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Escorting, Guarding & Warding (2) [Solo/Mini-Event]

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#1Shichiro Uchida 

Escorting, Guarding & Warding (2) [Solo/Mini-Event] Empty on Fri Oct 18, 2019 8:12 pm

Shichiro Uchida
Returning to Era with his loot, Shichiro was pretty happy with what he's accomplished within the week. He figured he might do it again soon after he goes back to his room at a local Inn. He was out in the wilderness for days after all eating nothing but jerky and some wild fruits he had found. Protecting that wealthy merchant had it's up and downs, mostly downs but all he really had to do was just ride from one spot to another and chase off some bandits. It was over all pretty boring but a job is a job none the less and he can't expect everything to be filled with excitement and wonder. On the other hand though, when returning to Era, he ran into the same bandits and the persuaded him to join their cause for revenge. Shichiro will admit, if he was crossed like they were he'd do almost anything to make sure the person who wronged him pay. Something s stop short of murder anyways unless he had no other option anyways. He can't say he enjoys the life of crime much but it definitely pays the bills. Maybe once in awhile he'd take on the occasionally dirty deed or two if he wanted some quick cash but for right now, even he was feeling a little guilty, even if he was told he would be doing a good deed by help some strangers out. 

In the end, it left a bad taste in his mouth and he didn't want to turn to the life of crime just yet or at all. He just wanted to do work whatever it may be and maybe even gain some excitement in his life other than low leveled jobs. For now though, he'd like to cool off and lay low for a bit before taking on a different mission. He returned to his room and quickly stripped himself naked before stepping into the bathroom to freshen up. It took a little over an hour to get himself ready to take on the next request after he cleaned up himself and his attire as well as equipment or he would, if he had any of note. Putting back on his attire, he decided he'd go out and assist wherever he was needed. Leaving his room, he decided to be on the look out for more people wanting guards. Placing his hands into his pockets, it seems he had found another task that he could work on for the time being. It turns out a Rune Knight and his captain were going to personally guard an envoy between two minor villages. They were short on man power and were willing to hire any mage willing to accompany them. This seems like just the kind of thing Shichiro was searching for so he decided he'd sign up for it. 

After signing up, the captain and his subordinate both introduced themselves and told him they would wait a little longer to see if anybody else would show up. If nobody did show up, he'd get the reward all to himself. Shichiro nodded and decided to wait a little while for anybody else to show up although he already knew nobody else would. Alas, a few hours had pass and as Shichiro had guessed, nobody else showed up. Figures, it wasn't like anybody else was gonna come along for such a boring mission. Sure, he might get to fight here and there but nothing he couldn't handle. Well, it wasn't about the thrill he would seek but more along the lines of needing the money and what he was gonna buy with it afterwards. Well, it was time to head out for work. The envoy was ready to go and didn't want to wait any longer unless it got dark. The page then brought Shichiro a sword for him to borrow. Shichiro blinked as he took it and swung it a few times. He was pretty adept at making weapons but never had any sort of formal training using one but he knew some of the basics of swordplay. 

He took the blade and pulled it from it's sheath. As far as he could tell, it was just a standard issued Rune Knight sword. He put the blade back into it's sheath and thanked the page for letting him borrow it for the time being. Shichiro wasn't sure if he wanted to reveal his magic yet and this was certainly the best way to do so. They were now heading towards the gates of Era, in hopes they would make it to their destination in a few days. This all sounds very familiar to Shichiro but he pushed that thought as far to the back of his mind as he could. They eventually made it to the gates of Era and passed through it. There were four of them in total. Shichiro himself, a page, a captain and an envoy. Their job was to protect the envoy from certain danger until they reached their destination. The captain had explained to both Shichiro and the page that the first day would be the easiest as they would still be relative safe and within the Rune Knights patrol. The second day wouldn't be too tough but they should be on the lookout and the last two days is when they should keep their guard up, all the time.

Shichiro and the page both nodded and they continued on the path towards their destination. The overall goal for them was to get the envoy to two villages having a feud with one another and sue for peace. Going to the first village is rather easy but the second one is more dangerous. As the traveled, nothing out of the ordinary had transpired and they set up camp for the night. Around the campfire, the captain pulled out some provisions that he was saving for this trip. It was quite a bit since he thought more people would show up to do this mission but nobody else had shown up. Well, that means more food for the rest of them. Shichiro wondered why this particular captain didn't have any of his knights to show up and help with this mission. As if the page had read Shichiro's mind, he leaned over to whisper that the other Rune Knights had deserted or joined other squadrons that were better then his own. At first, Shichiro figured they didn't like this one although to him, he seems pretty nice.

The page said it's cause they didn't really respect him and eventually they left to join other captains that had more prestige. Shichiro guessed that means they were just using him as a stepping stone and just decided to leave it at that. After the brief conversation, the group had fallen asleep. Waking up early morning, Shichiro and the group decided to at it once more. It was the second day and they group had to be wary of wild animals that might be attracted to their food rations. Low and behold, a small group of four coyotes appear from the forest on the right side of the road.  The captain and the page draw their blades and charge forward to fend of the animal attack. Shichiro also drew the blade he was borrowing but stayed near the envoy in case an other predator that may show up. After a few moments, the captain and the page dispatched the coyotes with relative ease.

Continuing their journey, the four of them arrive at the first village. It toek a couple of hours before they realized that the envoy wasn't really needed and the two villages had settled their differences unofficially. That was a relief and that means, they wouldn't have to take an extra trip to the next village. The regrouped with the captain and the page to plan their next course of action but it seems there was none planned. The captain then decided to hand him his reward right then and there and told him he could head back first. They decided they'd stay behind a little longer just in case. Shichiro nodded and returned the sword he was boring to the page. It turns out he didn't even really need to use it although he was quite disappointed by that fact. Still one day, he'll get his own personal weapon and that's what he's decided he'll work towards. Until then, he'll have to find away to get by without a weapon or viable magic. He was still discovering what his power will be. He knows he has an affinity with the earth but he doesn't know how to harness it's true power although lately, it feels like he isn't in control of his own body at times. Either way, he'll get to the bottom of this and when he does, he'll make sure not to squander it's meaning or gift that he may or may not receive. 


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