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Reap What You Sow [Private - Spell Training]

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#1Daiko Flayme 

Reap What You Sow [Private - Spell Training] Empty on Sat Oct 26, 2019 5:34 am

Daiko Flayme
(OOC: continuing training from: http://fairytailrpg.forumotion.com/t51902-fletchling-private-spell-training#445909 -

Huh… to disappear from one position and appear in another nigh instantly was absolutely new to the Fire Mage. He actually wasn’t in Astera anymore, but he now found himself in the heart of Era, a much more recognizable city in the center of Fiore. Kon’s spell had teleported them both to this place mainly to take a glance at the arena, but bigger matters had occupied the guildmate of his. Therefore, they had parted ways rather quickly, and Daiko found himself here… wondering what he was going to do now. There was always this whole, huge city with all its interesting plots, troubles and obstacles that he could help with, but something in the back of his head poked him. It was as if he had forgotten something that he was supposed to do… nah, he was majorly happy and didn’t bother forgetting minor tasks right now. Since Kon had joined, Daiko felt that their guild was still going in the right direction.

The guild… Lamia Scale… ahh, now he remembered! He had a spell to finish! The nostalgic ‘fire-everywhere’ spell of his that he started working on back in Astera… yeah, he didn’t see Era’s busy streets as the ideal training ground, so he rose up from the bench and made his way into the crowds of people. If he didn’t know any better, then things perhaps looked… not so critical as back in Orchidia or Astera. That was good… these past attacks only motivated him into honing his magic with haste. Who knew when portals would appear again?

Right now, what he needed to find was a place somewhere in Era or in the outskirts where he could be left in peace. The buzzy street life with all its temptations and delicacies were easily thrown away by the hunter.

WC: 302
TWC: 1022 + 302 = 1324/1000 (Fire Force Learned! Continuing to learn Egg Hell = 324/1000)

#2Daiko Flayme 

Reap What You Sow [Private - Spell Training] Empty on Thu Nov 14, 2019 4:44 am

Daiko Flayme
And as he strolled past all the stores and hotspots searching for that specific place or opening, he stumbled upon a group or family whose voices echoed with concern and arguments. “If the landlord returns and sees this mess, he might just give us more as punishment! Can’t we use more fuel?” one of the members suggested, only infuriating others next to him. A younger lad and a tall woman wearing long garments fit for cold regions argued: “We could risk burning down everything in the meantime! I’m sorry, but we just can’t make it in time-“ They all stood in front of a huge pile of wood and broken furniture; it was all wooden and combustible in nature, and they were assumed to want it all burned away before a certain someone arrived. Daiko stood still and inspected the scene in front of him, and as open as he was, the family members soon spotted him.

“And what are you looking at?!” one of the older men called at him. Daiko’s eyes widened in surprise, but he believed that he had a good reason to stand here and watch. “I think that I can help you with your problem,” he explained as the Fire Mage approached the pile of wooden wrecks, “You need all this burned away quickly, right? Like a big combustion site, right?” “Uh, yes, that is the plan… can’t help but find worry in that tone of yours. Don’t tell me that you wield some kind of Fire Magic that could solve our-“ “Say no more,” Daiko interrupted him cockily. Of course, he wielded Fire Magic, and he was quick to improvise a way to get the job done.

This was also one of his old ideas for a spell that he never completely succeeded. He would have to be careful, focused and lucky…

WC: 308
TWC: 324 + 308 = 632/1000 (Learning Egg Hell)

#3Daiko Flayme 

Reap What You Sow [Private - Spell Training] Empty on Thu Nov 14, 2019 5:00 am

Daiko Flayme
Breathing in heavily, Daiko began his transformation. It wasn’t ordinary Fire Magic that he played around with nowadays, no; it was fiery in nature and all, but it required a transformation of his body to perform at most times. And by starting with a mere idea that he hadn’t solidified into a fully functionable spell yet required a lot of steam. So as feathers began growing out, and his shoes ripped open due to the increased sizes of his talon-sharp feet, heat emitted from him as it began exponentially growing in temperature. All the heat began gathering around a single core inside the pile of wood, and the embers began appearing. At first, Daiko took it easy and made sure not to burn out all his magic power in one, reckless go. The family of merchants or of other careers that watched his work began doubting his helpful effort.

