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Operation Befriend 014482 [Iris] [Private]

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#1Noyiah Dashi 

Operation Befriend 014482  [Iris] [Private] Empty on Mon Nov 04, 2019 3:38 pm

Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah Awoke the morning before the break of Dawn, she hadn’t slept much thinking about the Red headed girl from the cell. Noyiah looked about her dark apartment and shook her head about how much she took for granted. She peeled off her cocoon of blankets and made her way to the bathroom to start her daily Routine Making sure she didn’t disturb her guest sleeping on the couch.
After her beauty regiment and getting cleaned up she put together an outfit and headed to her common area, pulling a few note books she had and then a small novel and a collection of shorter stories, unsure if any of them would be needed. But today was the start of Operation Befriend 014482. She planed on trying to get to know her a little bit more, see if there really was nothing she could do or if that she could make the stay in her cell a little better.  Glancing around she decided she needed to prep a few more things before heading out.   Placing her books in a satchel she placed onto her kitchen table and moved into the kitchen to start on some breakfast.

Pouring some Flour, sugar a bit of vanilla and a tiny bit of baking powered into a mixing bowl she moved into the wet ingredients taking out of her fridge an egg and cracking it against the side of her, inspecting the mixture for egg shell she found none.  Pouring a cup or two of water in to the mixture she whisked the bowl quietly glancing over to the common area where her guest was still sleeping.

Clicking the gas stove on and lighting a match to set the fire, Noyiah Splashed a bit of oil from the decanter on her counter.  Taking a ladle out of the cupboard she scooped a large portion of batter and placed it into the pan.  Letting it cook before flipping it with a flourish. Noyiah continued this until she had about 8 pancakes, she divided them out into portions leaving 3 on a plate on the kitchen table with cutlery. She placed the others in a glass container having to cut them all in half to make them fit and slipped it into her bag. Tossed all her dishes into her sink and ran water on them to let them soak. She then went to her work desk and grabbed a pen and a piece of parchment.
Bring them to the kitchen she scribbled down a quick note

~~ Went into work early, enjoy Breakfast ill see you when you arrive. <3 Noyiah ~~

And With that Noyiah left her studio flat and headed down the stairs to the lobby and then clear out her apartment building. Heading down the road stopping at her usual Café, she grabbed herself a coffee, thinking for a moment about getting 014482 a coffee too but she wasn’t sure that was concealable, and if she was caught, she wasn’t aware of the consequences for aiding a criminal would be or where it would land her.  But she made sure to tell the Café Owner “If Macey Drops by tell her I took a personal day, and that she can leave any cases in my mail box” before paying for her coffee with a tip and a warm smile.

After a lengthy Trip up that Godforsaken Hill she made it to the headquarters where she nodded to the receptionist and continued through to the prison cells, glancing into each one as she passed by stopping in front of Iris’s and glancing in.

#2Iris DuPage 

Operation Befriend 014482  [Iris] [Private] Empty on Sat Nov 09, 2019 6:22 am

Iris DuPage
She didn't understand friendship really. SUre, she knew what it was, sure, she thought people were her friends. But, when she wanted to do something for someone, they would tell her to get back to work. When she wanted to do something for herself for once, they set her up to be a villain, and got her arrested. And now here she was, being mistreated by the rune knights. As she was doing good on the last few missions she had been on, she was given a smorgasbord of fresh bread and two cups of water for once. And the moment the plate was slid in to her cell, she was leaping on it to scarf it down like a hungry animal. "You even eat like the dog you are, how you ever got those jewels, it's beyond me." The knight said before leaving her there.

Iris would go back to sitting in the middle of the floor, her potato sack pulled around her body for what little warmth she could get, directing it in to the minor sunlight that shone through in to her cell and warmed the sack, thereby warming her body. On the ground she dragged her finger, trying to write things, to keep herself busy. Trying to do a little magic, make something to eat out of it, but, every time she tried to do anything, those cuffs would stop her flow of magic, and waste it by zapping it out from the jade gems on them.

She sighed, two slices of bread was enough for the day she supposed.

When she heard the footsteps of someone approaching, she would just mentally prepare herself, and that's when Noyiah would be looking in at her. If the records were read, Iris was considered guilty for stealing royal jewels, not the money, but, actual priceless gems, things that had worth beyond value. And a rare artifact she was supposedly intent on using to cross the border in to Bosco to fence the items. If it wasn't for a few people catching her and dropping her off to the rune knights, they wouldn't even have known about her.

