick random fights now, didn't'cha? Honestly, he didn't know what else to expect. Lamia Scale might be the more rough and tough of the two, but at least he's not off to fight people he doesn't know on the street.

He hopes he'll never see this guy again. And if he does, he'll pay him back for that broken jaw.

Is this how it felt to have a rival?

Either way, when the two saw the pair of mages stumble out of the alley, beaten and bloody they quickly rushed to them to help them. Ri could only thank them with a wave of his hand, again, too afraid to open his mouth to speak.

The day could have gone better. A trip to the local hospital was not in his plans.


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