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To Embrace the Darken Voice.(Open)

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#1Priscilla Ivalice 

To Embrace the Darken Voice.(Open) Empty on Sun Nov 03, 2019 4:18 am

Priscilla Ivalice
It took a fair bit of time and having to pose as a woman looking to buy a home here in Era but Priscilla found the information she was looking for, One of the final pieces of this puzzle so to say. She had the target of her desire's house she just needed the final part of it, was he there? Or was it just the other parts she learned of the wife and a few children that have nothing to do with ire, It was a question Priscilla wanted to solve quickly for maybe she could stop herself from giving into something that was risky vastly risky, with her being unsure if the wife and two children weren't a part of it meeting their ends at her hands

It was walking upon the streets of Era thinking to herself and leaning against a wall that had a window when something else she had yet to figure out spoke to her again."They are just pointless to let live then he is Valerie."It was that voice Priscilla always heard, she did not know it was a part of her or something else but it spoke to her, with out the other two she had seen in the mirror around."He should be left with nothing as much as you have."It was temping her that is for sure, After all she had already considered just killing them to feel better to give herself the energy to move on.

But Priscilla seemed to speak in her mind wondering who was this voice and reflection she often seen."Why?...they are not a part of this..."Priscilla spoke to herself at a normal volume level as well as to ponder.

"Because, to make him feel the way you exactly do....You must slaughter the life he built up. Ruin him the same way he did you."The voice her in mind replied. Slowly Priscilla would walk over to  somewhere with a larger window or something to reflect Priscilla entirely as a person to the show  being right behind her with a friend smile."So to be free, He must suffer as you did, Then die for his action."These were what the things Priscilla heard in her mind often spoke of, But with out anyone else to hear them Priscilla just could start to feel insane, So she would start wondering it is okay to embrace the darken voice?

What the reflection looks like.:
To Embrace the Darken Voice.(Open) Ubqoep10

#2Priscilla Ivalice 

To Embrace the Darken Voice.(Open) Empty on Fri Nov 08, 2019 4:40 am

Priscilla Ivalice
So rather then pacing Priscilla would continue on her way walking through the streets with that voice continuing to talk to her. After all to murder innocent people stood against her goal, Even if they where a part of a family of the mod that killed her own family."They have nothing to do with this..."Priscilla mentioned to herself, slowly for sure not breaking into madness more and more with just talking to herself."But neither did you and your family....yet look where you are now." The voice was ever so sharp back at her like a blade he would carry on her."They are dead, They did not have a choice, much like your family...I think it would be a fair score by then."This voice was just proving this more and more for her to just find this house with that family in it and kill them.

In her mind she was actually giving into that voice slowly currently. "If they have nothing to do with it....I risk so much more..."Priscilla mentioned to herself turning a corner and continuing her path towards where she tracked this family down since she was slowly finally making her choice now.

But would stop now a few houses away it was now kind of more the tail end of an eternal debate about doing this, Ruin and break whole do your best to not kill innocents even if she had done it before. It was the never ending control over pure desire of blood shed and anger and just doing what she felt was right. Could she do it? yes? did she want too? mostly no but that was the hardest part she really wanted to and close enough to just give in, It was annoying repeat over and over with her.

But now Priscilla seemed to have made up her mind now with some more consideration, With other factors in mind Priscilla seemed to know what she wanted to do."Fine then..."


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