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Pillaging (3) [Solo/Mini Event]

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#1Shichiro Uchida 

Pillaging (3) [Solo/Mini Event] Empty on Sun Oct 27, 2019 12:35 am

Shichiro Uchida
Another day, another task at hand. It wasn't an official task of course, it was something that he wanted to work at ever since he discovered they joy of infiltration, robbery, raiding and pillaging. Well, maybe not pillaging specifically since he never actually threatening somebody to get what he wanted but was always there to load up the cargo when it came time to collect the loot and the materials. Today, he was with his usual bandit settlement of the two males and one female that he normally runs with. This time, it was a bigger job. He was to assist them with the breaking and entering of a roadside inn that was at the edge of Era's borders. They would have enough time to get in, loot as much valuables as hey could and get out. It would be just the four of them and they wouldn't have anymore back up, he was told. This didn't really seem to matter to Shichiro as it has always been them and them alone. Either way, Shichiro shrugged it off and agreed. With that, the four of them grabbed some supplies that might help them out and a weapon in case they needed to use it.

Shichiro decided he'd use a small hand ax that he saw laying around. It wasn't his first weapon of choice but it was something he was familiar with wielding. He took a backpack so he would be able to carry the valuables that he would eventually pilfer. If all went well, there would be no problem at all and they wouldn't even have to fight. Gathering their things, they prepared to head out for quite a bit of a journey. Travelling along the roads of Era, Shichiro was keeping his eyes peeled for the next potential mark he could take on to kill some time and earn some pocket money. Taking his time, he decided he'd have a look at the outlying roads to see what's up. Despite spending a copious amount of time in the settlement, he didn't even bother to look for additional supplies. Well, he was about to change all of that now. He walked a bit longer through longer through the roads, taking the scenic route, even though he's already seen most of what Era has to offer. Finally, he made it to his destination of the target. While observing it, he felt odd about something. He was sure he might regret this but a job is a job after all.

Shichiro decided to tell the others to wait a little bit longer as he continued to check out the target place from afar. As he watched closely, it seems he had spotted three Rune Knights in the area. From what Shichiro gathered, it didn't seem like they were on patrol or on duty at all. It looks like they were sneaking away from duty and were pretty much enjoying themselves. Well, this wasn't in the plans at all but at least if they were drunk, their magic would be impaired and they might not be able to fight to well. Shichiro then informed the other three of the Rune Knight's presence and wondered if they should still proceed with the plan. They other three looked at each other and started to speak in a foreign language he's never heard before before they all nodded and looked at Shichiro, telling him the plan was still on and they had already prepared for things to go down this path.

Shichiro then nodded himself and decided he would go first to act like a patron at this in. Walking in the front entrance, he decided he'd scope out the inside as well. Looking around the first floor of the two story building, it seems there wasn't as many patrons as he thought there would be meaning less side loot but overall, their main target was the where the money the inn itself kept. Approaching the bar, Shichiro decided to order a drink and pay the man while he tried his best to look behind the counter to see if there was a safe or a compartment behind there that looks like it took money. In the end, he couldn't find anything that looks like it would keep money in it but that only made Shichiro pay more attention to the barkeep themselves. The barkeep had taken Shichiro's money and pocketed it himself. Shichiro assumed the barkeep was also the owner of this joint meaning that he lived here and maybe he kept the money somewhere else.

It looks like Shichiro had no choice but to also purchase a room for the night. Once again, Shichiro paid the man and once more, watched the barkeep pocket the money and walk away to grab a key to the room he'd be staying in. Taking the key, instead of going straight to the room, he went back outside to where the other three were hiding and explained to them what he planned to do since he failed to verify where the cash was. They agreed to let Shichiro handle locating it and he went back into his room and decided he'd take a short nap in the room, on the bed provided to him. He awoke to the sound of pebbles hitting his window glass. Shichiro slept much longer than he intended too and forgot why he was here in the first place. When he got up from the bed he was laying on, he peered outside to see the female, pouting with her hands on her hips. Shichiro gave a sheepish chuckle and decided to get back to work. It was dark now and Shichiro decided to head back down to the bar to see what was going on. He thought it was empty before but now, nobody was here. Shichiro guessed that since the bar closed, nobody would waste time hanging around down here so he was free to roam around and check the place out.

This time, he can get a better view of the bar by just walking behind it and checking it out. All the liquor and booze were locked behind a glass case so people couldn't sneak drinks. They were free to grab water whenever they pleased it seems though, since the faucet was still turn on. But Shichiro wasn't here for that, what he was here for, was the money and maybe some additional trinkets. After an hour of searching the first floor, he realized that the money wasn't kept down here. It must be somewhere on the second floor where the owner must stay. With that, Shichiro decided he needed some help. He walked out once more to where the group was hiding and decided it would be best if they all searched together. There was nothing stopping them from just raiding the patrons sleeping, even the rune knights he had spotted earlier were probably sleeping like logs. Still, that didn't mean they didn't have to be cautious. All four of them entered the inn and made there way through the inn to find where the owner kept his safe. Even if they got the wrong room, if there was a patron in there, they'd steal whatever jewels they had in their purse and continued their search.

Eventually, Shichiro stumbled upon a room that was larger than the other rooms. How he could tell was this particular room had a set of double doors in front of them, not to mention this one was locked. Shichiro looked round to see if he could find the others but there wasn't any sign of them a first. Shichiro then spotted one of the males and waved him to come over to Shichiro's spot. Shichiro then pointed at the keyhole trying to signal that the door was locked and he needed to get it open if they wanted to search the room for goods to be taken. The man nodded and pulled out a tool set from his backback and started to work on the lock silently. Shichiro could tell this one has been doing this for a very long time with how skillfulyl and quietly he was able to work. After a few moments, the door had unlocked and Shichiro and the man pushed the doors open slowly. They both crept inside and began to slowly look for where the barkeeper owner would keep his stuff. Eventually the other man found it first in a locked drawer and unlocked it in mere moments before making his way out with Shichiro. The four of them regrouped and decided to divide their "earnings" among each other before parting ways. As usual, the other three started to head in a different direction from Shichiro and he decided to head back to town in order to rest in the room he stayed in. Overall, it wasn't a bad hauk and he didn't even need to use the ax he had borrowed to fight anybody, especially a rune knight. It would be bad if he were spotted and contemplated wearing a mask. He also realized that he didn't return the ax but decided it didn't matter and he'd return the next time he'd need some quick cash.


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