Then again, it was all a set up from the people she used to work for, and now owed money to for getting that phasing magic ring confiscated, but, she couldn't earn money to pay it off unless she got free from here, and with her magic power drained and feeling like less of a person than before, Iris felt like there was little to no hope. She would die here, or she would be sold off as property to the crime syndicate of Enca when they came to collect her. Though, none of that was on the record, just her 'crimes'.

She would turn to look at Noyiah, "I'm behaving okay? It's not like I can do anything in here." SHe sulked. Why the magic inhibitors? Her magic was listed as a rare arcane magic known as Letter Magic, anything she wrote, within reason, could be used as the item or action of the word, such as a skeleton key. Plus she was a prisoner.

#3Noyiah Dashi 

Operation Befriend 014482  [Iris] [Private] Empty on Sat Nov 09, 2019 3:31 pm

Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah’s eyes widened as she let her bag slide form her shoulder and onto the ground softly. “I . .  I’m not here to give you trouble.   I was hopping to get to know you a bit actually” She said through a slightly confused expression. Noyiah glanced about the small cell, it probably felt invasive, but she was cautious sometimes, especially when meeting someone convicted of crimes.  Seeing the clip board to the side of the cell Noyiah motioned towards it “would you mind if I read that or would you prefer with talked about it.   I have a feeling whatever you normally say goes unheard, but I assure you I am willing to hear you out.” Noyiah admitted

Noyiah glanced around to make sure she wasn’t going to get in trouble before sitting down outside of the bar cross-legged. She pulled her satchel onto her lap and looked back towards 014882. She knew her by no other name and when she had asked about the prisoners, they rarely said anything that was remotely give them a hint of being a person.  “maybe its best if I start.  I’m Noyiah Dashi, I joined the Knights a few days ago, but you were there for . . . . that so you likely already knew that.” She said grasping the back of her own neck and rubbed it nervously “I was a private investigator for a number of years, don’t let me age fool you I have had a good run in the investigation game.” She explained switching from a worried look to a more friendly and warm expression.  “I was hoping if you explain to me what you’re in here for an I can run some fact checks and see if you have a case, I mean permitting you didn’t hurt anyone important you might have a chance”

Noyiah looked around again,  but it was early still and most people weren’t at the headquarters yet, but Noyiah didn’t want to get in trouble so quickly after joining, luckily she heard the footsteps coming. Quickly she flipped her bag upside-down   papers slide all over the floor and she slide to her knees and started to gather them up.   The Other Knight passed by and shook his head in her direction before avoiding eye contact and continuing to his office somewhere in the building.  Noyiah immediately scooped the papers up and Tapped them against he stone floor to aligned  the corners  and stuck them back into her bag.  “ now don’t take that the wrong way, I’m not ashamed to be here  but I cant really get to know you if they tell me I’m not allowed here again now can i?”

#4Iris DuPage 

Operation Befriend 014482  [Iris] [Private] Empty on Sun Nov 17, 2019 7:06 am

Iris DuPage
Iris just glowered at Noyiah, not bothering to avert her gaze from the woman, but, it was like she was looking through her. There wasn't any sort of appreciation in her gaze. SHe just sat there, with her knees pulled up to her chest as she waited for Noyiah to say what it was she really wanted out of this. "I can't stop you, and I don't have the luxury of telling you 'no', so, do whatever." She huffed out while waiting for Noyiah to do something.

When Noyiah introduced herself, and gave a bit of her life story, Iris just dead panned at her the whole time. Not changing the look she gave from before. There wasn't really any getting through the girl at that moment. So when Noyiah finished introducing herself, Iris would take the time to explain her situation.
"Zero One Four Eight Eight Two. I don't get a name. I'm a thief. I was a thief. I'm dying a prisoner. SImple." She said with venom in her voice, not trusting this person in front of her at all. If she read the clipboard, she would get the details of Iris's name and all that, she didn't seem too inclined to share with someone she didn't openly trust.

"I was caught with a rare magical artifact, and priceless jewels from the Pergrande Kingdom. Sorry that I don't have anything for your little investigation. But, I was caught with it all." She said while pulling the potato sack sheet/bed/pillow up around herself more.

She just laid back down while Noyiah tried to make it seem like she wasn't here talking to her, figuring it was for the best, she was wishing she wasn't here anyways.

#5Noyiah Dashi 

Operation Befriend 014482  [Iris] [Private] Empty on Sun Nov 17, 2019 5:19 pm

Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah stood outside the cell with the papers altogether now, sliding them back into her bag she looked back at 014882, who had turned away from her and was seemingly going to just ignore her. “look I’m here because I thought you’d like someone fighting for your behalf,  if you don’t want to help me help you, then I guess we don’t have to talk.” Noyiah said as she reached into her bag picking up the Tupperware “I’d leave but I made these with you in mind” she said popping the top off the container.  She knew it was a long shot and that bribing her with extra food was likely not going to work but it was worth a try.

