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Eyes Wider Open [Quest: Ri Brighte]

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#1Ri Brighte 

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Ri Brighte


Another long night, another successful show. He almost couldn’t believe that the events that took place were actually real. How could one even think that two mages, both with opposing elements, could work so well together? Hell, he didn’t, that’s for sure. And the way that it ended shook him, even if he was a part of it. The way the lights shone on them, the way the fire roared behind them, the way the crowd yelled and cheered their name, he couldn’t help but give them all a bright, happy grin.
He still kept it, today,  as he walked around the town, mindlessly looking over various shops’ doors and signs, taking note of their bright colors and their creative writing. He couldn’t say he wasn’t happy. After all, there had to be an outright war for his smile to fade, especially on a day as beautiful and sunny as this one. At one point, his gaze fell upon a random shop, “Mag Drug Magic Shop”, he thought, “that’s a funny name. Who would’ve even thought of that? Is the guy’s name “Mag”? Or is a play on words from “mage’s drug magic shop”?

Ri stopped in his tracks, and blinked, eyes narrowing on said sign. He thought, and thought, but didn’t seem to quite understand where he remembered that name from. Truth be told, he hadn’t visited Magnolia in quite some time, so he might not even recall the name right. Could just be deja vu. Or, it could be that he remembers another shop, with a very similar name found in the northern-regions. Or it could be that he’s just too stupid to remember. He quickly throws away the latter with a small wave of his hand, and enters the building. The door creaks as he slowly steps inside with a “Helloooo~?”. Memories hit him the moment his eyes land on the various shelves of potions, and when he smells the strong scent of chemicals, and herbs, all blended together.

“Oh, I remember now...” He muttered, “The old man should be...Around. I think. I hope he’s not dead.” And just as he said that, from behind the counter jumped the old man himself, hands slamming on the table and a strong chuckle following. He seemed to be doing well, and was looking just as he did two years ago. Long beard, wizard cap; a-yup, nothing changed at all. Maybe, -maybe- he looked a tad older, but that was it. From what he knew, that might just be how he looked two years ago as well. As Ri closed the door behind him, he was called in by the wizard. He watched as he reached under the table and took out a wooden box.

“Ah, finally, finally! I’ve been waiting for a couple of hours for that boy to arrive!” He spoke, at which Ri only blinked. He had absolutely no idea what the guy was going on about, but he wasn’t going to question it. Well. Maybe he should ask about what happened. Act stupid. That –could- work. Then again, he doesn’t really want to lie to the old guy, after all, he sees him as a good man. He doesn’t deserve to be lied to. And so, Ri steps closer to the man, who was now shuffling through a stack of papers, mumbling to himself as he signed each and every one of them with black ink.

“Uhm...Mister Khalash?” He suddenly spoke, gently tapping him on the shoulder, “I have absolutely no idea what you’re going on about.” His words were welcomed with an exasperated groan and a roll of his eyes, as he took hold of the wooden box and turned it towards him. Opening it, the sight of a birch branch welcomed him. It wasn’t any kind of branch, though: the bark was encrusted with different types of precious stones, and carvings in another language. Unfortunately, one glance-over could tell you that the stones were nowhere near precious, and were instead pieces of glass, made to appear as if they were stones. Ri blinked at the display before him, before looking back at the man, “I am still confused.” He spoke, with a light chuckle.

The old man then began to tell his tale: how he had bought a powerful magical relic, and was supposed to sell it onwards, but when he received the box it was a fake. Clearly, he was angered by this, and so, he called for the one who sold it to him, telling him to meet. Unfortunately, the guy hadn’t shown up yet, and he has to go to some sort of bazaar, as soon as possible (Ri didn’t get the details).

And just like that, the young mage was left in charge of the shop. A strong sense of nostalgia hit him as he sat in the chair, and threw his feet on the counter, silently waiting for the seller to arrive. Minutes ticked by with the pace of a drunk snail, as the only thing Ri could do was lay his head on the table and try to sleep. Not like that would work, of course, the position he was in killed his back. After about half an hour, he stood and paced around the shop, humming to himself as he looked over the various potions and herbs. He read them outloud, and even dared touch some of them.

At one point, he began shadow-boxing, the boredom and quietness getting to him. Fortunately, as soon as he stopped his boxing, the door creaked open, and in came a man dressed in a dapper suit, with a suitcase under his arm. He looked around, sniffed the air, and grimaced, clearly not fond of the place he found himself in. Well, at least now he knew why the old wizard got scammed.

Even so, Ri took his place behind the counter and welcomed the man with a smile, something which he didn’t receive back. The business man scowled at him, probably thinking him some immature youth; which wasn’t to say he wasn’t, but making assumptions this early isn’t considered quite nice. Now, Khalash had left him a list of the details regarding the initial sale, but from the looks of the guy before him, it wouldn’t really matter. “Good evening.” Ri suddenly spoke, giving him a small wave of his hand, “Are you here because of the item?”

He received a solemn nod, before the man set the case on the table and opened it, quickly handing Ri a sum of money. Not the right sum, of course, because it was never that easy. Before the mage could speak up, though, he had closed the case and was ready to head out.

“H-Hey! Oi! Wait a second!”

The shouts had captured the man’s attention, and he looked back with a raised eyebrow, mockingly, condescendingly. Ri’s smile had faded, replaced with a deep frown, “This isn’t the right sum.”

“What do you know, kid? You don’t look like you’re able to count jewels, yet.” The man chuckled, and once again, made to exit the shop. Leaping over the counter, Ri’s hand landed on his shoulder, roughly stopping him in his tracks. Electricity pulsed through him, making his hair slightly stand up, small flashes appearing all over his body. “Now, hold on. We’re here to talk, so let’s talk.” As he spoke, another smile appeared on his face, and despite the situation, it held no malice. The man took one good look at Ri before nodding and turning around, hand already reaching for his suitcase.

After a few short minutes of “bargaining”, which included Ri smiling to the man as he counted the jewels, he was left with a handful of money, and a artifact-less box. With a satisfied sigh, he placed his hand on the orb given to him, and at the wizard’s incentive, he took a small sum for himself, and exited the shop, not forgetting to close it on his way out.

Time for ice cream.

Word Count: 1348/750

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