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Samhain's Gambling Games

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Samhain's Gambling Games: While Samhain is mostly known as a terrible monster returning on Halloween, to some he is simply known as the worst gambler. When Samhain notices that someone has Pumpkin Pops, he'll challenge to a series of gambles in order to their Pumpkin Pops from them. He doesn't play little games for small numbers and will get pissed off if someone proposes to gamble with a stake of less than ten Pumpkin Pops. In order to not lose much time during Halloween, he'll play each game once at most with each person.

  • Sad Soul Counter: Samhain finds this simple game the most interesting. The number 180 will appear on a little box in front of Samhain, and the player will be allowed to roll three dices at once. When the player has managed to roll over that number, the box will open and it will have exactly what they staked as their reward. When they lose, Samhain will take all the Pumpkin Pops staked to play the game.
  • Head or Undead: What Samhain loves most about this game is that he changed the coin flip to a more suitable name referring to himself. He will give the player a special coin that has a head engraved on one side, and nothing on the other side. The user must throw the coin in the air and Samhain will catch it. In case it is head, the user will receive half of what they staked as their reward, but when they lose, Samhain will take all the Pumpkin Pops staked to play the game.
  • Medusa's Medley: This game nets the most Pumpkin Pops but is also the most difficult according to Samhain. He will ask the player to roll six dices. At the same time while rolling, the player must state whether the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth, are higher or lower than fifty. In case they got it all right, they will receive double their stake as a reward, but when they lose, Samhain will take all the Pumpkin Pops staked to play the game.

Details: In order to play the game, enter the topic and seek out Samhain who will appear once you are somewhere alone. It is entirely roleplayed by yourself, clearly state which game you are going to play and use the dice correctly. Each game can only be played once and the minimum stake is at least 5x Pumpkin Pops per game.

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Venus Rosé

It was strange how Halloween events were still active, despite how Halloween was long over, she thought. Nonetheless, she was still interested. At some point, she had randomly obtained a few pumpkin pops and she thought she might be able to make them of use. According to the rumours that flavoured the conversations in the streets, she’s heard that you’re eligible to obtain even more pumpkin pops however, at the risk of losing them all. Snowflake had contemplated her decisions, but an adventurous soul she was, she decided to seize her chance to risk all of her pumpkins for a better reward—that is if she was lucky.

Snowflake inhaled a deep breath, not wanting to let her inner self change her mind as she finally approached the counter. It looked as shady as she could expect such kind of games to be and there was the name written on a chopped wooden board which states, ’Sad Soul’. ”Well, don’t you look a bit more than sad.” She spoke to none other than herself and the man behind her counter just stared at her clueless like she was out of her wits.

”Alright, what do I have to do?”

The man simply asked her for her hand and placed three dices on her palm. Dubiously, she scowled at the man but Gods forbid, she rolled them and tossed them onto the table to see what the numbers were. She didn’t know what the dices were meant to do and all she could hope was win.

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