Noyiah looked around again before taking a piece of the pancake out of the container and took a bite out of it.  She chewed up piece and looked back to see if she had even stirred. “ you’re a thief that got caught,  many other thieves get to keep their name,  if you ask me you tell me your less then a person so that I stop trying” she said keeping her eyes locked on Iris as she rested on her poor excuse of a bed.

Noyiah shook her head slightly, their prison cells were a poor excuse for anything rehabilitating. Even if they were criminals they should at least have a proper bed and blanket. The cell was not even suitable for an animal let along a girl.

#6Iris DuPage 

Operation Befriend 014482  [Iris] [Private] Empty on Fri Nov 22, 2019 8:04 am

Iris DuPage
Is Noyiah looked closely in the cell that Iris was in, there was the tell tale signs of bolt holes, an indicator that something once sat there. What sat there? It looked like the dimensions for a cot, or a bed. Maybe she did have a bed. The other cells in here had them, why did hers not? Was it a part of her punishment?

"Look, I'm here because I did something bad clearly, there's nothing to fight for. Look, the last person that wanted to fight for me was just using it as a ruse to get me in more trouble because of what I did." She didn't seem to trust Noyiah that much, or any rune knight. Though, she was talking more to Noyiah than she had anyone else in a long while.

The moment those hot cakes were pulled out though, she just had her face pressed to the bars. Her eyes big and glittering, her mouth nearly watering. Food, for her? It wasn't poisoned was it? Hell, she would eat it even if it was. If she did, it was no worse than what she was given normally, which was nothing, unless she did good work, then they just gave her bread and water. Milk and toast for her birthday.

"C-Can I really have that? My name is Iris! Iris DuPage! Please? Before someone sees?" Her name was Encan, that much was clear at least.

#7Noyiah Dashi 

Operation Befriend 014482  [Iris] [Private] Empty on Sat Nov 23, 2019 7:21 pm

Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah smiled lightly, she didn’t think this would work so well, bribing it was then. Noyiah pulled out an Extra half pancake and offered it out, after doing a quick check to see if people were coming. “We don’t have to long before the normal Morning Traffic starts to roam these halls” she mentioned before giving out the Pancake. “it’s nice to meet you, the actual you” she says as Iris would take the pancake.

Noyiah took the time when Iris was likely eating the pancake to take a sip of her coffee and look around her room.   It seemed at one point there was a bed in this room, whether it was removed by iris or because of iris, was uncertain. Thinking on why she was treated so badly, it didn’t surprise Noyiah to think it was possible they fed her so poorly so that she couldn’t ever get to her top strength.  It would be impossible to get stronger when all your muscles deteriorate due to lack of any sort of nutrition.

Iris had been on her mind quite a bit since she was officialized as a Rune knight.  Things that she had actively done before without much of a thought suddenly had a weight to them. A luxurious to iris was likely as small as clean cloths or real food.  Noyiah knew that if she didn’t figure something out with Iris in a couple of weeks it would start to get noticed, which is why she attempted to bribe Iris with the pancakes in the first place.

After Iris was done the pancake half Noyiah would hold the container out of her reach “Tell me a bit more about the jewels of Pergrande, and what you planed to use them for?, this ones worth two” she asked,  a simple Trick question, that would indicate a bit more then what the answer would reveal. Such a Trick she had learned to utilize with more stubborn clients while working as an investigator.  If Iris answered the question to the best of her ability Noyiah would had over the entire container of 6 half pancakes if she blew her off like the first few ones then she would pull the container back.

#8Iris DuPage 

Operation Befriend 014482  [Iris] [Private] Empty on Fri Nov 29, 2019 4:33 am

Iris DuPage
"I...can't tell you the specifics. I just, I had them. They're the crown jewels of the kingdom. I had them, and I was caught with them." She seemed to want to talk about them, but couldn't, like something was preventing her, or someone was keeping her from saying it under the threat of something.

When she was offered the pancake, she had her face pressed to the bars in a cute manner, as cute as a poorly fed and nearly emaciated prisoner could be. Biting at the air when it was just out of reach, she'd grab it and stuff her face with it, the light taste of vanilla making her fall back and roll about the floor in joy from the taste of something other than day (or days) old bread.

She sat up, trying to fight back the urge to just cry right there as she waited for a little more pancakes. "I'm sorry, for the other day. I didn't think there were any rune knights that bothered to think of me as anything other than some tool to get their work done." She thumped her head against the bars of her cell.

