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A Nun's Advice [Citizen's Plea - Caspian]

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#1Caspian Kaldwin 

A Nun's Advice [Citizen's Plea - Caspian] Empty on Tue 12 Nov 2019 - 12:27

Caspian Kaldwin
“Caspian, are you afraid of God?” A nun asked him, it was quite out of the blue. He wasn’t quite sure as how to perceive what she meant, was he scared of God? Due to his power, the fact he is worshipped as a higher entity or the fact there is a possibility, he could be real. The blond shrugged in response, holding himself low and hugging the wall of the church as he watched groups of juveniles and criminals rummage and loot the box filled with money. The Nun held herself low too, whispering her concerns to Caspian as she basically was his shadow. The two crept and lurked in the darkness and shadows of the church, as the sound of wood snapping and cracking under the heat of flames filled the church. It was sad quite frankly, a gang decided to raid a church and set fire to the joint. Disrespecting its entire thing it stood for, a safe space, a good environment that had been plagued with the greed of others. “I feel like you are dear child, you are frightened that he won’t forgive you. Despite your efforts. You are a good boy, after all you are saving me. You aren’t like them” The woman continued, as the Fairy-Tail member puffed his rosy red cheeks. Why did she have to speak of such a political issue at a time like this? One so personal, ugh women were confusing. Always asking stupid questions at the wrong time.

The creaking of the doors slowly opening echoed loudly through the church, almost heard by those desecrating the Holy Place. Quickly, he grabbed the arm of the woman and scurried out from the church and onto the streets. He watched as riots built and torches were set aflame, great, this was going to be a mess. He wasn’t exactly quite sure on what was happening, all he knew was he had to make things right. He was a member of Fairy-Tail, a man whom aspired to be the strongest and have an unbreakable will. Not to be tempted by fear, never to be ensnared by its lustful binds to do bad deeds. He wished to be an idol, a figure to be looked up to, a protector, a shield. He wanted to be all of Fiore’s hero, but what exactly would that cost? Quickly, he pulled the woman along with him as the Nun stumbled and struggled to keep up with his speed. The two watched in the corners of their eyes as the streets were pillaged and ruined, he was supposed to do something, he needed to, but the protection of this woman was much more important than a few inanimate objects. He began to follow down the same path he had previous taken the family down the other day, escorting the woman to a safer haven than what exactly this was. Eventually they made it to the alley, rushing through and finding their way through the labyrinth of filth.

Finally, they made it to the docks. The entire group of the church were pilled into a ship, aiming to take them away, somewhere safe. Caspian smiled, letting go of the woman and nodding. She gazed up at Caspian, before smiling softly, placing her soft palm over his cheek. There she planted her forehead against Caspian’s, slowly pulling back. There, Caspian spoke, uttering words that he would never believe he would care to admit. “Sister, I am not scared of God. Nor is he scared of me. I believe there is a time where I have forsaken him and still am because I intend to take his title and occupation. No matter what, I wish to be the strongest. The wisest. A healer. Protector. The unmoving. Caspian Kaldwin, a…God” He muttered under his breath, given a shocked expression from the woman who looked at the boy with pity. No words left her mouth, as the Pastor slowly came out from the docks. Handing Caspian a fat pouch of coins for their safe escort through the city, the man practically gagged as he felt choked up. What exactly was happening? As the Pastor thanked Kaldwin, he waltzed his way back to the ship awaiting departure. The Nun smiled, petting Caspian’s hands before she began to head towards the ship. However just before she left, she turned, laughing at the fire mage. “You don’t have to be a God to protect us all Caspian. You are but a man and cannot do it all alone. You are a good boy. However, this idolisation of being so strong to be a god is unhealthy. Find help, find other hobbies… Please, before it’s too late…your mother would be proud.” She uttered, before leaving the mage behind on the docks. Giving Caspian a wake-up call. He needed something else.

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