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Unchained and Untamed [Sage][Open]

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#1Vali Onfroy 

Unchained and Untamed [Sage][Open] Empty on Tue Oct 22, 2019 9:07 pm

Vali Onfroy

"M'lord, you...you're bleeding..." Foyr grunted as his arm hung around Vali's neck. The masked Viking simply ignored the wound on his stomach. It was a deep gash close to his liver which causing blood to gush. Froyr breathed heavily as he warily tried to look at his lord. "Do not worry about me, Froyr." Val whispered genuinely, still moving his feet for them both. The Elven jarl embraced his friend as they sped through the forests as fast as they could. Fast wasn't fast enough it seemed though because within the following moments the duo had collapsed onto the floor. Vali's body was giving up. He was losing too much blood, which meant it was becoming harder for him to breath.

"If you do not leave me behind, we will both die-" "No." Vali boomed. The Desertian bit his lip, trying his hardest to use the strength he had left to move his comrade faster. "I came here to save you and that is what I will do." Val grunted. Foyr's body was weak and old. He looked like he hadn't eaten in months and he could hardly walk. None of that mattered to the Silver Titan though. Breaking this man out of prison wasn't easy but it was already done. At this point, the only way Vali would give up is if he died. The gods always had other plans though...

Once the Desiertan had managed to reach a small cave, he collapsed. Such an obvious cave was a bad place to hide, but it was the best they could do right now. "Damn it!" He cursed after his stomach slammed onto the ground. Froyr fell onto his knees, grunting as the pressure rumbled his bones. The tw Icebergans breathed heavily. "...Vali...Why would you risk your life to save a man who is already dead? It was foolish for you to come here. I have nothing to offer you." Foyr pushed his body up, pausing before using his arms to pull him closer to Val. The young Jarl was dying, something needed to happen fast. The Elf's body was sweating and his heart was beating like the war drums back home.

Foyr quickly threw both of his hands over Vali's wound. The pressure only managed to slow the bleeding a tiny bit, it wasn't nearly enough pressure to stop it completely. "I could not sleep knowing that a warrior of Skaal had been rotting in Fiore's dungeons..." He began, attempting to ignore the pain. "Skaal is in ruins, Foyr. Everything- everyone...is gone..." Foyr's eyes widened before quickly glancing away. "It was the Fiorians wasn't it? I knew it was o-" "It was not the work of men... It was creatures from their god's underworld..." Foyr  nearly choked. For a moment he spaced out, glaring into his Lord's eyes. "Is...is my family alive?" Foyr forced out. His gaze was set upon a twig. It was too hard to look Vali in the eyes.

"They are alive. Val smiled. The blonde headed man sighed in relief. He nodded then brought his gaze back to Vali."If we stay here-""We will die. I know...that is why you must leave me- "I see something up there!" A voice boomed through the forests. Not too far away Rune Knights were storming right towards Vali and Foyr. "No. Froyr stated coldly. Quickly he snatched Vali's dagger from his waist and lifted his hand to carve a rune into his palm. The ruby red blood trickled down his forearm as he proceeded to slit both of his wrists. "My Lord...I possess a power that allows me to turn into a monstrous wolf. It is a curse to some, but to me it is a strength that men can only dream of possessing..." The Viking lord had already been losing too much blood to respond. His vision began to blur.

Foyr placed the carved palm onto Vali's wound. "There are others around the orld with this power, but none of them as strong as mine. Promise me that If I give you this power you will avenge our people. Promise me that you will see this country pay for what they did to my son." The Viking lord nodded. He hardly knew what was happening but if this power could save his life then it couldn't have been bad right? Froyr began chanting words in Icebergan. They were aggressive, cold. It was a prayer to the dark god Loki. Vali had never prayed or sacrifice to Loki- but even if he didn't like the dark magic that was about to take place, he was too weak to neglect it. "With my death I ask you, Loki, to pass the power that you have given me to this new, stronger, and healthier vessel." Suddenly the Rune Knights were storming through the trees towards them. Foyr turned to face the group of nights as his blood continued to leak from his wrists. With his last bit of strength he charged towards the Runes, yelling wildly. The earth began to suck the Elf's body into the ground and before he knew it there was darkness.



Panic. Everyone was panicking. The townsfolk all screamed for their lives as they ran away from the creature that had made them uncomfortable. The demons were still roaming this realm and every so often they would reveal themselves- but today, the core of the fear people felt in this current moment came from Vali Onfory; The Half-Elven Viking Lord, The Silver Titan, and now a vessel of Fenrirs power. Val was a werewolf now and the effects had already been taking a toll. The Viking would never have committed such a heinous crime in public like this but his mind wasn't working like how it usually did. He spaced out and his eyes Gazed nonchalantly over the panicking civilians. The screams of the people were amplified. Smells suddenly had their own identities and his eyes were much much sharper.

*Huuuff* he gasped as his mind was brought back into his body. It was as if he was brought back to life, been sleepwalking? It was already evening. "What?..." He began as he rubbed his eyes with his left hand. As his vision cleared he fully embraced what was going on. Quickly his eye caught something in his right hand. When Val looked down he was confused as to how he ended up with someones head. Then....then his nose picked up strong scents; The stench of death. It filled his nostrils- but oddly enough it had a slightly pleasant smell. Never had he been able to distinguish the smell of death so easily.