She was offered food by this person, and it wasn't poisoned as far as she could tell, unless it was slow acting, even if it was, it was the nicest meal she had in over a year, longer actually, considering the stuff she ate before becoming a prisoner.

Looking up at Noyiah again, she would try to smile, the hurt in her eyes apparent, as if she was begging with that look for Noyiah to not turn out to be a rune knight that was just tricking her to get her in trouble.

"Thank you for the buffet." Two pancakes was like a feast for her at this point.

#9Noyiah Dashi 

Operation Befriend 014482  [Iris] [Private] Empty on Fri Nov 29, 2019 6:16 pm

Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah Would nod as she was told that she wasn’t allowed to say exactly why she had, only that she had been caught with them.  Her Mind instantly Went to a situation where Iris was stuck with someone holding something dear to her as collateral. Noyiah knew that Is she asked who or what was held over her, she wouldn’t be able to answer. She would have tried to get more information, but the Other Rune Knights were going to walk to halls soon, and she didn’t think she would get any further if she got caught being sympathetic towards her.

Noyiah couldn’t help but smile as she Inhaled down the pancakes, Not having any real idea as to how bad her meals where always, or that this was likely the first meal she had with anyone in the longest time.  Noyiah took another sip of her coffee, and then looked back to see the water welling up in Iris’s eyes.  She apologized for her behavior and thumped her head against the bars.

Noyiah didn’t Think about her actions or the dangerous they could have caused her, she instinctually placed her coffee down and reach through the bars lightly touching Iris’s Face  ( if she didn’t immediately pull away).  From there she would softly rub her cheek and say “Hey, it’s alright, I don’t exactly give off the best of vibes sometimes, besides Kazimir has been working on a plan to try and get you out more often, in a way that isn’t going to Drag you through S Ranked mission after Mission. “She says softly trying to comfort her.

It would be at this point she would pull her hand back, sliding the container of pancake halves to her.  There was close to 4 in the container, though these ones where a little squished down and not as fluffy. “ you don’t have to apologize, or thank me, its what a person should do. Even if it’s looked down upon”

#10Iris DuPage 

Operation Befriend 014482  [Iris] [Private] Empty on Tue Dec 10, 2019 3:27 am

Iris DuPage
Iris nearly reeled back, thinking her collar was going to be shocked, or that she was about to be attacked in some strange manner. But, this woman seemed so nice. So, she would remain still as the hand came to touch her cheek and just blinked once, in disbelief.

This person and the other one, they wanted to help her out, really? "Why? I, I had the crown jewels of an entire country, the, you know, the stuff that belongs to the highest of high ups, the king and queen? You know, the stuff that has no price attached to it because they're worth so much? And, and I had something that was an illegal magic item. I was basically a ghost! If it wasn't for that anti magic field, I wouldn't have been caught!" She tried to quickly justify.

Iris was afraid, afraid of going with two people who genuinely seemed to like the thought of helping her, but, in her mind, it was a ruse, it was a way to get her to lower her guard and to finally get killed on the job. She mentioned that she wouldn't be dragged through s rank missions.

SHe thumped her head against the bars again. "But they only count the s rank ones...Maybe if we get used to it. We could, you know..." She said while looking down at the pancakes, and then up at Noyiah.

"Thank you, but, please, just, forget about me? I don't want to get you in trouble if you've been this nice actually." She said while going through the pancakes, pushing the container back. "I have to get ready for my daily chores, you should go for now."

#11Noyiah Dashi 

Operation Befriend 014482  [Iris] [Private] Empty on Tue Dec 10, 2019 6:10 pm

Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah would listen when she talked about the jewels, though there was no way to know if she was guilty, part of her statement felt apologetic, but at the very end she seemed more spiteful that she had been caught. But things in life were rarely as black and white as people made it out to be, Noyiah understood well the rules and knew how to use the grey area’s in almost any situation.  But in this situation the grey area would have to be what type of magic she was describing.  She could just as Easily be a pawn controlled and manipulated by someone else, or she could be a mastermind toying with Noyiah and trying to make her feel bad, which to an Extent was working. “ because your still a person, and we don’t believe you are as bad as you make yourself  out to be” she stated dryly, clearly not wanting to argue the point

Noyiah  had managed to reach through the bars, and after the first time she slammed her head against the bar Noyiah would shift her intention from petting her face to stopping her from bashing her head too hard,  she would quickly find Noyiah’s hand in front of the  bar if she tried to slam her face against it repeatedly. “we will just have to bring you out on some of those when we can. As for now I am not there yet, I really wish I could hurry it along but I’m not sure how to excel any faster” she admitted that she was likely the one to hold her back, though she had a few tricks up her sleeves about where iris was staying.