“… I see embers and all, but we NEED TO HURRY! THE LANDLORD IS ON HER WAY!” the elder man warned the Fire Mage. Sorry for the wait, he just needed to gather a bit more magic power, so he could unleash it all at once with the hope of burning all of the wood away. It took time, yes, but at one point, Daiko felt like he had enough to pull a new spell into the open. It happened in a single flicker, a burst of light that almost blinded them soon got replaced with a fire fit for festivals. All the wood was taken, none was spared, and the smell of carbon in the air was strong and almost intoxicating. Yet there was a fresh feeling to the flames of Daiko’s, the blazes were smooth and almost fashionable as if he had braided the flames himself using some kind of magical fire comb.

The entire family was now astonished, and none could really say anything due to the surprising light that soon faded away. Daiko wiped sweat off his forehead, realizing that he wasn’t that tired… he had just improvised a new spell, and he wasn’t tired? Imagine the damage that this spell could do to an unwary opponent! He almost feared the potential of such firepower himself, but at the same time, he clapped himself on the shoulder in pride while Coda flapped her wings into the freezing air.

WC: 391
TWC: 632 + 391 = 1023/1000 (Egg Hell Learned!)

#4Daiko Flayme 

Reap What You Sow [Private - Spell Training] Empty on Sat Nov 16, 2019 12:21 pm

Daiko Flayme
His stomach growled heavily. He needed to devour something, something nutritious and lasting… he needed to hunt. After having said farewell to the small family whom he helped with the combustion and the strict landlord, Daiko soon realized that he hadn’t gotten that far off the urban streets of Era. Jeez, just how big was this city? It definitely grew a lot over the years… or was that just him? Nah, he trusted his eyesight too much to think himself as somewhat of an exaggerator. He started to miss the wilderness of Orchidia and Worth Woodsea now, for Era did present little to no forest in his vicinity. Please, Era, grow a few more trees for some pheasants and, perhaps, deer to wander about. Daiko was hungry!

… Now that he thought about it, Daiko picked up his wooden bow and realized that it had, uhm, been broken in two. It was way too worn out for usage at this point, so he would have to carve a new bow. The previous bow was a result of various bows in the past being broken and him trying to regather the pieces and tie them together. The bow had a stiff arc, almost linear and primal in nature. But at this point, it would be… yeah, pointless to repair it. He would have to find another branch-

Ooooooooooooor… perhaps he had reached the capacity to be able to form something like a fire bow? He had never tried this before, but he knew that magic could take form and manifest as weapons and armors. Maybe, if he tried it enough, he would be able to make a bow out of his Fire Magic too. He would never need a bow again if such a thing succeeded. Oh boy, he was eager.

WC: 300/1000 (Learning Bird Bow)

#5Daiko Flayme 

Reap What You Sow [Private - Spell Training] Empty on Wed Dec 25, 2019 7:55 am

Daiko Flayme
Sadly, the lack of wilderness still posed an issue to the Fire Mage. Even if he did manage to manifest a bow of fire, how on earth was he going to use it properly to hunt food? He could end up charring his prey, not to even mention the lack thereof in these parts. He had to cope with it, somehow, so… off to the very edges of Era, he was! Run far away from the civilization, and he was sure to find himself in the untouched areas between cities - the far and vast lands harboring what he needed.

Shockingly enough, he didn’t need to run that far. A badger ran by his feet before he even got away from the tall towers and buildings seemingly touching the skies in Era. Daiko was able to eat badger meat, and there was nothing else out here, sooo… gotta do with what you have in your hands.

A fire bow would be overkill, wouldn’t it? Mimicking the arm movements of readying a drawn bow and arrow, he focused and let his strength of imagination lead his magical prowess out. It was difficult, to say the least, to utilize magic without transforming, which he first noticed here and now. It was a strange revelation, but he would keep it in mind for later. The bow was drawn, fiery plumes of fire drawing the outline of a fashionable bow and arrow as he aimed at his running target. If he could hit its head, then he could just extinguish the fires before they charred away its edible parts, and he would just have to throw away the skull that used to be quite inedible regardless of species. Yes, that was his master plan for today’s hunt, and he resonated that plan in his head as he fired his arrow.

It didn’t work the first time as the badger narrowly dodged the puny arrow. But Daiko could still muster up enough mana for another attempt, and this time he reduced the fashion of the bow in favor of the arrow. By doing that, its main purpose reached completion as the fiery, new, even bigger arrow drilled through the badger’s neck and left it for dead, only for Daiko to pick it up and skin it. Then he would gnash on the neck part that was already charred for him, and it tasted very wild.

WC: 400
TWC: 700/1000 (Forgot Intelligence Reduction -.- -30% Spell Training... so technically 700/700, which means... I've now learned Bird Bow!!!)


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