The stench was coming from behind. He slowly turned. His eyes revealed about fifty lifeless bodies laying along the block as he stood on the end of it. "What the hell did I do?" he whispered to himself.


"Grrrrghh!" he grunted. A sharp pain struck a nerve in his head. The Viking dropped to his knee and clenched his skull. "Gaaaaagh!" He grunted once more as his breathing increased. "*Woo, woo, woo, woo*" With every deep breath he took, the angrier he became and the angrier he became...the harder it was to control it. This power...

#2Sage Meilyr 

Unchained and Untamed [Sage][Open] Empty on Mon Oct 28, 2019 6:52 am

Sage Meilyr
It was a normal day in Era for Sage. He had his magic staff in his right hand, a virgin white cloak resting on his shoulder, beneath it were layers of clothes as the new season had dropped the temperature a little bit. Sage breathed the fresh air of the morning, the sky was still a bit dark but the rising sun could already be seen at the horizon. Then there was this awful stench.

He was not sure where the smell came from, it totally ruined his morning. He looked around to see of the source of the smell were nearby. What he saw was shocking, it startled him a bit, there was blood, lots of it,and ot trailed off towards an area. Without hesitant Sage rushed, following the red trail of blood. When he reached the end of the trail, he gasped in horror, there were bodies, dead bodies laying all over the place. There was but one creature that was still standing, its hands and jaws painted with the blood of it victims.

Sage clenched his teeth, horrified by the action of the creature, he point his staff towards the creature with a blaze of vengeance in his eyes. All those innocent lives, slaughtered just like that. "How could you?!".

#3Vali Onfroy 

Unchained and Untamed [Sage][Open] Empty on Mon Nov 04, 2019 1:12 pm

Vali Onfroy

Someone is coming...

The Jarl thought. This was only day two of having the power of Fenrir and it wasn't going so well. Innocent people...too many of them...dead because of him. The former elf twitched at the thought. Then suddenly he let out a slight chuckle. This wasn't the power he asked for but he came to realize just how horrifying it was. This was the power he needed and eventually he would get it under control. He would give himself five days to get it together. So some innocent people had to die, at least it was by his hands and not some batshit crazy person right? At least he didn't consciously do it. But perhaps this was good. Alas he felt more free then ever before. Free to pillage like they did back home.

This entire time he was trying to halt his barbaric ways but it wasn't until now that he realized it was just apart of who he was. All Fiorians were toxic anyway. He would rather have unconsciously killed them rather than his own. Vali looked up. His glowing yellow orbs, glaring right into the soul of a white haired boy. The male seemed to be upset, as was his right. "I-I am sorry." He grunted with a twitch. His neck flicked slightly. "I...I think I am cursed." He chuckled before slowly rising to his feet. "I promise I will not hurt anymore civillians, so if you would excu-" He began.

"Don't move!" He heard from behind the male with the staff. While the boy was 16 meters away, A platoon of Rune Knights stopped about 3 meters behind him. Suddenly Vali wasn't so willing to cooperate-not that he would be able to at this point anyway. He was ready for any attack. He was ready for the white haired boy who wanted to play hero so bad to make a move, and he was also ready to slaughter the Rune Knights. If they were smart they'd clear the citizens out and allow the two mages to fight it out. So long for secrecy. With this many Knights around, he would definitely be declared a menace to society.

"..." He remained quiet as his fingers twitched. He clenched his jaws fighting the urge to barge into battle and behead every single last one of these people. Knowing that he was still transitioning into something, he found it easiest to get away and so quickly he moved. Leaving the Knights and the boy he wanted to kill so bad for the greater good.


#4Sage Meilyr 

Unchained and Untamed [Sage][Open] Empty on Mon Dec 23, 2019 10:57 am

Sage Meilyr
He observed every single detail of the monster in front of him, with the little bit of light that was in the area, Sage could see a human-like creature with lots of hair growing out of his body. But the most prudent thing he could make out was the glare the monster gave him, those glowing yellow eyes pierced right through the mage. He lowered his staff a little as the monster apologized, Sage began to emphasize with the monster who tried to explain his horrible action. The magus had always been one with a sensitive heart, he always see the good in everything, he believed that the monster in front of him was misunderstood and must have a reason to his wrong doings.

But to his disappointment, he heard a voice and the sound of armor cackling with each other, footsteps hurried to the scenery, when he turned around he could see rune knights rushing to the scene. When the boy turned back to see the monster, it was already gone. He could feel something heavy in his chest, a mixed feeling of worry, fear, disappointment and curiosity.

Days after what had happened, the event of the night lingered inside his head, he wondered where the monster would be now, there had been no massacres for the past few days so maybe he was caught? Or perhaps killed? Sage didn't know why he was so interested with the monster. Maybe because all he wanted to do was to understand it, maybe because he sympathized with the monster, or maybe he was just curious.


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