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Detecting Derailers [Quest: Ri Brighte]

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#1Ri Brighte 

Detecting Derailers [Quest: Ri Brighte] Empty on Thu Nov 14, 2019 8:26 am

Ri Brighte


Ri stood in front of the Rune Knight's headquarters, piece of paper loosely held in his hand. He looked between the building and the paper, growing ever-so confused the longer he gazed at the two. On the paper, the building was small and rather modest looking (for the headquarters of Era's guardians), but now that he stands in front of the large gates that lead to a much larger structure, he understands that the picture was cropped. Well. In the end it doesn't matter, for he'll take this mission whether he likes to or not.

That's what happens when you blow all of your well-earned money on sweets and inn rooms. Truthfully, he couldn't -not- buy an inn room- After all it takes a while to prepare in the morning- but he could have done without the sweets.

Still. He did this with his own hand, and now he has to pay for it. Maybe even literally.

And so, he enters the courtyard, and looks around, watching as the Rune Knights pass by him either running, or walking at a leisurely pace. What none of them failed to do though was glance at him as he passed, probably curious as to why a random citizen would just walk inside the headquarters so casually. From the looks of it, no one heard of the supposed "corruption" problem, and Ri wouldn't have it any either way. He was no detective, mind you, but even he knew that to solve a mistery, less and less people have to be aware of it. That said, he continued to walk, before finally reaching the doors of the building, and with a small sigh, he pushed them open and entered, eyes scanning the silent halls of the Rune Knights' headquarters.

His steps echoed off the tile floors, ever-looking around at the pictures and statues on the wall. Finally, he stopped in front of a mahogany door. He knocked twice before letting himself in, and with a smile, he greeted the captain, showing him the piece of paper.

"Ah, yes! Come in, come in!" He quickly replied, shuffling a few papers and motioning to the seat in front of his desk.

Ri obliged, and keeping his smile, he listened to the man's words. Just like in the paper, he needed someone for a more "delicate" job, as he had put it. Well, one could consider corruption delicate, if they were the captain of the Rune Knights. Don't want that to get out, after all.

With all said and done, Ri stood, took the notebook the captain gave him to jot down the names of said corrupted officers, and just as before, cheerfully headed out of the office and the building.

As soon as he exited though, his smile faded and he let out a long sigh. In the span of one day, without any food or water, he'll have to follow five people, all with different schedules and paths. How will he manage? Maybe he should just throw away the whole idea of actually doing something with an empty stomach and see that the finds something less taxing to do. He thinks this option over, before looking at the paper once again. He sighs, crumpling it, and throwing it in the bin, before heading towards the first location the captain told him about.

The first place he checked was the nearby bar, that the captain told him was guarded by a fella' named Elias. Entering the building, he looked around, slightly frowning to himself. No one matching the man's description was here: tall, brown-haired and with glasses. The only people in the inn were the bartender and the guy laid on the floor, drunk out of his mind.


Well, Ri supposed this wasn't considered corruption, so he didn't bother to jot down the state the officer was in. Instead, he walked forwards and lightly kicked him- not to hurt, of course, but just to see if he was still alive- and seeing him grunt, he turned around and left.

That was one down, four left to go, and his stomach was already growling. Nice. Cool. Amazing. And with those positive thoughts in mind, he headed towards the next location: the front of a bank. He didn't bother to keep in mind the name after the mission was over- He doubted he'd need it. Of course, he was wrong, but when was he ever right?

That said, as he walked closer and closer to the building, it seemed the two guards stationed there were in the middle of a heated debate. From the distance, the mage wasn't able to hear clearly, and so he quickly moved closer, as silently as he could. Positioning himself behind the nearest pillar, he listened in to the two's conversation.

"No, I told you. I was supposed to get most of the cut, and you were supposed to take the rest! I got him out!" One of the two said, slightly pushing the other back.

"Screw you! I got him out, not you! This whole thing was done because I did my part, Ghira!" The other spoke back, pushing his teammate back.

Ri sighed, and opened the book, jotting down the two's supposed involvement in a shifty scheme. Pity. He hoped he wouldn't find any actual corrupted officers. Well. Disappointed, but not surprised. The Rune Knights- Actually. Most of the people in charge seem to be prone to getting quite easily corrupted. For some unknown reason. That shall never be known.

Either way!

Off he went, back to the headquarters, for the last two officers on the list were stationed back there. Why he didn't check on them earlier remains a mystery for both him, and all the people around him.

It didn't take long until he got back, and just like before, he could easily spot the two officers.

Unfortunately, the situation was not all a piece of cake. As quietly as he could, he moved behind a stack of boxes, and watched as one of the officers had the other in a neck hold, pinning him to the wall.

"You won't say a peep, understood, lil' guy?" He asked, in a gruff voice, pushing his hand closer to his throat.

The other could only squeak out the words, struggling to get himself free of the hold, "A-Alright, Arty...Alright! P-Please let go..."

And just like that, another one bites the dust.

With a small sigh, Ri closed the notebook, waited for the two to finish their scuffle- then waited a few more minutes- and finally emerged from his hiding place, casually walking by the two and into the building. After all, he couldn't have let them known that he was there all along. What's he an actor for, if not to lie?

Handing the list to the captain, he watched as his face fell when he read the names etched into the paper. He couldn't help but feel sorry for him. He seemed like a nice enough guy, and someone who'd try to uphold justice as much as possible.


That said, Ri took his payment and left, hand idly touching his stomach as it growled, probably the tenth time in the few hours that it took him to move around the city.

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