Noyiah listened as she heard more people moving about then before, it was certainly getting busier now that it was later in the morning. Iris tried again to make her leave her, though Noyiah knew she wouldn’t be able to stay any longer either. “Alright “She agreed falsely, picking up her pancake container after she had gone through what she wanted.  And then stood up. Leaning down to Retrieve her bag and her coffee. When Iris said that she had to get ready for her chores, not really sure what a good departing word might be,  as goodbye didn’t seem right,  but neither did something like have good day.  “ ill see you around I guess “ Noyiah said still not sure it was something she wanted to say. “ Goodluck”  she said as she turned towards the direction of the offices,  she hadn’t quite left yet, encase Iris did want to say anything else. But after that she would be heading to her office to work through her paperwork before training.

#12Iris DuPage 

Operation Befriend 014482  [Iris] [Private] Empty on Tue Dec 17, 2019 9:20 pm

Iris DuPage
After Noyiah had left, Iris would remain in her cell, falling back to look up at the ceiling, making sure she was on the potato sack so it wasn't painfully cold, just uncomfortably cold. Why was this woman helping her? Why was that other person helping her? Just what was going on? SHe didn't have much time to think on it too hard, there was a guard coming down and banging on her cell bars. She jjust sat up slowly, glowering at the man. "Up. Work." He said plainly, not waiting for Iris to get up.

She would and start her chores for the day. When she wasn't out on death defying missions, she was working at the base, no time to rest, no time to enjoy herself, just move from one thing to the next. Her day started with paperwork, nothing too strenuous, nothing no one couldn't handle. She was permitted to use her magic very minutely here. Because she was like a living spell check machine. With one touch to papers, she could rearrange the letters in to a proper order, or change the language easily. So there was no chance of anything being lost in translation.

Out on the training field she was subjected to more physical labor though. When Noyiah was out there, maybe she'd see Iris, hunched over with training weights on her back. Not for the purpose of training, but to carry them awkwardly over to the weights area, and drop them off for other rune knights to use. How a tiny girl was able to carry that much was beyond anyone's reasoning, in fact, she may well have the physical strength to outweigh most people here. Making sure to grab target practice dummies that were nearly destroyed, replacing them while spells were being shot down the way and deadly projectiles like spears or arrows! She was adept at avoiding them though.

At lunch time, Iris was in the mess hall. Not getting food, but, cleaning up dirty plates. This was more like torture for her. She wasn't allowed to eat any of this food, scraps or otherwise. She just had to clear up dirty dishes and do the cleaning by hand. Almost buried in soap bubbles whenever Noyiah might come in for a bite to eat.

#13Noyiah Dashi 

Operation Befriend 014482  [Iris] [Private] Empty on Tue Dec 17, 2019 11:10 pm

Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah gave a slight sad wave as she disappeared around the corner, she felt helpless in the situation, and no one deserved the treatment she was given.  As Noyiah rounded the corner she walked passed the guard that went to retrieve iris, she really did cut it close, and that was too reckless for Noyiah, she would silently scold herself, as she continued to her office space. Shutting the door behind her she sat down at the desk and placed her head in her hands. It was a frustrating situation that didn’t have a lot of wiggle room. Something that she had no say on, and Noyiah didn’t even know how long she had been imprisoned for.

“been here three days and I’m already falling apart”
she cursed herself as she let her head rest fully on the desk, she felt bad she couldn’t help, but felt even worst because she couldn’t formulate a plan for her either.  She was helpless and iris was stuck in a cell. Sorrow shifted to anger as she raked her arms across the desk sweeping everything onto the floor. Growling in frustration she sulked until she had to leave for training. She raked her brain through and through as she did her basic training, to distracted to see iris, as she focused on only what was on her mind and what was directly at hand.  She had issues focusing as she pushed through her lessons and got to lunch.  She sat in her office not bothering with lunch as she cleaned up her mess and continued to push herself to find a plan.

It ate her up for most of the day, as she scanned through papers and files, trying to figure out something that she could do to not feel helpless. What she hatted the most was the waiting, the sense of being powerless.  

When her Shift was done, she skipped out to head home, she knew she had a big training day tomorrow with Kazimir, and she wasn’t sure how well she would fair.  It was hard to focus on anything for the rest of the night.  She felt distant in everything she did until she laid her head down to sleep. It had been a tough enough day that she fell asleep quite fast.


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